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"Confidence! Style! Elegance!" is what we want our customers to see and feel in our beachwear." say Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu, the founders of OYE. Born and raised in Istanbul, the twins shared more than just the looks when they were growing up: the passion for traveling and shopping! It was during one of their trips, in India, the twins found their muse: the semi-precious stones of Jaipur. They used them religiously in any occasion, and when Ayca's beachwear dangling with these semi precious stones became a hit amongst their friends, Zeynep saw a business opportunity. Leveraging their diverse academic and professional background, Zeynep (a graduate of Haverford College majoring in Economics and Italian) and Ayca (graduate of John Hopkins majoring in Art History and Film & Media studies) joined forces in 2005 to create a beachwear line for women who are confident and like to be unique. Aya's talent for design & eye for aesthetics combined with Zeynep's business & brand management skills....ET VOILA! OYE (Open your eyes) was established. OYE invites the customers to open their eyes to see beyond fashion on the beach. The designs target women who seek high quality beachwear with an elegant and alluring edge. Ayca & Zeynep produce sexy lines that will satisfy even the most demanding and uncompromising clientele. OYE products are all handmade, using the highest quality fabrics with exceptional workmanship in pursuit of the extraordinary appeal and style.

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