Posted Jun 22 2009 @ 01:17 PM

Pop princess Britney Spears was photographed stopping by London's trendy University Outfitters store on June 18, seeming like she wasn't too excited to see the paparazzi while her bodyguard did his best to shield her and make sure she was safe. For Britney's London look, she started with a simple white mini dress (check out similar CoutureCandy options, like Qi's Mesh Ornate V-Neck Dress in Pearl Heather or P.G.D. Style's Layla Mini Mod Dress in White) and paired with brown leather t-strap sandals and oversized round amber sunglasses. Finishing up her look, B kept her jewelry simple, choosing a dainty silver necklace (take a look at Christie Martin Jewelry's Tiny Tag Necklace in Sterling Silver) with a few beaded bracelets (I love the summertime, ocean inspiration behind Castaway Jewelry's Maui Bracelet in Blue Cloud), and grabbing a hot pink purse for her day of shopping (if you are inspired by Brit's bag, check out Antoinette Lee Designs' Mia Bag in Pearl Fuchsia or Carla Mancini's Foldover Bag with Rivets in Fuchsia). What are your thoughts on B's look here, readers? Casual, yes... but cute? I think yes! We all know that BS has never been (and probably never will be) known for her personal style, but it's safe to say that she has definitely come a long way from her previous fashion disasters. Brit has recently been on holiday after the successful run of her "Circus" tour, and it seems like Britney's performance train is going to keep on chugging. She is set to perform additional dates of her "Circus" tour, which is rumored to include new songs and remixes from the first leg, later this year, and I have to say that I am personally so proud of Britney! No one thought she could do it, however, she proved all of those who doubted her wrong. Britney says, "A lot of people thought I wouldnít make it. People thought I was finished, didnít they? I guess for a while last year it looked that way. Nothing I can do about the past. But Iím hoping to prove them wrong now. And I have really put everything I have into this new show." Love me some Britney!

Britney Spears seen in London, England on Jun 18 2009.

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i always feel kinda bad for her so lets focus on the positive: the orange glasses, together with the white dress and the shoes are a cute dressdown look for the summer :)guest on Jun 22 2009 @ 02:11 PM

Brit does look very cute here - i love that the commenter above is focusing on the positive :)guest on Jun 22 2009 @ 02:52 PM

She always looks dishoveled, like bed head or something, but I'm glad she's pulling her life back together. I can't believe what a little make up and stylists can do for a girl, because she is not anywhere near attractive when she looks like this...guest on Jun 22 2009 @ 04:27 PM

How tall she is? Seems she is famous on some tall celeb site __Tallmingle.com__ where you can mingle with many hot models.guest on Jun 23 2009 @ 10:10 AM

God Bless Britney <3guest on Jun 24 2009 @ 03:44 PM

She is not dishoveled, and I'd like to see how well you are put together every day in the life of Britney. I spent time with her at Promises where make up (YSL);0 XXX and hair were what we'd do for fun, she is just as beautiful in sweats and no make up (wearing a wig mind you or EVEN bald) as she is all done up by the countries most talented make up artists and stylists. She does have unique taste BUT that's a GOOD THING!! IS EVERYONE SUPPOSED TO DRESS A CERTAIN WAY OR ALIKE? How BORING! Brit keeps everyone entertained and is a lot smarter than anyone gives her credit... her style is as sharp as her sense of humor which is where, knowing her, she gets laughs out of everyone's opinions on her attire or daily appearances, but she is also very sensitive and when I knew her well she had a passion for fashion...SHE'S a HUMAN as some of you seem to forget...she looks fabulous here LOVE FUSCHIA BAG xxx and always presents herself just fine- SHE'S REAL & I like that! I'm interested what's in her heart and on her mind i.e. how she's taking the death of MJ & her interests/hobbies aside from music these days...STOP BEING SO SHALLOW TOWARD A SWEET DOWN TO EARTH woman who has at one time or another touched your life with a lyric, a song, her style, her struggles or many successes & hopefully by her heart-which is always in the right place. She's incredible inside and out--whether she's in VERSACE or TARGET! Love you BITCH XXX

She may one day fulfill a dream of starting a clothing line if everyone would hand her some support and give the girl a me she loves fashion-don't kill that for her!!!
guest on Jun 30 2009 @ 11:33 PM

nice beach look!!guest on Feb 08 2010 @ 07:19 PM

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