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Well known for her trademark saying “That’s Hot!” and her party-hopping ways, the eldest of four children to the Hilton Hotel multimillion dollar inheritance was born in the Big Apple, February 17th, 1981. The eldest child of Richard Hilton and Kathy Richards, the jet-setting socialite spent much of her childhood bouncing from one extravagant family mansion to the next with her siblings. Hilton attended the Dwight School in New York City but dropped out early and earned her GED instead. Hilton, although previously well-known as a New York City hot spot regular, she made headlines everywhere in June 2004 when former boyfriend Rick Solomon released a sex tape of he and Paris, entitled 1 Night In Paris. Hilton sued Solomon, but the case was settled outside of court, awarding Hilton $400,000. Hilton has also made a name for herself as a frequent bride-t-be, but never making it down the aisle. Paris was engaged to Tommy Hilfiger model Jason Shaw briefly in 2003, followed by her marriage announcement to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis in 2005 and her most recent nuptial declaration to another Greek shipping heir, and former boyfriend of Ashley Olsen, Stavros Niarchos III (which just recently, but surprisingly ended as well).

Hilton has also had numerous modeling, television and movie appearances. She has modeled for Catherine Malandrino, Marc Bower, 2BFree and most recently was the ad campaign spokeswoman for GUESS clothing. In 2003 Hilton paired up with best friend Nicole Richie to get a more grassroots perspective on America in their FOX reality show The Simple Life. Although for reasons still unknown, Hilton confirmed rumors in April that she and Richie were severing their personal and professional ties. Despite the fallout, FOX managed to film the Simple Life 4: Till Death Do Us Apart, on the condition that the two would not been seen or filmed together. Hilton has done numerous television appearances in addition to her reality series.

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1. I knew it couldn't last!

I knew it couldn't last!The most shocking reunion the world has seen since recent memory occurred last night in West Hollywood at restaurant Dan Tana's when Paris Hilton stepped out of her silver Range Rover (does she expect people to just forget she has a restricted license?), followed by Nicole Richie stepping out of the passenger side! This set the paparazzi into a flashbulb frenzy, as these two starlets have made their bitter feud so public that a reunion was never expected. While rumors circulated among the skeptics that it was all a publicity stunt and they remained friends the whole time, it is so gratifying to see these two finally breaking bread together. Because really, if Paris and Nicole can't make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

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2. Celebrity Catfight of the week!

Celebrity Catfight of the week!Things definitely got a little cuckoo last night at celeb-infested hotspot Hyde in Hollywood, as Paris Hilton reportedly threw a drink on Travis Barker's ex, Shanna Moakler, to which Shanna punched Paris in the face! Time for a beat down! Apparently, Stavros Niarchos pushed Shanna down the stairs in defense... I can't keep up with this madness! Paris and her rep, Elliot Mintz, then hightailed it to the police station to file a report.. don't you just love how all of this is going on while Paris is still under probation? Meow!

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3. Well this is awkward!

Well this is awkward!It’s a good thing a room has four corners, because you know each of these four and her posse took up camp in one of them! While now famous rivals Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie claim to have not spoken to one another since filming the season finale of the most recent “Simple Life”, I am still holding strong to my theory that they are still friends and are playing up this whole hatred for publicity! And Mischa and Rachel, these two used to be BFF while filming “The OC”, but now are barely ever seen together and now that Mischa has been killed off of the show, probably won’t hang for a while! Geez, can’t everyone just get along!

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4. Paris thrown in the slammer

Paris thrown in the slammerNot really, but unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Paris was arrested on September 7 for driving under the influence in Hollywood. Hilton’s camp, including her publicist Elliot Mintz, says that the Paris is not taking the arrest lightly, but there is more than one side to every story. Paris was filming her new music video for Nothing In This World in Long Beach for 12 hours, after which she returned to Hollywood and attended a charity event, where she embarked on the now infamous "one margarita". Wait just one second. Doesn't Paris claim to "never drink when she goes out, because she hates to leave clubs looking drunk and beat so she only sticks to Redbull"? In a feeding frenzy, Paris left the event to head to In N Out on Sunset to get her Double-Double on when she was stopped by the po-po's. Cuffed and taken to the station, Nicky and Elliot had to come pick her up from jail! Hilton sure is the queen of denial though, because she went on the Ryan Seacrest radio show the next morning saying she wasn't drunk and was just hungry and people over exaggerate things when it comes to her. Ok Paris, keep digging your hole deeper. Bottoms up!

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5. This is like high school!

This is like high school!Paris Hilton, seen here at the Diane Von Furstenberg store on August 27, doesn't seem to have a care in the world. But two nights prior on August 25 at celeb mega hotspot Hyde, Paris proved just how much rank she has in Hollywood. In a video on the TMZ website, a drunken and disheveled Tara Reid walks up to the velvet rope to be stopped by a doorman with a very important looking list, telling Tara that they are "at capacity" and "can't let anyone else in". As Tara stands there awkwardly after being denied, the camera turns to a sea of flashbulbs and guess who's coming? Well duh, obviously Paris! As Miss Hilton walks up to the door, she coolly breezes right in, but not before taking a look at sad Tara, leaving her out in the cold! Geez, I feel like I'm in the cafeteria back in high school and there is a major clique war going on.. and I love it!

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6. Will Paris keep her chastity belt?

Will Paris keep her chastity belt?After blabbing to the world of how she is going to give up sex for a year and focus more on herself and on her career (is that possible?), Paris Hilton has been rumored to be seeing old flame Stavros Niarchos once again. When rumors that the two gave each other herpes spread around Hollywood, Paris and Stavvie kept quiet. However, it will be interesting to see if Paris will still keep her chastity belt tightly buckled now that she is getting serious with the Stav once more. What do you savvy Candy readers think?

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7. So Paris, what does grease taste like?

So Paris, what does grease taste like?All I have to say to this picture of Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis caught mid-kiss at Cannes is WHY. Although many people think the contrary, Paris is hot, and could do so much better than Z-list Davis and his big greasy face. Find some better friends, P, ones that don't feel the need to make themselves feel better by bringing others down!

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8. Lohan vs. Hilton : It's War Part I

Lohan vs. Hilton : It's War Part IIn lieu of the nuclear explosion known as Brandon Davis unleashing his wrath against La Lohan in a much-seen clip featured on TMZ, the world is still recovering from his diatribe.

If by some freak chance that you have been living under a rock and missed the vid, here's a briefing on it. Basically, Brandon Davis was smashed and was probably rejected by Lindsay, being a big fat gross man like he is. Stumbling down the street with an equally as wasted Paris Hilton, giggling like a schoolgirl, Brandon drunkenly exploded with vulgar statements loudly and constantly referring to the drapes-matching-the-carpet question, repeatedly droppin' the F-Bomb.. which rhymes with "fire-watch". The pair then get into Paris' Mercedes as Brandon keeps rantin', and they spontaneously take off roarin' down the boulevard. Seriously, watching this video makes you feel like you need to shower in hot bleach to get the slime off of you.

So, this now infamous video has gotten everyone talking, including Paris' publicist, Elliot Mintz. While it's obvi that Paris was taking devilish delight in her friend's redhead-prejudiced vagina monologue, Mintz claims that Paris did not actually verbally engage in any of the statements regarding Lindsay's ladyparts. "The only thing I want to underscore is the person making the statements was not Paris Hilton," he says, "Reporters were asking her questions about Lindsay that she did not want to answer, so she put her cell phone up to her ear. Brandon was not speaking for Paris. Period." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Paris undoubtedly was wasted and isn't Lindsay's biggest fan in the first place; Paris was in no state of mind to even talk let alone drive away in her Mercedes.

Now that the world loathes Davis, thinks Hilton is an idiot, it is Lohan's move, and she just made it

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9. Parental Influence

Parental InfluenceParis Hilton is infamous for her frequent and short-lived engagements. And apparently, although she may be a hit with the boys… the parents haven't been quite as approving. During her engagement to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, his father didn't approve of the lavish gifts his son was dishing out to the hotel heiress, claiming he could be spending his money more usefully elsewhere. It was reported that Latsis wouldn't receive the $275-million inheritance for his 21st birthday if the two didn't call it quits! Latsis recently spent his 21st in April, living it up in Las Vegas alongside girlfriend Paris… will he ever see the dough?

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10. Trash talkin' with the hiltons

Trash talkin' with the hiltonsWhile on a shopping trip at LA boutique Kitson with sister Nicky, Paris Hilton was overheard talkin' smack on ex-BFF Nicole Richie. Paris was quoted as saying that Nicole's body "is not normal. I can't believe it. She looks horrible.. it's really sad." Woah Paris, watch where you're throwing those stones. I wouldn't talk about anyone else when you're wearing shoes and socks like these!

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11. Romance Roulette

Romance Roulette

It really is a game of musical chairs in terms of Hollywood romance these days. Since Paris Hilton's split from Stavros Niarchos, she has been linked to former USC quarterback Matt Lienart, as the two have apparently been "getting cozy in Vegas". At the club Pure, Paris and Matt were reportedly dancing on the club's beds, and Paris called him "baby" and rested her head on his shoulders.

Surely, Matt's ex, "Laguna Beach" star Kristin Cavallari is not P.Hilton's biggest fan at the moment. Ironically, now that Paris' ex, Stavros, is on the market, it seems that a certain Miss Lohan is lusting after him! This is almost too much to handle!

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12. Kiss And Tell

Kiss And Tell

So, Paris is on to her latest and greatest new beau! It's rumored that she's dating none other than the lovely Matt Leinart. Paris helped Matt celebrate his draft to the Arizona Cardinals. They recently partied it up at the club Pure in Las Vegas. To help with the festivities she got up and sang a song dedicated to Matt from her latest album. From there they were caught shopping together. While on their shopping spree, she thought no one would recognize her in her long brown wig. Not so sneaky, we can still see you!

Matt was voted as People Magazine’s top 100 most beautiful people. While a guest on the Best Damn Sports Show, Matt denied that Paris and him were even dating. Perhaps it's too early to say whether or not they are a couple. Who wouldn’t want to date this hunk? On top of his good looks, he's a great kisser!

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Paris Hilton seen on Jun 21 2011 in Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton attended the JCPenny I Heart Ronson event that was held at the Roosevelt in Hollywood on June 21, and opted for all of her trademark poses on the red carpet. Outfitted in (of course) one of Charlotte Ronson's designs, Paris accessorized with standard black patent pumps, an oversized cocktail ring on her right hand and a majorly smokey eye. For a few fun, printed dresses here on CoutureCandy, check out Meghan Los Angeles' Jasmine Dress in Peach Print, Hard Tail's Mock Wrap Dress in Dive, or Tart's Paulina Dress in Aztek. Then, simply finish your look off with Femme Metale Jewelry's Black Snake Ring in Silver. What are your thoughts on Paris' ensemble here, everyone? In case you hadn't heard, PH is newly single - she split with boyfriend Cy Watts last week. Paris said that "the relationship ran its course," while insisting that they'll stay friends (of course they will). For her appearance on "The George Lopez Show," Paris said: "We're not together anymore. I love him and we remain really good friends... I feel like the relationship ran its course and we'll see what happens. I've never been single in my life. I've always had a boyfriend. I've always been scared to be alone... I've never really got to know myself. I'm excited to get to know myself and spend time with my family and my sister and my girls!" I think this will be good for Paris, don't you agree?


Paris Hilton seen on Feb 24 2011 in West Hollywood, CA. Rocking many of her signature poses (including pouty-chest-thrust and coy-hand-on-hip) at the Circa and Bing hosted Hollywood Domino Gala that was held in support of Seven Bar Foundation at the Sunset Tower Hotel on February 4, there's no question that Paris Hilton looked red hot. Flaunting her figure in a fiery red embellished dress, Paris accessorized with metallic bangles, a black clutch (like Inge Christopher's Theda Oversized Clutch in Black), patent Christian Louboutin pumps, and sparkling drop earrings (very similar to Natalie B. Jewelry's Vintage Rhinestone Earring in Silver). For a few red hot dress options here on CoutureCandy, check out Jay Godfrey's Duke Sequin Dress in Black/Red and Voom by Joy Han's Samantha Babydoll Dress in Red. A fresh spray tan, red lipstick and bronze polish polished off Paris' ensemble. You like? Paris recently sat down with OK! Magazine to discuss where she currently stands in life, and speaks about her new reality show. Paris says: "I decided to do another reality show because I’m ready to show who I am. I’ve never done a show like this — letting so much access into my life. It shows my family, my boyfriend, my best friends, my daily life and my work — everything. 'The Simple Life' was my first time doing reality TV. You start off with that character and then continue doing it. I’m kind of a shy person so it was easier to sort of hide behind that character. Now, I feel like it’s the perfect time to do a show like this." Any of you excited to tune into Paris' new Oxygen show?


Paris Hilton seen on Nov 23 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Never one to shy away from the paparazzi's prying eyes, Paris Hilton was spotted posing away for photogs as she exited her pink Bentley holding a tiny puppy in LA on November 23. It also happened that the cameras were rolling for her new reality show on the Oxygen Network at the time. For her ensemble, Paris started with an exotic top that she paired with a matching blue leather jacket and skinny jeans in a vintage wash. For a look that's a little more chic and a little less cutesy (yet still inspired by PH's outfit), pair C&C California's Cheetah Rollup Shirt in Print with Muu Baa's Double Zip Relax Jacket in Black and Frankie B.'s Zip Code in Adriatic. From there, Paris wore black suede boots and toted a logo-emblazoned Chanel bag, and then finished her look off with a linked necklace (check out Alanna Bess' Braided Hoops in Gold) and a pair of black sunglasses. What are you feeling about Paris' look here - is it an improvement when it comes to her street style, or are you just not feeling it? In Paris business news, it seems like the hair-raising battle between P and her former hair extension company shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. New reports claim that Paris Hilton is countersuing the hair extension company that is suing her for $35 million, demanding $3 million for fraud, breach-of-contract and inappropriately trading on that famous Hilton name. According to sources, "Hairtech International sued Paris in August, claiming she wore a competitor's hair extensions and breached her contact by skipping promotional appearances, albeit because she was in jail. Paris' complaint says Hairtech's story is "born of pure fiction" and alleges that the company exploited her celebrity status." Only Paris could get in such hot water over hair extensions - ha!


Paris Hilton seen on Nov 18 2010 in Hollywood, CA. Never one to miss out on a high profile event, Paris Hilton was photographed on the red carpet of Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood event that was held at Colony in Hollywood on November 18. Deciding to wear a one shoulder party frock, Paris kept things simple with minimal jewelry and a pair of nude pumps (try Coye Nokes' Jacqueline Pump in Taupe Patent). For a few one shoulder dress options here on CoutureCandy, try either Black Halo's Debra Mini in Taupe or the Jane Sheath in White, or Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent's super similar One Shoulder Corset Dress in Mauve. On a beauty note, PH kept her blonde locks wavy and was (of course) a toasty shade of tan. What are your thoughts on Paris' ensemble here readers - is this one of your favorite looks for her, or have you seen better? There's no question that we've seen worse! In other Paris news, it seems that the consequences from her recent cocaine bust in Vegas are coming back to haunt her. Paris was ordered to serve 200 hours of community service, and she is starting to put in time to complete her hours. Paris showed up to scrub graffiti from LA walls in an attempt to help keep Hollywood clean, and showed up "wearing a yellow tee-shirt that read “Hollywood Los Angeles Beautification Team” on the back. She also wore red designer shades and black stilettos for her community service detail." Of course Paris would wear stilettos to scrub graffiti! A source says that "the volunteer group she was working with was quite impressed with how down to earth she was during the task." Good for Paris!


Paris Hilton seen on Oct 15 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton was photographed heading into dinner at Cleo restaurant in LA on October 15, accompanied by her sister Nicky and boyfriend Cy Waits. For her dinnertime ensemble, Paris picked a pretty demure outfit that was all black except for a few pops of color. Paris wore a high waisted black skirt (Tt Collection's Nina Skirt in Black is great and has an adorable bow detail) along with what appears to be a camisole with lace detailing and a tucked in cardigan that's entirely unbuttoned, except for the top button! Am I seeing things correctly, readers? If you're inspired by Paris' look, choose one or the other - I'm loving Gold Hawk's Rain Stud Tunic in Black as a camisole option and Monrow's Voile Shirt in Black as a button down shirt option. Finish things off with a statement making turquoise necklace, similar to Amrita Singh's Reversible Resin Necklace in Turquoise/Coral. Thoughts on PH's look here, everyone? Are you into her strange headband and purse combination? In other Paris news, the heiress has been laying pretty low ever since her cocaine bust in Vegas, and is taking to her official Twitter account to document the wholesome activities in her life. She tweeted: "Just got home. Had a great day today. Cy and I went to the pumpkin patch to buy a bunch of pumpkins. Also some tools to carve and paint them and lots of candy and toys. Brought everything down to the children at The Rescue Mission Shelter. They were all so excited and grateful. It’s such an amazing feeling to make a child smile and be happy. Very cute, and I love that Paris is doing good deeds like this, however I have to wonder if she'd ever consider doing these things and NOT tweeting about them?


Paris Hilton seen on Jun 29 2010 in Burbank, CA. Stepping out before her much-publicized trip to South Africa, Paris Hilton took a trip to Burbank to hit up the KIIS FM radio station studios on June 29 in an outfit that seems more suited for fall than for a sunny LA summer day. For her look, Paris paired a patterned maroon mini dress (while Paris' frock seems to have telephones all over it, check out some of the festive dresses with unique patterns on CoutureCandy, such as Wit.'s Above Board Dress in Nautical Print, Carter's Skull Trapeze Dress in Black, or Walter's Retro Floral Dress in Black/Multi) with a cutesy heart belt, opaque black tights and YSL platforms. PH finished things off with a pair of oversized shades, a leather jacket, and a studded tote bag (similar to Danielle Nicole's Sahara Studded Messenger in Black). What are you feeling about P's look here, everyone? The outfit is fine and typical Paris, but why does she insist on continuing to wear that super synthetic-looking hair extension ponytail? Man. As I'm sure you've heard, Paris was allegedly arrested for smoking pot in South Africa, but since the story has developed it seems that P wasn't the guilty party at all. The event that went down was all one big misunderstanding, with Paris' pal Jennifer Rovero admitting guilt and paying the fine for the whole thing. Paris even tweeted about the whole situation, saying: ""Hey guys, there's a lot of crazy rumors going around. Just want you all to know the truth. Everything is completely fine. I was not charged or arrested, cause I didn't do anything. I was assisting the police with the investigation and answering their questions. Everyone was super nice and friendly to me. I love South Africa! Such an amazing place, especially during The World Cup! Hope that clears everything up. Love you guys, thanks for your concern. Xoxo P." Glad that's cleared up!


Paris Hilton seen on Jun 06 2010 in Universal City, CA. Heiress sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton were seen posing on the red carpet of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at Universal Studios’ Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA on June 6 - and Paris was more than five shades tanner with Nicky! Nicky's never been a fan of spray tan, however Paris is practically the spray tan global ambassador. For the event, the girls kept it light and summery in their ensembles. Let's start with Paris - she chose a strapless feathered ivory mini dress (Sue Wong's Vintage Beaded Short Dress in Ivory is really similar) and nude patent Louboutin heels, along with a glitzy silver clutch (try Whiting & Davis' Checkerboard Clutch in Silver) and diamond star flower earrings. Nicky, on the other hand, chose an aqua patterned dress with a fitted skirt and flowy top (the silhouettes of Wit's Synched Bottom Tunic Dress in Grey and Gold Hawk's Eco Floral Dress in Seagress are similar) and silver strappy heels for her 'fit. She completed her look with a messy side braid and a crystal clutch. Who do you think looks better here, readers - P or N? Nicky's longtime boyfriend David Katzenberg's latest project is MTV series "The Hard Times of RJ Berger," and both sisters are hard at work promoting this for him! Nicky has been tweeting about the show nonstop, and Paris posted a picture to her official Twitter account where she's about to lock lips with Paul Iacono, who stars as RJ Berger. A source said: "Paul was hanging with his friends and all of sudden someone was behind him and his friends started pointing. It was Paris. She grabbed him and just started making out with him." Hmmm... not sure if I buy this, seems to me like P was posing with Paul just to drum up buzz for the show!


Paris Hilton seen on May 17 2010 in Cannes, France. Paris Hilton was spotted enjoying herself at the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 17, as she attended Chopard's 150th Anniversary Party with sister Nicky followed by a night of partying at the VIP Room. For her fantastic French outfit, Paris started with a midnight blue gown with black crystal detailing (Sue Wong's One Shouldered Ruched Goddess Gown in Cobalt is equally gorgeous) and accessorized with a textured black clutch (try Jalda's Croc Original Clutch in Black), and (of course) tons of bling. Paris wore a glitzy oversized cocktail ring (similar to CC Skye's Blossom Ring in Black) along with a pair of sparkling chandelier earrings (check out Marnie Bugs' Latika Long Chandelier Earrings in Gold) and a pair of white shades as she made her way from the VIP Room. What are your thought about PH here, everyone? Do you love it, or is it a bit too similar to a look she rocked back in early 2009? While some of you may be thinking that this dress seems like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, you'd be right! Sources say that Paris nearly partied out of the gown as she danced around all night. Says the source, "She felt her low-cut dress slipping down and she repeatedly kept pulling it up. She did look like she was worried that her assets would spill out of her dress! Amidst all this, everyone saw her derriere when she lifted her dress high enough so that she could do a little jig on the dancefloor." Classic Paris!


Paris Hilton seen on May 07 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Always ready to step out for a good cause, Paris Hilton made an appearance at the 17th Annual Race to Erase MS Event that was held in LA on May 7, looking her usual tan, blonde and sparkly self. For her charity event outfit, Paris donned a floor length sequined gown (take a look at one of Sue Wong's mesmerizing gowns, such as the Vintage Inspired Beaded Gown in Ivory or the Macrame Mermaid Maxi in White) along with a glitzy pair of earrings, a sparkly clutch (like Moyna Handbags' Beaded Runner Clutch in Silver) and an armful of dazzling bangles (get the look with CC Skye's Pave Pyramid Stud Bracelet in Silver). Paris kept her makeup minimal (for her) and opted for a demure hairstyle. What do you feel about PH's look here, readers - do you think that she looks appropriate for this type of event? In the most recent issue of Esquire, Paris talks about how proud she is that she's made most of what she has on her own. She says, "My house is kind of like a reflection of my life and my accomplishments and what I've done. And I've done it all on my own. When my parents and my grandfather came over for the first time, I was so proud. It just feels good to, like, walk around and be like, I earned all this, you know? It's nice to feel accomplished and independent. I don't have to depend on anyone but myself." You've gotta give the girl props, she has built quite the empire around the Paris Hilton brand!


Paris Hilton seen on Apr 28 2010 in Santa Monica, CA. Paris Hilton was photographed leaving an acupuncture session in Santa Monica on April 28, and the heiress was looking extra tan and blonde, if I do say so. Dressed casually in a sheer heather grey v-neck t-shirt that leaves little to the imagination (for similar options, check out Splendid's Very Light V-Neck Tee in Heather Grey or for an oversized option, try Joe's Jeans' Blake Tee in Charcoal), Paris also wore a pair of basic black leggings (I love the moto detailing of David Lerner's Moto Legging in Black) and matching grey suede heels. Completing her look, PH slipped on a pair of oversized sunnies and toted along a black patent bag (check out Julie K Handbags' Laura in Night). What do you think of P here, readers? Of course her shirt says "Bonjour, Paris" - this is the next best option next to her wearing a shirt that has a picture of her face on it. And she's done this in the past! As I'm sure you've heard, PH and her main squeeze Doug Reinhardt are no more, and rumor has it that Paris has reunited with her ex, male model Jason Shaw. Paris appeared on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and spoke out about her old flame, saying, "[Jason] was with someone I was with for like, years back in the day. We’ll see what happens. I love him so much. We’re very close and I’ve known him a very long time." Paris and Jason were allegedly engaged during the two year period that they dated from 2001-2003, so maybe the time apart was what they needed?


Paris Hilton seen on Apr 22 2010 in Hollywood, CA. Sisters Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton posted together on the red carpet of Us Weekly's Annual Hot Hollywood Style Issue Event held at new hotspot Drai's inside the W Hotel in Hollywood on April 22, going for a matching black and white color scheme. For Paris' look, she paired a black and white dress (for similar options, try Jay Godfrey's Sykes Siren Dress in Black/Navy or Fernanda Carneiro's Contrast Silk Jersey Mini in Cream/Black) with patent stilettos, sparkly drop earrings and a few chunky bangles. She completed her look with a black clutch (try Antoinette Lee Designs' Dolcita Clutch in Black) and a coy, come-hither look that she's known for. Nicky, on the other hand, went for a monochromatic look that - dare I say it - is a bit sexier than Paris'. Nicky shimmied into a black strapless dress with a black leather corset top (check out Isabel Lu's Little Black Dress, or for something with a little more glitz, try Tt Collection's Sharon in Silver) that she belted, along with classic black pumps and an angel wing necklace (similar to CC Skye's Pave Angel Wing Necklace in Gold). Which Hilton sis do you think looked the best at the Us Weekly event, readers - or do you think they both looked great slash awful? Can't wait to hear who comes out on top, Paris or Nicky!


Paris Hilton seen on Apr 01 2010 in Malibu, CA. Paris Hilton was photographed doing some house hunting in Malibu on April 1, checking out a few beach front properties on a sunny Los Angeles afternoon. Is it just me, or does PH look extra tan here? Maybe it's just the stick straight platinum locks and megawatt neon pink nails. For her outfit, Paris started with a pair of black jeggings (try Habitual Jeans' Aubrey in Heydey) along with a low cut blue top (for something similar, check out Black Halo's Lois Halter in Purple) and long black scarf (American Vintage's Arizona Scarf in Navy is similar). Accessory wise, Paris seemed to hold herself back from being too matchy-matchy, as she slipped into a pair of black heels with a few rings and a studded bracelet on her right rist (like CC Skye's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cuff in Black/Gold). She finished off her look with a bag that appears to be from her Paris Hilton Handbags line - personally I think this purse is so tacky and awful, but that's just me! What do you feel about P's look here, readers - are you into it? Paris (of course) took to her official Twitter page to document her activities for the day, and started by saying: "Just got home. Saw some beautiful properties, so it's going to be a hard choice to make." Something tells me that she'll be able to, though. After looking at houses, Paris tweeted again: "Just got back from my run. Ran up and down some steep stairs back and fourth 100 times. I am so tired." Is it just me, or is it hard for you to picture PH actually working out?


Paris Hilton seen on Mar 26 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton was photographed in a very springtime outfit as she stopped by popular Los Angeles eatery Toast for lunch on March 26 with sister Nicky and mom Kathy, hitting up 3rd Street's boutique for a bit of shopping afterwards. For her girlie look, Paris started with a flirty and fun floral dress with a sweetheart neckline (for dresses with similar silhouettes, try Walter's Chiffon Strappy Dress in Lime, Da-Nang's Gauze Cami Dress in White, or Single Dress' Twist Neck Skylar Dress in Magenta) that she paired with white pumps and a matching white quilted Chanel handbag. The finishing touches were a pair of matching white sunglasses (of course they were white... I mean this is Paris Hilton - AKA the Queen of Matchy Matchy - we're talking about!) and a silver rose pendant necklace (check out Lois Hill's Granulated Floral Pendant on Lemon Chain in Silver). What are your thoughts about Paris' look here, readers? I think she looks cute, but could have left a few of those white accessories at home. In other PH news, the heiress was recently spotted picking up supplies at Blick Art Materials - was Paris recently inspired to create works of art? I don't think it's that serious, although PH did take to her official Twitter account to say "On my way home to go paint and make fun art projects. I love staying in and having arts and crafts night. So much fun." I wonder what kind of arts and crafts Paris had in store for her evening? Macaroni jewelry? Probably in white, to match this outfit.


Paris Hilton seen on Mar 25 2010 in West Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton made quite the appearance on the red carpet of the Victoria's Secret 15th Anniversary Swim Event at new West Hollywood hotspot Trousdale on March 25, striking all of her signature poses as the shutterbugs flashed away. My personal favorite is the pose on the left - uncoordinated feet and legs, hand on face, and sexy/confused pout. Classic Paris! For her partygoing ensemble, Miss Hilton chose a cleavage-baring black cocktail dress (try The Batallion's Bondage Dress in Black, or Fernanda Carneiro's Strapless Empire Waist Dress in Black - which offers a bit more coverage - for something similar) that she paired with black and silver heels, a silver cuff, and a sparkly clutch (check out Jalda's Water Snake Kona Clutch in Natural). Paris finished her look with an oversized statement necklace (take a look at Candace Ang's Small Hendrix Necklace in Grey) and drop earrings. What are your thoughts on this look, readers... do you think Paris looks good here? It seems that either a planned or unplanned reunion was getting ready to take place at this Victoria's Secret event, as Paris and her old "Simple Life" pal Nicole Richie were spotted hugging and chatting away throughout the evening. A source inside the fancy shindig tells E! Online, "Paris hit the soiree sans Doug Reinhardt and was sharing a table with her manager, while Nicole was seated across the room with her fiancée, Joel, and his twin bro, Benji Madden. Paris joined Nic's table, where the girls sat together and caught up before Paris said hi to her former boyfriend Benji. Although the onetime couple talked for a few minutes, the heiress seemed more interested in her conversation with Nicole." How cute! I can't help but love it when Nicole and Paris reunite!


Paris Hilton seen on Feb 04 2010 in New York, NY. Paris Hilton was seen in full-on Barbie mode as she filmed a commercial for an Israeli Lottery ad in NYC on February 4, donning all of the cliched "Paris Hilton outfit components" such as the color pink, animal print, an oversized bag and sunglasses, her cell phone, a spray tan and platinum locks. Let's not forget the matchy-matchy factor! For her look, Paris started with a bubblegum pink dress (if you are a fan of the Elle Woods-favored shade, try Fernanda Carneiro's Slub Short Sleeve Dress in Berry or Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent's Ruffle Front Strapless Dress in Fuchsia) under a leopard print coat (to get a similarly flattering silhouette, try Pink Polka Dot's Cozy Coat in Grey, but if you need a little extra leopard in your life, check out Moschino Cheap and Chic's Silk Leopard Tie Dress in Brown) with matching Louboutin satin pumps and cream and tan bag (check out similar options from Trace with the Sunday Bag in Taupe or Carla Mancini with the Top Zipped Tote with Embellishments in Off White). Finally, P slipped on a huge pair of sunnies and of course carried her white BlackBerry. What are your thoughts here? I get the fact that Paris was probably styled to be a caricature of herself - but is this look something you think that anyone else but her could attempt? Paris took to her official Twitter account to say "On set shooting the Israeli Lottery Commercial with my cute lil Co-Star Dina!" before slipping into something a bit more comfortable to board a plane with her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt that was headed to Vegas. She then tweeted, "Taking off in the Jet to Las Vegas! So Excited! Huge!" I see PH is still on the "huge" kick. Oh, the busy life of an heiress!


Paris Hilton seen on Dec 23 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. Paris Hilton and her beau Doug Reinhardt were caught by the paparazzi as the twosome were doing some last minute holiday shopping at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills on December 23, with Paris sipping on an ice water to quench her retail therapy thirst. Let me start this post off by saying that I absolutely LOVE Paris' hair here - the cut and color are perfect and I love the wavy style. SO much better than when she has those long extensions (see Lindsay Lohan entry below)! For her shopping outfit, Paris started with a sequined heart tank top (like Twisted Heart's Flygirl Tank in Baltic) that she paired with comfy black leggings (similar to Zoa's Leggings in Black) and black leather ankle booties. She finished off her look with a fur vest, oversized sunglasses, a leather bag with a chain strap (check out Carla Mancini's Flap Over Bag With Chain Strap in Black), and a chunky black cuff on her right wrist (I'm really into CC Skye's Hinge Bracelet in Black). I really enjoy the fact that her look isn't too "matchy matchy" here, but must say, the sunless tanner could stand to be improved a bit. It's like her tan ends at her wrists, and her hands are ghostly white! Just a suggestion, P. While Paris is super close with her family, she recently told the media what her plans are for the holidays this year. She said, "We usually open our presents first thing in the morning. I’m like a kid at this time of year and I just can’t wait. I literally believed in Santa Claus until I was around 16! My mom still puts a stocking out for me so I can still pretend.” Oh, Paris. She continues, “My mom will cook an amazing meal and we’ll eat lots and just spend time together. Later on in the day I’ll invite some of my friends, whose parents have passed away or who don’t have family in town to come over. I hate to think of anyone being on their own on Christmas Day.” Sounds very sweet of her. How did you celebrate your Christmas yesterday, readers?


Paris Hilton seen on Nov 10 2009 in West Hollywood, CA. YES! Matchy-matchy Paris is back! Spotted shopping at a newsstand in West Hollywood on November 10 before stopping off at H&M and Fred Segal, Paris Hilton was in full-on color coordinated mode. Wearing a pink and lavendar floral Topshop dress that Lo Bosworth wore back on July 16, Paris decided that every other thing she chose had to be purple. Who do you think wore it better, Paris or Lo? She couldn't have just worn the black shoes with the purple bows and left it alone, she had to go an add the sunglasses, the earrings, the bangle (try CC Skye's Carson Cuff in Turquoise), the bag, and the belt. Eesh! Purple Paris overload! Then again, that's what I love about Paris' "style" - she can't just leave tacky enough alone. For a few options of pretty, patterned dresses on CoutureCandy, try Tracy Reese's Empire Halter Dress in Chambray, Tricia Fix's Roman Mini in Orange Medallion, or Single's Beaded Floral Print Dress in Rose. What do you think, readers... are you as amused with P's matchy-matchy look as I am? While many of Hollywood's starlets have been robbed lately (Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge), it seems that Paris is taking no chances when it comes to home security. She says, "I’ve made my house impossible to get into. I have 24-hour armed guards. I have video cameras everywhere. Maybe I’ll get a Rottweiler." Add the Rottweiler to her list of like fifty dogs!


Paris Hilton seen on Sep 04 2009 in Venice, Italy. Paris Hilton and on-again boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were spotted on the red carpet at the premiere of “Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans” during the 66th Venice Film Festival yesterday, September 4, in Venice, Italy. Paris was in full glamour mode, showing off an obviously fresh set of platinum extensions. For her red carpet look, Paris chose a sparkly floor-length gown (check out similar, beautiful dresses on CoutureCandy, such as Sue Wong's Long Lace Beaded Ball Gown in Ivory or Lotta Stensson's summery Long Spaghetti Dress in Whited Black) along with a glitzy clutch (try Kooba's larger Halle Bag in Silver Patent), showstopping earrings and an over-the-top, crazy-huge cocktail ring (very similar to Femme Metale's Gemstone Ring in Sterling Silver). What are your thoughts on Paris' glammed-up look here, is she a knockout or does it seem to you that she's trying a bit too hard to come off as classic? Personally, I think this look works for P - she looks pretty and not cheesy or overly matchy-matchy (remember this look, or this sparkly silver sensory overload outfit??) in the least. In other Hilton news, reports are circulating that P recently got hitched in good old Las Vegas! And who was the lucky groom? Not Doug! It seems that it was "Britain's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan. Wait a sec... what?? Don't worry, Paris fans - this was only for a segment on Piers' UK travel series "Piers Morgan On..." It seems the two were only faking it, heading to the Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel in Vegas to film the segment. This is the same church that both Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, and Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, got hitched at. I feel like Paris is always itching to participate in a reality show - any reality show! From "The Simple Life" to "BFF" to Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D List" and now to "Piers Morgan On..." - I wonder when she is going to retire her reality show ways. Or if??


Paris Hilton seen on Jul 29 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted rolling up to Barney's New York in Beverly Hills in her baby blue Bentley on July 29 with sister Nicky in tow, for an afternoon of retail therapy, specifically in the shoe department. As Paris exited her vehicle, it seems that she dropped a white lighter (please tell me she didn't bring this color on purpose to match her outfit) from her bag - oopsie! For her summertime shopping ensemble, P started with a breezy green patterned dress with a ruffle detail (for similar options, check out Rebecca Taylor's festive Tequila Bingo Dress in Kiwi, or Graham & Spencer's Capri Dress in Sea Green, which has a similar hue to the heiresses frock), and kept all of her accessories, save for two green barrettes in her hair, white. Paris nabbed a white bag (try Botkier's Sasha Small Duffle in White), and chose a pair of white Christian Louboutin heels, white sunglasses, and white hoops (mix things up a little with Kimberly Faith's similar Large Domed Hoop Earrings in Gold) to finish off her look. What are your thoughts, readers - it's not a secret that Paris is the queen of "matchy-matchy," but do you like her look here? It's definitely not as overkill as some of the previous sightings we have seen recently. While Paris is never one to stay single for long, new reports claim that she is planning on getting back together with ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. A source says that the two are currently "figuring things out," as Paris famously remarked that she would marry Doug one day, then the two were broken up almost out of the blue. The source goes on to say, "The time apart has been good. He's kept a low profile, and he's been doing everything he can to impress her and get her back. They're still figuring it out." Not officially back together just yet, the two have managed to escape being photographed together by the paparazzi. However, I'm sure that if (and when) they do make it official again, the photo ops will just keep on coming. Anyone else suspect that this timing is strangely coincidental to the finale of her "BFF" show?


Paris Hilton seen on Jul 24 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. And by mack, I mean extensions. Paris Hilton was spotted in all of her Barbie-licious glory while out shopping in Beverly Hills on July 24, while her sis Nicky stayed a few paces behind her so P could bask in all of the paparazzi glory. For her pink overload of an outfit, Paris started with a pink and purple ombre mini dress with white floral embroidery (for a longer option, try Raw 7's Wings Cotton Long Dress in Red, or for two mini options, check out 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent's Slip Mini in Raspberry or Susana Monaco's Parker Dress in Dark Guava) and paired with matching EVERYTHING! Her pale pink pumps matched the hue at the bottom of her dress, while her headband matched the neon pink color in the middle. She then of course wore a pink watch and necklace, and carried her BlackBerry with a matching pink cover. Eesh! I guess Paris continuing her matchy-matchy ways can give us some assurance that some things never change. She finished off her look with, what else, a Paris Hilton pink handbag (for a more polished option, try Foley + Corrina's City Clutch in Magenta) and a pair of pink aviators. Okay readers, lay it on me - what do you think of this look? For those of you who haven't been exposed to quite enough Paris, what with "Simple Life" and "BFF" - fear not. She will premiere a new documentary on MTV tomorrow night, titled "Paris, Not France." She is intent on proving that she really has portrayed herself as a "character" for the media, and that is not the person she truly is. The documentary's director, Adria Petty, says, "Despite all the criticism and misunderstanding of Paris, there is no doubt that she is one of the biggest and most recognizable icons of our generation." What do you think, do you agree with Adria's statement, and more importantly, will you be tuning in?


Paris Hilton seen on Jun 12 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. The always demure Paris Hilton was spotted heading into a studio in LA to fulfill her promotional duties for "Paris Hilton's My New BFF Season 2" on Friday, June 12, while toting Tinkerbell along with her. As per the norm, Paris walked through that parking lot like she was walking on a runway, her hand on her hip in the precise, perfect angle. Dressed to the nines for her studio appearance, P started with a slinky, floor length gown (for more casual options that still have interesting details, check out Ingwa Melero's Angelina Maxi Dress in Sand, which also comes in coral, and Prairie New York's Column Rosette Long Dress in Creme) and paired with a glitzy jeweled necklace (opt for Kuo Ting Jewelry's funkier Briolette Crystal Necklace in Gold) and sparkly silver earrings (I like Michele Michel Jewelry's Hammered Butter Earrings in Silver). While I know that you readers aren't the biggest Hilton fans (to put it politely), what do you think of her look here? Classy or classless? While Paris kept going on and on and on and on about how much she loved her (now ex-) boyfriend Doug Reinhardt and how perfect he was, I have to admit that I was personally surprised when these two called it quits. I would have thought they were going to last at least another three months! And it seems now Paris is already on to her next victim, er, boyfriend, as she's been spotted with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo more than once in the past week (and rumor had it that the two were spotted smooching at Hollywood club My House the day after she dumped Doug!). Now, a source close to Cristiano is saying he is truly taken with the heiress. They say, "It could be something big. Paris has to go to Dubai with work, and that will test how serious they are about each other. There’s a feeling that neither needs the other one’s money, which is a breath of fresh air for the pair of them – they’re normally on the lookout for gold diggers. They’ve pledged to keep in touch and have been texting each other all the time. Fortunately, Paris understands that every time Cristiano is pictured with another girl, he’s not being unfaithful. It will be very interesting to see what happens." I can tell you what happens.. P is going to be over it in about 3 months... if it lasts that long!


Paris Hilton seen on May 14 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted posing on the red carpet of the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Launch Event held at Paramount Studios in LA on May 14, opting for a monochromatic look for her evening out. Starting with a sequined black mini dress (check out Smitten's similar Capsleeve Sequins Dress in Black, or for a cool sequined tank top, try LaROK's Beaded Tank in Black) and black patent leather skyscraper stilettos, P chose a pair of delicate chandelier earrings (like Castaway Jewelry's Keshi Pearl Cascade Earrings) with an oversized cocktail ring and a sleek black clutch (take a look at Julie K Handbags' Jessica Fold Over Clutch in Night Exotic). What are your thoughts on Paris' 'fit - for once it's not too over the top! I think she's workin' it out. While the second season of her reality show, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," it set to premiere on June 2, a new documentary about P (because her exposure up to now has been so minimal) will also air on MTV. According to trades, "Director Adria Petty, a music-video director, is said to have had enormous access to Hilton's private life and her public jet-setting. She also interviews many Hilton family members and friends. The film reportedly debunks the stereotype of the heiress as a ditzy party girl, portraying her instead as a "more thoughtful and self-aware" young woman." What do you think, do you buy that for a second?


Paris Hilton seen on Apr 21 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted posing away on the red carpet of the First Ladies of Africa Gala in Los Angeles on April 21, going for a white-and-gold motif with her ensemble. I love how even at a sophisticated gala such as this, Paris is hamming it up as usual! P started with a strapless white dress (check out Shumaq's Emily Strapless Dress in Beige or D&G's Strapless Dress in White) and belted it (try Linea Pelle's Triple Buckle Waist Belt in Vanilla), complemented by a pair of gold Louboutin pumps. Jewelry wise, Hilton picked a stunning white necklace (I love Amy DiGregorio's Lexington Street Necklace in 14K Gold Filled, which is constructed with stunning white and green turquoise), two statement rings (try Femme Metale's Noble Fleur with Snow Quartz Ring), and a lucite bangle (if you're not into the lucite look, stick to gold and check out CC Skye's awesome Studio 54 Mesh Cuff in Gold). What are your thoughts on PH's look at this gala - angelic or awful? In PH relationship news, E! Online is reporting that Paris and Doug are set to walk down the aisle this summer. A friend of the two says, "It's still set to happen this summer. Neither of them have a lot of patience — they just feel like getting married now." Patience is a virtue! However, things may not be fine and dandy in wedding land, as P's sister Nicky is said to think that Doug is "annoying and shallow." Ouch! Other member's of P's fam think he's just using her to make a name for himself. Probably! The source concludes with "It's the real thing between them. Paris finally found someone who likes to look at his own reflection as much as she does!" Sounds like a match made in narcissistic heaven!


Paris Hilton seen on Apr 05 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. She's a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world! Actually, she's Paris Hilton, in Los Angeles - but that's pretty much the same thing. P brought out her best Barbie outfit last night, April 5, for Bravo’s 2nd Annual A-List Awards held at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, which she attended with her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. Starting with a neon pink bejeweled mini dress (if you're thinking pink, try Christopher Deane's Christy Dress in Fuchsia or Misile's Amsterdam Dress in Coral, or if your are just generally in the mood for an eye-catching bright and tight dress, grab Lotta Stensson's Shirred Mini Tube Dress in Orange), Paris accessorized with a sequined silver clutch and matching heels, and then brought on the bling with her oversized chandelier earrings (check out Jessica Elliot's Double Diamond Earrings in Silver), colorful crystal bracelets (for a more casual version, try Ettika's Triple Stack Multi Color Satin Cord Bracelet in Multi") and a huge crystal ring. Over the top as always! Thoughts? While it seems that Paris always have a new flavor of the month when it comes to boyfriends, P is telling E! News" that she's planning on marrying Doug. In her own words, Paris said, "He's going to be my husband." And there you have it! She continues, "It's not like we just met. We've known each other over the past year. I was in a relationship before and we reconnected. I'm really in love and really happy." I don't know about you, but I'll believe that wedding when I see it!


Paris Hilton seen on Apr 02 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Oh, Paris - always one for the demure and subdued outfit for your night on the town. Then again, we can always rely on Paris Hilton to bring the razzle dazzle! P was caught leaving Bar Delux last night with boytoy Doug Reinhardt, giving paps the side-eye as the headed into her car. For her nighttime look, Paris of course amped it up a notch, starting with an eye-grabbing silver sequined frock (for a more subtle, nighttime-appropriate version, try Smitten's Capsleeve Sequins Dress in Black or LaROK's Serengeti Tunic in Black Zebra over jeans or leggings) and almost bondage slash corset-esque black waist belt (take a look at Jack Rabbit Collection's Icon Belt in Black or Linea Pelle's edgy Waist Belt with Leather Covered Studs in Black). Next up was a slouchy black hobo bag (like Rough Roses' Pamila Hobo in Black) and her standard pair of black ankle boot heels. Finally, P accessorized with black leather fingerless gloves, prob Chanel, bright red lipstick and a braided headband (I'm into Ettika's Chain Silk Cord Braided w Feathers Headband in Black). What are you thinking about PH's look here - over the top or predictably Paris? For those of you who tuned into the first season of Paris' BFF show, it's not too shocking that the winner, Brittany Flickinger, and Paris are no longer friends, much less best friends forever. A source says, "They haven't spoken in two months. All that girl wanted was the free trips, the goodie bags, staying at Paris's mansion and the parties and clubs. She was desperate for money. She was another one of these girls using Paris to get famous. We've seen it happen a million times... Paris realized everything everyone was telling her was the truth." Someone using Paris to get famous? Unheard of!


Paris Hilton seen on Mar 19 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted partying with (who else?) her boytoy Doug Reinhardt at Bar Delux in Hollywood on March 19, giving someone the side-eye as she made her exit from the club. Rocking her short, somewhat disheveled bob, Paris also chose a pop of bright red lipstick for her nighttime look. For her outfit, she started with a blue silk mini dress (for similar options, try Cleo Brands' One Shoulder Dress in Navy or Black Halo's Racer Back Dress with Pockets in Jade) and paired bi-color tights that proved to be somewhat of an optical illusion (I had to do a double take at first!). Accessory wise, Paris chose a large silver cuff (take a look at CC Skye's Giant Single Stud Cuff in White Patent) with dangly earrings and one of the handbags from her line (I like Carla Mancini's Whipstitch Double Handle Tote in Black). Her final touch was a pair of black Louboutin booties. What are your thoughts on Paris' outfit here, readers? I love how even when P is drunk and leaving a club, she's constantly posing for the photogs (check out that hand-on-hip action in the photo on the right!). While it's true that Doug and Paris seem to be spending every waking moment together, it seems that Doug is interesting in taking their relationship to the next level. A source says, "Doug is smitten with Paris and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He’s already found the perfect ring, asked her father for permission and is now waiting for the right time to pop the question." I wonder if Rick gave his approval. Wait... I wonder if this source is even legit? Readers weigh in!


Paris Hilton seen on Mar 08 2009 in Las Vegas, NV. Paris Hilton was spotted rocking her typical array of hilarious pouty facial expressions and poses at her 28th birthday celebration at Body English inside The Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas yesterday, Sunday March 8, going WAY overboard with the silver sparkly look. It's like, does Paris not realize that if she wears one thing that is silver and sparkly that EVERYTHING she wears doesn't have to be? Eesh! Then again, I don't think understatement has ever been her strong suit. PH started with a sparkly dress (for a similar, more subtle silver frock with a bit of sparkle, try Gold Hawk's Sequin Dress in Celadon Green, or for a dress with a similar silhoutte (and in a pattern Paris would definitely approve of), try Lotta Stensson's Cheetah Dress in Print) and paired with a matching headband, bag, bracelet, ring and necklace (check out Rachel Leigh's Millie's Everyday Necklace in Silver). Matchy-match overload! But honestly, that's part of the reason why I love Paris - she's so tacky and just doesn't care! Also, is it just me or is P looking extra thin here? I mean I know Paris is always thin... what are your thoughts? In related Paris news, it seems that her new boy-toy, Doug Reinhardt, is said to be showering P with gifts. At least we know he's doing his part to keep the economy alive. For her birthday, he presented Paris with her 18th puppy, a teacup Pomeranian that allegedly cost $10,000. Ouch. Of the gift, Paris says, "He probably got me more presents than any guy ever. He's sweet." I'm not getting the made-to-last vibe here... more like the flavor-of-the-month vibe. It seems like Doug is definitely smitten though, saying, "She's the most beautiful girl on the planet. She's amazing, both inside and out." Thoughts, dear readers?


Paris Hilton seen on Feb 28 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton is back in Los Angeles after a trip to Tokyo with new boytoy Doug Reinhardt to promote her clothing line, hitting up Teddy's in Hollywood on Saturday night, February 28. I love how in the picture on the left, she is totally giving off that "trying to look hot/don't mess with me" face, and in the picture on the right, she's just smiling and not trying to pose for the photogs. Typical Paris! If you are feeling inspired by P's nighttime 'fit, start with a stylish black top (try Gold Hawk's Chevron Top in Black or Qi's Mesh Yoke Tank in Black) and pair with slinky black leggings (if you're in the mood to do denim, choose 7 for All Mankind's Edie Zipper Jean in Black) tucked into tall black boots. Paris accessorized her outfit with a black chain handbag (similar to Carla Mancini's Small Chain Strap Clutch in Black), an embellished black headband, and of course, her BlackBerry firmly in hand. What are your thoughts on Paris' outfit here - personally, I think this black magic woman look works for her. While many of you out there think that Paris is just a dumb blonde who parties for a living, PH is the first to correct you. She says, "I am taken very seriously as a businesswoman, in the business world and by the people I do business with. If anyone wants to say otherwise, they have no idea what they're talking about." Hmmm. Paris continues, "I've created a brand and built an empire off of being myself, and my name. I'm very hands-on in everything." You've got to give the girl credit, she sure has built an empire based on herself!


Paris Hilton seen on Feb 15 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton made her way through LAX yesterday, February 15, toting one of Louis Vuitton's new neon graffiti totes while (of course) striking cutesy poses for the paparazzi on her tail. Keeping her outfit casual (and surprisingly wearing no makeup), Paris started with a leather jacket (similar to Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black) over a pink graphic t-shirt (check out Love Couture's Goth Gauze Jersey Banded Waist Tee in Poppy) and with black leggings (check out Tag Jeans' Stretch Skinny Pant in Black) and black pumps. Naturally, it wouldn't be a Paris Hilton outfit without some degree of matchy-matchy-ness, so she also slipped on a pair of sunglasses with pink details and a pink bow clipped into the back of her hair. Do you like Paris' casual, airport look here - or is it too much pink for you to stomach? While most people wouldn't proclaim themselves "this decades icon," Paris has gone ahead and done so. In a statement, she said, "There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and, right now, I'm that icon." Oh, Paris. Your modesty is overwhelming! What do you think, is P right?


Paris Hilton seen on Feb 03 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. Upon seeing these photos of Paris Hilton leaving the Portofino Sun Center in Beverly Hills yesterday, February 3, after a bronzing session - I have to say, PH is one step away from being a rotisserie chicken! Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for having a golden, summery glow... but Paris needs to turn the Mystic down a notch. A big notch. Besides hitting up the tanning salon, Paris also ran a few other errands while she was out and about in Beverly Hills. Keeping casual in a tank that reads "Love is Blonde" (check out Signorelli's tanks-for-a-cause, like the Children's Health Fund Tank in Black or the Omni Peace Tank in Red) with comfy black sweats (like Ecoganik's Shirring Mala Pant in Black) and sporty running shoes, P finished her look of with a black leather cap, a bag from her own Paris Hilton Handbag Collection (Linea Pelle's Dylan Long Speedy Bag in Black is a much chicer choice in a similar shape), and of course her BlackBerry firmly in hand. Now that I've voiced my opinion on Paris' supertan skin shade, what are your thoughts - did she overdo it (is the sky blue)? While it is already the second month of 2009, the economy is still in an extremely troubled state, but Paris is completely aware of this and has a foolproof plan to bring the economy out of its rut. She says, "It’s really scary about the economy right now. So the way I’m playing my part in helping is doing a lot of shopping wherever I go." Hey, you can always rely on Paris for a prolific soundbyte!


Paris Hilton seen on Jan 27 2009 in London, England. Paris Hilton was spotted heading into Punk Soho in London last night, January 27, for the Nokia 5800 Launch Event where she was spotted in the DJ booth with Lady GaGa before heading to Bouji's in South Kensington at around 1AM. For her evening getup, Miss Hilton chose a sparkly yellow cocktail dress (for a few similar club-worthy choices on CoutureCandy, check out Tricia Fix's Siva Mini Cocktail Dress in Radiant, or Gold Hawk's Sequin Dress in Celadon Green) with metallic gold heels and of course her BlackBerry firmly in hand. Jewelry wise, Hilton chose a pair of double-drop hoops (very similar to Robyn Rhodes' Mattie Double Hoop Earrings in Mixed Metal), an oversized statement ring (check out CC Skye's Power Ring in Gold) and a ton of gold bangles (pile on Rachel Leigh's Sweet Tooth Bangle in Gold). Okay, I am just realizing this now - is Paris' dress an oversized happy face? Readers weigh in!! In other PH news, it seems that her sister, Nicky, is apparently distancing herself from Paris because she can't stand Paris' "BFF" Brittany Flickinger. A source told the New York Post, "Nicky can't stand Paris' new BFF." Maybe this is rubbing off on Paris? Allegedly, at a Sundance party, Paris ditched Brittany to hang with Aubrey O'Day, formerly of Danity Kane. The source says, "Paris kept ditching Brittany for Aubrey. Brittany was crying and screaming 'Paris, stop leaving me!'" Oh geez, my pathetic radar is going through the roof!


Paris Hilton seen on Jan 14 2009 in West Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted looking pretty in pink and shopping up a storm at Arcade in West Hollywood on January 14, flaunting her fresh new super-short bob. I personally am so glad P got rid of the extensions - this look is so much cuter on her, don't you think? Stepping out in a vintage-patterned silk dress (check out similar options from Ingwa Melero, like the Printed Sahara Dress in Blue/Berry, or Walter, like the Neon Watercolor Print Dress in Pink Multi) with black tights and oversized sunnies (keep in mind it is nighttime...), P accessorized with an initial necklace (choose your own letter with Femme Metale's Love Letter Charm Necklace in Silver) and a completely narcissistic bag from her handbag line, emblazoned with "Paris Hilton" over and over. For a chicer, more versatile option, check out Posse New York's Carolina Bag in Bronze. What do you think of Hilton's look here - cute, or overfussed and tacky as always? In other PH news, America's most notable socialite is speaking out about Obama officially becoming the President. She says, "I hope and believe Barack Obama will pull us out of this recession! I’m thrilled to have him as our new president. He’s the exact change our world needs. Obama is hot, and he rocks!" Wait... did Paris really just say "Obama's hot"? Of course she did!


Paris Hilton seen on Jan 11 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Saying adios to her extensions, Paris Hilton debuted a sleek, super-short 'do at a post Golden Globes bash in LA on January 11. Decked out in a bejeweled royal blue maxi dress (for more casual options, check out Ingwa Malero's Elena Charmeuse Maxi Dress in Aubergine or Plenty by Tracy Reese's Maxi Slip Dress in Azure, or, if you're feeling sassy, a shorter version like Cleo Brands' One Shoulder Dress in Navy) with a matching clutch, bracelet, and chandelier earrings (take a look at Michele Michel Jewelry's Maple Leaf Earrings in Sterling Silver), PH opted for a dark smoky eye and a girly pink lip. What do you think of Paris' new cut - personally, I think she should keep the extensions out for at LEAST 6 months! While Paris seemed to be enjoying herself here, word on the street is that she was kicked out of Creative Artist Agency's after party after crashing. Oops! The NY Daily News reports that CAA bigwig Kevin Huvane was furious with Paris' presence. A source says, "Kevin was outraged at her sense of entitlement, and he was adamant that she be removed. He was storming around, yelling ‘Who let her in? She is not invited, and somebody had better get her out of here immediately!'" While all of this was going on, Paris was allegedly hiding in the bathroom, and the LAPD had to wait for 15 until she finally emerged from her hiding quarters, looking embarrassed to say the least. Oh Paris, what a day in your life must be like!


Paris Hilton seen on Jan 03 2009 in Australia. Paris and Nicky Hilton were spotted posing for photographs in the VIP area of the Summerfieldayze Dance Music Festival on the Gold Coast yesterday, January 3, rocking their pink patterned rain boots after trekking through the muddy festival. Paris is holding on to the hippie-headband look for as long as possible, and rocked a sparkly silver headband with braided pigtails, along with a patterned mini dress (for similar dresses, check out Gold Hawk's Sleeveless Stained Glass Dress in Madagascar or Prairie New York's Shirt Dress in Gold Branches) and a very aloof look. Nicky, on the other hand, is a firm believer in the mantra that "the sun is always shining when you're cool," and chose an oversized pair of aviators to ward off the camera flashes. For the rest of her 'fit, NH chose a girly green frock (if you're in the mood to go green, check out Miguelina's Claire Dress in Lime or Woo's Celine Dress in Putting Green) with beaded earrings and a black Goyard tote. What do you think of the Hiltons' looks here - who got it right? Did either of them? While the girls have definitely been making the best of their time in Australia, Paris spoke out about what an awesome time she's had. She says, "I’ve had such a good time here, I went to the children’s hospital yesterday and today I went to the zoo and played with the koalas. They were so cute and really sweet. I wish I could stay longer but I have to go back to LA for work." Was there anything P wishes she could have done but didn't get the chance to? But of course! She continues, "I’d love to learn to surf, but only if I find a beach with no paparazzi." Oh please... you know she'd probably call the paps herself!


Paris Hilton seen on Dec 26 2008 in Aspen, CO. Never one to miss a photo-op, Paris Hilton paraded around Aspen, CO in the snow on December 26, doing some post-Christmas shopping with "BFF" Brittany Flickinger. Side note: I wonder how long PH is contractually obligated to hang out with this girl? While Paris' outfit of course screams "look at me!" and is incredibly over the top, I have a few suggestions for you of ways to emulate this look without going totally overboard. Paris started with a fur lined sleeveless hoodie, which is similar to Hank Vintage Threads' way cuter Give Peace A Chance Hoodie in Olive, and paired with a leopard sweater over an exotic tiger print graphic tee. If you are into the leopard look, take a look at Julie K Handbags' Natalie Sleek Clutch in Leopard, or if you want to avoid leopard but stick to the exotic theme, check out Signorelli's Long Sleeve Logo Tee with Rhinestones in White. Just make sure to pick one or the other... don't do both! Next up, Paris slipped into a pair of light brown pants (like Desert Blue's The Phoenix Skinny Jean in Palmwood) and tucked them into a pair of furry boots, and finished her look off with a pair of oversized sunglasses. Oh Paris, you're never one to disappoint! It seems like unfortunate things are always happening to Paris, as I'm sure you're aware that over $2 million of jewelry and personal objects were stolen from PH's home recently, and now Paris is thinking that the robbery may have been an inside job. She says, "I think whoever did this definitely has been there before. We have some suspects." Paris also added that she's willing to let bygones be bygones if the burglars return her prized jewels. "They just have to anonymously have a taxi drop it off in my front gate in a box with my jewelry and everything. They won't get in trouble." I doubt that's gonna happen, P!


Paris Hilton seen on Nov 23 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. The always demure Paris Hilton was spotted striking all of her trademark poses on the red carpet of the American Music Awards in LA on November 23, but one thing I noticed stopped me dead in my tracks. I have three horrific words for you. SPARKLY. ACRYLIC. NAILS. I thought I'd seen it all, but then Paris has to go and prove me wrong. Leave it to P, she went there. For the rest of her look, it seems Paris was inspired by a giant disco ball, and chose an eye-catching sequined frock for her night out (check out similar dresses, like LaROK's Serengeti Tunic in Silver or their Sequin Patchwork Mini Dress in Grey, or Smitten's much chicer Capsleeve Sequins Dress in Black). Accessory wise, Paris chose a large gold ring (similar to Rachel Leigh's Nicoli Ring in Gold), oversized sparkly hoops (check out Lana Jewelry's showstopping Ocean Drive Earrings in Tri Gold), and gold heels. My overall thoughts for the look? Too subtle. Stop trying to blend in so much, Paris- add a little oomph to your style to at least try to stand out in a crowd. Sigh. In other Paris news, she is definitely, 100% split from Benji Madden, but reports are claiming that she is trying to win the "rocker" back. A source says, "She feels she's had a raw deal. She thinks some of his friends have been whispering things about her, making him jealous. When she met Prince William in London recently they flirted, but it was all perfectly innocent. Yet Benji thought she was making a fool of him and couldn't handle it any more." Oh Paris- will you ever find love?


Paris Hilton seen on Nov 16 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted arriving at LAX from a weekend in Miami on November 16, rocking her version of comfortable airplane chic but STILL wearing those round Dior sunglasses from years ago. Time for a sunglass update, P! For the rest of her look, Hilton started with a white tank (like Hank Vintage Threads' Foil Crown Rib Tank in White) under a striped top (I love Autumn Cashmere's cute and cozy Striped Crew Neck Sweater in Cherry Cola), and paired with dark skinnies with white stitching (very similar to Desert Blue's The Phoenix Jean in Soft Wash). P finished off her look with gold Tory Burch (or what looks like Tory Burch) flats and a white handbag (similar to Antoinette Lee Designs' Dolce Handbag in White). A basic outfit but still with that dash of Paris Hilton matchy-matchy going on. In Paris relationship news, Star Magazine is reporting that Paris did some major flirting with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos (and has the photos to prove it) while in Miami this weekend. The two were seen canoodling at Miami hotspot Mokai at around 2:30 AM, after partying at the Fountainbleau hotel earlier in the evening following the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. A source says, "Paris and Stavros were all over each other. They were at the same table for about an hour and then they left together. It didn't seem like Benji was on her mind at all!" Eek! If I were Benji, I would definitely think that Paris has some explaining to do.


Paris Hilton seen on Nov 04 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. The always patriotic Paris Hilton was spotted heading into her local polling place yesterday, November 4, to cast her vote in this historical Presidential election. Wearing a ruffled tuxedo blouse (check out Walter's Organza Tuxedo Short Sleeve Blouse in Navy, or for a similar, slightly ruffled look in a cami version, check out Black Halo's Top with Contrast Tie in Black/Ash) tucked into a high-waisted black satin skirt (like Tricia Fix's Kara Skirt in Black) with matching black heels and tights with an iridescent sheen, P looks like she's ready to get down to business! While most celebrities eventually give in to the pressure to stay young in Hollywood (a little nip here, a shot of Botox there), Paris is openly proclaiming that she will never go under the knife. Paris says, "I love being all-natural. A lot of girls who are 21, they have a lot of work done and they look 40. It ages you. And you're going to have to maintain it. By the time you're 30, you're going to look like you're 50. By the time you're 50, your face is going to fall off." Sounds like a scene out of Death Becomes Her!


Paris Hilton seen on Oct 15 2008 in London, England. Paris Hilton (in addition to Christina Aguilera) was spotted enjoying a night on the town in London by stopping by the Whisky Mist nightclub last night, October 15. Striking her best "Blue Steel" face as she headed into the club, I have to say I'm enjoying Paris' messy layered with bangs hairstyle (even though a good portion of it looks to be extensions). For a similar outfit to Paris', start with eye-catching patterned tights and pair with a tight black mini skirt (like Qi's Tulip Skirt in Black). Next up, grab a killer cropped black leather jacket (take a peek at Gold Hawk's Belted Leather Jacket in Moonless Night) and zip up over a patterned top (check out Black Halo's Scrunchie Top in Print). Paris finished off her look with white pumps (she should've stuck to a classic Loubtoutin pump) and a patterned bag (for a more colorful look, check out Carla Mancini's Postman Clutch in Multi). Overall, though, not bad (from the ankles up!). Allegedly, while at Whisky Mist last night, Paris decided to approach Prince William and Prince Harry, who were also in the VIP area, but they decided to snub her! A source says, "It was quite funny to watch. Harry clearly didn't want to speak to her but she did a sexy dance in front of him and he finally stood up to shake her hand. He then just wandered off, and Paris looked a bit annoyed." What, no love for Paris?


Paris Hilton seen on Sep 30 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted working the carpet with all of her trademark "sexy" poses at the launch of her new MTV show, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," at so-two-years-ago nightclub LAX on September 30. In a sparkly navy frock (for a similar suggestion that is a bit more casual, check out Ella Moss' Rosemary Dress in Ink and Gold Hawk's V-Neck Dress in Bijou Blue) with black Loubs and a black clutch (like Julie K Handbads' Christie Clutch in Night Exotic)- Paris made sure to bring her crystal encrusted BlackBerry along for the night, as well. Have any of you loyal CoutureCandy readers seen Paris' new show? What are your thoughts? And also, in case you didn't know, Paris recorded the theme song for the show, also entitled "My BFF," which was produced by her Good Charlotte boyfriend, Benji Madden. Okay, don't shoot me... but the song actually isn't that bad. Her voice still sounds like it was 110% computer generated, but it is kind of catchy and better than her previous tracks. I need reader input, now!


Paris Hilton seen on Sep 25 2008 in New York, NY. Paris Hilton was spotted making her entrance to a filming of "The Late Show with David Letterman" in NYC on September 25, rockin' a look that Kermit would definitely approve of. Maybe this is Paris' way of letting people know she's gone green? Paris probably thinks that wearing green IS going green! All kidding aside, I do have to say that I really like Paris' hair this length, even though you know it's probably still all extensions! If you like her look, however, check out similar dress options from Iodice (like the Isadora Dress in Green), Karina Grimaldi (like the Juana Silk Mini Dress in Kelly Green), and Woo (like the Jasmine Dress in Grass Green), paired with a black handbag (similar to Carla Mancini's Front Pocket Double Handle Bag in Black) and a pair of snakeskin Loubs. In other Paris news, it seems that the heiress has inspired an artist to create a work of art in her honor. Before she gets too excited, she should probably know that the art in question has used pornographic images. That's hot! Artist Jonathan Yeo depicted Paris in a collage of graphic images compiled to resemble Ms. Hilton, and artist Damien Hirst has allegedly scooped up the original piece for an undisclosed amount. The piece, titled "Paris, 2008" is set to be displayed in a show called "The Outsiders" in London's Lazarides Gallery. Leave it to Paris to always be stirring up trouble, even if she's not directly involved!


Paris Hilton seen on Sep 07 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton playfully strutted down the red carpet of the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards at Paramount Picture Studios last night, September 7, in her typical fashion, posing for the photographers coyly. Wearing a plum colored little dress with an attached black belt (like Karina Grimaldi's Ruffle Silk Mini Dress in Purple), Paris accessorized with black bow heels and a shiny black handbag (check out Carla Mancini's Front Pocket Double Handle Bag in Black). Her final touch was a statement necklace with black diamonds, and for a more affordable version, check out Rachel Leigh's eye-catching Diamonte Edge Necklace in Jet. Last night Paris was on hand to present the award for Best Pop Video, and ended handing the award to former party pal Britney Spears. I wonder what it must have been like for these two to see each other again, as the bottle blondes notoriously partied late into the night earlier this year, when Brit was at her wildest. Paris also stuck up for the Jonas Brothers, who were lambasted over and over by host Russell Brand for their abstinence pledges. Paris said, "I don't pick on them. That's something cool for a kid to keep, so don't pick on them for that. I think that they're all really good kids and that they're definitely our next generation of kids and they're all really good, so I think that's awesome." I wonder if Paris wishes she would have had an abstinence pledge way back in the day, you know, before that infamous tape was released!


Paris Hilton seen on Aug 25 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Paris Hilton and beau Benji Madden were snapped by the paparazzi leaving a romantic lunch at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills on August 25, with Paris looking like a cotton candy dream... or nightmare depending on how you feel about Paris! Keeping the matchy-matchy down to a minimum (it's only the cotton candy pink shoes and bag this time, she must have not had any rings, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, hats or nailpolish in that color), Paris wore a lightly tye-died frock (Tricia Fix's Aubrey Mini Dress in White, Ecoganik's Empire Waist Bubble Dress in White, and Woo's Michelle Dress in Pool Blue all have similar silhouette's to P's dress) with long silver necklaces and those oversized white Dior sunnies from like 3 years ago (check out JeeVice Optics' Red Hot Sunglasses in Ice White). And as a side note, I knew this day was coming and I think it's finally here: Paris has decided to ditch the bob and has been wearing her extensions for her past few public outings. What do you think- do you prefer Paris' angled bob, or her long extensions?


Paris Hilton seen on Aug 23 2008 in Malibu, CA. Oh, my day gets so much sunnier with a Paris Hilton matchy-matchy outfit sighting, and this one sure is a doozy! Paris attended the launch of her Bandit from Dreamcatchers Hair Extension Headband at a private residence on Carbon Beach in Malibu on August 23, vogueing for the press line while letting her atrocious outfit take center stage. From the red sunglasses to the red purse to the red shoes to the dress with the red piping, Paris' outfit is one hot red mess! For a MUCH more subdued version, I suggest pairing JeeVice Optics' Red Red Hot Sunglasses with a pretty party dress, like Beau Soleil's Beau Sun Dress in Perla or Gold Hawk's Tribal Bead Dress in Silver Mist. Leave the tacky bag and heels at home! Paris' new line of hair extensions, the Bandit hair extension headband, comes in three lengths and up to eight shades, so those of you ladies looking for a new kind of super obvious weave- make sure to check these bad boys out! In other Paris news, it seems that the heiress might be teaming up with boyfriend Benji Madden for some new music. She says, "Benji actually helped me write some of the songs for my new album, and for the BFF show. He’s a really amazing talent, songwriter and singer." Might Paris duet with him in the future? "Yes, definitely," she said. Chew on that!


Paris Hilton seen on Aug 14 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton made an appearance at the grand opening of LA's newest hotspot, Apple Lounge, with sister Nicky, and didn't disappoint with her trademark poses on the red carpet. Wearing a slinky black silk number (check out Miguelina's Naomi Dress in Black or Black Halo's Jackie O Dress in Black) with black pumps and a handbag from her own collection, Paris brought on the bling with her jewelry. She paired a silver choker (I love Jessica Elliot's Sterling Handcuff Choker in Silver) with a wristful of sparkling bangles (like Amrita Singh's 36 Piece Bangle Set in Silver), and finalized her look with some massive looking cleavage. Do you think she's sporting one of the Paris Hilton bras she said she was developing a while back? In other Paris Hilton news, homegirl is getting sued for failing to properly promote a movie she starred in back in 2006, National Lampoon’s Pledge This!. The lawsuit is for $27,000 and is a result of Paris failing to fulfill her promotional obligations. Maybe P realized the movie would bomb and decided to cut her losses before it was too late. Thoughts?


Paris Hilton seen on Aug 09 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Paris Hilton is back in the USA and already back to hitting up Beverly Hills' shopping scene, making a stop at Barney's New York on August 9. Not one to disappoint, Paris stuck to her trademark matchy-matchy look and decided that turquoise was the direction she wanted to go towards on her day of shopping. She started with a cleavage enhancing turquoise dress (check out Walter's Georgette Dress in Aqua Green and Woo's Michelle Dress in Pool Blue) and paired it with a matching clutch, necklace (similar to Maya Brenner Designs' 18k Turquoise Drop Necklace) and oversized white sunnies (like JeeVice Optics' Red Hot Sunglasses in Ice White). I will say that this color does look great on her! In other Paris news, I'm sure you've all seen Paris' Funny Or Die video response to John McCain's commercial... funny stuff! "She mocked back with an online "Paris for president" ad that questioned whether a candidate who was old enough to remember when "dancing was a sin" was ready to lead. Her response from a lounge chair was quick, self-deprecating, witty - and effective in turning the tables on McCain." Have you seen the spoof? What are your thoughts... I say that a Paris Hilton / Rihanna ticket would be unstoppable!


Paris Hilton seen on Jul 28 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton and Benji Madden were spotted shopping at DCMA and Fred Segal in Los Angeles yesterday, July 28, and got around town in their new GMC hybrid SUV. While I do applaud their effort to go green, I have to say- leave it to Paris to go green in the flashiest and most attention-grabbing way. She couldn't have gotten a Prius like pretty much every other eco-conscious star, she had to go out and get a hybrid SUV. Everyone, look! Paris is going green! Before I get to the outfit, I have to say- I DO NOT advise wearing all of these separate pieces together. To quote Tim Gunn, "that's a lot of look." Paris decided to pair a vest (like Guy Baxter's Harrison Vest in Steel Blue) with matching shorts (check out Joe's Jeans' Scoop Pocket Short in Grey) and a white cami (like Zoa's Logo Cami in White). But the matchy-matchy doesn't end there, folks! Paris also slipped on a matching bag, shoes, necklace, sunglasses, hat, and probably rings (if I could see them). Oh, Paris- just when we think you're tacky style is slipping away, you come back at us with quite a whammy! Love ya for it! In other Paris news, she has revealed that being in a relationship with Benji has made her change for the better. She says, "I just feel like a grown-up now. I think my whole life I was kind of living as a teenager and not really taking responsibility. We’re so in love and so happy right now and it’s only been six months. I finally have a nice guy!" Any bets on how long this will last?


Paris Hilton seen on Jul 19 2008 in Las Vegas, NV. Paris Hilton and boyfriend Benji Madden were spotted on the red carpet of the grand opening of Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on July 19, standing hand in hand while posing for photographers. They kept up the appearance of a very happy couple, despite the fact that Paris was rumored to have been caught flirting with (and denied by) soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo at West Hollywood hotspot Villa not too long ago. Paris turned on her "trying to look like a "rocker's" girlfriend" style for her appearance with Benji, and started with a sequined black top (LaROK's Beaded Tank in Black is a tank version of Paris' kimono-sleeved top) paired with a black miniskirt (like Parameter's High Waist Mini Skirt in Black). Accessory wise, Paris chose a striking pair of black feather earrings along with a black military-style hat (Signorelli's Children's Health Fund Hat in Black is a similar choice for a good cause) and a big black bag (similar to Rough Roses' Whitney Tote in Black). Way to work that seductive shoulder pose, P! It seems that Hilton is growing tired of the constant false rumors that are being spread about her, and is turning to her Myspace page to clear up a few of these lingering lies. She says, "Once again, I am blown away by more lies that are going around, and wanted to clear them up with all of you. I'm sick of Page Six and other gossip sites printing completely false stories. It's not fair because these lies then spread like wildfire online and people begin to believe they are true, just because they read the same story on so many different sites. I am tired of not commenting on the rumors I hear and I think it's fair for you to know the truth." Of the rumor that Paris is moving next door to Nicole Richie in Glendale, P says, "Page Six reported that I have moved into Benji's neighborhood, and that Nicole is upset by this...SO NOT TRUE! First of all, I don't even live in Glendale. Secondly, I have my own home in a gated community in Beverly Hills--that's where I live. I haven't been to Glendale in months. Where do they come up with this? As most of you know, I moved away from my old--and very accessible--house because I was sick and tired of constant invasion of my private life. I love my fans but I could not leave for a meeting or walk my dog without a camera pushing inside my front door on to personal property. I feel so much happier and safer in my new home." Way to go Paris, show those inaccurate reporters who's the HBIC!


Paris Hilton seen on Jul 15 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted making her way into West Hollywood hotspot Villa last night, July 15, going for the dramatic car exit as always. Wearing a slinky rose-colored little number (Kelly Cushing's Tunic Mini Dress with Sash in Coral is similar) with a statement piece of turquoise jewelry (check out Lisa K Designs' Greece Necklace in Gold with Turquoise for a similar, eye-catching piece) and a metallic gold quilted bag, I do have to admit that I am shocked that P has kept this short hairstyle for so long. I thought after a few weeks she would put in some of those nasty Dreamcatchers of hers! Guess I was wrong... maybe she finally realized that superfake extensions are not an attractive look! While at Villa last night, rumors spread fast and ferociously that Paris set her tunnel-vision on soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, who was there as well. A source said, "Paris was all over him. The moment he arrived, she went over to his private table. At one point, she pushed her chest together and made a point of trying to snuggle up against him. But Ronaldo clearly wasn't interested in Paris. He turned his back on her." Ah, Paris... always the subtle one. Her rep got to work on this rumor fast, however, saying "no way" to Paris' flirting. Her rep says, "Paris isn't a soccer fan and wouldn't even recognize him if they met." Way to play up her obliviousness, rep!


Paris Hilton seen on Jul 10 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton and sister Nicky hit up Todd Goldman’s “Stupid Art Show” opening at Pop Factory in West Hollywood last night, and the girls' outfits could not have been more opposite. While Paris opted for a brightly colored, long printed dress (similar to Plenty by Tracey Reese's Maxi Slip Dress in Azure) with a blue handbag (like Antoinette Lee Designs' Stella Tote in Royal) and patent heels, Nicky stuck to her signature style in a black and white outfit. At least Paris made sure to get a fresh layer of Mystic before attending the event! I'm sure you've already heard the rumors about Paris getting punched in the face while out at Hollywood hotspot Coco de Ville on Tuesday, as sources claimed that one clubgoer punched Paris in the cheek during a wild night out. Not so, says the heiress. Hilton herself told E! News, "I had a great time last night and didn't even have an argument with anyone. I don't know where they come up with this stuff. It's a completely made-up story. Maybe for publicity for the club. It was my first time there, so I think someone just put that story out there so the place would get a bunch of press." Probably true... and I don't see a bruise on Paris' precious mug in these photos so I'm gonna have to side with P on this one!


Paris Hilton seen on Jun 27 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton worked her typical pose on the red carpet at a charity benefit showcasing the photography of Slim Aarons and Murray Garrett at the Photographers Gallery in LA on June 26, and dressed so sweet and demure I almost didn't recognize her! Maybe her outfit and mood were because her parents, Kathy and Rick, were also in attendance- but I do enjoy when Paris isn't wearing clothes with her face and name all over them! To steal P's sweet look, start with a classic white dress, like Sine's Marilyn Dress in White, and pair with a white bag (check out Linea Pelle's Dylan Patchwork Tote in White), white heels, a silver drop necklace (I'm diggin' Jessica Elliot's Clover Pendant on Link Lariat in Silver) and a delicate white headband. In related news, after she was released from jail, Paris promised on CNN's "Larry King" that she would "help raise money for kids and for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis." And now, it seems, over a year later, Paris is finally sticking to her word. Very recently, Paris made a "very generous" donation in an unspecified amount to the LA Children's Hospital. I admire that she didn't disclose the amount just to be like "look at me, I just donated $2 million to the hospital," but is instead keeping the amount to herself and letting the hospital benefit from her generosity. Paris said, "The children I have met through my involvement with Children's Hospital have truly touched my heart. I am proud to make a donation and lend my name to the fundraising effort to help children who are facing terribly serious illnesses." Good for you, P!


Paris Hilton seen on Jun 01 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton walked the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on June 1, and is it just me, or is she looking a lot thinner than usual? I mean, Paris has always been super skinny, but she is looking downright gaunt here! One thing that she definitely didn't skimp on pre-awards, though, was her tanning sessions. She's downright crispy. For her look, P chose a girly floral-lace dress, similar to Yoana Baraschi's Isadora Evening Dress in Rose and Giant Rose Shift Dress in Ivory/Black, or Woo's Eva Crochet Lace Dress in Almost Black. Don't forget the ginormous black heels! While rumors spread fast and furiously that P.Hil was with child after a few bumpalicious pictures spread of her in a green dress leaving Beso, Paris is denying that she is with child. Her rep says that any rumors that Paris is preggers are "completely false," even though the pics made it seem like Paris had a mini-Paris in the oven. At least these rumors have been effectively squashed, and we can all breathe a sigh of release that Paris isn't breeding (yet!).

A BABY IN 2009

Paris Hilton seen on May 21 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted out and about running errands in LA yesterday, May 21, looking like little miss Strawberry Shortcake! Hey, these days, I'm glad to see Paris wearing something other than jeans, a rocker tee and a beanie- even if the other option is a ridiculously matchy-matchy outfit. But then again, I think in some weird way I'd be kind of disappointed if P.Hil didn't match her sunglasses, earrings, dress, ring, bag and shoes. Right! To get Paris' rosy-hued springtime look, start with a cute frock from Ella Moss (like the Palisades Halter Dress in Parfait) or Misile (like the Amsterdam Dress in Coral). Next up is a pair of bright red shades (similar to JeeVice Optics' Evil Sunglasses in Red) and a red heart stone ring. Finally, grab the round-toe red suede pumps and a wine colored bag and you're good to go. While Paris has spoken out a lot in the past about wanting to have children, it seems that 2009 is the year that Hilton indeed plans on starting to pop them out. She told Heat Magazine that "I do want a baby. Pretty soon. Not yet because I'm so busy, but next year." You hear that, world? Start preparing yourself now for the spawn of Paris Hilton!


Paris Hilton seen on May 08 2008 in New York, NY. Paris Hilton was spotted making quite the elaborate entrance (what else would we expect) to Loft and Garden in Rockefeller Center in NYC on May 8, to promote her new line of hair extensions for Sally Beauty Supply. The line, called Clipin-Go by Paris Hilton, will be sold exclusively at Sally stores nationwide, and Paris says that she's "been wearing hair extensions for years and have tried other products that didn’t work. When I started using DreamCatchers from my line, I started using the best quality and styles. I’m always coming up with new ideas because I love coming up with fun hairstyles." Oh Paris, always so business savvy! Hilton chose an angelic white frock for her promotional blitz, similar to LaROK's Coco Sequin Dress in White and Black Halo's Empire Tank Mini Dress in White, with a pair of off-white patent pumps and mucho body bronzer. While we all know Paris and Benji Madden have had quite the whirlwind romance, Paris is speaking out about just how much the Madden twin changed her life. She said, "We've been friends for over six years now and when (Nicole Richie) had Harlow I started going over to the house and we just got a little crush on each other and totally fell in love. It's actually perfect. (Nicole and I) are like sisters, and they're twins so it works out well. We do talk about (marriage). I'm so happy. I'm so in love. And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him. If you saw us together you'd understand. He's my boyfriend and my best friend." Good for Paris- do you see her and Benji spending "the rest of their lives together" though?

No marriage plans

Paris Hilton seen on Apr 21 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Now that she is back in LA, Paris Hilton has prioritized and has to take care of business... the business of bronzing! P.Hil hit up Portofino Tan in Beverly Hills on April 21, looking cute with her hair pulled back while she smiled for the paparazzi while she was (probably pretending to be) on the phone. Wearing a black leather jacket over a basic black tee (check out Rails' Kenna Scoop T in Black) with dark denim (James Jeans' James 5 Pocket Bootleg Jean in Bandit has white stitching similar to Paris') and boots, I will let you head over to your local Claire's for that belt and those shades. Paris and her latest romantic interest, Benji Madden, recently celebrated their two month anniversary, and now Paris is setting the record straight on all those wedding rumors. Paris says, "I have no plans to tie knot with Benji in the near future. We are very happy at this stage and have complete trust on each other." Precious. And PS... these two have only been dating for a few months, isn't it a little early to be thinking about getting hitched anyway??

Kim k. is still fuming

Paris Hilton seen on Apr 15 2008 in London. It's been quite a while since we've seen Ms. Paris Hilton here on CoutureCandy, as she's been galavanting all over the world promoting those hair extensions of hers and touring with boyfriend slash publicity opportunity Benji Madden (Joel's bro). Seen here on April 15 leaving the Crystal Club in London, I have to say Paris is lookin' a little on the skinny side, even for her! Maybe she was jeal of all of the media attention sister Nicky got for being so thin lately, or maybe it's just a bad angle (the photo is taken from the side). Either way, P chose a vibrant red frock for her night out (the vibrant hue of Lotta Stensson's Shirred Mini Tube Dress in Poppy is similar to Paris'), and paired with black tights, matching red heels (of course- I think I'd die of shock if Paris didn't color coordinate whatever she wore to her shoes, down to the exact shade), a Chanel cuff, a black patent bag (like Lesa Wallace Handbags' Franco Bag in Black), and a rose ring (while Paris' is diamond and pearl encrusted, Michele Michel Jewelry's Adjustable Rose Ring in Silver is similar and just a tad bit more affordable- to say the least!). While I reported earlier that it was rumored that Paris and Nicole are planning to have a joint wedding to twins Benji and Joel Madden, it seems that this rumor has now been put to rest, as reps are completely denying the story. In other Paris news, it seems that although Paris' ex-friend Kim Kardashian accepted her apology for the remarks that P made on the radio, she is still enraged over the fact that the remarks were made in the first place. Just FYI- Paris said that Kim K's derriere reminded her of "cottage cheese inside of a big trash bag." On the radio. Oh, Paris- always the tactful, considerate citizen.

Paris finally going to Africa

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 14 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton popped up at Orso on March 14 to celebrate her mama Kathy Hilton's birthday, which was followed with a little shopping at a local party store. I just have to say... this outfit is like the epitome of Paris Hilton's style: SUPER matchy matchy, ultra girly pink dress, bronzed to oblivion and on the phone. First, P.Hil decided that she liked turquoise that day, but didn't just grab her turquoise bag. Oh no. It was a bag, shoes AND a bracelet. Classic Paris. Next up was a floral pink dress (like Betsey Johnson's Satin Bow Dress in Pink, or, if you're style is a little more subdued than Paris'-and whose isn't- check out Walter's Pink Paisley Bow Dress in Multi) with white Wayfie-inspired shades and a white headband. Finally, Paris couldn't forget the big flashy ring, like Femme Metale's Gemstone Ring in Sterling Silver. If you read the headline of this entry, you might be thinking that Paris is finally heading to Africa to make that charity trip to Rwanda that she's been promising for so long. Wrong! Hilton is actually going to South Africa to be with new BF Benji Madden and his band Good Charlotte, as they have a concert there on Friday. Nice try, though!

Paris needs a new BFF

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 13 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton stepped out for a busy day of shopping at Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and Fred Segal in LA on March 13, and wore an outfit that I have to say I love on Paris! It's not too Paris-y matchy matchy or obnoxious, I'd say it's just right for her. She started with a super modern art-deco inspired dress (Tricia Fix's Kirsten Satin Mini Dress in Black and Orange Spear and Guy Baxter's Morgan Dress in White/Black are both modern frocks that give off the same vibe as P's) and paired with black suede ankle boots (like Matiko Footwear's flat Cathy Suede Flap Boot in Black). P.Hil accessorized with black shades (check out Nour's Madaar Sunglasses in Oro Bianco), a silver fleur de lis necklace (like Femme Metale's Fancy Fleur de Lis Pendant in Silver) and dogtag, and, of course, her dozens and dozens of shopping bags. As I'm sure you've heard, Paris is gearing up for a new reality show called "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," which means that desperate wannabes everywhere have a shot at calling Paris their "friend". It seems Paris is no longer as interested in making a "charity trip to Rwanda" or building a "transitional home for women leaving prison," like she said she was planning on doing last year, and instead is itching to return to reality TV. Paris says the prospective friends are "going to be doing all the fun things I do: going to Vegas, going out, teaching them how to be on the town, see if they can get into clubs. Just the usual things that we all do.” Oh, Paris.

A self help saturday

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 01 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted at Urth Café in West Hollywood on Saturday, March 1, and unlike every other Hollywood starlet, Paris is actually not in Paris for their fashion week festivities. In a search for self guidance (and/or publicity), Paris looked cute and innocent in her all white attire. Paris started her look with a pair of tights paired with a pair of white heels. On top, Paris kept it sweet and innocent with a white baby doll style dress (check out Walter's Swiss Dot Babydoll Dress in Cream or Ella Moss' Angie Empire Dress in White). P.Hil accessorized her look with white leather handbag (check out Aaneta's Muddy Large Bag in White), a white headband, diamond cross earrings, and a sterling silver heart charm necklace (similar to Erica Anenberg's Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver). After her trip to Urth Café, Paris headed next door to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore with her self help friend; Paris was seeking spiritual guidance with a self-help spiritual guru friend. The mystery man and the hotel heiress were spotted scanning the pages of "The Path of a Painted Shamen." After her 2 week long of birthday festivities, it looks like Paris was looking for a way to step away from her partying ways and looked to her inner self in doing so. What do you think, will Paris forever be a party girl or is this newly found spiritual obsession going to change the Paris that made her famous?

Sophie gives her blessing

Paris Hilton seen on Feb 28 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted leaving the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on February 28 with new boo Benji Madden, and was also seen supporting best bud Nicole Richie by toting around the new issue of People Magazine with her, in which Nicole's first pictures of baby Harlow were published. Paris is making it painfully clear that she is now all about Benji, as she was sporting a tee by his brand DCMA Collective. Ah, Paris Hilton... never one for subtlety by any means. For a more basic, go-to black tee, check out Laura Dahl's Avon Top in Noir/Winter White). For the rest of her outfit, Paris slipped her gams into a skin-tight pair of dark denim (super similar to Serfontaine's Minx X Fit Straight Leg Jean in Blue), a pair of black biker boots and big black shades (check out JeeVice Optics' Evil Polarized Sunglasses in Black). While it might seem that Benji kicked ex-girlfriend Sophie Monk to the curb in favor of Paris, Sophie is setting the record straight that this is not so. In fact, she even wishes P good luck with Benji! Sophie says, "The media got it all wrong. Let me make this as plain as possible, Benji did not leave me for Paris Hilton. Benji and I did not break up badly. I wish them luck." It's good to see that she's not holding a grudge againt Benji, but then again... that's Sophie's choice!

Sisters in law?

Paris Hilton seen on Feb 26 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton made a not-so-subtle and very public announcement that she is now officially dating Benji Madden, as the two emerged from Fred Segal on February 26 hand in hand. In a casual (for Paris) outfit consisting of a graphic tank (I'm sure Paris would love Los Angeles Royalty's Royal Knight Tank in White, as she considers herself LA royalty) under a short-sleeve black cardigan and black leggings (like Laura Dahl's Tiny Dancers Leggings in Noir), P accessorized with a Louis Vuitton knit cap and a pair of superstar shades (check out Nour's Madaar Sunglasses in Oro Bianco). Since rumors have spread that Hilton is shacking up with Benji, who is Paris' BFF Nicole Richie's boyfriend Joel Madden's brother (did you catch all of that?), people have started to wonder if the two couple's both tie the knot, then Paris and Nicole might legally be sisters. Just what they've always wanted! Well, maybe not Paris, as she is allegedly casting for a new reality show in which it's her quest to find a loyal and trustworthy new best friend. Can't wait to see what that audition line-up looks like!

No oscars for Paris

Paris Hilton seen on Feb 13 2008 in Las Vegas, NV. Paris Hilton was spotted galavanting around at the second day of the Magic Convention in Las Vegas, NV on February 13, obviously feelin' good but showing off her blue side in her monochromatic outfit. Before I get to Paris' outfit can I just say how much I love that cheesy hotel carpet P is walking on? Ok, now that that's out of my system- Paris started her look with a turquoise coat (check out Amberlynn's longer, yet similar, Tulip Lillie Swing Coat in Turquoise) and top, and paired with cropped skinny jeans (like James Jeans' Alex Skinny Zip Crop Jean in Vintage). Princess P accessorized with a blue patent bag and those Dior sunglasses from five million years ago, along with a yellow bangle (go for the gold with Danielle Stevens' Filigree Bangle in Gold) and a big, blingin' watch. In other Paris news, it seems that the heiress has reportedly been banned from attending Sunday's Oscars ceremony. A source said, "Paris cried hot, salty tears when she was banned from the Oscars. She's desperate to be taken seriously as an actress and hoped she would be able to network with film executives." First off, can I say how much I love this source's quote? "Hot, salty tears"? You don't come across quotes like that every day! Second, I'm sure Paris will still be hitting up the after-parties, as sources tell me that she is definitely heading to a few choice hotspots the night of. Don't let those stuffy execs get you down, P... party the night away!

Her pre-birthday bash

Paris Hilton seen on Feb 08 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton began her birthday weekend one week early on Friday, February 8 by launching her new Macy's shoe line in Los Angeles. Looking perfect in paisley, Paris showed off her vintage look. Paris began with a pair of her Paris Hilton line patent yellow heels (because big footed girls need love too). On top Paris sported a vintage style paisley multicolored mini dress (similar to ZG by Grimaldi's Bruna Silk Mini in Red Paisley or Lotta Stensson's Kimono Tunic in Blazin Paisley). Paris accessorized with a multicolored oversized gemstone rings (check out Femme Metale Jewelry's Gemstone Ring in Sterling Silver) and a hot pink headband. Paris had quite the weekend making her rounds around town to celebrate her 27th birthday, a week earlier than expected. On Friday, Paris made her way to the People Magazine & Verizon Wireless Grammy party where she watched Timbaland and Justin Timberlake take the stage. From there, she went on to Mark Ronson's part at Teddy's Lounge in Hollywood. Throughout Friday, she was heard inviting guests and friends at her table to her birthday party the following evening. Paris had her big birthday bash at Hollywood hotspot Area with a themed 80's night. Paris was seen dancing on the table with fellow friend Brittny Gastineau and her brother Barron Hilton. She was later spotted getting cozy with Simon Rex. We're sure Paris' party will continue on throughout the week and on again for next weekend. After all, when your job is to party, your birthday party becomes much more than just a one day celebration!

Paris Hilton seen on Jan 26 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Everyone's favorite party hopper Paris Hilton was spotted leaving Falcon club on January 26, sporting her blonde bob (she later slipped on a brunette wig of a similar cut for other partying destinations such as Hyde). Wearing Yoana Baraschi's Liza Vamp Plaid Dress in Grey and Black) with a lacy cover up and grey hat, Paris carried a black patent Chanel chain clutch (for a more affordable alternative, check out Carla Mancini's Clutch with Lock and Chain in Black Patent). Down below, Hilton wore a pair of sheer black tights with black patent leather stilettos to match her bag. While Paris has sure given her all to promote her latest venture, feature film The Hottie and the Nottie, it seems that her fans decided to skip the flick over the weekend. Not only did the film garner awful reviews from critics, but it also failed to attract moviegoers, bringing in a pitiful $76 in ticket sales per screen. Yikes! Looks like this one should have gone the Jessica Simpson Blonde Ambition route... straight-to-DVD. Talk about one heck of a double feature!

Paris really CAN sing??

Paris Hilton seen on Jan 25 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted with sis Nicky at Benny Medina's star studded birthday bash on January 25, and if I day say so, her asymmetrical Posh is getting kind of out of control lately! Wearing a white fur coat over a black LBD (check out Sofira's Lila Dress in Black), Hilton accessorized with a black bag and a silver pendant necklace (similar to Jessica Elliot's Crown Track Medal in Sterling Silver) and of course her requisite pair of super high stilettos. It seems that while critics and the general public alike panned Paris' debut album when it was release two summers ago, there are a handful of people who enjoy Paris' musical stylings. R&B singer Keyshia Cole says, "I like the way she sings. I do." Keep in mind, she said this with an (allegedly) straight face! Tre Armstrong, Hilton's choreographer in her upcoming flick Repo! The Genetic Opera has gone on to say "Honest to God, I will never crack on Paris. I haven't. From what I hear from what they did, I like how she sounded." Maybe we should all take a second listen!

Who says bikinis are only for summer?

Paris Hilton seen on Jan 16 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Well, it's official: any last remnants of a demure, conservative, party-shy Paris Hilton are officially gone. Guess she's forgotten about that whole little jail thing already, as she dressed up in a classic "sexy Paris party outfit" for bud Kristin Cavallari's birthday party on January 16. Sporting a metallic bikini top (check out Brette Sandler's adorable Britt Bikini in Dawn, but maybe save it for summer if you're not down to wear it out on a chilly night) under a black mesh tunic with a fedora and black leggings with stirrup leg openings (just like Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir), Paris sure knows how to turn it out for an eye-catching outfit. While Paris was out galavanting as usual in Los Angeles over the weekend, it seems that Ms. Hilton has landed in New York to promote her upcoming flick, The Hottie and the Nottie. How this gem made it past a direct-to-DVD fate and actually is being released on the big screen is beyond me, but I am just curious to see if Paris' fans will come out in droves for the flick, or if the movie will bomb. Survey says?

Paris' new fave color? Green!

Paris Hilton seen on Dec 17 2007 in Hollywood, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted by the paps on a night out on December 17 in Hollywood, as she made the rounds at hotspot Katsuya and then hit up hot clubs Hyde and Villa with her younger brother Baron and giant greaseball Brandon Davis. While Hilton has definitely been in hot water in the past for her drinking and driving antics, she wisely hired a driver this time for her evening out. Wearing a very festive plaid dress (to get in on the plaid fever for the holiday season, check out LaROK's Zooey Top in Multi or Doucette Duvall's Bonnie Dress in Christmas) over a white puff-sleeved top (like Ecoganik's Thermal Puff Sleeve Top in Champagne), Princess Paris accessorized with black tights and sparkly silver jewelry, like her ornate silver necklace and flashy silver earrings. While the public probably believes that Paris' favorite color is pink (which she wore for the majority of "The Simple Life"), it seems that the heiress is proud to say that her new fave shade is green. Paris has now made a conscious decision to play a role in saving the environment, and is doing what she can do to play her part. P.Hil says, "I changed all the light bulbs to energy-safe light bulbs, and I'm buying a hybrid car right now. Little things that people can do every day to make a huge difference". Very, very true. Like they always say, change begins with a single person!

Britney and Paris' superpowers reactivated!

Paris Hilton seen on Nov 28 2007 in Beverly Hills, CA. Paris Hilton was spotted dining at new hotspot Madeo in Beverly Hills on November 28, looking demure (for her) as she stuck to a black and white ensemble. Wearing a cropped coat (like Gold Hawk's Embellished Hoss Jacket in Onyx Black) over a girly white dress (check out Walter's Swiss Dot Babydoll Dress in Cream) with patterned tights, black peeptoes and a small black bag (Paris would love Julie K Handbags' Ella Bag in Black Leopard- you know Paris loves her animal print!), Paris must have spent hours agonizing over this outfit choice, making sure it's just perfect for the meeting of her new boyfriend and her parents. It seems that Paris has now deemed Alex Vaggo worthy of the parental meet-and-greet, as she introduced her boy-toy to Rick and Kathy Hilton at this dinner. Wonder if he made a good impression? In other Paris news, it seems that she and Brit-Brit Spears are back to being BFF's, as Paris tagged along with Brit and Alli Simms to Britney's birthday celebration on Sunday. Hilton helped Brit blow out 26 candles on her cake at the fete, in addition to spending the day with the hot mess and her kids. Oh, but will it last?

You can't make stories like this up

Paris Hilton seen on Nov 06 2007 in South Korea. Paris Hilton was spotted blinding numerous citizens of South Korea as she arrived at Kimpo Airport on November 6, wearing a super-bright hot pink down vest that could be classified as a downright eyesore, literally! People probably need sunglasses to look at that thing, which might be why Paris is wearing her shades in doors. If this shade of hot pink is right up your alley, however, check out Laura Dahl's Avon Top in Fuschia, and pair with a comfy pair of white sweats (like Hank Vintage Threads' Brushed Cotton Terry Pants in White) and a knit beanie to finish of Paris' attention-grabbing airport look. In other Paris news, it seems that Princess P has taken on another humanitarian cause... helping drunken elephants. Yes, you heard me right. Paris plans to help the drunk elephants in India. I can't make this stuff up, people! Allegedly, Hilton was outraged when she heard about six elephants breaking into a farm in the state of Meghalaya, and then proceeded to swig some of the farmer's homemade rice beer. Then the elephants went on a drunken rampage, and uprooted an electricity pole and were then electrocuted to death. Paris said, "The elephants get drunk all the time. It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them. There would have been more casualties if the villagers hadn't chased them away. And four elephants died in a similar way three years ago. It is just so sad." That's our Paris, always looking out for animal rights. I just don't know what made her pick this cause... talk about random!

Paris springs eternal

Paris Hilton seen on Oct 19 2007 in Miami, FL. The latest fashionista to be swept up in the Posh-bob craze (following in the footsteps of Jenny McCarthy, Jenna Jameson, Katie Holmes and Rihanna) is apparently Paris Hilton! Spotted walking the black carpet of Spike TV's Scream Fest 2007 on October 19 (P was there to promote her new flick, Repo! The Genetic Opera), Paris struck her best poses and even flashed the peace sign once or twice. Wearing a black studded minidress (Iodice's Dulce Top in Black is like a top version of Miss Hilton's dress, while Rails' Vero Pocket Dress in Black is a more simple version) with a silver fleur de lis necklace (just like Femme Metale Jewelry's Fancy Fleur De Lis Pendant in Silver) and black quilted bag, Princess Paris received only a lukeward reception from the die-hard horror fans. Besides starring in horror musicals, Paris has decided recently that she is going to be cryogenically frozen to preserve her life for many decades to come. Our children shouldn't have to grow up without Paris Hilton in society, right? Paris says "It’s so cool. Almost all the cells in the body are still alive when death is pronounced. And if you’re immediately cooled, you can be perfectly preserved. My life could be extended by hundreds and thousands of years". Sheesh! Paris says she also wants to have her two tiny pooches, Tinkerbell and Cinderella, frozen with her. Watch out future generations, here comes Paris!

Is paris the new angelina?

Paris Hilton seen on Sep 18 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton stepped out of a modeling agency on September 18 in LA, still rockin' the shorter 'do and bringing one of her numerous puppies along for the ride. I just have to ask though- is Paris' teeny white Chihuahua really hers or is it Britney's long forgotten pup Bit-Bit from many months ago? I mean, they look identical! Wearing a playful black jumper (like Johnson's Wool Crepe Jumper in Black or Holly's Alex Short Romper with Puff Sleeves in Black) with black tights, white aviators, a long silver link necklace (take your pick of Michele Michel Jewelry's La Vie En Necklace in Blue or Rebecca Normal Jewelry's Link Necklace in Silver) and heels that look like they came straight from Beetlejuice's closet, Paris has notoriously always had a penchant for being very matchy-matchy, and it looks like she shows no signs of stopping any time soon! Say what you will about Paris' outfit choices, but it looks like one major choice she has made is definitely a good, and very significant, one. Paris recently said that she is planning on traveling to Rwanda to raise awareness to the state of the country. She says, "I’ll be going in November, after I get back from filming my movie. There’s so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help. I want to visit more countries where poverty and children’s issues are a big concern. I know there’s a lot of good I can do just by getting involved and bringing attention to these issues." While I'm sure a lot of people are going to criticize Paris and say she's only going for publicity, I just have to say… at least she's going! Good for Paris.

paris has a new boy toy

Paris Hilton seen on Sep 16 2007 in West Hollywood, Ca. Paris Hilton chose to dine at a spot known for its photo-ops, The Ivy on Robertson, on September 16, and teeter tottered between looking like she loved the attention and looking like she was shooting death-beams from her eyes at the relentless 'razzis. Wearing a sailor-inspired blue and white top with a silver fleur de lis necklace (like Femme Metale's Fancy Fleur de Lis Pendant in Silver), vintage washed flare jeans (similar to Joe's Jeans' Rocker Jean in Deneuve and 7 for All Mankind's Flare Jean in Tahoe) and a quilted Chanel bag, I have to say, Paris is looking so much better without all of those hair extensions. Sorry Dreamcatchers! With Paris at her little lunch was a new blonde mystery man, who has now been revealed as Alexander von Zweigbergk Väggö. That one rolls off the tongue! It seems that Mr. Väggö is a Swedish tourist in town for a hot second, and Paris snatched him up to be her boy-toy du jour. A source says that "he’s traveling through town, and one of Paris’ friends met him and introduced them. He’s really shy. Paris thinks he’s really sweet and gorgeous. Alex is obviously smitten with Paris and is clearly falling for her.” I say go for it. What's the harm in a little no-strings-attached rendezvous? Oh wait, that's basically the motto for all of Paris' relationships!

Paris' poison tongue

Paris Hilton seen on Aug 22 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton was spotted shopping at Intuition in LA on August 22, just days before removing her ever-present extensions and going for a more natural, short bob. Just like Britney Spears, Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham in earlier entries, Paris was seen wearing a LBD (like Laura Dahl's strapless Marlene Dress in Black and Lotta Stensson's Shirred Dress in Black) with a brightly colored leather belt (similar to Julie K Handbags' Vivian Belt in Fuschia), a diamond watch and white heels. While P has a smile on her face in these photos, it seems that she has nothing but not-so-nice things to say about her fellow "it girls" lately. Allegedly, Paris was swept with a wave of nostalgia thinking about her former friendship with Mischa Barton, and so Paris called Misch with hopes of reconciling. Not so fast! Paris gabbed to Misch about how Nicole Richie has "made a mess of her life" and how Lindsay Lohan "is white trash and destined to be dead soon". This reportedly caused Misch to hang up on Paris, and P.Hil was heard dissing Mischa just days later, calling her a "jealous witch". Earth to Paris- you're not in high school nor a real-life cast member of the film Mean Girls!

the return of paris, the author!

Paris Hilton seen on Aug 18 2007 in Malibu, Ca. Paris Hilton was spotted during a night out in Malibu on August 18, looking coy in front of the photographers as usual. Wearing a bright green dress (similar to Tricia Fix’s Goddess Lyrca Dress in Mint) with a headscarf (check out Karen Zambos' Headband in Green and Brown Berry), a metallic gold bag (like Julie K Handbags' Ella Bag in Gold) and a gold rose necklace (like Rachel Leigh's Large Florette with Cream Enamel Necklace), my only tip for Paris this night is to use a darker foundation- her face looks practically ghostly next to her bronzed bod! Word has spread recently that Paris is just itching to get back to "writing" (everyone remember her first tome, "Confessions of an Heiress"?), and allegedly will be working on a second book. Her literary agent, Dan Strone, says that "she is thinking of doing a new book, and I don’t think I believe at this time, it’s contemplated to be a so-called prison diary. I don’t think that’s the direction she’s heading." Aww, no prison diary? That's what I've been holding out for!


Paris Hilton seen on Aug 09 2007 in Malibu, Ca. Paris Hilton spent a relaxing day at her Malibu beach house with her pup on August 9, chatting on the phone and milling over some reading material. Wearing Letarte Swimwear's Helter Skelter Bikini in Brown with aviators and a pair of comfy shorts, Paris definitely let this bikini's stylish edge take the spotlight. It seems that a mere 10 days on the market, Paris' West Hollywood home has sold for $4.25 million dollars, when the heiress only paid $2.9 million back in 2004. Talk about making a nice extra chunk of change! Paris has expressed interest in moving to a more private home, possibly in a gated community, to avoid those pesky lingering paparazzi and fans that she always encounters whenever she goes anywhere. I'm sure that the neighbors are happy to see her go, she always causes quite a commotion! In the meantime, at least she has her beachside Malibu property to relax at, because you know, house hunting can be stressful!


Paris Hilton seen on Aug 07 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. As Paris Hilton headed into the recording studio (to work on her upcoming album?) on August 7, she treated the sidewalk (just like she treats the beach, or her driveway) like it was a runway and struck multiple poses and waved for the photogs. Wearing a long, empire waist dress (like Tricia Fix's Goddess Long Modal Dress in Black) with a black patent leather Chanel clutch and a silver pendant necklace (take a look at Jessica Elliot's Maltese Cross Track Medal in Sterling Silver), Paris was also sporting a less-than-natural looking ponytail. Maybe it came from her own Dreamcatchers hair extension line? Paris has sparked some rumors lately due to how much she's been seen hanging with "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier, as the two were spotted together at Les Deux on August 8 and frolicking on the beach near Paris' beach house in Malibu on August 9. Adrian arrived at the beach with a film crew (is the whole thing a scene for "Entourage?"), and also brought along a six-pack of Smirnoff Ice to get the party started. How classy! Paris and Adrian spent the day attempting to surf and splashing around in the waves- I wonder if this is the beginning of a new Hollywood coupling, or merely some friendly flirtation. Either way, there's something about summer that makes everyone super lovey-dovey!

Paris' world according to Paris

Paris Hilton seen on Aug 03 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton was spotted running errands on July 3, but this time looking like she was actually getting down to business by carrying a three-ring binder and a box of Kodak photographs! Methinks she also visited the good old Portofino tanning salon that she goes to on a regular basis- she has that toasty, just-bronzed look here. Wearing a bubble dress (Karen Zambos' Bow Tube Dress and Cross Bubble Dress are similar to Paris') with aviators and a gold cutout necklace (like Maya Brenner Designs' Texas Pendant Necklace in Gold), Paris made sure to keep her BlackBerry firmly in her grip in case she was to receive any important business calls. While many are still wondering whether or not Paris truly is a changed woman since her stint in jail, Paris would be the first to tell them that she is serious about her causes. While Paris' favorite color used to be pink, Paris is now all about being green- in theory at least. Paris has said that she is "ordering a hybrid car. I'm trying to get a Hummer one designed. I like hybrids, but a lot of them aren't that cute. I'm thinking silver… or maybe I'll get a green one!" How perfect! Paris has been shacking up at a house she's renting in Malibu this summer, but seems to be disappointed in the fact that she can barely see the beach due to the constant paparazzi presence. The price you have to pay to be Paris Hilton!

So much Paris news, so little time

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 28 2007 in West Hollywood, Ca. Paris Hilton was spotted leaving her West Hollywood home on July 28 and heading to the Van Nuys Airport to catch a plane to Vegas for the weekend (Van Nuys? Why didn't she do LAX?). With an armful of puppies in tow as always, Paris looked very, um, shiny in a silver silk blouse and metallic jeans (7 for All Mankind's Lucy Jean in Naples is a more subdued style of Paris' dazzlers). Now that Paris has listed this home for sale for a cool $4.25 million (she's set to make a profit of around $3 mill, as I have heard that she purchased it for only around $1.2 million), this might be one of the last times she'll be caught exiting her West Hollywood palace. Wonder if Paris will let the new owners keep any of the framed pictures she has of herself hanging from all of the walls? Either way, this has been a very newsworthy week for Paris, as it was announced today that this, the 5th season of her "reality" show "The Simple Life", will be the show's last. I, for one, am glad to hear this, because when the show first started it was hilarious and now, all of the scenarios just seem very staged. Besides, Paris has bigger and better projects to look forward to, as it was very recently announced that she will be starring (and singing!) in director Darren Lynn Bousman's music sci-fi thriller Repo! The Genetic Opera!. The film will take place in 2056 after a plague almost wipes out the entire human race, and to survive one must be rich enough to afford an organ transplant. In the movie, Paris will play the daughter of the villain, an evil organ magnate played by Paul Sorvino. Paris will also be singing in the film, which, according to sources, will have musical numbers "ranging from rock to opera." Well it's official- this I have to see to believe!

Yes it's true, there will be a second album

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 14 2007 in Malibu, Ca. As Paris Hilton made her appearance at the beach in Malibu on July 14, she treated the sandy shore like it was the end of a runway (gotta love the heels in the sand- pure Paris). Wearing a shiny, silky purple bikini (Brette Sandler's Richie Bikini in Rose Gold -named after Nicole perhaps?- is a similar shiny suit in a semi-scandalous almost nude color I'm sure Paris would approve), with aviators, a Fendi headscarf, and a navy blue tunic (Brette Sandler also makes a tunic that is reminiscent Paris', the Nikki Tunic in Navy), P.Hil also brought along her new Yorkie, Cinderella, for a day of beach-time fun. Now I know I've been saying how I'm waiting for this new changed woman to emerge, and actually, as shocked as I am to be saying this, it seems that she might be starting to emerge! Paris was seen yesterday heading to the Los Angeles Children's Hospital with her aunt Kyle Richards, hoping to bring a smile to a child's face. Cute! It seems like Paris has also been busy taking voice lessons, and meeting up with producer Scott Storch once again. As Paris told E! Online, "I'm already working on my new record." While her first album was only a marginal hit, selling 600,000 copies and producing summer single "Stars Are Blind", Paris hopes that with this album people will take her more seriously as a musician. Only time will tell!

Now this is the paris we know and love!

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 10 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton left any and all signs of change at the door as she stepped out on July 10 wearing an Andy Warhol-inspired t-shirt emblazoned with the heiresses own face. Upon her release from the Lynwood jail, Paris swore she was a changed woman, and began dressing in a much more tasteful and, dare I say it, conservative way. She was even going out without her blue contacts! All of this seems like a distant memory, however, as Paris is up to her usual self-obsessed tricks lately, going to spas and toting along new adorable doggies (her grand total must be over 20 dogs by now). But the true icing on the cake of all of this just has to be this shirt. I have to say, only Paris would do this, and in a way, I am kind of relieved she is back to being the girl she was before prison. That shirt is tacky, it's narcissistic—it's Paris! To snag Paris' look here (and finding your own Warhol tee is a mission I send you off bravely on your own), start with a great pair of ultra wide leg jeans. Pierce Jeans' Bleu Theresa Wide Leg Jean, Tag Jeans' High Rise Bell Bottom Jean (for the more adventurous) and Hudson Jeans' Delux Wide Leg Jean are all the perfect antithesis to the skinny leg. Finish off your look with a white quilted Chanel clutch and matching puppy, and you're good to go! Just don't forget the sunglasses at night, another Paris trademark. That's hot!

Now this is the paris we know and love!

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 10 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton left any and all signs of change at the door as she stepped out on July 10 wearing an Andy Warhol-inspired t-shirt emblazoned with the heiresses own face. Upon her release from the Lynwood jail, Paris swore she was a changed woman, and began dressing in a much more tasteful and, dare I say it, conservative way. She was even going out without her blue contacts! All of this seems like a distant memory, however, as Paris is up to her usual self-obsessed tricks lately, going to spas and toting along new adorable doggies (her grand total must be over 20 dogs by now). But the true icing on the cake of all of this just has to be this shirt. I have to say, only Paris would do this, and in a way, I am kind of relieved she is back to being the girl she was before prison. To snag Paris' look here (and finding your own Warhol tee is a mission I send you off bravely on your own), start with a great pair of ultra wide leg jeans. Pierce Jeans' Bleu Theresa Wide Leg Jean, Tag Jeans' High Rise Bell Bottom Jean (for the more adventurous) and Hudson Jeans' Delux Wide Leg Jean are all the perfect antithesis to the skinny leg. Finish off your look with a white quilted Chanel clutch and matching puppy, and you're good to go! Just don't forget the sunglasses at night, another Paris trademark. That's hot!

That didn't take long

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 08 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton and little sister Nicky were spotted doing some shopping on the streets of LA on July 8, the day after they partied late into the night as Paris hit the clubs for the first time since her release from the slammer. It must not have been a very rough night for the girls, however, because I have to say- the Hilton's are looking good! While Paris' style has been a little more refined since her self-decided "life change", she is rockin' that silk dress with an oversized pendant necklace (Rachel Leigh's Hammered Circular Pendant is similar) and pumps. While Nicky's style is usually a little too blah for my taste, she does look great here as well, in an embroidered, summery LBD (like Gold Hawk's Marrakesh Dress) with black gladiator flats and a white Chanel bag. As I mentioned before, the prior night was anything but staying home and baking cookies for the Hilton sisters. P and N hit up Les Deux Saturday night, to which a fellow clubgoer told People Magazine that "Paris was super happy and full of smiles. She was laughing, having fun, drinking, dancing, singing along to songs, talking to everyone and hugging all the girls at her table." Let me tell you something that I love. I love when people go to clubs in LA and think they're so cool and act like they don't even care that Paris Hilton is at the same club as them, when you know in reality they're saying "omg omg omg" over and over in their head and then scurry home to immediately call People. Anyways, it seems that Paris' alleged goal to have a "reformed life" might not be panning out anytime soon, considering she told Larry King she wanted to put her crazy partying ways behind her. She said that she's been doing the whole club scene "for a long time. It's fun... but that's not what I care about as much anymore. Obviously I'll still go out sometimes. I'm young and I like to be social, but I'm going to focus more on my work." To be fair, she does seem to be focusing a lot on her work- she was seen carrying boxes of her own line of hair extensions just days ago!

A frenemy reunion?

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 01 2007 in Maui, Hawaii. Paris Hilton spent the end of her Maui vacation leisurely shopping (changed woman? hmm- not sure) on July 1, looking tropical and proudly flashing the "hang loose" symbol. In a pair of cream colored cuffed shorts (like Johnson's Wool Shorts with Cuff), a big straw hat and lacy top (Bellekat's Linnie Tank and Walter's Antique Lace Side Tie Top are similar), Paris is definitely proving that she is dressing way more demure lately. When she landed back in LA, she geared up for some 4th of July festivities, including a beach party in Malibu with famous frenemy Lindsay Lohan. As photographers were camped on the beach snapping pics of a posing Hilton, Lindsay was hanging out on a balcony just two houses away! A paparazzi video on shows a photogs calling out Paris' name, and the subsequent look on Linds' face when she realizes that she's not getting their full attention. Classic! Paris wanted to make sure that her fans had a festive and safe 4th of July, by posting a blog on her official Myspace saying that she hopes that everyone is responsible and gets a designated driver. Looks like someone's hired a smart publicist!

free as a bird and straight to hawaii

Paris Hilton seen on Jun 29 2007 in Maui, Hawaii. …Like splashing in the surf and of course working on her tan! Basically as soon as Paris Hilton caught her breath from her revealing Larry King interview she hopped on the first flight out of La-La Land and headed straight for Maui, Hawaii. Spotted on the shore on June 29 wearing a teenie weenie bikini with an exotic print (Maya Swimwear and Letarte Swimwear make bikinis with similarly striking prints perfect for catching waves as well as the attention of fellow beach-goers), Paris definitely seems to be enjoying her newfound freedom. What some people do not seem to be enjoying, however, are some of Paris’ answers to questions Larry King asked her in their much-discussed interview last week. When asked if she had ever been addicted to, or even taken, drugs, Paris replied with a firm “no”. Um, did Paris forget the whole Paris Exposed scandal? There was tons of photographic and filmed evidence that Paris has smoked pot (at the very least). In one of the vids, Paris (who is filming) says to a friend, "Dude, we're smoking pot if you guys want to smoke." In another, she tells sister Nicky that she has “the best pot. You wanna smoke pot? I have the best pot.” And she sure sounds proud of that! Oh, Paris- anyone with a pulse knows that you’ve probably dabbled in drugs, you should have taken this opportunity to say something like “yes, I’ve done drugs in the past, but now I know how life-damaging they can be”, or something to that extent. Live and learn!

Next stop: the interview of her career

Paris Hilton seen on Jun 27 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. As Paris Hilton took her first step out of her SUV to head into the Larry King studios, the flashbulbs went into overdrive trying to capture the first photographs of Paris before beginning her much-hyped interview with Larry King on CNN on June 27. Wearing a demure lace-embellished dress (Walter’s Antique Lace Combo Dress has similar lace detailing) with oversized white sunglasses, Paris kept the makeup to a minimum, and even left her notorious blue contacts at home! This is definitely the interview that everyone is going to want to see, what happened to Paris in jail straight from the horse’s mouth! So far, we know that Paris has told Larry how she appreciates the simplest things so much more now, such as being able to look up and see the sky or the stars. She dished on how she was truly shocked at how she was sentenced to jail for what was basically a traffic violation (because, remember, she was imprisoned for driving on a suspended license, not for her DUI) and how the prison food was absolutely disgusting (well obviously it’s no Mr. Chows!). Paris went on to say that she has never been addicted to drugs, and that she is not really even that big of a drinker. This might just be me, but Paris did seem rather sincere in her answers- is this woman the Paris of tomorrow?

Free at last!

Paris Hilton seen on Jun 26 2007 in Lynwood, Ca. Watch out world, here comes Paris! Hilton finally ended her stay in the slammer by struttin’ out of Lynwood like she was walking the runway last night, amidst about a billion flashbulbs and camera crews documenting this momentous occasion as if she were Nelson Mandela. Paris, fresh faced and without any makeup (or her bright blue contacts) looked happy and actually kind of coy, but ran to her mother Kathy and gave her a giant hug when she spotted her waiting in their vehicle. Talk about a tender mother-daughter moment (and perfecto photo-op!). Wearing ankle length denim (like Paris’ favorite, J Brand’s 10 Inch Ankle Jeans) with a white cami and short-sleeved green blazer, many people are saying that Paris looks so much better without tons of makeup, and I must say- I have to agree! The whole time, Paris looked genuinely ecstatic that she was finally a free woman again, and if any of the things she said in jail (to Ryan Seacrest and Barbara Walters, for example) are true, I think she is definitely going to not take for granted any of the luxuries in her life from now on. One thing is for sure, I am definitely anxious to see what Paris does now that she has a new lease on life!

back in the big house

Paris Hilton seen on Jun 08 2007 in West Hollywood, Ca. While today's madness has finally calmed down a little now that Paris Hilton is secure in the medical facility of the Twin Towers Correctional Center (where she will remain for the rest of the weekend until her appeal is heard on Monday), everyone is still talking about all the craziness of the day! In case you are living under a rock on Mars, I'm sure you have heard that Paris Hilton is headed back to jail (she's seen hugging her mom Kathy goodbye in that screenshot from the news). Paris was escorted in handcuffs via cop car this morning to the courthouse where her fate was sealed, crying real tears and looking absolutely devastated, as if she knew what was in store for her. To say that there was a media circus outside of her house is putting it lightly, there were about 300 paparazzi, photographers and news reporters all vying to get that perfect shot, as well as numerous helicopters circling up ahead, which followed her all the way to the court. This case is like turning into as big of an attention-grabber as the OJ Simpson trial! When PH appeared in court looking "disheveled and weeping, hair askew, without makeup," she was definitely hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. CNN is reporting that Paris "cried throughout the hearing, dabbing her eyes, and her body shook constantly. Several times, she turned to her parents, seated behind her in the courtroom, and mouthed, 'I love you.'" Talk about pouring it on thick, Paris. But I actually believe she was scared, and meant it. The judge that obviously hates Paris announced the verdict that she is to head back to Lynwood and finish her original sentence of 45 days in the slammer. An obviously upset Paris then cried out that this wasn't right and then, in tears, cried out for her mother over and over again. I honestly don't think she deserves this, I think she is being made an example out of due to the fact that so many people have such a vehement dislike for her as a person, based on what they see in the media. So sad! I hope she'll be alright for the remainder of her sentence. For a judgement day, Paris-esque ensemble, I suggest Ecognaik's grey Terry Hoodie Zip-Up (the stripes in the hood are reminiscent of a jailbird outfit!) with IISLI's Legging Trousers (Paris wore trousers to the courtroom), finished off with Jessica Elliot's Handcuff Choker for kicks.

Paris survives her second day

Paris Hilton seen on Jun 06 2007 in Lynwood, Ca. Ever since Paris Hilton has been locked away, new sightings of the imprisoned heiress have been nonexistent! Thus, I was forced to have a little Photoshop fun with a picture of the wax figure of Paris at Madame Tussauds (complete with her new wardrobe) and a picture of her face from the MTV Movie Awards. To get that jailbird-chic look Paris is undoubtedly rockin' in the Big House, pick up Heatherette's striped Anchor Sweater and get comfy in a pair of black sweats, like Rails' Corado Pucker Pants. Voila! You too can easily be confused for an inmate just like Paris, but make no mistake, a stylish inmate! While reports are of course circulating about Paris' experiences thus far in jail, there are conflicting stories about whether or not had to face the ultimate in humiliation: the cavity search! While The NY Post reported that P did not have to spread 'em and undergo the embarrassment of being searched in the, ahem, buff, is now reporting that Paris indeed did have to tolerate this unpleasant experience. Rough! Reports are also coming in about Paris' prison life, notably how she is, not surprisingly, scared and unhappy. Deputies turned away deliveries for her (including roses and a fruit basket), and Paris has said that her cell is "freezing cold" and has been seen crying on the phone and not sleeping or eating. While inmates have come by her cell to say hi, Paris is miserable and has no appetite. Looks like someone might be giving BFF Nicole Richie a run for her money (weight wise) when she gets out of the clink!

She's free!!

Paris Hilton seen on Jun 03 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. So after only 5 short days, Paris Hilton is already a free woman. Well, not free free, but out-of-Lynwood free. Paris was released from jail early this morning at 2:09am, after serving 5 days in the big house (from Sunday night to Thursday morning). Paris was fitted for an ankle bracelet and will be subjected (if you can call it that) to house arrest for the next 40 days in her West Hollywood home. Not too shabby going from a teeny weenie 96 square foot cell to her 4,000 square foot mansion! Details have been slowly emerging all day long, and it seems that the reason for Paris' "reassignment, not release" (according to L.A. Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore) was the result of a mental, not physical, mental condition! Allegedly, PH was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown in the clink, and according to Hilton's psychiatrist, Charles Sophy, Paris' mental state was "fragile" and she was "at risk". Well of course her mental state is fragile, she's in jail! Paris spoke out today, via her lawyer, regarding her newfound semi-freedom, and said that she "wants to thank the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and staff of the Century Regional Detention Center for treating me fairly and professionally. I am going to serve the remaining 40 days of my sentence. I have learned a great deal from this ordeal and hope that others have learned from my mistakes." Yeah, learned how much publicity you can get from something like this! In any event, it doesn't seem like L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe is too happy about P's "reassignment", saying how "This incident with Paris Hilton is just the most recent that highlights the problems our criminal justice system has with making sure sentences stick, whether it is in a County jail or under electronic monitoring." Either way, whether or not people are excited Paris has made it out of jail safe or infuriated that her time in prison was cut way short, one thing is for sure.. party at Paris' house! While she still hasn't been photographed since she was released, Paris was spotted at Mr. Chows on June 3, days before her imprisonment, wearing black shorts (like Johnson's Millicent Wool Shorts) and a white silk top (Gold Hawk's Lace Trim Tunic is similar). Get ready world.. Paris is back!

Where do I begin?

Paris Hilton seen on Jun 03 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. So much has happened recently in the world of Hilton, I don't know where to begin! Paris made her triumphant farewell as she stopped by the MTV Movie Awards last night, dressed in a frilly black dress (Zoa's Naomi Cocktail Dress is a much more casual, and way less frilly, version of Paris'), and spent the night waving at the paparazzi and enduring cheap shots tossed at her by awards host Sarah Silverman (Paris' reactionary death looks were priceless). After the show, Paris high-tailed it to her parent's mansion, and was then taken (along with Rick and Kathy, sis Nicky and her lawyer, Richard Hutton) downtown, downtown LA that is. She reported to the Men's Central Jail, where she officially surrendered herself; she was then transported to the now infamous Lynwood Women's Jail, to begin serving her time. She is in there right now! Can you believe this craziness? Paris made a statement last night at the MTV Awards regarding her sentencing, and said that she "did have a choice to go to a pay jail, but I declined because I feel like the media portrays me in a way that I'm not and that's why I wanted to go to county, to show that I can do it and I'm going to be treated like everyone else. I'm going to do the time, I'm going to do it the right way." Hm… I don't know if I buy that, I would have thought she'd avoid a county jail at any cost! PH's mugshot, taken last night (see photo) was released to the media (and obviously taken before the mandatory removal of her hair extensions), along with her original mugshot from the night of her DUI arrest, which was never supposed to be released to the public. Oops! Reports of Paris' first hours in the slammer are already pouring in, saying that for her first meal, she dined on the gourmet cuisine of cereal, juice and bread. Keep those carbs coming! Paris is reportedly going to be in solitary confinement for 23 out of the 24 hours in the day, with that one hour alloted for showering/recreation. What is she going to do in there all by herself?? I'm sure more and more juicy little tidbits will be coming in throughout the day/week, and I will definitely keep you in the know!

Arnold's funny?

Paris Hilton seen on May 23 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton was seen leaving Staples on May 23 after picking up some stationary essentials, looking cute and modest (for her) in a baby blue polo and J Brand’s 12 Inch Pencil Leg Jeans, and decked out with a Louis Vuitton bag and matching denim shoes. Talk about branding! Brand new interesting little tidbits about Paris’ upcoming stint in jail seem to be popping up every day, and today is no exception. It seems that “erotic films” (if you catch my drift) have recently become required gubernatorial viewing fodder, because California state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted on a recent episode of the Jay Leno show that he heard somewhere that Paris “isn’t even a fan of mine and she has never seen any of my movies, [although] I’ve seen all of hers. Obviously we both do action movies.” Oh, Arnie, you kill me. Let’s just hope he’s only kidding. We all know that there have been multiple petitions sent to the governor to either keep Paris from going to jail or to send her there ASAP and throw away the key, but apparently Arnold was not going to grant Paris any special favors. Instead, he’s probably just going to go home and pop her tape in again!

paris goes back for more

Paris Hilton seen on May 22 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton's life has been going through lots of ups and downs lately, the biggest down being that she's packing it up for jail in 6 days. As Paris perused the reading material at the bookstore the Bodhi Tree on May 22, she yet again went out of her way to show the paparazzi (and the public at large) that she is dead set on reforming and becoming a better person. Wearing a casual cotton mini-dress (like Woo's Gina Dress) with peeptoe heels and a white clutch, Paris looked super tan and super stoic (two looks she's mastered lately). Just when Paris thought things couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that the heiress was dropped from photographer Roger Moenks' book, "Inheriting Beauty", which is set to be all about the fabulous lives of the world's top heiresses. Moenks' agent told Page Six that he "bounced Paris by [a] unanimous vote. She's tried to play society like a game of Three-card Monte. Let's hear it for high standards." Ouch! Well at least Paris has decided to keep her chin up, as she was seen heading into the recording studio on May 30. Wait, what? Paris is working on a new album? I thought since her first try at being a musician didn't exactly go as planned (read: her album flopped) that her label decided not to have her make a follow-up effort. Turns out they're giving her another shot.. wonder if she's going to name the album "Jail House Rock"?

Paris gets no love from Arnold

Paris Hilton seen on May 11 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton stopped off at the Coffee Bean on May 11, looking at least a little cheerier than we've seen her lately. Wearing a pair of cuffed shorts with a matching short sleeve jacket (create a similar look by matching Walter's Cropped Jacket with Deener's Sloucher Shorts; all of Johnson's shorts are similar too), Paris looked cute but conservative. California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has totally gotten over the possibility that he might pardon Paris from any jail time she might serve, much to P's dismay. Paris paired up with a fan online to create a petition begging the Governator to lessen her sentence, to which Arnie replied that he "never got any request. But I have many more important things to think about." Burn! In Paris' defense, it does kind of seem like she's being made an example out of, although she does need to realize that there are consequences to her (idiotic) actions. Either way, seems like there's barely any love for the jailbird heiress going around these days!

here's what she has to say

Paris Hilton seen on May 07 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. It's definitely been quite a week for Paris Hilton. The news of her future imprisonment swept the nation like a wildfire, with most people laughing and saying how there is some justice in the world. But this was no laughing matter for Paris, who has said that she is understandably scared about going to the big house. There's no Blackberry usage allowed in Lynnwood! As P left her Hollywood hills home the day after her arraignment, she made her first public statement, saying that she "told the truth. I feel that I was treated unfairly and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted. I don’t deserve this.” Paris' excuse in court was that she claimed that her publicist and overall slave Elliot Mintz told her that she was allowed to drive after the first 30 days of her license suspension for work-related reasons. But you totally know that Paris considers going shopping or to a club work, because she's "outfitting herself for the new season of 'Simple Life'" or "networking." Because of Paris laying the blame on Mintz, Elliot either quit or was dumped by Paris as her rep, and sent an email to saying that "due to this misunderstanding, I am no longer representing Paris. I have nothing but love and respect for Paris." And just like that, their love affair was over. Or so we thought! Last night x17online caught Paris and Elliot reunited outside of her home, where Elliot discussed how Paris officially took him back as her rep. Wearing a silk minidress (Harkham's Silk Fronds Dress is a similar cut with different colors), Paris seemed demure and quiet.. with a large online petition gaining signatures, do you think Paris' sentence will be pardoned?

Let the crazy headlines begin

Paris Hilton seen on May 05 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. The Daily News article titled "Inmates Warn Paris Hilton to Watch Her Back" might possibly be the funniest headline of the week! Poor Paris just isn't catching any breaks from the media. In the article, jail visitor Denise Chavez warns the heiress that if she acts "all high-class and uppity, she's done." Yikes! And you totally know that she means that too. Another visitor said that "the general population showers together and that a large group of "very masculine lesbians" prey on them. This is bad. She's not going to make it."" Ok, this is why Paris is shakin' in her Louboutins. She's is going to have to grow accustomed to the less than luxurious amenities, even though she'll more than likely have a private cell. Still, Paris is going to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the "mess hall" with the other inmates. Talk about a stimulating conversation! In response to the negative media, Paris released a statement saying that she "feels the need to correct what I believe are misperceptions about me. I absolutely realize how serious driving under the influence is. I could not live with myself if anyone was injured or killed while I was driving while impaired. Clearly, no one should -- no matter how slightly. I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation. No one is above the law. I surely am not. I do not expect to be treated better than anyone else who violated probation. However, my hope is that I will not be treated worse." At least Paris has responded to all the negative press, and in the right way. I just wonder if she was the one who wrote that! Either way, P is enjoying her last days of freedom by shopping with her mommy, while wearing a white floral eyelet dress (like this Vanitas dress) and a vintage-inspired necklace

is this for real?! paris is headed for jail

Paris Hilton seen on May 04 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Well I have to say, I didn't expect this! I thought Paris Hilton's court date would go like other celebrities' usually do: they say they're sorry and are assigned community service. But no! I guess the judge decided to make an example out of Paris (I bet Nicole is shaking in her boots now due to her ever fast approaching court date) because he assigned Paris to 45 days at the Century Regional Detention Facility starting on June 5. He also made it very clear that Paris was not to have any other alternative (such as electronic monitoring) to going to the slammer… which means she is definitely going to have to do the time! is also reporting that if Paris fails to report to jail on the assigned date, her sentence will be doubled! I have to say I am shocked about this. Paris is like going to die in there! No cell phone, no expensive shopping trips, no going to Winston's.. it's like what The Simple Life was supposed to be, before it was obvious that scenes were staged and re-filmed and anything but "reality TV". Inside the courtroom, Paris was visibly emotional, and told the judge before he decided her fate that she was sorry, with tears welling up in her eyes. Rick and Kathy Hilton were present for the decision, and were both obviously outraged, especially Kathy, who was heard saying "I can't believe all the money we spent on this." As Paris entered the courtroom, dressed in wide-leg black slacks, a white button-down and a grey blazer, she was already 18 minutes late. Maybe this affected the judge's ultimate decision? I don't know.. what I do know is, this is a day for the history books!

Paris/Linds @ Us Weeklys Hot Hollywood Party

Paris Hilton seen on Apr 26 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. A super tan Paris Hilton and a super big-haired Lindsay Lohan both attended Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood Party last night, April 26, but, to public knowledge, never crossed paths. Seriously though, Lindsay looks like she stole one of Beyonce's wigs! Her "hair" (read: extensions) is goin' crazy. Paris did her usual thing, ultra tan and ultra blonde and wearing her ultra blingin' Jacob watch, as she posed in front of numerous photographers. Paris wore a white silk dress (like this Gold Hawk tunic) that she must absolutely love, because she wore a purple version of the same dress to Armani Exchange's Sunglass Launch Party just days earlier! It also seems that Paris brought her good friend, Wonky Eye, out to play.. because lefty was goin' to town last night! On a kinder note, I think it's admirable that both girls just decided to avoid one another, instead of calling each other out in public regarding their now absolutely destroyed "friendship". Ah, just another day in Hollywood.

Superpowers unite!

Paris Hilton seen on Apr 25 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie hosted the Armani Exchange Sunglass Launch last night, April 25, and met up with frenemy pals Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. It was no surprise that La Lohan and Miss Hilton would not strike even one pose together, considering the release of their now infamous vicious Myspace message fight. Seems like the girls found common ground in Nicole, posing and giggling the night away. While Lindsay dazzled in a metallic mini (although she had some mega Mystic legs) and Paris looked ready for a sexy pajama party in a purple silk number, Nicole opted for basic black, in a black dress (probably Armani, considering it was an Armani party; Vanitas makes a similar, and more affordable, version). While all three It Girls have had mucho drama swirling around them this past week, an Us Weekly rumor about Paris seemed to be on everyone's lips. Apparently, Paris went to a Prince concert on April 20 in Vegas, and when Prince spotted the heiress in the audience, he called her onto the stage. Of course, Paris obliged, always ready to strike a pose, but when Prince handed her the mic and told the audience "Let’s see if she can really sing!" Paris got off stage almost immediately, and then split after a few more songs. While Elliot Mintz denies that this ever happened, Us usually has a pretty good track record as far as validity. If I were Paris, I would blast Prince on my upcoming album (that is, if her record label will let her release another album!). Either way, it's always fun to see crazy It Girls collide.

She's back on the road

Paris Hilton seen on Apr 21 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Viva Las Vegas! Paris Hilton hit up Gwen Stefani's after party at Moon in Vegas on April 21, with her everpresent boy-toy Josh Henderson in tow. Wearing a sequined grey mini-dress (the Karen Zambos Low Scoop Dress is a simpler version of Paris', the same cut and color without the sequins) with a big ring and diamond hoops, P posed with Josh as well as sister Nicky. And although X17 reported that Paris was flirting with ex-BFF Britney Spears' ex K-Fed (wow that's a lot of ex's!) at a different party the night before, her boyfriend was there too, so obviously the flirtation was over-exaggerated. Phew! That rumored love triangle just left me out of breath! At least Paris is enjoying her time in Vegas, partying and doing what she loves to do. A few days before in LA, however, Paris was doing more of what she loves to do.. driving illegally! When P hopped into the drivers seat of her Bentley convertible, photogs wondered whether or not she was breaking the law once again, by driving on a restricted license. Paris denied this law-breakage though, by saying that her restricted license had been lifted. Of course it was! Paris allegedly appeared in court the day before, and heard the good news. Why would a celebrity ever have a suspended license for more than like, a month?

Let the promotional shoots begin

Paris Hilton seen on Apr 09 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Reunited BFF's Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have started promoting season 5 of "The Simple Life", where they are forced to rough it (a la Troop Beverly Hills) as the girls go to camp. At a photocall on April 9, P and N literally look like they'd rather be anywhere but where they are! At least they looked great though, as Paris wore a yellow silk dress with long sleeves, and Nicole wore a black strapless top (like the Vanitas version in white) with black jeans, like her favorite J Brands. For a dress like Paris', check out Vanitas' long sleeved silk dress, or if you're dying for a yellow silk dress (super hot for Spring), try the Sofira Cleopatra dress, which is a different cut than Paris'.

The troublesome two were then interviewed by the Associated Press, about everything from their camp experience to their upcoming legal problems. The AP asked " What is it about "The Simple Life" that fans have connected to?" Paris said that "it's about two best friends who are together and I think people can relate to that, because everyone has a best friend. We have our secret languages and our secret looks to each other and we just have fun together. It's hard to find someone who you can be like that with." Nicole chimed in, saying that "it's funny because a lot of people, as close as they are, you're just like ugh, I can't spend this much time with someone. But I love spending time with her and we have so much fun and, you know, I really just look at it as nothing but fun." I just love them together!

Paris and new BF: Is he prettier than her?

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 29 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Boy oh boy, Paris Hilton has barely had time to catch her breath this week! From walking the runway at her own 2007 Sportswear Fall Fashion Show to filming the new season of "Simple Life" with Nicole, the one thing that has not tired her out lately is her new boy toy, actor Josh Henderson (and he sure puts the pretty in pretty boy). The two hit up the red carpet of Complex Magazine's Anniversary Party at Area on April 10, linking arms and cozying up to one another throughout the night. Considering that Josh is much more, ahem, camera friendly than her latest squeeze (Greek heir Stavros Niarchos), I have to wonder if these two ever squabble about who's cuter! To tell you the truth, I am surprised Paris is dating someone so attractive, considering how she tends to drop friends when they start getting more famous/hotter than she is. Beware Josh, try not to outshine Miss Hilton! All the while, the two have been getting close at hotspots all over LA, although Paris claims to be keeping their blossoming relationship PG-rated. Life&Style magazine claims "they see each other every night, and he's so sweet to her. Paris doesn't want to rush things, though. They're just making out and having fun." We'll see about that, considering every move the heiress makes is well documented by the watchful paparazzi.

Paris, to no surprise, decided to hit up Teddy's with Josh on March 29, wearing a pair of Johnson shorts with a beaded top and Hello Kitty necklace (for a stylish, yet not so cutesy look, check out Rachel Leigh's enamel necklace). Thinking about Josh and Paris, I have to wonder how long these two will last. Anyone willing to place any bets?

Paris and Nic are happy campers

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 24 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. As Paris Hilton stepped onto the pink carpet at Perez Hilton's birthday bash in Hollywood on March 24, she definitely proved that she was the Hilton who deserved to be in the spotlight. Wearing a flirty red and white floral dress (check out our Karanina dress for a similar look) and a heart necklace, Ms. Hilton looked cute and girly like always.

The promotional pictures for Hilton and reunited BFF Nicole Richie's show "The Simple Life 5: Goes to Camp" are out (take a look at them full-size here) and it seems that those E! Photoshoppers were working overtime, because one thing is for sure, Nicole's thighs are not the same size as Paris'! Just saying! Other than that, the promos are gorgeous and super fun (love the canoe one), can't wait for this upcoming season!

Paris is the butt of yet another joke

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 19 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris Hilton showed up at the 2BFree Fashion Show on March 19 wearing a goddess-esque dress (kind of like a mix between these Lotta Stensson and Tricia Fix dresses, take your pick) with metallic silver heels, and instantly struck a pose for the cameras as usual. Paris strutted her stuff down the runway and did the whole "look at how hot I am" thing that she does best, as she has committed to being 2BFree's spokesmodel for the next few years.

In Paris and Nicole news, the secret to the rift, and subsequent making up process, is slowly being revealed. No one still knows the real reason for their falling out, but Paris told Extra that "it was Nicole’s birthday and I really missed her and I just decided to pick up the phone and call her." Simple as that! Nicole then chimed in that the two "got together that night and it was like there was never anything that happened. It was weird, like we had seen each other yesterday." See, sometimes all it takes is that one step. While it's obvious that P was excited to be friends with Nicole again, one thing that she was absolutely not happy about was a satirical poster on While Paris' lawyers have been rapid-firing off cease-and-desist letters, Paris is still sad that this mean-spirited cartoon was made in the first place. What do you think, should Paris have a better sense of humor, or is this cartoon just plain old wrong?

Life Just Got A Whole Lot More Simple!

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 16 2007 in West Hollywood, Ca. Talk about life imitating art! As celebutante extraordinaires Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie stepped out of Paris' West Hollywood home holding hands and dressed to the nines. It was obvious that the reason they were being so friendly to the hoards of paparazzi was because they were filming the new season of their massively successful reality show, "The Simple Life 5". The "scene" was supposed to be the paparazzi going crazy over the girls, when in fact, they really were! With Nicole wearing a flowing coral dress by Emilio Pucci's S/S '07 and Paris in a metallic floral dress with a gold ring on her finger, the troublsesome two were definitely eating up every minute of filming! It is great to see the girls together again like the old days. The last season of "Simple Life" definitely wasn't the same without them together!

Is Elisha really this small?

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 11 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Because I know Paris isn't that tall. She's 5'7", 5'8" tops. When the twosome went shopping at the Petro Zillia store in Los Angeles on March 11, Paris looked like she was twice the size of Elisha! Maybe it was the camera angle, or their distance apart or something, but this is just plain weird! The girls hit the town for a day of some retail therapy, and Paris looked cute wearing 10 inch ink J Brands with a tank and vest, and a gold necklace with gold hoops. It seems that Elisha, who guest starred in Paris' music video "Nothing In This World" is Paris' new BFF of the week. I know that Paris goes through friends in waves, from Kim Kardashian to Britney to Nicole, will Elisha disappear just like that next week?

Paris Hilton is subtle

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 01 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Oh, Paris.. just look at yourself! This is one of those outfits that there is nothing like on the site (the closest we have are these big girly shades), but that I just have to talk about. I can't contain myself! As Paris Hilton made her way to her lawyer's office on March 1, the day after her driving on a suspended license impound ordeal, she was just a regular mix of Miss America and Minnie Mouse! Do you think P just went up to her closet and said to herself, "How much can I possibly color coordinate in one outfit? Oh well, the more the merrier!" In an outfit that practically looks like a costume, at least Paris stays true to that unique style of hers. What that style is, however, I'm not sure of. It's like she's living in her own little fantasy bubble and won't be bothered by anyone else and their idiocy. I do have to say this however, only Paris Hilton could pull this "look" off. All the reasons listed above, however, are why I love her!

The trouble never ends with paris

Paris Hilton seen on Feb 27 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Boy oh boy, Paris Hilton just can't stay out of trouble! Last night at around 11pm, Paris (in her $190,000 Bentley Continental GTC) was pulled over on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood for driving without her headlights on and then arrested! Paris' publicist aka master wordsman, Elliot Mintz, justified Paris' actions by saying how after pulling out of a parking garage, " the lot was brightly lit so she had not noticed that her headlights were not activated." Come on, just the fact that it's night should have made her think to turn her lights on! But then again, this is Paris we're talking about. The po-po's impounder her Bentley when they realized that she was driving on a suspended license, which was suspended after her recent DUI. This is more serious for Paris than just having to go to the impound lot to pick up her whip, she might have to spend up to 90 days in the slammer! Since pleading no contest to her DUI charges, her license was suspended and Paris was put on 36-month probation, and this majorly violates her probation condition. Paris will have a court date to address this charge, and might face jail time. First Nicole might have jail time, now Paris? Is this all a publicity stunt to have them film the next season of "Simple Life" in jail?!

The night of her arrest, Paris looked.. how shall I put this.. the worst I've ever seen her! She looks about 20 years older than she is, with way too much Mystic and is practically busting out of her white button-up. Dressed conservatively in black slacks and a blazer, she had to go and do the whole biker-chick thing too with a leather jacket and leather fingerless gloves. I have to wonder what trouble she is going to get herself into next!

Her year is almost over

Paris Hilton seen on Feb 20 2007 in West Hollywood, Ca. Last March, Paris Hilton and her party-hopping friends (including sex-tape superstar Kim Kardashian) entered in on a pact saying that they would be celibate for one year, and now this vow is one month from being over. The point of this was to apparently experience the single life and not feel tied down, but come on, you know that Paris and Stavros have totally been gettin' it on!! The two of them are about as much of a couple as couples get, and it's funny because I love how ever since mentioning her vow of celibacy a year ago, she has never brought it up since! Classic Paris. The heiress also celebrated her 26th birthday in Vegas this past weekend, throwing a big bash at Body English that was attended by some d-list celebrities, and Stavros of course. At least her man was there to keep her company!

When asked to comment on former-BFF Britney Spears' recent downward spiral, Paris was caught by the X17 camera team saying how she wishes Brit the best. While now it's all but obvious that the two were clearly in the limelight as a publicity stunt, it is nice that Paris is extending her best wishes to Britney. But wait, didn't she JUST say how "fugly Britney looks bald?" I think so! Ever the fickle friend, Paris went shopping, and made a stop at trendy frozen yogurt spot Pinkberry in West Hollywood on February 20, wearing a bright green dress with a leather jacket (probably Mike & Chris), Fendi bag and gaudy diamond necklace. Just another day in the life of Paris!

Did tinkerbell get an upgrade?

Paris Hilton seen on Feb 09 2007 in New York, NY. As Paris Hilton strutted down the red carpet of the Justin Timberlake concert on February 9, all eyes were on the platinum tressed heiress. Although her Mystic was a little uneven and the infamous wonky eye was goin' a little crazy, P looked hot in a flirty grey minidress, silver earrings, a sequined jacket and bedazzled pumps.

Paris ran into craziness earlier in the week as always though, as she was spotted at novelty store Aahs! shopping for Valentines Day gifts for that special someone (Stavros? Her new co-star Joel Moore?). Apparently, P was on the phone in tears, wiping her eyes constantly with tissues. I've got to give it to Paris, you got to love how even when she's crying she won't stop shopping. But this wasn't her only dabble in the drama department this week, she allegedly appeared on the set of her film "The Hottie and the Nottie" with who she claims was her dog Tinkerbell, but experts say was an imposter! When Paris arrived on set toting a chihuahua in her arms, she introduced the dog as Tinkerbell, but when you look at old pics of the pup, the two don't look the same. Paris explained this by saying how "there's only one Tinkerbell. The color of Chihuahuas change as they grow older," but pet expert Charlotte Reed told Us Weekly that "A Chihuahua's fur may grey with age, but dog nail color stays the same. In the older picture, Tinkerbell has a black nail, while in the new one, the nail is white. I don't think it's the same dog." Something's fishy in Hilton land!

Adios ParisExposed!

Paris Hilton seen on Jan 30 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Hopefully you checked out while it lasted, because the site has been shut down (for good?) as of Tuesday, thanks to a federal lawsuit Paris slapped against site owner, Bardia Persa. For all those cynics that thought Paris was behind the site, in turn giving her more publicity for pretty much just being herself (as embarrassing as her real self is), I guess this shows that she really was mortified by the fact that the site was up. Allegedly, entrepreneur Bardia Persa bought Paris' goods for $10 mill, but if I were him, I would have tried to sell them back to Paris for $20 mill! Hey, what's wrong with a little blackmail here and there?

At least now, Paris can rest easy that the site is no longer up and running, but a majority of the content has already leaked out on other internet sites. For example, a video of an obviously hammered Hilton dancing like a fool at a New Years Eve party made a brief stint on YouTube before being yanked. In the vid, Paris dances around, singing the song "We Are Family", but changing the lyrics to say "They are desperate!" and "They are broke and ugly and poor!" about a few guys wanting to dance with the heiress. Good one, P. And I'm not even going to mention the now infamous quote taken from the same video, which has now even been immortalized on a t-shirt, selling online. All the while, Paris kept up a brave face, returning home on the night of January 30, wearing black leggings with a black zip up hoody and a long, heart patterned tank. Hopefully, ParisExposed has been put to rest, and this can be my last entry about the horrors that lie within.

So Paris has definitely been exposed

Paris Hilton seen on Jan 23 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Don't look so sad, Paris, not everyone in the world has seen you naked and doing drugs! So, ok, they have, but it's nothing they didn't already suspect anyway! The whole world, unless you were living under a rock, has experienced the rise and fall of, the latest leak of Paris' personal goods. Can't Paris ever catch a break? She posted a response to on her boyfriend Stavros' Myspace page, which said " Hey, I'm sure you've heard it over the news or on some gossip blog, but there has been a website made that contains personal things. I am ashamed & embarassed about my personal items being put publicly out there. The videos & pictures contain explit things, things that I've done in the past. PLEASE note that the pictures and videos were from years ago, when I was wild and just partied all the time. I'm writing this because I want my fans to know that I am no longer that. I am extremely sad that someone would go out of their way just to make me feel low. It just go's to show that I have people out there to get me & people treat me in such an unkind and cruel way. I know that my true fans will stick with me until this goes away. I want to thank those who have been nothing but possitive with the situation. Love always, Paris"

Now before we all criticize her poor spelling and grammar, she probably did pen this email on her Blackberry. But when you take videos like this and don't keep them in a Fort Knox-like safe in your house, you're kind of asking for it! P was seen on January 23, wearing dark jeans with a black skull tank and silver skull ring. Things can only get better, right?

sayonara wonky!

Paris Hilton seen on Jan 09 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. While it has been rumored that its life might be cut drastically short, Paris and that wonky eye of hers better go to town! Now, we all know that Paris' left eye is noticeably lazier than its right counterpart, and it never fails to disappoint at events when it is practically closed for countless pictures. But now, the mystery of the wonky eye is one step closer to being revealed, and it seems like Paris' famous baby blues are to blame. Recently seen at a Beverly Hills ocular plastic surgeon, it seems that P wants to get her droopy left eyelid fixed. All of this droopy craziness might be easily remedied by taking out those blue contacts of hers, but in a move that everyone anticipated, Paris isn't willing to change back to her natural brown eye color and is ignoring doctor's orders to take the contacts out. Oh Paris, I know that you will dearly miss your beloved wonky, but its time has come. Just think, you can pose for pictures carefree and not look like you're pissed of at Lindsay, giving her the evil eye!

With wonky probably going crazy behind those gold shades, Paris did a little shopping in Hollywood on January 9, wearing the 10 inch cropped version of the 12 Inch Ink J Brands with a green silk cami and drop earrings. And until this alleged surgery, wonky eye to the world: "I'm watching you!"

Gastationaphobia: Fear of Gas Stations

Paris Hilton seen on Jan 03 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Either that, or she's just really forgetful. Leave it to Paris to truly rely on the help of her trusty assistants, as she ran out of gas after cruising around in her newly acquired Bentley convertible not once, not twice, but three times on January 5. Hilton, always one to play into her dumb blonde stereotype, relied on assistants to bring her individual gallons of gas while she waited patiently in her new whip. First, Paris runs out of gas on the side of the road in a residential neighborhood, and when gas is brought to her, she is distinctly told that it's only 1 gallon and she needs to go fill up at a gas station. Apparently this goes in one ear and out the other, as Paris speeds off down the road without a care in the world. Unsurprisingly, P needs another assistant to bring her another canister as she's at home getting ready to go out, and yet another as she shops at the Grove. Duh, don't you people know that Paris has better things to worry about than filling up her tank! It's like she lives in some fantasy world where responsibility and everyday tasks aren't a concern, and when she faces obstacles, she just sits there and waits for someone to come to the rescue. Well what's wrong with that!

As Paris leaves the Anita James Movie Studio where she's currently filming "The Hottie and the Nottie" (take a guess which one she's playing), she looked pretty in a gauzy white dress with a long gold locket; just a guess, Stavros is probably inside. And there's that metallic Vuitton bag again, it's popularity showing no signs of slowing down!

paris just can't put the phone down

Paris Hilton seen on Dec 14 2006 in Miami, Fl.

As Paris Hilton hit Miami, Florida with beau Stavros Niarchos earlier this month, she simply could not put down her Blackberry! Now I guess I know why it has been nicknamed the Crackberry, people just cannot live without it! Paris was there partying and living it up before the holidays went into full gear, looking cute in all black, wearing a black dress with a high waisted metallic gold belt.

It is understandable why Paris decided to let loose in Miami and blow off some steam, due to how her album failed to sell well for her label when it was released in the summer, rumors of a Christmas re-release started to circulate, but that plan never panned out. Now her record label is saying that Paris, as a recording artist, will not be following up with a sophomore album, to say the least. I say let Paris do what she does best.. party! Yet for someone who gets paid to party, you'd think she would make sure that her fake eyelashes stayed in place a little better!

How considerate of her

Paris Hilton seen on Nov 30 2006 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Paris Hilton was spotted out for dinner in Beverly Hills, wearing a fun plum colored dress and golden locket, with reunited friend Nicole Richie on November 30. Wonder if Nic feels a little left out now that Britney has stolen Paris away from her! Additionally, Paris has backed out of hosting the Billboard Music Awards (why she was scheduled to host in the first place is beyond me) at the last minute because she wasn't happy with the content of the jokes that were written for her. Paris' rep said that "some satirical references ridiculed some of her peers, and Paris did not want to say anything that could appear hurtful or embarrassing about people she knows.” Hmmm... one can only wonder who they told Paris to make fun of. Nicole? Lindsay? BRITNEY?? That would be the final straw in Paris' book, no one makes fun of Mama Spears! I still find it somewhat humorous that Paris didn't want to be seen talking smack on her "friends", she usually only does that behind their backs!

I've stopped trying to figure them out

Paris Hilton seen on Nov 26 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. Just when I think it's safe to say that the feud between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan has reached a fever pitch, the girls went ahead and pulled a fast one on me! Let's backpedal a little bit, though. We all remember when Lindsay wobbled her way to her car after a long night at Teddy's, calling Paris a, how should I say this, vulgar female body part. Minutes later she was deadpan, saying how Paris was her friend and she loves her. Then, to add injury to insult, Lindsay approached X17's cameramen on November 25 with a story about how Paris hit her with a drink at a party. Lindsay said Paris "hit me last night, apparently, for no reason at my friend's house, and I didn't know she'd be there, and she hit me. She hit me with a drink and poured it all over me, and it hurts and it's not ok. And I'm sorry for everyone that thinks I'm crazy." Coo-coo! We get it, Lindsay hates Paris. End of story. Or so we thought.. the plot thickens! Paparazzi caught kooky new BFF's Paris and Britney Spears getting into Paris' SLR at 5am on November 26, but much to everyone's surprise, Lindsay hopped right in, sharing a seat with Britney and giggled along with the other two! Keep in mind, this is the day after Lindsay's verbal tirade against Paris. As Lindsay got into the car, she now said "Paris never hit me. She's my friend. Everyone lies about everything.. Please stop trying to make us hate each other." Does girl not remember SHE was the one who said this!! Who's to say what the terrible trio did for the remainder of the night, but the Hilton-Lohan WW3 was far from over. The next night, Paris was overheard screaming to Linds at Hyde to "never say you're my friend again!" Later, Paris was overheard yelling from her backyard that "if that Firecrotch comes she's not welcome!" Geez, will these three idiots just chill! I can barely keep up with all this drama, can't we all just get along!

The wonder twins are at it again!

Paris Hilton seen on Nov 25 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. Boy oh boy, where do I begin! The newly nicknamed "Wonder Twins" Britney and Paris have gone from hitting the town 5 nights in a row now to major wardrobe malfunctions on a daily basis! It's safe to say that there has been a lot going on in the world of these blonde party hoppin' buddies the past few days!

In a friendship that seems to have exploded overnight and has sent the paparazzi into the biggest feeding frenzy since, well, Paris and Nicole reunited, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have been seen everywhere from Planet Blue at Cross Creek in Malibu, to Les Deux, Hyde and Area, to countless private parties and of course sleepovers at Paris' pad. Paris and Britney headed to Guy's at 1:30am on Sunday night, followed by a rendezvous with Paris friendemy Lindsay Lohan later that night. Paris wore a cute black chiffon top, and Britney put on a truly unexplainable pair of turquoise sunglasses. While Britney can't seem to get rid of that "Little Miss Sunshine" shirt she has been spotted wearing 4 times in the past 3 days with a champagne colored velvet jacket, the one thing she definitely seems to have gotten rid of is her underwear! Britney has had not one, not two, but three wardrobe malfunctions in the past few days, as the razzis have snapped her sans underwear entering and exiting different cars. In one of the shots, Paris is seen with her hand over Brit's skirt, trying to cover her up. You know you need to be wearing more clothes when Paris is covering you up, Brit!

Doorman denies paris!

Paris Hilton seen on Nov 19 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. Living the life that Paris Hilton lives, it's safe to say that she's used to getting her way. But this wasn't the case on Thursday November 30, as the heiress was turned away at one of the hottest spots in Los Angeles… In 'N Out Burger! Paris started the night breezing into the doors of one of the hardest clubs to gain entry to, West Hollywood club Area, and spent the beginning of the night laughing and holding hands in a booth with, who else, Britney Spears. The two blonde superfriends appeared carefree and got up to shake their stuff to Britney's ex Justin Timberlake's jam SexyBack, but Paris left early with rekindled flame Stavros Niarchos, with big plans for the rest of the night; they wanted to get their Double Double on! After running to the door and pleading with the doorman to no avail, Paris was forced to face the cold slap of rejection. Settling with sub-par Wendy's, she and Stavvy headed home for a night of calories and cuddling. Days earlier, Paris was spotted in a Morphine Generation tee signing autographs for anxious fans, one of whom brought a baseball bat for her to sign! Hey, I'm sure P has signed a lot more random things in her day!

Just when you think you know the Hiltons...

Paris Hilton seen on Nov 08 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. As Nicky and Paris Hilton do some damage shopping in Hollywood on November 8, Paris is seen apparently kissing another all-black-wearing punk rocker. What, was Travis Barker not enough? Due to a new tell-all expose House of Hilton, written by Jerry Oppenheimer, some of the Hilton family's darkest secrets are about to see the light, but whether or not there's truth to what is published is debatable. In the book, Oppenheimer says that Rick and Kathy Hilton didn't mind that practically everyone in the world saw their daughter Paris in her infamous explicit sex tape. The author says that Kathy is even proud of the tape, because in a way, it launched Paris to international superstardom. Twisted! Sources also tell us that Kathy may be the reason Paris is so overexposed, due to how when Paris was young, Kathy would encourage her to go out to clubs and would put makeup on her. This explains so much!

While Nicky is dressed cute in a pair of James Jeans and a military blazer, Paris looks like she's a Japanese tourist with her Harajuku Lovers tank, J Brand pencil jeans and sister Nicky's neon green disaster of a handbag. I know Nicky is the boring sister, but it might help to snag some style tips from her, P!

Paris gets over her last name

Paris Hilton seen on Nov 05 2006 in Beverly Hills, Ca. As Paris Hilton stopped at Jamba Juice in Beverly Hills on November 3 to get her smoothie fix, it finally became clear that Paris has to be the most color-coordinated dressed celebrity ever. Think about it. Her bag and shoes are always the same color, and now she is taking the heather gray thing to massive extremes! She looks like some sort of chic football referee, I mean even check out that headband action! In her gray J Brand skinny jeans and (shocking) gray Blackberry, I will give Paris this: she sure knows how to put an outfit together!

Now overseas in London, Paris allegedly spent only one night at the Park Lane Hilton Hotel before checking out, and switching to the trendier St Martin's Lane Hotel in Covent Garden. Its funny people are so surprised that Paris got over staying at the Hilton after only one night, because most people stay there once and then leave immediately afterwards, particularly when a certain Lohan comes around. Speaking of La Lohan, I wonder what P did the whole time while she attended the World Music Awards, hosted by one certain Paris-slanderer in particular. Maybe got drunk, wobbled to her car and said "Lindsay Lohan is a %&!@! Wait, no really, she's my friend".

Is paris part chia pet?

Paris Hilton seen on Oct 17 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. At Justin Timberlake's party celebrating his William Rast clothing line, Paris looked absolutely hair-raising, sprouting bangs and about two feet of hair seemingly overnight! While I have to admit Paris does look hot when she gives off that sultry/pouty look, this outfit really is workin' for her. The skinny jeans, the metallic sweater, blingin' Jacob and flashy gold purse.. all topped off with a sneaky peak of lace lingerie peeking out from the v-neck, go on with your bad self Paris! As many of you know, it is this time of year when thoughts about what to be for Halloween permeate our minds, and Paris' mind (yes, she does have one) is definitely no exception. Last year, P whipped out three different costumes for three different nights (a cavewoman, Playboy bunny and just the good old half naked lingerie costume), so her costume(s) this year are anyone's guess! She was spotted outside of Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles a few days ago.. so I'm gonna take a stab and say the costume is going to involve underwear!

For Paris' nighttime look here, get her J Brand 12 Inch Pencil Leg Jeans in Ink and pair with a metallic gold v-neck sweater, like our Misile Vlinka Gold Metallic Blouse. Hair extensions sold separately!

Knobby Knees 2006 Champ!

Paris Hilton seen on Oct 03 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. What's a girl to do the day after you get punched in the face? Duh, hit up Robertson! Paris Hilton put on her game face for a day of power shopping the day after her little altercation with Shanna Moakler at Hyde, but you know what? I don't see any bruises! I don't see any ice packs! If I was Hilton and I was trying to get a little public sympathy for being beat down the night before, I would have at least hired a makeup artist to bruise me up! It seems like Paris just can't catch a break lately. Album flop, DUI, getting punched.. it's all just another day in the life of Paris the heiress.

If you are aiming for a chic black and gray youthful ensemble, Paris' outfit might be just for you. Pair our gray plaid Johnson Gertrude Shorts in Uncle John with a long black tank, like our American Vintage Double Strap Cotton Tank in Noir. Just be sure and steer clear of Shanna's fists of fury!

the one margarita lives on!

Paris Hilton seen on Sep 20 2006 in West Hollywood, Ca. On a recent shopping spree at the Petro Zillia boutique in West Hollywood, Paris Hilton picked out a number of flirty outfits, and fell in love with the funky retro Sunglasses so much so that she bought them in the brown and lime green colors! Hilton should enjoy these carefree shopping days while they last, because she won't have much time left on the outside pretty soon!

Hilton was formerly charged with a DUI after driving to In N Out to feed her growling stomach after guzzling that infamous one margarita, and if convicted, Paris could spend up to six months in jail and pay fines upwards of $1,000. Well there's a reality show in the making! The Simple Life 5: Inmates! While Paris will most likely just be on probation and attend alcohol rehabilitation classes, can you imagine the media circus at that AA meeting? "Hi, I'm Paris, and I'm an alcoholic. Well, not really, I'm just forced to come here". That's hot!

Talk about big hair!

Paris Hilton seen on Sep 12 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Paris and Nicky Hilton strike their most modelicious poses at Heatherette's Spring 2007 Fashion Show in Los Angeles on September 12th. Modeling is what the heiress sisters first burst onto the scene doing back in the day, and personally, I think it's what they're best at! Nicky's clothing line is cute, but her handbags? Come on.. it looks like you could get those at one of those Everything is $10 Fashion Stores. And Paris, your album is fun club music, but you're acting is terrible.. Come on girls, start walking down the runway more often!

How cute, Paris travels with a blankie!

Paris Hilton seen on Aug 31 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Well isn't Paris a patron saint! Seen here on August 31 at LAX wearing the tank top version of Ella Moss' Ziggy 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck and edgy sweatpants similar to our Noble Decay Garden of Eden Lounge Pants, Hilton was spotted a few days later at a local Los Angeles McDonald's drive thru (isn't she supposed to have a restricted license from that whole DUI "thing"?) scoring a Happy Meal. While she waited in her Range Rover to turn, a homeless man approached Paris and asked her for a hundred dollars, and when Hilton paused, he asked for a dollar so that he could buy a hamburger. Well, Paris did end up giving the man a Benjamin, and posed for pictures with him. Then the guy goes ahead and asks her about "Lionel Richie's daughter". This guy is great! Even homeless people want to know the status of the feud!

Paris Wants us to  Forget <i>This!</i>

Paris Hilton seen on Aug 12 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Despite claiming that she did not want to promote her new straight-to-DVD bomb waiting to happen, National Lampoon's Pledge This!, Paris Hilton appeared at an event last night in Chicago promoting her new movie. Paris tells us how she does not want to be stereotyped as that "blonde airhead" and wants people to think of her as "doing more than just starring in a sex tape". Great way to change this image, P, by appearing in a Nation Lampoons movie as a drunken sorority girl! A wiser role choice would have been helpful, although when you're Paris Hilton I'm sure that deep, Oscar-worthy roles aren't being tossed at you. If P is so embarassed by this film in the first place though, why bother saying how you wish you had never filmed this movie and then go wave to photographers at the premiere? Paris apparently arrived an hour late, breezed down the red carpet, and then left before the movie even started! She should have been by Nicole's side in rehab, instead of Pledging for this sucky film!

Paris was spotted here two months ago at a release party for her album, which is being re-released just in time for Christmas FYI, rockin' one of Johnson's unique jumpers. Goin' all crazy with the matchy matchy red bag/belt/shoes.. P does look hot here, I'll give it to her!

Can you breathe with that belt, Paris?

Paris Hilton seen on Aug 06 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Always known for her knockout party dresses, Paris Hilton keeps it playful with this blue version of the Petro Zillia Holly Spaghetti Strap Dress. With a hot red leather belt strapped around her stomach so tight it looks as if she might burst, Paris is rockin' this outfit out. For a cute red belt similar to Paris', try out Elegantly Waisted Cinch Belt in Wine, that can be worn as high or as low as you like. With Paris' debut album, Paris, dropping in less than a week, many are anxious to see if Paris' singing career will live up to all the hype. If her new single, "Turn It Up", is any indicator, that is exactly what people will be doing to Paris' music.. turning it up!

Paris Rocks her J&Company Jeans

Paris Hilton seen on Aug 01 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Leaving a club, and only looking slightly disheveled, Paris reveals an edgier, rock 'n roll look that is definitely a departure from the more sophisticated and girly looks she's been sporting lately. In a belted vintage rock tee and black leather boots, Paris looks ready to show the town who's boss! Miss Hilton without a doubt chose the perfect jeans for this look, as these J&Company jeans immaculately compliment this edgy style. For a similar pair of J&Company jeans, try out our Highland Studded Jeans in Flood, with studded accents that are super funky and vintage inspired. Now that Paris proves she is a jeans and tee-shirt kinda girl, let's see how long it takes her to get back into an empire waist dress, because we all know those are her fave!

Stars Are Blind, Paris is Tall

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 22 2006 in Palma de Mallorca. Despite the fact that Paris Hilton is only around 5'7" in reality, she looks like an eleven foot Amazon woman in this picture! Paris was overseas in Palma de Mallorca recently performing her new single, "Stars Are Blind" to a captive audience. While Paris' long, flowing summer dress, super similar to our Lotta Stensson Tie Dye Silk Tube Dress in Aqua, is the perfect look for the heiress, there are other aspects of the outfit I am unsure of. Paris' yellow peeptoes look great with the yellow tones of the dress, but that big butterfly necklace and last summer's oversized Dior's? I'll pass. Either way, the song is hot, and so is Paris, so I guess that’s all that really matters.

Paris Hilton, Creature of Habit

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 11 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. Well it seems crystal clear now that Paris Hilton has found her favorite sunglasses of the summer, her Oliver Peoples Harlot Sunglasses in Brown. Spotted recently at the Portofino Sun Center & Spa wearin' these 70's-inspired oversized shades, Paris kept a good thing going as she went shopping and waved at fans on July 11. Because Paris is usually known for always going for the newest and hottest must-have item, it is refreshing to see her wear these hot shades over and over. I mean, this is the girl that is photographed with a different cell phone every time she goes out, so when she decides to stick with something, she must really love it!

For Paris, tanorexic is an understatement

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 06 2006 in Beverly Hills, Ca. It’s no shocker that Paris Hilton loves to tan, as Paris was spotted leaving the Portofino Sun Center & Spa in Beverly Hills recently, where she loves to do "Mystic cocktails", which is a Mystic tan followed by the tanning bed. Sportin’ 2 B Free sweats and our super-stylish Oliver Peoples' Harlot Sunglasses, these are the must-have Hollywood shades for the summer! Paris had a suspicious tanline around her waist, however. Hey, P… quick tip: Next time you go for a little indoor sun session, don’t wear your thong!

Paris, Queen of the Hollywood Jungle

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 06 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. At an event for famous boutique Kitson, Paris Hilton let her animal side come out wearing a leopard-print hoodie/tank combination. Cardinal rule number one P, don't mix and match your animal prints! She saved this look by throwing on the incredibly original Custom Courtney Jeans by Taverniti So, which has intricate back-pocket detailing that you won't find on any other jean out there. Having recently claimed that she is going to give up sex for an entire year, Paris is surely going to have to beat the boys off with a stick wearing super sexy denim like this!

Paris, Piling It On

Paris Hilton seen on Jul 02 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. Piling up the necklaces is the hot new trend, and Paris is always on the cutting edge of fashion, but pairing her outfit with the belt AND the vest is a bit much too much. -Perez

There's No Such Thing As Too Much Orange

Paris Hilton seen on May 06 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. Always with an eye for color coordination, Paris Hilton takes advantage of a sunny Los Angeles day with this flirty and vibrant sun dress. From the coral dress to the coral sandals, to reppin’ her little sis’ handbag line by carrying a bag with, you guessed it, matching coral "diamonds", P.Hil is so head to toe in coral that she belongs under the sea! To steal Paris’ summery look, start with an incredible sun dress. Our Lotta Stensson Short Halter Dress in Coral is super similar to Miss Hilton’s, as well as is our Rebecca Norman 36" Chain Link Necklace in Vermeil, to finish the look and jazz up a naked neck. Probably claiming to be walking to the recording studio to finish up her debut album that was supposed to drop this month but is now pushed back to September, you know she’s probably walking to the tanning salon to work on her summer glow. Actually, I’ll give Paris props for walking anywhere because she could probably just hire someone to carry her around wherever she wanted to go.

Paris Hilton in Ya-Ya

Paris Hilton seen on Apr 23 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. At a recent event in Los Angeles, Paris Hilton wears a lacy and demure frock by Ya-Ya. Simple accessories, like the single strand of pearls Paris wears, complement the flirty dress extremely well. Always a fan of ultra-girly looks, it's no surprise that Paris has taken a liking to Ya-Ya, whose line of feminine and chic looks are growing in popularity.

Paris Hilton in Asha Couture

Paris Hilton seen on Apr 10 2006 in Hawaiii. Paris takes a dip in the tropical Hawaiian ocean to cool off from the sun in this vibrant, colorful swimsuit. The key to Paris' effortlessly chic beach look is, of course, a killer tan, along with oversized white shades (white is so hot right now) and a striking bikini. No bikini is more striking than our Asha Couture La Mer Bikini in Retro, similar to the suit Paris wears. Next step, book plane ticket to Hawaii!

Paris Hilton in Da Nang

Paris Hilton seen on Mar 20 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Always on the move, Paris always finds a way to run errands while still looking cute. Paris can be crowned the queen of "leisure-chic", as she constantly rocks out with 2 B Free, Twisted Heart, or Da'Nang sweatsuits. In this case, to get Paris' look, match a pair of dark red sweats, similar to our Da'Nang Embroidered Sweat Pants with a striped long sleeve tee, like our Pegah Anvarian Long Sleeve Striped Scoop Tee. Voila! Instant heiress.

Paris Hilton in Raw 7

Paris Hilton seen on Oct 13 2005 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton wears a Raw 7 yellow long sleeve t-shirt that compliments the heiresses blonde locks. For more Raw 7, click here.

Paris Hilton wearing a Bellekat top

Paris Hilton seen on Jun 11 2005 in Los Angeles, CA. Paris Hilton accessorized her Bellkat top well with a matching purse. Her new brown puppy looked great with her outfit!

Paris in Jessica Elliot

Paris Hilton seen on Feb 15 2005 in Los Angeles, California. Paris compliments her daring neckline with an edgy lock necklace from Jessica Elliot. Except for her Fraggle Rock hair, we love this look!

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