Paris is the butt of yet another joke

Posted Apr 11 2007 @ 06:22 PM

Paris Hilton showed up at the 2BFree Fashion Show on March 19 wearing a goddess-esque dress (kind of like a mix between these Lotta Stensson and Tricia Fix dresses, take your pick) with metallic silver heels, and instantly struck a pose for the cameras as usual. Paris strutted her stuff down the runway and did the whole "look at how hot I am" thing that she does best, as she has committed to being 2BFree's spokesmodel for the next few years.

In Paris and Nicole news, the secret to the rift, and subsequent making up process, is slowly being revealed. No one still knows the real reason for their falling out, but Paris told Extra that "it was Nicole’s birthday and I really missed her and I just decided to pick up the phone and call her." Simple as that! Nicole then chimed in that the two "got together that night and it was like there was never anything that happened. It was weird, like we had seen each other yesterday." See, sometimes all it takes is that one step. While it's obvious that P was excited to be friends with Nicole again, one thing that she was absolutely not happy about was a satirical poster on While Paris' lawyers have been rapid-firing off cease-and-desist letters, Paris is still sad that this mean-spirited cartoon was made in the first place. What do you think, should Paris have a better sense of humor, or is this cartoon just plain old wrong?

Paris Hilton seen in Los Angeles, Ca on Mar 19 2007.

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Brandon Davis is a loser. I am glad that they make fun of himguest on Apr 12 2007 @ 05:07 PM

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Paris is the butt of yet another joke

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