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Well-known socialite and daughter of singer Lionel Richie, Nicole was born in Berkeley, California on September 21, 1981. Although there have been several accounts of Richie’s birth, according to Nicole in an April 2006 interview with Tatler magazine, her biological father was a drummer who worked with Richie and her mother a backstage assistant to the musician. At age three Richie was informally adopted by Lionel and his wife Brenda-Harvey Richie. As a child Richie tested her own talents and dabbled in several musical instruments as well as figure skating. Richie also briefly attended college at the University of Arizona.

Richie’s most notable television appearance was the reality television series The Simple Life in 2003 alongside best friend and fellow socialite, Paris Hilton. Then in April 2005, approaching the contractual signing of their second season of The Simple Life, rumors lingered of trouble in paradise and a possible end to the Simple Life series. Although it is still unclear what prompted the seemingly abrupt fall-out between Richie and best friend and business partner Paris Hilton, Richie and Hilton agreed the show must go on and filmed The Simple Life 4: Till Death Do Us Apart. Ironically, the series follows the former friends in similar, “everyday Joe” predicaments as the first seasons, except the two are filmed completely separate. Richie , the current face of Jimmy Choo is still on-again off-again with longtime boyfriend Adam Goldstein, better known in Hollywood as DJ AM.

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Nicole Richie has been seen wearing 3CP, 3J Workshop, Aaneta, Antoinette Lee Designs, Bellekat, Brette Sandler, Cake Couture, Deener, Dutchy, Ecoganik, Ella Moss, Gold Hawk, Heatherette, IISLI, J Brand, Jewel By Bear, Joe's Jeans, Johnson, Karen ZAMBOS, LaROK, Laura Dahl, Linea Pelle, Lotta Stensson, Misile, Moe Bags, Nation Ltd, Nour, Paige Premium Denim, Parameter, ParkVogel, Pegah Anvarian, Petro Zillia, Pierce Jeans, Plenty by Tracy Reese, Rachel Leigh, Rails, Raw 7, Rebecca Norman Jewelry, Saint Grace, Signorelli, Szulika, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Walter, Woo, ZG by Grimaldi, Zoa,

3CP 3J Workshop Aaneta Antoinette Lee Designs Bellekat Brette Sandler Cake Couture Deener Dutchy Ecoganik Ella Moss Gold Hawk Heatherette IISLI J Brand Jewel By Bear Joe's Jeans Johnson Karen ZAMBOS LaROK Laura Dahl Linea Pelle Lotta Stensson Misile Moe Bags Nation Ltd Nour Paige Premium Denim Parameter ParkVogel Pegah Anvarian Petro Zillia Pierce Jeans Plenty by Tracy Reese Rachel Leigh Rails Raw 7 Rebecca Norman Jewelry Saint Grace Signorelli Szulika Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Walter Woo ZG by Grimaldi Zoa

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1. I knew it couldn't last!

I knew it couldn't last!The most shocking reunion the world has seen since recent memory occurred last night in West Hollywood at restaurant Dan Tana's when Paris Hilton stepped out of her silver Range Rover (does she expect people to just forget she has a restricted license?), followed by Nicole Richie stepping out of the passenger side! This set the paparazzi into a flashbulb frenzy, as these two starlets have made their bitter feud so public that a reunion was never expected. While rumors circulated among the skeptics that it was all a publicity stunt and they remained friends the whole time, it is so gratifying to see these two finally breaking bread together. Because really, if Paris and Nicole can't make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

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2. Well this is awkward!

Well this is awkward!It’s a good thing a room has four corners, because you know each of these four and her posse took up camp in one of them! While now famous rivals Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie claim to have not spoken to one another since filming the season finale of the most recent “Simple Life”, I am still holding strong to my theory that they are still friends and are playing up this whole hatred for publicity! And Mischa and Rachel, these two used to be BFF while filming “The OC”, but now are barely ever seen together and now that Mischa has been killed off of the show, probably won’t hang for a while! Geez, can’t everyone just get along!

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3. Boyfriend swap!

Boyfriend swap!Young Hollywood is always a game of romance roulette! The ever-striking Nicole Richie has been struttin' her stuff all over town lately with new beau Brody Jenner, self-proclaimed "Prince of Malibu". Brody just peaced out of his recent relationship with "Laguna Beach" babe Kristin Cavallari, who has now recently been spotted with Nicole's ex fiancee, DJ AM, after Kristin wore a shirt undoubtedly aimed at Nicole proclaiming "You Can Have Him!". Geez Louise, drama drama drama! All these young starlets are hilarious, they act like there's only 10 guys in Hollywood to date and they have to just continuously swap between them!

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4. Nicole's big meal for the day

Nicole's big meal for the dayNicole Richie is seen here gorging herself on a hugely filling meal.. you know shaved ice and corn syrup can really make a girl feel disgustingly full! Nicole has lately been quoted in the June issue of Vanity Fair as saying that she realizes she is too thin and needs to do something about it, and even though she has tried to gain weight "her way" (which she says is apparently eating lots of burritos) it hasn't been working so far.

What I wanna know is where are all of these pictures of Nicole eating burritos? This girl is tracked by paparazzi 24 hours a day, and you know if they ever caught her pigging out at the Del Taco drive thru that would make the US Weekly cover in a heartbeat! Nicole, show the world you're eating more than ice and coffee, shove a pizza into your mouth in front of the paps, girl!

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SPLITSVILLE YET AGAINSometimes no matter how hard you try at something it just won't work. This proves true for Nicole Richie and her on-again off-again boyfriend, DJ A.M., as they have called it quits yet again. The couple were engaged last year, but broke it off, and recently tried working things out. A trip to Mexico full of sun and PDA later, the couple is crashing and burning once more.

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6. Frizzle McShizzle

Frizzle McShizzleWhile on a trip to meet with stylist Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie was as friendly and cordial to the paparazzi even after a long night. Of course, she is sportin' her huge sunglasses, this time they look like they came straight out of a Robert Palmer 80's video or something. Another Nicole signature, the straight-leg jeans (J-Brand?) and flats are yet again making an appearance, and let's not forget about the Blackberry! And also, we need to give her props for what appears to be a vintage Pucci in that bag!

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7. The Next Big Fix

The Next Big FixSo we saw that Ashlee Simpson got a nose job!?! Could this be the next big fix? Nicole told TV Hits magazine that if there was anything about herself that she could change, it would be her nose. She also mentioned that her nose isn't the only body part she doesn't like, she also has issues about her weight. She's unhappy with how thin she's been this past year. She blames her drastic weight-loss on her breakup with DJ AM. Now that they're back together, hopefully she'll realize she's as fabulous as we think she is.

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Nicole Richie seen on Apr 24 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed attending Baby2Baby Mother’s Day Party which was held in LA on April 24, while continuing to sport her lavender hair at the event. Outfit wise, Nicole paired a peachy-nude maxi dress (Flynn Skye's Amber Dress in Sherbert is similar) with a pair of nude strappy sandals (check out either Koolaburra's Kanita Laser in Stone or ASH Footwear's Macumba Skull Thong Sandals in Tan) for her simple look. Do you think that Nicole should have added a piece of jewelry, say such as Ben Amun's Crystal Chain Necklace in Multi, to her outfit? Or do you like the simplicity here? At the event, Nicole was spotted catching up with pals Rache Zoe and Molly Simms, and her and Rachel seemed to be especially happy to spend some time together! According to Daily Mail, "Nicole and Rachel were feuding back in 2006 after the Simple Life star fired the stylist. But that certainly seemed very much in the past as they wrapped their arms around each other and pressed their faces together. Also at the event, there was face painting, caricatures, a dancefloor and lots of delicious snacks including candyfloss and a chocolate fountain." Sounds like a fun time was had by all!


Nicole Richie seen on Apr 04 2014 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed arriving at Lucky Magazine's Lucky FABB: Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference on April 4, which was held at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Attending to speak on a style panel, Nicole continued to sport her violet colored hair, this time in a pinned up-do. Outfit wise, NR paired a floral Givenchy blazaer (for another floral topper option, check out Tigerlily's Grassie Kimono Top in Print) over a J Brand t-shirt (like Lanston's Circle Tunic in Heather Grey) and a pair of leather J Brand pants. For a similar option, check out 3.1 Phillip Lim's Jodhpur Pant in Black. From there, Nicole accessorized with a House of Harlow 1960 necklace (try Heather Gardner's Horn Necklace in Ivory) and a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. What are your thoughts on Nicole's latest ensemble, everyone? If you were a fan of Nicole's recent AOL web series "#CandidlyNicole," you'll be pleased to hear that VH1 has picked this up as a series! According to USA Today," "#CandidlyNicole is based on her popular AOL Web series, which was adapted from her Twitter feed, made up of her musings about everything from parenting to pop culture to random observations. The VH1 version will feature all-new content in eight half-hour episodes premiering July 17." So excited to check this out!


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 06 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. Speaking of new hair color, Nicole Richie was spotted leaving lunch with hubby Joel Madden in LA on March 6, rocking her newly dyed lavender locks while carrying a to-go cup of iced coffee. Do you like this bold look for Nicole, everyone? Wonder if this is going to just be a short-lived and temporary change, or if she's going to keep the purple color for a while? Outfit wise, Nicole wore a grey sweatshirt (like True Grit's Crew Sweatshirt in Vintage Black) under a silk blazer (get the look with Gold Hawk's Drape Silk Blazer in Grey), and then slipped into a pair of distressed skinny jeans (like Genetic Denim's Shya Cigarette Jean in Torch). From there, Nic wore a pair of grey flats and carried a black bag (try Kooba Handbags' Leroy in Black), and finished off her outfit with an oversized pair of black shades. In other Nicole news, the mogul mom recently announced that she is release a new fragrance this month, which is going to be called "No Rules by Nicole Richie." The fragrance will have notes of Mediterranean Orange Flower, Turkish Almond Blossom, Balinese Frangipani, Purple Jasmine, and Brazilian Coconut Water. It also has Madagascan Vanilla Bean Extract and Amethyst Crystal Musk. According to Nicole, "I try not to go by any rules, especially when I’m talking about mixing prints, because I’m so inspired by the ’60s and ’70s - and their rule was that there were no rules." Can't wait to smell it!


Nicole Richie seen on Feb 22 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was in attendance at Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour in LA on February 22, and was photographed leaving the concert with her husband Joel Madden. To recreate Nic's bangin' concert ensemble, try starting with a cozy turtleneck sweater (like Inhabit's Shaker Turtleneck in Charcoal) and then slip on a leather jacket, like June's Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Black. From there, add on a black fur vest (try Stella & Jamie's Felicia Fur Vest in Black) over the jacket, and finish things off with a great pair of white skinny jeans (I love J Brand's Nikola Moto Mid Rise Jean in Blanc) and black boots. Do you like Nicole's layered B&W ensemble this time around, everyone? In other Nicole news, she recently chatted about how she's not fond of wearing black... which is kind of confusing given her outfit here! Nicole said: "I don't like to wear black because it brings me down. I've always been someone who's extremely relaxed in my everyday life. I'm not the girl who can wear awful seven-inch heels all night. I keep it simple - I consider myself to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl who just accessorizes a lot. I like color around my face because it does something to me emotionally." So funny how after saying all of that, Nic is contracting herself by wearing a ton of black! Maybe she was having an off night?


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 27 2013 in West Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted staying warm as she made her way around West Hollywood on December 27, keeping her street style casual and cozy on this occasion. Starting with a warm knitted coat (Free People's Sweater Duster in Black/White is similar) and a blue sweater (like Line's Cashmere Ribbed Crew in Ultra Marine), Nicole then slipped into a pair of grey skinny jeans (similar to J Brand's Photo Ready Super Skinny Midrise in Onyx). On the accessory front, Nicole wore a pair of Ray-Ban aviators and a pair of black boots (get the look with Rag & Bone's Moto Boot in Continuous Black) and finished off her look with a bag at her waist. Is this cold-weathered ensemble one that you would rock, readers? Nicole recently chatted with ELLE on her opinion of holiday party dressing, including the standard sequin dresses that pretty much everyone seems to don this time of year. According to Nicole: "You know what, I'm not a big sequins fan in general, except for the holidays. That's when I really like to just sequin it up. I think "Why not? It's one time of year. Just do it up!" So I'm actually all about the sequins for the holidays. But not in my regular life." Do any of you share Nicole's sequin sentiments?


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 05 2013 in Miami, FL. Nicole Richie looked chic as ever as she posed for photographers at the Audemars Piguet Exhibit that was held at Art Basel in Miami, FL on December 5, in a blue and white Emilio Pucci Resort 2014. Nicole's look consisted of a pair of white pants with blue embroidery and a matching blue neoprene crop top, which she accessorized with a pair of white Manolo Blahnik pumps and a Givenchy handbag. To emulate this outfit for everyday life, try either Nightcap's Liquid Slacks in White or Mason's Trouser in Cobalt, and then add on Donna Mizani's Crop Top in Cobalt and a pair of white heels. Such a stylish color combo, no? In other Nicole news, the stylish star reunited with her former "Simple Life" co-star Paris Hilton in Miami! Paris posted a photo on Instagram with Nicole and Derek Blasberg, and captioned the photo: "Miami Nights with @DerekBlasberg & @NicoleRichie. #OldFriends #GoodTimes" While Nicole and Paris haven't been photographed together in what seems like forever, it's no secret that the two have known each other since they were kids! Paris recently told Wendy Williams that they've "been best friends since we were 2 years old." Would any of you tune in if the girls decide to join forces for a new season of "Simple Life"?


Nicole Richie seen on Oct 24 2013 in West Hollywood, CA. In addition to Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie also attended WhoWhatWear & Cadillac’s 50 Most Fashionable Women Of 2013, where she played host for the very stylish evening. Decked out in a sequined Dilek Hanif dress over a pair of Robin’s Jeans leather pants and Christian Louboutin pumps, Nicole accessorized her whimsical look with a pair of Maison Michel lace cat ears and a ring and clutch from her line House of Harlow. To emulate Nicole's ensemble, try pairing either Sue Wong's Petal Bubble Organza Cocktail Dress in Black or Kimikal's Marilyn in Black with a pair of leather bottoms, like Alice + Olivia's Front Zip Leather Leggings in Black. From there, add on a cool ring (try Nialaya's Cross Ring in Silver Black Rhodium Plating) and a pair of animal ears - if you dare. Thoughts on the addition of Nicole's bunny ears here, everyone? Do you think that they work with the rest of her 'fit? At the event, NR chatted with "Extra" about what her must haves for fall are this year, saying: "I always like to get a new coat that’s fun, a cool pair of boots and red lipstick." Sweet, short and simple... classic Nicole!


Nicole Richie seen on Oct 17 2013 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed on the red carpet of the Wallis Annenberg Center For Performing Arts Inaugural Gala that was held in Beverly Hills on October 17, and looked fabulous in an embellished Dolce & Gabbana gown. Nicole then accessorized her look with a pair of (unseen) Emporio Armani shoes and several House of Harlow 1960 rings. What are your thoughts on Nicole in this dress for the occasion, everyone? Does the sheerness of the dress and her visible black undergarments bother you? If you're interested in translating this look into one that's a bit more casual and wearable, try a similarly patterned maxi dress from one of the many designers here on CoutureCandy. Decode 1.8's Printed Maxi in Spice Red, Tricia Fix's Halter Maxi Dress in Fuchsia Flower, Gypsy 05's Sanur Maxi Dress in Tropical Reef, and Michelle Jonas' Keyhole Top Dress in Hongkong are all nice options. At the event, Nicole was seen catching up with two hot moms-to-be, including No Doubt songstress Gwen Stefani and former stylist/frenemy Rachel Zoe. In fact, Nicole and Rachel seemed to be enjoying their time together, as Nicole was seen reaching out and placing her hand on Rachel's growing baby bump. So sweet! Rachel also took to her Instagram to post a photo of the three hot moms, and captioned it "Moms night out." Sounds like all three stylish ladies had a great time!


Nicole Richie seen on Sep 04 2013 in New York, NY. Nicole Richie was seen strolling around NYC on September 4, prior to her stylish hosting gig at the 2013 Style Awards that were held to kick off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 at Lincoln Center. For her street style ensemble, Nicole started with a statement-making Givenchy silk blouse, and paired it with a black top (like Gypsy 05's Klimt Silk/Crepe Top with Pocket in Noir) and a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans (get the look with J Brand's Aidan Slouchy Boy Jean in Zen). From there, Nicole added on a unique belt (check out Elegantly Waisted's NYX Belt in Antique Brass) and a pair of oversized cat eye sunglasses, and then toted a black clutch (Julie K Handbags' Envie Black Cobra is a wardrobe staple). Her favorite Saint Laurent black and white cap toe heels finished off her look. What's your take on Nicole's outfit on this occasion, readers? In other Nicole news, the stylish starlet recently opened up the Laurel Canyon home that she shares with hubby Joel Madden and their two children for Domaine Home. According to Huffington Post: "The first step in creating this dreamy yard was figuring out her color palette. Richie admitted that before, the colors were "all over to place." She finally narrowed her hues down to turquoise, yellow, and black. Little accents like clear globe lights from Target, lanterns from Pottery Barn and flatware from West Elm, created a seriously inviting space for Richie to host an amazing outdoor dinner party." Nicole went on to describe her "no assigned seating" rule, saying: "I like people to come to my house and feel like they can do whatever they want. We're all about having everything be really eclectic and relaxed." Much like Nicole herself!


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 08 2013 in New York, NY. Nicole Richie kept it chic in NYC as she did some shopping at Curve on August 8, opting for a minimal yet bold black and white look. Wearing a white Mugler shirt with an asymmetrical silhouette (check out both 3.1 Phillip Lim's Back Zipper Shirt in Antique White or Joie's Watson in Porcelain for two similar options) and a pair of quilted Balmain leather pants (get the look with Alice + Olivia's Front Zip Leather Leggings in Black, or go faux with Rich & Skinny's Legacy Jean in Tar), Nicole added on a pair of two-tone black and white Saint Laurent flats. With her hair sleekly up in a bun and minimal makeup, I think that Nicole definitely rocked this look. What are your thoughts on her latest sartorial outing, everyone? While Nicole was in New York, she filled in for Kelly Ripa for a co-hosting gig on the popular daytime show "Live with Kelly and Michael," and had this to say about her time with Michael Strahan: "He was the perfect host. He made me feel welcome, loved, and very, very short." Haha! Michael does tower in comparison to Nicole's petite frame... did any of you check out Nicole's co-hosting gig?


Nicole Richie seen on Jul 26 2013 in St Tropez, France. Nicole Richie was spotted enjoying the sun in St. Tropez, France on July 26, accompanied by her husband Joel Madden and two children Harlow and Sparrow on this warm-weather getaway. For her seaside ensemble, Nicole wore a blue crop top (check out Donna Mizani's Crop Top in Cobalt) with a pair of jean cut off shorts (for a similar pair, try Joe's Jeans' Short in Kikki), and then opted to go barefoot as she walked along the dock. A pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, a black belt (try Elise M.'s Deena Braided Hip Belt in Black) and an embroidered clutch (get the look with Cleobella's Gaia Embroidered Clutch in Multi) finished off her outfit. Thoughts, everyone? I love how the shades of blue that she is wearing complement the ocean! For some Nicole news that's kind of a bummer, it was recently announced that her fashion competition show "Fashion Star" has been canceled after two seasons. According to Us Weekly: "NBC entertainment president Bob Greenblatt confirmed this during the summer TCA press tour on Saturday, July 27. The show - which documented a group of fashion designers competing to have their garments sold in Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Express stores - drew just 2.5 million viewers during its May 10 finale. The low-rated program got a major makeover in its second season, beginning with moving the show from Tuesday to Friday nights. Express took over for H&M on the buyers' panel. Louise Roe, meanwhile, replaced original host Elle Macpherson, who retained her role as executive producer. Simpson, Richie and Varvatos were also assigned teams of designers, making their involvement more hands-on." Are any of you sad that this show got the axe?


Nicole Richie seen on Jul 02 2013 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed holding hands with her adorable daughter Harlow in Beverly Hills on July 2, the day after Nicole had a girl's night out at the Beyonce concert at Staples Center. For her casual summertime ensemble, Nicole paired a sleeveless white top (like Bailey 44's Reaction Time Top in White) with a pair of faded denim shorts (get the look with Dittos' Patchwork Shorts in Blue) and a studded black belt (for an option with unique hardware, check out Elegantly Waisted's Kelly Belt in Black). From there, NR added on a classic pair of Ray-Ban aviators, toted a black shoulder bag and slipped into a pair of low black booties (try Steve Madden's Prizzze Bootie in Black). Minimal makeup and a sleek hairstyle finished off her street style. Thoughts on this outfit for Nicole, readers? The stylish starlet recently chatted with People about her latest style tips, including what she's found men do and don't like when it comes to women's style. Said Nicole: "I have found that men don’t like too many bells and whistles. They’re not into hats or red lipstick. They’re more drawn to simplicity... and a short skirt. Shocker." Ha! Nicole went on to dish on how taking risks is what it's all about in terms of fashion. "Take risks because that’s what makes it fun. Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression. [Using] different fabrics and constructions, it’s all part of this game of dress up that we, on some level, are all playing," she said. So true!


Nicole Richie seen on Apr 30 2013 in New York, NY. Nicole Richie made an appearance at the 2013 AOL Digital Content NewFront that was held at Moynihan Station in NYC on April 30, donning an all-white ensemble for her New York night. Wearing head-to-toe Saint Laurent, Nicole added a bit of bling to her outfit with a sparkly pair of vintage statement earrings. If you're interested in translating Nicole's look into a real life outfit, try picking a long sleeved white dress (such as Boulee's Caleb Dress in White Lace or Sue Wong's Long Sleeve Dress in Ivory) and then add on a dazzling pair of earrings. Both Andara's Teardrop Earrings in Silver Drusy and Lewis Henry Nicholas' Salome Hoop Earrings in Silver are fab options. Nicole was in attendance at the AOL event due to the fact that her new web series "Candidly Nicole" recently debuted on the channel, and can I just say how excited I am for this? Nicole is so hilarious, so it's great to see her personality captured on camera once again. For those of you who are following the red carpet of tonight's 2013 Met Gala, you might have been quite shocked to see Nic debut white hair! Nicole's dramatic updo was sprayed a white/grey/silver color, to offset her deep burgundy lipstick and white Topshop frock. Love that she took such a huge fashion risk - I think that her hair, along with Anne Hathaway's platinum blonde locks, were one of the biggest style statements on the carpet!


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 07 2013 in New York, NY. Nicole Richie was seen heading into "The Today Show" studio in NYC on March 7, to promote the return of her show "Fashion Star" on NBC. Outfit wise, Nicole went with a look that was casual with an edge. Starting with a black biker jacket (for a more unique color, check out June's Motorcycle Jacket in Burgundy), Nicole then layered what seems to be a mix of beige velvet with a printed black and green button up shirt over a basic neutral tank (like Minnie Rose's Layering Tank in Oyster). From there, NR slipped into a pair of skinny jeans (for a great fitting basic, try J Brand's Mid Rise Skinny in Karma) and added on a pair of black circular sunnies, a ton of rings, and an edgy spike necklace. Get the look with Jennifer Elizabeth's Joplin Necklace in Matte Silver. Do you like this look for Nicole, friends? For those of you who are fans of Nicole's fashion and jewelry lines Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960, you'll be excited to hear that she has released a short fashion film for the lines' spring collections! The film was directed by Hugh Lippe and stars Sasha Spielberg. It seems that Sasha has become Nicole's new fashion muse, as the designer had this to say about the budding star: "When I first met Sasha, I knew immediately she would be perfect for the video. Something about the way she carries herself. Sasha truly embodies the Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 girl. Someone who is confident and fun yet still a bit reserved and elegant." Have any of you checked out the video yet?


Nicole Richie seen on Feb 24 2013 in West Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie was seen posing on the red carpet of the 2013 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party that was held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood last night, February 24. Nicole decided to make a bold sartorial statement in a black and white Roberto Cavalli gown with a plunging neckline, and then toted a red clutch and wore a dainty necklace. To complete her look, Nicole donned several gold rings, and then finished things off with a pointed black manicure. If you're interested in translating Nicole's sexy B&W partytime ensemble into a more wearable look, try wearing either Savee Couture's Open Back Dress in Black or Boulee's Caleb Dress in White Lace, and then add on Linea Pelle Collection's Dylan Quilted Chevron in Crimson. A delicate necklace, such as Liz Larios' Warrior Necklace in Gold/Silver, will give your look just the right amount of polish. What's your take on Nicole's post-Oscars outfit - sexy and chic, or a bit too exposed? In other Nicole news, the "Fashion Star" darling recently had a chat with WWD about her inspiration behind her latest collection, which proved to be based on her travels over the year. Said Nic: "I've pretty much been everywhere this year, [including] Australia and the Caribbean. You are definitely going to see, [reflected in] the beading and the artwork, my inspiration from travel. You have to be able to have fun and take risks!" Can't wait to see her newest collection!


Nicole Richie seen on Jan 24 2013 in West Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed on the red carpet of ELLE’s Women in Television event, which was hosted by the editor-in-chief Robin Myers at Soho House in West Hollywood on January 24. At the event, Nicole debuted her new shorter 'do that she tweeted photos of a bit earlier! It's nice to see Nic return to this hairstyle - it was one of my favorites back when she rocked it in 2009. For her event ensemble, NR opted to wear a light grey zipper dress that was paired with embellished pumps, a black clutch, and - of course - plenty of House of Harlow jewels. To get a look similar to Nicole's, start with a dress that has a similar silhouette. Shin Choi's Caden Dress in Cream is a great option, as is one of Alexia Admor's adorable frocks. The Fit and Flare Dress in White and the Floral Jacquard in Blue are both fab options. From there, add on a few unique accessories (Jennifer Elizabeth's Khloe Ring in Oxidized Silver is a cool option that resembles the rings that NR wore on her right hand) to complete your look. What are your thoughts on Nicole's look here, everyone - and are you liking her new hairstyle? In other news, the former "Simple Life" star recently chatted with InStyle Magazine about her debut fragrance, which she noted was greatly inspired by her mother, Brenda. According to Nicole: "I grew up with a mom who loved beauty. I have many memories of watching her get ready as she layered her oils and lotions, and this fragrance is a scent that I associate with her." How sweet! According to Hollywood Life, Nicole also shared several of her beauty favorites and inspirations, which included "Bobby Brown concealer and eyeliner, MAC mascara and NARS bold red lip color. Her mother Brenda has had the most influence on her style as well as 60's and 70's bohemian legends Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg and the rock-and-roll style of Keith Richards." Are you at all surprised by Nicole's inspirations?


Nicole Richie seen on Nov 20 2012 in Studio City, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed accompanying her daughter Harlow to pal Ashlee Simpson's son Bronx's fourth birthday party, which was held at The Coop in Studio City on November 20. For her kiddie soiree ensemble, Nicole started with a pair of black skinny jeans (like Paige Premium Denim's Skyline Ankle Peg in Black Ink) and then wore Givenchy's Rottweiler sweatshirt (if you like the idea of a bold, graphic print, try the ultra-sweet L/S Sequin Hearts Top in Black by Wildfox Couture) underneath a long black coat (try True Grit's Long Shawl Coat in Black), and then finished off her look with a pair of oversized black cat eye sunglasses, a pair of black high top Converse sneakers, and a black Balenciaga handbag. For a similar option that's much more wallet-friendly, take a peek at Zambos & Siega's Dae Bag in Black. What are your thoughts on Nic's outfit here, everyone? Is this similar to something you might wear while taking your kids to a children's birthday party? In other Nicole news, she has definitely been enjoying a lot of quality time with her kids lately - first, Bronx's birthday and now taking her tots to see "Yo Gabba Gabba" at the Nokia Theater along with hubby Joel Madden. According to Gossip Girls, "The chic fashion designer wore a black top, black pants, boots, a gray scarf, and a wide-brimmed green hat as she carried little Sparrow on her shoulders. Meanwhile, her rocker hubby wore a black button-down shirt, tennis shoes, and a black baseball cap as he carried their daughter, Harlow." Such a cute family outing!


Nicole Richie seen on Sep 12 2012 in New York, NY. Nicole Richie was seen promoting her new clothing line for Macy's in NYC on September 12, rocking a number of sultry poses on the red carpet as the photogs flashed away. Outfit wise, Nicole wore a long sleeved turquoise velvet dress - which I would assume is from her Macy's line - along with a pair of bordeaux booties and a bevvy of rings. To score a look inspired by Nicole's megachic style, start with a dress in a similar hue of teal - try Bianca Nero's Satin Chiffon Mini with Beaded Waist in Emerald for an arms-free version, or Ladakh's HipsterDress in Blue for a longer version. From there, go with the motto that more is more when it comes to finger adornment, and pile on the rings. Two of Femme Metale Jewelry's rings are especially rad, including the Lion Button Ring in Sterling Silver and the Black Snake Ring in Silver. Do you like Nicole's look on this occasion - including her dramatic, matchy matchy eye makeup - everyone? Nicole couldn't contain her excitement about joining the Macy's family, as she recently tweeted: "INCREDIBLE day! So excited to officially be a part of the Macy’s family #MacysImpulse" Are any of you anxious to check out her newest collection?


Nicole Richie seen on Sep 05 2012 in New York, NY. Nicole Richie looked stylish and sexy as she attended the 2012 Style Awards held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Stage at Lincoln Center on September 5, as she was there to present the award for Hair Stylist of the Year to Andy LeCompte. For her stylish ensemble, Nicole paired an Anthony Vaccarello dress with a pair of complementary Costume National heels, Neil Lane rings, and an Edie Parker clutch. To steal Nicole's look for your next soiree, start with one of Stretta's equally seductive numbers, such as the Reese Dress in Black or the Carrie Dress in Black. From there, accessorize with Femme Metale Jewelry's Spiked Dome Ring in Sterling Silver and Julie K Handbags' Envie Black Cobra Clutch. Voila! You'll have a killer outfit just like Nicole's. What are your thoughts on NR's outfit here, everyone - yay or nay? Nicole recently chatted with People Magazine about how her kids regularly give her feedback on her outfits - adorable! - and said: "I was wearing these polka-dot harem pants the other day and my daughter said to me, 'Mom, why are you wearing your pajamas out?' I was like, oh boy, already getting an opinion. My son always comes up to me and gives me a hug if he thinks I look pretty. Their biggest compliment to me if I’m wearing anything with sequins on it, they tell me that I look like a princess." Soooo cute!


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 17 2012 in Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie showed up looking stylish as usual to Virgin America’s 5th Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival After Party, which was held on August 17 in Hollywood. For her outfit, Nicole paired a black long sleeved Mugler top (for a similar, basic option check out Splendid's Crew Neck Top in Black, or for one with a bit more edge, try The Battalion's Longsleeve Crochet Overlay Crewneck in Grey) with a laser-cut black leather skirt from her line Winter Kate. While a leather skirt look might be a little much to wear in real life during the summer, Brandy Melville's breezy high-low Cameron Skirt in Black is another super cute option to pair with this look. From there, Nicole accessorized with a pair of two-tone Jimmy Choo platforms, House of Harlow skull earrings, and a bright orange Chanel clutch. For a similarly eye-catching clutch in a vibrant color, try Julie K Handbags' Sasha Coral Lamb Clutch. What's your take on NR's ensemble here, everyone - is it a winner in your eyes? I like that she went the all black route and then added a level of fun with the pop of color via the clutch. In other Nicole news, she recently dished on the pressures of a design carer to the media. According to NR: "You're only as good as your last season. My main focus just with everything that I design is to really get to know the customer, and I spend a lot of time doing that. I'm traveling all year just with various appearances that I do for Winter Kate and House of Harlow, and the reason that I do these appearances is because I really get to come face-to-face with my customer, and as I'm watching them in the store I can see what pieces they're wearing, I can see what they're drawn to, what people's favorite pieces are and people are always wanting to tell me a story of how they got that ring or that bracelet, or how they wear their tops or their sunglasses. That's something that I pay attention to and that I really take into consideration whenever I'm designing the next collection." Very interesting!


Nicole Richie seen on Jul 04 2012 in Malibu, CA. Nicole Richie was caught by the paparazzi as she had breakfast at Coogie's Beach Cafe in Malibu on July 4, and was accompanied by her adorable kids Harlow and Sparrow and her hubby Joel Madden. For her laid back, casual look, Nicole paired distressed black denim shorts (like Work Custom Jeans' Panther Short in Phantom Black or Sold Design Lab's Snake Short in IYG) with a striped tee (such as Fresh Laundry's Short Sleeve Stripe Top in Pearl) under a navy sweater (check out Tysa's Sweater in Navy), and then wore a pair of studded black Converse sneakers. Black Converse seem to be all the rage for Hollywood's fashionistas lately... notice Miley wore a pair below! An Obey hat and black Ray-Ban Wayfarers completed Nicole's look. Are you a fan of NR's off-duty ensemble, readers? In other Nicole news, the jewelry designer recently spoke to ELLE UK about her musical taste, and had this to say: "People may be surprised to hear that I listen to classic rock all day long. I love Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Marianne Faithfull. I'm a huge fan of The Rolling Stones. Keith Richards' style is so effortless, cool and full of personality." Do any of you share in Nicole's musical preferences?


Nicole Richie seen on May 24 2012 in Sydney, Australia. Much like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nicole Richie was spotted at Sydney Airport in Australia on May 24, looking stylish as always. An oversized scarf (check out Gemma G's Courtney Lurex Stripe Scarf in Taupe) provided the focal point of her outfit, which also included a black jacket (try Aaron Ashe's Baker St. Jacket in Black) and a pair of black skinny jeans (similar to Tag Jeans' New Brentwood Skinny in Black). From there, NR carried a black tote (try Zambos & Siega's Mansfield in Black), wore a pair of black sunnies, and slipped into a classic pair of black low top Converse sneakers. Is this one of Nicole's looks that you would emulate, everyone? Nicole is going to spending a good amount of time in Australia, while her hubby Joel Madden films the Australian version of the popular TV show "The Voice." Says Nicole: "We're going to be out here for a while, both of us love it. Sydney is my favourite city, we're definitely going to be looking to spend more time here, what's not to love! Part of the reason I love Sydney so much and why I love Australia as a whole, I find that people are very nice and very respectful, especially when I'm with my family, I really cannot complain about anything, we are so blessed to be here, I love Sydney so much, everyone is so nice and welcoming." Very sweet!


Nicole Richie seen on Apr 24 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was seen posing on the red carpet of the "Fashion Star" celebration that was held at the H&M flagship store in NYC on April 24, sporting a vibrant printed dress that surely caught everyone's attention. To emulate Nicole's patterned ensemble here, opt for one of the gorgeous printed frocks for sale on CoutureCandy, such as Alexia Admor's Bead and Pearl Shift in Cream Raspberry, Rachel Pally's Shirt Caftan Dress in Santa Fe, or Mara Hoffman's Faux Wrap Dress in Red/Multi. From there, accessorize with a statement silver ring, like Nicole did, such as Femme Metale Jewelry's Serpent Ring in Silver. What are your thoughts on Nicole's outfit here, everyone? Do you like her addition of the bright red heels? Nicole recently spoke out about her latest fashion outlook with People, saying: "I shop at more expensive stores and I also shop at thrift stores. Most of my vintage T-shirts and peasant dresses, they're like $10. There's not a specific store that I go to or any label that I'm obsessed with buying. Fashion is a form of self expression and it's really about how an article of clothing makes you feel. If I like a dress that I'm wearing, I will wear it until it's falling off of me and someone's like, 'You've got to take off that dress'." Love her outlook!


Nicole Richie seen on Apr 07 2012 in West Hollywood, CA. Spotted out and about on a sunny day at the Farmer's Market at The Grove in West Hollywood on April 7, Nicole Richie stayed true to her trademark bohemian style in bold spring ensemble. Wearing a printed Winter Kate jumpsuit (for a similar option, try Voom by Joy Han's Yuki Jumpsuit in Multi, or for a dress option, check out Karen ZAMBOS' Bianca Dress in Blue Red/Rose) with a patterned scarf as a head wrap (try using Meghan Los Angeles' Ning Scarf in Ivory Butterfly for this), Nicole toted one of her many Balenciaga handbags and then wore a pair of oversized sunnies (for an aviator option, try Ray-Ban's Sport Aviator in Silver). For the rest of her look, Nicole wore a pair of summery sandals and simple stud earrings. What's your take on this outfit, everyone - style hit or miss? In other Nicole news, "The Fashion Star" sweetie recently spoke out to InStyle UK about how she is all about female empowerment. Says Nicole, "It’s amazing that there are so many female designers at the top of the industry right now. I am all about female empowerment and I just love that women are in a place now where we’re working, creating and doing everything we love." Preach, Nicole!


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 20 2012 in Miami, FL. Nicole Richie made an appearance at the celebration for her cover of Ocean Drive magazine that was held at Vespar in Shelborne South Beach in Miami on March 20, looking polished and chic in a nude Todd Lyn Spring 2011 dress with snakeskin sleeves. For the rest of her look, Nicole wore a pair of black suede Loubs and piled on the House of Harlow jewels. A House of Harlow clutch completed her look. If you like NR's ensemble here, try a stylish long sleeve dress on for size, such as The Battalion's similar Lazlo in Tan, or for a printed option, try Tart's Alyssa Dress in Pebble. From there, it's all about the statement jewels. Pair Heather Gardner's Turquoise and Feather Earring in Gold with Femme Metale Jewelry's Snake Shell Ring in Pink. Are you diggin' her outfit here, readers? In other recent Nicole news, the "Fashion Star" judge is making headlines for her bikini body once again... but this time, the headlines are celebrating her healthy curves instead of skeletal physique! According to E! Online, "Nicole showed off her fabulous figure as she stepped into a hotel pool down in Miami's South Beach on Wednesday. Nic rocked a dark string bikini that revealed just a hint of the tattoo on her groin, oversize sunglasses and pulled her hair up into a casual bun." It's crazy what a turnaround Nicole has made over the years!


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 12 2012 in New York, NY. Nicole Richie was photographed heading to a promotional appearance on "VH1 Morning Buzz" to promote her new show "Fashion Star" in NYC on March 12, looking cool and collected in a minty green Proenza Schouler Spring 2012 sweater. Her funky zebra print sweater (for a similar bold pattern, go with Minnie Rose's Cashmere Chevron Stripe in Black/Tidal Wave, or for something simpler in a similar hue, try Free People's Pop Layer Pullover Sweater in Lilypad) was paired with black skinny jeans (like Joe's Jeans' Skinny Visionair Jean in Becca) and an oversized pair of black sunnies. Accessory wise, Nicole piled on pieces from her House of Harlow 1960 collection, including earrings (get the look with Heather Gardner's Siganture Feather Earrings in Gold), rings, a bag and a pair of suede pumps. What are your thoughts on Nicole's outfit here everyone, yay or nay? "Fashion Star" debuted this week, and although the show has major star power (besides Nicole, there is Jessica Simpson, Elle Macpherson, and John Varvatos) it's been getting mixed reviews. New York Magazine's "The Cut Blog" went so far as to say: "The overall effect of the tears, high-energy music, and CGI glitter bombs is so nonsensical, exhausting even, that a little bout of post-show e-commerce offers a break and some welcome closure, like a quick smoke break after some really bad sex. The thing is, do people give really bad sex a second or third try?" Ouch! Did any of you tune in to the premiere? If so, what were your thoughts?


Nicole Richie seen on Feb 23 2012 in Beverly Hills, CA. Stepping out to fulfill her promotional duties, Nicole Richie attended “The Buzz on the Red Carpet" cocktail party presented by QVC, which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on February 23. Nicole recently announced that she is launching a line for QVC called the Nicole Richie Collection, which debuted last night on the popular shopping destination. Did any of you check it out? For her promotional ensemble, Nicole donned an Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2012 strapless white dress with metallic embellishments, paired with House of Harlow 1960 jewelry, a House of Harlow 1960 clutch, and nude Christian Louboutin heels. If you like the idea of a white strapless dress for your spring soirees (perhaps without the random sequins), check out either Alexia Admor's Strapless Gold Ring Dress in White or Kirribilla's Lauren Dress in White. From there, accessorize with delicate jewelry like Nicole did. I think Christie Martin Jewelry's cute Charm Ring with Gold Puffy Heart in Gold/Silver and BB Becker's Friends Forever Bracelet in Silver are adorable. What are your thoughts of Nicole's look on this occasion, everyone - hit or miss? Nicole recently dished on a motherhood proposition that she had for "Fashion Star" co-star Jessica Simpson on "Access Hollywood," and said: "I offered [Jessica] to take my kids up until she has hers. That didn’t really work. The offer still stands because she hasn’t had her kids yet. So, if she wants to take them, go ahead. No problem!" Oh Nicole, always the jokester!


Nicole Richie seen on Feb 12 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed with hubby Joel Madden making an exit from Warner Brothers / InStyle Grammy's after-party in Los Angeles on February 12, rocking a dazzling multi-colored Paco Rabanne sequined dress for her after-party adventure. For the rest of her look, Nic chose nude Christian Louboutin platforms with a Jimmy Choo clutch and mismatched bangles. A shimmery silver eye and nude lip polished off her outfit. For a similar look to what Nicole has going on here, check out one of Alexia Amor's look-at-me sequined numbers, such as the Multi Colored Sequin Dress or the Flip Sequin Open Back Dress in Multi Gold. From there, pile on a few mismatched bangles, such as BB Becker's This Moment Bracelet in Silver with Satya Jewelry's Contour Woven Gold Cuff. Do you think this celebratory ensemble is a winner for Nicole, readers? In other NR news, the stylish star recently announced that she is launching a line for QVC. Says Nicole of the collection: "QVC is a well-oiled machine and to be in business with them is so exciting because it gives me an opportunity to design for a much broader range of women. I wanted you to be able to walk into your closet with your eyes closed and pick something special. I want to connect with the women watching by letting them know that we are similar in many ways; I’m a mother of two and I work. We all want to feel relaxed on the inside but stylish on the outside. And that’s what I’m trying to provide." Very smart business move!


Nicole Richie seen on Jan 06 2012 in Pasadena, CA. Nicole Richie made a stylish appearance at NBC Universal's 2012 Winter TCA Tour All-Star Party that was held on January 6 in Pasadena, alongside fellow NBC talent Jessica Simpson, Adam Levine, Debra Messing, and Rashida Jones. For her party outfit, Nicole wore an oversized blush blazer with a pair of matching embellished leggings (both by Antonio Berardi), and accessorized with a House of Harlow clutch and mixed metal House of Harlow rings. A pair of nude Christian Louboutin heels completed her look. For your own spin on this 'fit, try wearing Tag Jeans' Mulholland Skinny High Rise in Gentle Pink (they are similar in hue to Nicole's ensemble) with a cute little blazer, like Joie's Finley Jacket in Black/White. From there, tote Julie K Handbags' Lynn in Ecru and wear a funky ring, a la Femme Metale Jewelry's Serpent Ring in Silver. I love this look on Nicole, I think she looks super cool and fashion forward. Do you agree? Nicole recently talked to about her lack of skill when it comes to putting on makeup, and how she doesn't even own any products besides concealer and mascara! Says NR: "I actually don’t know how to put on makeup — at all. I have to get it done every time I want to wear makeup. I do not know how to wear it at all. It’s so bad. I can do my own hair, but I can not do makeup. I don’t even own it. I only own undereye concealer, Maybelline mascara, and an eyelash curler." Do any of you ladies feel her pain?


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 21 2011 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted out for a day of shopping in Beverly Hills on December 21, making a quick stop at Hermes - perhaps Harlow's first Birkin? Ha! For her day of shopping, Nicole paired Helmut Lang's mongolian fur and leather jacket (for a faux option, try True Grit's Shawl Collar Jacket in Black) with a cozy scarf (check out Tart's Adia Scarf in Ivory) and JET by John Eshaya's skinny jeans in a vibrant blue wash. For something in a similar shade, try Bleulab's super cool Reversible Detour Legging in Cobalt. From there, Nicole toted a covetable Celine handbag (get the look with Kristen Bell for Erica Anenberg's Madison Messenger in Black) and wore a pair of black booties from her House of Harlow line. What are your thoughts on this ensemble of Nicole's everyone - yay or nay? In other Nicole news, it seems that the former "Simple Life" star might have to get used to having a long distance relationship with hubby Joel. In case you haven't heard, Joel has landed the role as a judge on the Australian version of talent show "The Voice," and Nicole isn't too thrilled about the distance aspect. Says a source, "Nicole was opposed to Joel's doing 'The Voice' from the start because she doesn't want to endure the months apart. But Joel isn't listening. He insists that he needs to do it for his career and signed on without her OK, which set off a nasty round of fighting. On their anniversary [on December 11], they spent most of the day bickering about the show." Well what about Nicole going to Australia with Joel? "She really can't go with him to Australia, but also she just doesn't want to. Nicole relies on her family and friends in LA to help out with the kids. Plus, she needs to be in the States for her gig on 'Fashion Star,'" the source said. I wonder if this is true? I understand where Nicole is coming from, but this is a great opportunity for Joel!


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 08 2011 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie made an appearance at the 2011 UNICEF Ball that was held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills on December 8, rocking a sultry yet sophisticated Osman Fall 2011 black dress for her night out. The dress has a daring leather cut-out bodice and long black train, which provide the perfectly chic complement to Nicole's healthy figure. From there, Nicole accessorized with rings, earrings and bracelets by Neil Lane and her own House of Harlow 1960 line, and then finished things off with House of Harlow 1960's Orlina Clutch. For an outfit inspired by Nicole's here, pair Sena's sexy Slit Maxi Dress in Black with a few bold pieces of jewelry, such as Femme Metale Jewelry's Serpent Ring in Silver and Tiger Lily Jewelry's Bohemian Crystal Chandelier Earring in Gold/Colorado. Then, add a lively pop of color with Julie K Handbags' Callie in Red Cobra. Are you liking Nicole's ensemble here, everyone? The former "Simple Life" star and successful fashion designer recently spoke out about how she thinks that accessories are key to any outfit, and I can't say that I disagree with her on that one! Says Nicole: "Accessories speak volumes when it comes to a person's wardrobe especially when one is dressed down in jeans and t-shirt. There are no rules." Nicole then dished to FASHIONetc. about what jewelry trend she thinks is going to make a big comeback. She says, "I went through a serious choker phase. I have a feeling they are going to be making a comeback very soon. Mark my words!" Ha! Only time will tell.


Nicole Richie seen on Nov 19 2011 in West Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie posed for photos as she made an appearance at Fred Segal in West Hollywood on November 19, there to promote her House of Harlow 1960 pop-up shop. For her ensemble, NR chose a sequined Halston Spring 2011 dress (for two similar options, try either Michael Lauren's Sweater Dress in Ice or Aaron Ashe's London Dress in Ivory/Metallic) with a bright red clutch (try Julie K Handbags' Callie in Red Cobra and, of course, House of Harlow 1960 jewelry. For a funky necklace that would undoubtedly get Nicole's bohemian stamp of approval, check out Robyn Rhodes' Deirdre Necklace in Gold). Blonde, tousled locks and snakeskin pumps completed Nicole's look. Are you a fan? In other Nicole news, the former "Simple Life" star is set to celebrate her one year wedding anniversary with hubby Joel Madden on December 11. How does the happy couple plan to enjoy their day? According to E! News, Nicole said: "Well, his dream day is probably watching football and playing video games, and my dream day is watching 'Real Housewives,' so maybe that will be our one-year [celebration]. We'll do a game in the day and then 'Housewives' at night." For real? Maybe not... as Nicole followed up that statement by saying that she was "totally kidding. I don't know [what we'll do]. I have no idea yet." Oh Nicole, always a jokester!


Nicole Richie seen on Oct 15 2011 in Burbank, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed looking absolutely gorgeous as she posed on the "green carpet" of the 2011 Environmental Media Awards that were held in Burbank, CA on October 15. For her EMA ensemble, Nicole wore a vibrant yellow Keepsake dress (for a similar silhouette, check out Luc by Lucy's Wonderland Wrap Mini in Cobalt; if you're attracted to the sunny hue, however, take a look at Kirribilla's Chloe Dress in Yellow) that she paired with Christian Louboutin's Luxura Pumps and a studded House of Harlow clutch (like Diane von Furstenberg's Philomena Clutch in Anthracite). From there, Nicole accessorized with stunning Neil Lane jewels (check out Amy DiGregorio's statement-making Irving Street Bracelet in Marina) and went for a sexy, smokey eye for her makeup. Are you liking this look for the former "Simple Life" star, everyone? For those of you who are fans of Nicole, and can't get enough of her House of Harlow and Winter Kate lines, I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that she's coming out with a fragrance! Launching in America next September, the perfume will have a "cool, classy scent with an edge." Says Brian Robinson, president of the TPR company that Nicole is collaborating with, "(Nicole) has a wide breadth of creative talents being an author, a jewellery designer, a fashion designer and an aspirational figure. She also has three million Twitter followers, but more importantly she has trade credibility. She's done a great job with her image." Who's excited to smell like NR?


Nicole Richie seen on Oct 12 2011 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie made an appearance at the 18th Annual QVC FFANY Shoes On Sale Soiree that was held at The Waldorf Astoria in NYC on October 13, opting for a sleek all-black ensemble with a pop of leopard. Wearing a lone sleeve dress (like either Sena's Hourglass Dress in Black or Jenny Han's Dolman Sleeve Sweater Dress in Black), Nicole accessorized with a black clutch (try Julie K Handbags' Callie in Slate) and statement making leopard print booties. For a similar exotic style statement, try Michael Kors' Python Peep Toe Bootie in Yellow. On a beauty note, Nicole chose a chic updo - accented by her bangs, of course - and a smokey eye for her night out. Are you enjoying this outfit on NR, everyone? In other Nicole news, the former "Simple Life" starlet talked to Us Weekly about her recent trip to London specifically for Disney's "coronation" event at the home of England's real-life princess! Says Nicole: "I felt great, it was a fun time! It was a journey, but it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. When I told my daughter that she was going to meet Rapunzel she was very excited. We're just excited to be out here as a family!" Cute! She continues: "I like to shop [in London]. And I actually packed all warm clothes. I packed four suitcases full of coats thinking that it was going to be freezing - and to my surprise, it's beautiful weather, so I'm a little limited on my clothes this trip. So I might have to go shopping." Sounds like a fun time all around.


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 24 2011 in Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie and hubby Joel Madden attended the Band of Outsiders and Net-a-Porter summer screening of the classic Bill Murray film Meatballs at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on August 24 - nothing like a fun night at the cemetery on a summer night! Outfit wise, Nicole opted for a black and white look that, for the most part, consisted of items from her own lines. Starting with a Winter Kate fringed jacket, Nicole wore a flowy Winter Kate white silk blouse, along with leather Balenciaga pants and House of Harlow 1960's Jackson Boots. To finish off her ensemble, Nicole toted House of Harlow 1960's Rey Bag and wore a black fedora. What are your thoughts on this outfit, everyone - bohemian cool or kind of costume-y? To get Nicole's look, start with either Robert Rodriguez's Biker Pant in Black or Halston Heritage's Legging in Black, and top with either Leifsdottir's Tiered Sleeve Tunic in Ivory or Patterson J. Kincaid's Rubia Slouch in Black. In addition to Nicole and Joel, Andrew Garfield, Sarah Silverman, and Jenny Lewis also joined in on the cemetery fun for the film screening. Quite the eclectic crew of celebs! The night before, Nicole hit up the launch of Charlotte Ronson's line for Sephora, and had a little reunion with "Simple Life" BFF Paris Hilton. While it may seem like the good old days, I have one question... where was Lindsay Lohan? She never turns down an invite to a good party. According to E! Online, Lindsay was persona non grata at the bash because Charlotte's sister, Samantha Ronson, was there with her new girlfriend. Oh, the inner workings of Hollywood's starlets!


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 11 2011 in Hollywood, CA. Spotted out for a fun night on the town on August 11, Nicole Richie hit up the Viper Room in Hollywood in a sparkly all-black look. Starting with a pair of JET by John Eshaya Glazed Jeans, Nicole wore a black sequined blouse with sheer panels and toted the green velvet House of Harlow 1960 Rey Bag. A pair of black buckle boots and gold jewelry completed Nic's ensemble. For a look inspired by Nicole's trendsetting style, try either Sachin + Babi for Ankasa's Gretchen Top in Onyx or Akiko's Lace Poncho in Black paired with Citizens of Humanity's Ava Jean in Poet, and then tote a brightly colored bag like Julie K Handbags' Lorri Lamb in Teal. Would you rock this ensemble for a lively night of live music? While I recently told you that Nicole and Jessica Simpson seemed to be getting on great on the set of their new show "Fashion Star," it seems that happy times are in the past. In fact, the women are allegedly at each others' throats! According to sources, "Producers thought pairing them on screen would mean lots of fireworks to attract viewers, but their personalities don’t mesh at all. Behind the scenes, the set is a war zone. Nicole is always ready to go, but Jess lingers in her dressing room, keeping every­one waiting and asking to do multiple run-throughs." Interesting! The insider continued: "Then there's the weight issue. Nicole has made a few digs about Jessica 'throwing her weight around,' while Jes­sica has joked that someone would have to be on a star­vation diet to wear Nicole’s designs. Now they’re barely talking, which doesn’t bode well for the show’s success – and it isn’t even on the air yet!" DRAMA!


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 03 2011 in Los Angeles, CA. Taking her adorable tots to school on August 3 in LA, Nicole Richie was ever the stylish mom as she rocked her favorite studded Levi's vest with a casual and cool ensemble. Nicole paired a flowy patterned skirt (get the look with a solid color by checking out Free People's Cascade Convertible Skirt in Ivory or Bailey 44's Floor Length Skirt in Black) with a simple black tank (like Hard Tail's Rib Double V Tank in Ice/Black) and a pair of cat eye sunglasses. From there, Nicole slipped into a pair of black gladiator flats and, like the great mom she is, toted along little Harlow and Sparrow's lunch boxes! For a chic carryall for all of the busy moms out there, Diane von Furstenberg's Leni Printed Canvas Tote in Leopard/Multi is fab! Who do you think is the most stylish mom on the block, readers - Nicole or Gwen Stefani (see below)? It seems like maxi skirts are THE trend to beat this summer, as everyone from Nicole and Gwen to Kristin Cavallari, Blake Lively, and Olivia Palermo has been spotted rocking this breezy trend. If you could only pick one, what would you say is your favorite celebrity maxi skirt outfit of the summer, friends?


Nicole Richie seen on Jul 28 2011 in West Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie stopped by the Ella Moss 10 year anniversary celebration that was held at Eveleigh in West Hollywood on July 28, rocking three hot beauty trends (side braid, fuchsia lipstick and dark polish) according to Us Weekly. For her outfit, Nicole wore a floaty floral maxi dress along with a black leather waist belt (try Diane von Furstenberg's Diva Mesh Belt in Black) and clutch (check out Cynthia Vincent's Sophie Strip Clutch in Black), and then slipped into a pair of black cutout heels. Jewelry wise, Nicole only opted for a few rings for her night-out ensemble. For a dress that's similar to Nicole's, Joie's Emilia Dress in Caviar has a similar print, while the silhouette of Hale Bob's Embellished Maxi Dress in Grey is similar. What are your thoughts on Nicole's look here everyone, like or loathe? In other NR news, it seems that Nic may have a new bestie on her hands. According to sources on Nicole's upcoming NBC reality series "Fashion Star," "Nicole and her co-star Jessica Simpson just met, but they're already getting along like old pals. At a recent taping, they gabbed in between takes and applauded each other as they offered feedback to aspiring designers. The girls seemed to get along really well." The show's executive producer Ben Silverman had this to say about his cast, which includes Nicole, Jessica, fellow mentor John Varvatos and host Elle MacPherson: "Jessica, Nicole, John and Elle make the most exciting team we have ever worked with on a reality television show and we are thrilled to feature such an extraordinary group of mentors and designers." Will you be tuning in when the show debuts?


Nicole Richie seen on Feb 25 2011 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed leaving a romantic dinner in Beverly Hills with hubby Joel Madden on February 25, rocking an all-black biker babe ensemble that seems to be a little more Lady Gaga than Nicole Richie. Actually, if it was a Gaga look, she wouldn't be wearing pants! For her ensemble, Nicole paired Katie Nehra's studded motorcycle jacket (try Line's Side Car Leather Jacket in Cavar Coal) with a lace embellished camisole (similar to Gold Hawk's Straight Lace Camisole in Black), and then slipped into JET's black skinny jeans (just like Rock Revival's Suze Skinny Jean) and a pair of enviable printed Christian Louboutin pumps. A big black leather tote (check out Julie K Handbags' Gabby in Black and sunglasses at night completed NR's look. Thoughts, everyone? In other Nicole news, the stylish mommy is currently in Paris to take in the spectacle that is Paris Fashion Week. Additionally, Nicole recently spoke out regarding Charlie Sheen's controversial current state of mind, and told the ladies of "The View" that "If Charlie wants [his sobriety] to last for a long time, it's up to him. He's an adult and he needs to take responsibility for his actions. I don't think he should make it somebody else's responsibility to keep him sober." I completely agree - do you?


Nicole Richie seen on Jan 27 2011 in Los Angeles, CA. Stepping out for lunch on a sunny LA day on January 27, Nicole Richie opted for a colorful, springtime look and brought out a floral print. I'm totally loving her breezy, glam floral maxi - for a few similar options here on CoutureCandy, check out Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent's Cami Dress in Multi, Meghan Los Angeles' Evelyn Dress in Grey, or Boulee's Bo Strapless Long Dress in Garden. From there, NR donned a pair of oversized aviator sunglasses, a blue Balenciaga bag, and a pair of strappy sandals. For a cool, exotic option, check out Farylrobin's Wilson Sandals in Natural Snake. Are you digging Nicole's ensemble here, everyone? And for those of you who are stuck in the blistering cold and snow, are you kind of jelly that Nicole's out basking in the 70 degree LA weather? Haha. In other Richie news, it was recently announced that Nicole is going to be focusing on eyewear and sunglasses for her new collection. Says Nicole: "We are introducing sunglasses this season. Sunglasses play a huge role in my life simply because I don't wear make-up. Over time I've grown to like elaborate frames and fun lenses and it was important to me to bring this out for my collection." Nicole does always have the most insane sunnies - have any of you checked out her new designs?


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 30 2010 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie was recently spotted out and about in Beverly Hills on December 30, heading out with husband Joel Madden and son Sparrow before spending some time getting pampered at Planet Nails later in the day. LA has been freezing lately, so it's no surprise that Nic is all cozy for her day out! Nicole paired an oversized black sweater (like JET by John Eshaya's Elastic Sweater Top in Black) with a long black coat (take a peek at Tart's Marquis Jacket in Black), and then slipped into a pair of medium wash skinny jeans (like Frankie B.'s Zip Code in Adriatic) and embroidered loafers. From there, Nicole toted a black shoulder bag with a gold chain strap (similar to Julie K Handbags' Renee Flap Shoulder Bag in Black) and chose an oversized pair of sunnies and a tan beanie to finish off her outfit. It's good to see Nicole smiling... she's probably still on a high from her recent wedding! As I'm sure you know, Nicole's lavish wedding to Joel took place earlier in December and even featured a cameo from an elephant! In other positive Nicole news, the former wild child recently completed probation early from her 2006 DUI incident. According to, "Richie's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, went to court Wednesday morning to present the judge with proof that her client had completed the terms of her probation. The verification included a report from the alcohol-education program that the reality-TV star had been attending for the last 18 months. Richie was supposed to end her probation in February 2011, but the judge agreed to terminate it early after ruling that all the terms had been sufficiently completed." Congrats, Nicole! Great to see you putting this phase of your life in the past and focusing on the future.


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 09 2010 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie was caught by the paparazzi as she made her way out of a friend's house in Beverly Hills on December 9, seeming to be running errands and preparing for her big day. That's right... Nicole and Joel's wedding day is near! For her errands ensemble, Nicole wore a patterned grey dress (take a look at Jenny Han's Ruffle Tier Dress in Violet Ditsy or Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent's Cami Dress with Piping in Multi) along with a denim jacket (opt for a slightly darker wash with True Religion's Denim Jacket) and a pair of oversized cat eye black sunglasses. Next up, Nicole toted a classic black Chanel bag and slipped into a pair of strappy heels (Coye Nokes' Joan Bootie in Black Embossed Python are similar). Are you liking Nicole's casual outfit here readers, and if so, is this something you would wear for weekday errands? As I mentioned earlier, the date of Nicole's wedding is fast approaching! The lavish ceremony is set to take place at father Lionel Richie's home in Beverly Hills, as moving trucks have been spotted there over the past few days. A source says: "She didn’t invite a bunch of her celeb friends. Nicole cut down the guest list because she didn’t want a huge wedding." Sounds like a lovely and intimate affair! Can't wait to see pictures of the dress :)


Nicole Richie seen on Nov 15 2010 in West Hollywood, CA. Spotted out for a girls lunch with Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie was photographed walking into Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood on November 15. These two are sure becoming fast friends - they've been spotted out and about together a lot lately, including a double date at LA's SoHo House. For her lunch look, NR started with a full black skirt (similar to Allison Parris' Tulle Mini Skirt in Black) and a basic black tank (try HellOh's Basic Tank in Black) under a sheer white oversized tee (get the look with Tylie Malibu's Bat Wing Top in White) and along with a pair of black suede Christian Louboutin booties. From there, Nicole added on a pair of oversized sunglasses, a black beanie, a Chanel purse with a gold shoulder chain strap, and a wristful of stacked silver bangles (Amrita Singh's Amila Bangle Set in Silver/Grey are pretty much identical). A red lip was the finishing touch for her look here - proof that she's definitely taking beauty tips from Christina! What are your thoughts on Nicole's style here, readers? Is this one of your favorite, or least favorite, looks on her? In exciting Nicole news, Perez Hilton is reporting that Nicole and Joel Madden's wedding is happening very soon! A source says: "Nicole and Joel intend to marry in early December. The ceremony will take place at Richie's father Lionel's Beverly Hills home in front of 75 guests - including Christina Aguilera and Samantha Ronson - and the proud poppa will also be walking his daughter down the aisle! Meanwhile, Nicole's best friend Masha Gordon will serve as maid of honor, Joel's brother Benji is best man, and little Harlow will be the flower girl!" Cute! The source continues, "Christmas has always been about family and faith for Nicole and Joel, so there is not better time of the year for them to wed. Nicole and Joel will spend Christmas with their family after the wedding, before heading off on honeymoon." I wonder if Paris will be there?


Nicole Richie seen on Sep 28 2010 in New York, NY. Making an appearance at a Borders book store in NYC on September 28, Nicole Richie signed copies of her new book, "Priceless," and took pictures with fans who waited patiently for Nicole to arrive. The starlet was over two hours late to the signing, due to engine troubles and bad weather on her flight to NYC, but kept her fans in the loop by tweeting them, saying to hold tight! For her ensemble, Nicole paired ripped skinny jeans (like Denim of Virtue's Ankle Skimmer with Studs in Rockstar or Genetic Denim's Ripper Skinny) with a luxe velvet jacket (the silhouette of Ingwa Melero's Elena Jacket in Navy is cool), and accessorized with a black hat, an Alexander McQueen skull scarf (Raw 7's Long Shredded Scarf in Grey is great for fall) and studded booties. What are your thoughts on Nicole's look here, readers - are you a fan? This reminds me of Nicole's style from a few years ago, especially due to the comeback of the blonde bob. NR also recently appeared on "Good Morning America," but dodged questions about when she would finally be tying the knot to Joel Madden. Nicole said: "I'm going to be honest with you, Joel and I are not big planners. We just go with the flow." Sounds like a spontaneous wedding is more than likely bound to happen for these two!


Nicole Richie seen on Sep 10 2010 in New York, NY. Joining Victoria Beckham for a Fashion's Night Out celebration at Bergdorf Goodman department store in NYC on September 10, Nicole Richie was spotted sporting her adorable blonde bob while singing karaoke to - what else? - Spice Girls songs! Dressed in a sassy lace number (try either Carter's Lace Lorenna Dress in Black or Single Dress' Scoop Neck Shift in Black/Natural for something similar) along with classic black pumps (take a look at Coye Nokes' Jacqueline Pump in either Black Crocco or Black Calf), Nicole sure seemed to have quite the riotous time as she belted out the hits while grabbing the mic! In today's "like mother, like daughter" news, it seems that Nic's little girl Harlow is turning out to be a little fashionista! Nicole tells InStyle, "She picks her own clothes. It's a 20-minute thing - it begins at 7.30am each morning - but it is what it is, and it's fine." I think it's more than fine, I think it's amazing! You know Nicole is so stoked she has a girl so that she can pass along all of her incredible clothes and accessories down to her! Nicole continued discussing her kids with the mag, saying: "Being pregnant with Harlow was easy. I was wearing heels for eight months. I never got sick and I was like, 'Oh, what are people talking about?' But with Sparrow, I was so sick. And my feet were swelling. They were polar opposite pregnancies." For you mamas out there, have you had polar opposite pregnancies like Nicole is describing?


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 21 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was caught by photographers as she made her way outside of the Andy LeCompte Salon in LA on August 21, most likely getting a little touch up on her locks before filming her reprisal role on "Chuck." Nicole wore her favorite pair of acid wash JET jeans for her day of beautification (Habitual Jeans' Audrey Jean in Phaser are similar) along with a plain black tank top and a black vest (like Jenny Han's Sash Vest in Black). Additionally, NR wore a pair of flat black motorcycle boots, cat eye sunglasses, a silver disc necklace (Christie Martin Jewelry's Disc Trio Necklace in Sterling Silver is really cool because you can personalize the discs with names), her gigantic engagement ring and toted a bohemian fringed tote. If you're a fan of the fringe, why not go all the way with Linea Pelle Collection's Alex Suede Vintage Fringe Mini in Cognac? So chic. Are you all a fan of Nic's look here? Basic, yes... but with Nicole's twist of course! It turns out that Nicole's trip to the salon was in preparation for her major hair makeover, as Nic has brought back the beloved blonde bob! Check out a pic of her new 'do here, and let us know if you prefer her as a blonde or a brunette! Personally, I think Nic rocks the blonde much better :)


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 08 2010 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were spotted taking a leisurely stroll in Beverly Hills on August 8, and the couple held hands while doing their best to avoid the pesky paps. For her ensemble, Nicole stayed true to her bohemian preferences, starting with a patterned tunic (try Brette Sandler's Alexis Tunic in Purple, or for a similar tunic top you can wear with a great pair of jeans or leggings, check out Jenny Han's Kimono Sleeve Tunic in Black Floral) that she paired with a big floppy black hat, a cross body shoulder bag with chain strap (like Julie K Handbags' Renee Flap Shoulder Bag in Black) and one single bracelet. Or maybe it's a hair tie? Either way, the finishing touch of Nic's look was a pair of strappy sandals, which are really similar to Gwyneth Shoes' Briee Strap Sandal in Brown. What are your thoughts on Nicole's look here, everyone? Is this a look that you'd be willing to try for a day of errands? While reports of Joel's infidelity have plagued the couple as of late, it seems as though they're still making an effort to be seen together in public. However, a source close to the two says that Nicole might be on the verge of a breakdown. Say what? The source says, "Nicole is at her wit’s end. She feels like her personal life is imploding. Besides everything else, she can’t keep up with her work demands. She barely gets four hours of sleep a night. Nicole sobbed to a pal last month, ‘I can’t take this anymore!’" Hmmm... I don't know if I buy this. What are your thoughts, readers?


Nicole Richie seen on Jul 16 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. The eternally stylish Nicole Richie was photographed out and about in LA on July 16 while drinking a Hansen's soda, rocking pigtails for her day of errands. For Nicole's look, she started with a pair of ripped skinny jeans (try Genetic Denim's Ripper Skinny) tucked into a worn-in looking pair of black boots, and paired with a sheer patterned tunic (get the look with either Smitten's Flower Print Ruffle Tunic or Free People's Home Sweet Home Top in Multi). From there, Nic toted along her coveted Givenchy black leather bag (Antoinette Lee Designs' Stella Bag in Black has a similar silhouette) and donned a pair of classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses and an oversized black hat. Are you fond of Nicole's look here, readers, and if so is this something that you would wear while running around town? Blogs have noticed that Nicole is still wearing her engagement ring, amidst rumors that her fiance, Joel Madden, has cheated on her. Star Magazine (remember the source) claims that Nicole and Joel's wedding is on hold, as a source told the mag "Nicole has become so worried [that Joel is cheating on her] that she checked his cell phone and saw a text from some female that described what the anonymous gal wanted to do if she ever got her hands on him." Scandalous! I hope this isn't true - I love Nicole and Joel together... don't you?


Nicole Richie seen on Jun 16 2010 in Sydney, Australia. Nicole Richie was photographed arriving at the Sydney Airport early on the morning of June 16, all bundled up as she stepped off of her plane. Love that woman in the background staring at Nicole! For her look, Nicole paired light wash skinny denim (similar to Hudson Jeans' Collin Signature Skinny in Stephanie) with a strong shouldered jacket in a muted earth tone (for a lighter, summertime-appropriate option, try Free People's Light Weight Blazer in Olive) and her favorite Chanel sunglasses. Nicole accessorized with a bright turquoise scarf (check out Elizabeth Gillett Ltd's Summer Scarf in Blue), black pumps and a lust-worthy Givenchy bag. For a similar and much more affordable option, take a look at Rough Roses' Francesca Tote with Double Handle in Black - now only $215! Are you feeling Nic's outfit here, everyone? And can you believe that NR's been rockin' these shades since 2008? While it's not news that Nicole and baby daddy Joel Madden aren't rushing to the altar, in fact the two "haven’t even started planning" their wedding, it may interest some of you to hear that Nicole may be a "momzilla." Says Joel, "Nicole's laid back when it comes to the wedding. She’s more of a momzilla." How funny! A source continues to tell Star Magazine, "She wants something loose and not too formal because her kids are going to be in the wedding. They’re a handful!" I can totally see Nicole and Joel having a really relaxed wedding, it seems to fit both of their personalities!


Nicole Richie seen on Jun 08 2010 in London, England. Nicole Richie made a stunning appearance on the red carpet of the Glamour Women of the Year Awards Event that took place at the Berkeley Square Gardens in London on June 8. At the ceremony, Nicole was honored with the "Entrepreneur of the Year" title for her work on her fashion accessories line, clothing line, and her charity work. Wearing a floor-length strapless blush Winter Kate dress (Sue Wong's Goddess Gown with Beading Detail in Beige is equally gorgeous), Nicole swept her chocolate locks off to the side and piled on the bling! Nicole wore dazzling bracelets on both wrists (get the look with Amrita Singh's Kimberly Bangle in Silver) along with a bevvy of rings on both hands. Check out Erica Anenberg's Cosmo Sparkle Twosome Ring in Gold/Clear and Ija Designs' Cuttlefish Ring in Silver for rings that Nicole would surely adore. How are you liking Nic's Glamour look, readers? There's no denying that her post-baby bod looks slamming! I love how before the show, Nicole tweeted: "My fake British accent is in full effect tonight!" In adorable Richie family news, it seems that Nicole's daughter Harlow is a big fan of her grandfather, Lionel Richie. Nicole says, "Harlow loves dad’s music. She genuinely loves his songs and knows all the words. Harlow dances around and sings along too." Soo cute!


Nicole Richie seen on Apr 21 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie attended Dasani's pre-Earth Day event held at Satine Boutique in Los Angeles on April 21, staying true to her bohemian style sensibilities and sporting what appear to be darker locks. For her 'fit, Nicole paired a vintage kimono with a pair of vintage Levi's bellbottom jeans (for a similar pair, try Kasil's Democracy in Chelsea), along with a white camisole (try Tt Collection's Kate Cami in Cream) and python clutch (take a look at Inge Christopher's Scarlett Amazon Clutch in Gold/Silver). She finished off her look with a few rings and a delicate necklace with a turquoise stone (Robyn Rhodes' Lauren in Teal is similar). Do you like Nicole's look here, or is it a little too much for your taste? While at the eco-friendly event, Nicole dished on how she and her family are doing their part to help the environment. She says, "We are actually pretty green over at my house. We go as far as taking out our phone chargers when we’re not using them. We turn off our power when we leave town…and we use recycled plates and cups.” So cool to hear! When a reporter asked if she plans to incorporate sustainable materials in her Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960 lines, Nic responded: "We’re definitely exploring that option. Obviously it’s the smarter choice so I think myself and most designers are working our way into that world." I think an organic cotton Winter Kate t-shirt would be divine!


Nicole Richie seen on Apr 07 2010 in Van Nuys, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted heading into traffic school - yes, she's still going! - in Van Nuys, CA on April 7, toting along an eco-friendly reusable coffee cup as she went along her merry way. For her breezy springtime outfit, Nicole started with a printed maxi dress (check out Karen Zambos' Edie Dress in Maze or Sue Wong's Paisley Animal Print Gown in Black/Taupe) that she paired with a maroon Balenciaga bag, a pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, and black sandals (similar to Elaine Turner's Michelle Flip Flop in Black). The final touches of Nicole's look were a delicate gold necklace and an eclectic assortment of bangles (check out Calico Juno Designs' Bracelet 28 in Gold). What are your thoughts on Nic's bohemian look here - are you a fan? On a beauty note, Nicole casually styled her hair in a so-chic-right-now side braid that we just saw on Lauren Conrad a few nights earlier... are you a fan of this trend and if so, have you tried it out yourself? For those of you who are fans of Ms. Richie, I doubt you'll be surprised to hear that the major influence in her clothing line, Winter Kate, is a retro one. Says The Chicago Sun-Times, "The collection, available at Nordstrom, includes vintage-inspired paisleys and florals and is simple, romantic and feminine. Plus, it actually looks like it should be flattering on many figures -- even curves! The line includes cardigans, maxi slip dresses, tunics, vests and camisoles. Prices range from a $98 chiffon tank to a $495 cropped leather jacket." Have any of you checked it out yet?


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 24 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie made her way around Los Angeles on March 23, as her errands were captured by the ever-present paparazzi. For her sweet street style, Nicole started with a pair of pure blue skinny jeans (try Genetic Denim's The Gabrielle Jean in Brighter Day) and paired them with a slouchy white oversized t-shirt (I love T by Alexander Wang's Classic Pocket V Tee in Oatmeal) and a black vest (check out Gold Hawk's Men's Vest in Solid Black). Nicole accessorized with a few huge and colorful rings, a round pair of sunnies, a printed scarf (try A Graves' Crescent Print Scarf in Merino Wool), a pair of black moccasin-inspired booties, and her trusty black caryall. What are your thoughts on NR's look here, readers? Do you think she's looking good, or is her style getting a tad too predictable for your liking? Meanwhile, Nicole is dishing additional details on her engagement! She told Ellen Degeneres on her talk show, "I've been on the road. I just got home and so it's really going to be, like, now that's the time for me to sit down and think about what I want." As for the date? "Not yet, but soon [we'll have a wedding date]. Yeah, it's a big deal." So exciting! Nicole also discussed her baby boy Sparrow, saying, "He is six months. He's huge. He was almost eight pounds when he was born. Harlow is 22 pounds and she's 2. And he's 18 pounds and he's 6 months — needless to say, I'm exhausted." Nicole is definitely shaping up to be quite the miraculous mom!


Nicole Richie seen on Jan 31 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was seen at Antonio "LA" Reid’s Post-Grammy Dinner with boyfriend Joel Madden, held at Cecconi's in Los Angeles on January 31, going for her trademark boho-hippie-chic look. Nicole donned a long, flowy lavendar and blue gown (for a similar style, try Sue Wong's Scarf Motif Long Maxi Dress with Kabuki Sleeve in Black Multi, or Meghan Fabulous' Leonardo Dress in Teal) with minimal, nude makeup and an eye-catching python clutch (try Inge Christopher's Scarlett Amazon Clutch in Gold/Silver or Elaine Turner's Bella Croc Patent in Champagne). What do you think of NR's look here, is it post-Grammys appropriate? To me, Nicole can pull anything off. As I'm sure you've heard, a handful of Hollywood's biggest names are redoing "We Are The World," and Nicole is one of the participants. The original was cut 25 years ago, and Nic playfully took to her Twitter to say "I hope Jennifer Hudson wasn't upset that I was out-singing her tonight." J.Hud and NR were two of 80 huge celebs who stood shoulder to shoulder at Henson Recording studios to raise money for Haiti earthquake relief. After her time in the studio, Nic Tweeted: "WOW. Brian Wilson stood next to me & I got to hear him sing right into my left ear. Can you say AWESOME!" So fun, but who knew Nicole could sing? I remember a while back there were rumors she was coming out with an album, but I haven't heard anything else about that in years!


Nicole Richie seen on Jan 22 2010 in Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted braving the torrential rain in LA on January 22, as she donned her best rainboots for a business meeting in Hollywood. For her cold weather ensemble, she started with an adorable strawberry pink knit cap, and then wore her favorite blazer with gold buttons (she wore this back on December 26 as she did a little post Christmas shopping - check out Zoa's Classic Cropped Blazer in Black for something similar) over a long black t-shirt and striped pullover (check out Splendid's Navy Stripe Pullover in White). Nic then slipped into a pair of grey skinny jeans (similar to Habitual Jeans' Ava Skinny Jean in Iso Smoky) and completed her look with a black Balenciaga bag and a blue scarf (try A Graves' Unicorn Scarf in Blue). What are your thoughts on Nicole's rainy day style, readers? Do you like how she added in a few pops of color which kept her 'fit from being too blah? Nicole has been busy lately being super mom and also working on her fashion lines, as the launch date for her Winter Kate apparel line (which is February 15) is quickly approaching. Says NR, "A fashion and apparel line was always something that was a long-term plan. I’ve always known I wanted to design clothes. You really have to put all of your time and effort into it. That’s why I didn’t start with clothing, because I didn’t have the time." Any of you out there anxious to see what Nic's line is like on the hanger?


Nicole Richie seen on Jan 11 2010 in Studio City, CA. It seems that jeans of the bleached, acid washed, or tie dyed variety aren't finished just yet! The most stylish mom on the block, Nicole Richie, was photographed with her boyfriend Joel Madden as the two grabbed lunch earlier today, January 11, in Studio City, CA rockin' a pretty savage pair of bleached out skinnies. Get Nicole's look with Genetic Denim's The Shane Jean in Crater, along with a slouchy white t-shirt (try P.G.D. Style's Ricky Tunic Tee in White), red scarf (similar to Whitley Kros' Striped Scarf in Red/Cream), black ballet flats and an oversized black hobo bag (check out Jalda's Fabric Masha Bag in Black). Nicole finished off her look with a hugely oversized pair of round black shades. What are your initial thoughts about NR's outfit here - do you like it? Is this something you would wear out for a Monday lunch with your boo? Nicole and Joel both took to their Twitter accounts earlier today to send along birthday wishes to their daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden, who turned two years old today. Nicole started off the day by Tweeting: "Up super early sneaking around the house in the dark setting up surprises for when my birthday girl wakes up!" How funny! She later posted: "Harlow & Mary J. Blige are having a joint birthday party tonight. I wasn't invited. But I heard it's gonna be POPPIN"!!" Joel took a more serious approach, and Tweeted: "Happy Birthday to the most beautiful little girl in the world. Harlow makes me proud every. single. Day. i’m blessed." They seem like such a happy family!


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 26 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Everyone's favorite former "Simple Life" star Nicole Richie was seen partaking in a little post-Christmas retail therapy with boyfriend Joel Madden on December 26, stopping at the James Perse store in Los Angeles for a few basics. For her day-after-Christmas ensemble, Nicole started with a classic blazer (like Zoa's Classic Cropped Blazer in Black) over a loose fitting tank (try Rough Roses' Hudson Racerback Tank in Grey/White) that exposed just a peek of her tummy and tattoo. For the second time in a row, Nic wore her favorite Paige Premium Denim Laurel Canyon Jeans in Beachwood, only this time, instead of pairing with Minnetonka Moccasins she wore pale pink ballet flats. Nicole then finished up her look with a pair of grey tinted Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, a cozy scarf (try Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent's funky Fringe Scarf in Ivory/Black) and the same quilted box bag that she wore the other day. I definitely like this outfit better than the leopard print/floppy hat one she wore the other day - what do you think, readers? It sounds like, per Nicole's Twitter account, that she and her family had quite the Christmas Eve, as Nic Tweeted "Christmas Eve, a VERY big deal at our house. friends, family, presents, gotta start prepping NOW. Here we go...." I bet they all had a great time, given that this was little Sparrow's first Christmas!


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 22 2009 in West Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden were photographed doing some last-minute Christmas shopping in West Hollywood on December 22, making a stop at Starbucks before stopping by Roseark jewelry boutique and then heading to lunch at Hugo's Restaurant. Going for a semi-incognito (yet still super stylish, of course) look, Nicole started with a wide-brimmed black hat and oversized round sunnies that she paired with a leopard print blouse (check out Rebecca Taylor's Leopard Fairytale Top in Chocolate) and Paige Premium Denim's Laurel Canyon Jean in Beachwood. On the accessory front, Nic grabbed a quilted chain bag (I love the studded look of Novella Royale's Mister Handbag in Black) along with a gauzy white scarf (check out the shredded detailing on Raw 7's Short Shredded Scarf in Grey) and a pair of black Minnetonka Moccasin boots. What do you think of Nicole's low-key look here readers... is this something that you could see yourself wearing, or is this one of the 'fits that only NR can pull off? As I'm sure you know, Nicole is working on developing a half-hour comedy pilot for ABC that she will also star in, and new details have emerged about the direction of the show. Says a source, "The pilot centers around a professional woman with complicated family relationships who is struggling to figure out what role she’ll take as her life and her family evolve." Sounds very similar to Ms. Richie's real life situation, don't you think? Will any of you out there be tuning in? I think I definitely will be!


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 12 2009 in Costa Mesa, CA. Nicole Richie made an appearance at the Bloomingdale's department store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa yesterday, December 12, to promote the holiday collection of her successful jewelry line House of Harlow 1960, and debuted her freshly dyed darker locks. I personally love this look for Nicole - she looks so sophisticated and chic! Of the 'do, Nicole took to her Twitter and joked around that "P.S. I went brunette. I feel smarter already." Oh, Nicole - always the jokester! For her Bloomingdale's ensemble, Nicole chose a smart strapless winter white dress (try Shumaq's Emily Strapless Wool Dress in Beige, or check out Sue Wong's Ostrich Feather Short Dress in Ivory for an added dash of festive feathers) that she paired with metallic ivory peeptoe stilettos and the requisite House of Harlow 1960 jewelry. Nicole loaded up with bangles (to get a similar look, pair Jules Smith's Drop It Bangles 3MM in Yellow Gold with Jacquie Aiche's Silk and Chain Braided Wrap Bracelet in Cream, Grey, or Red) and an oversized gold cocktail ring. What do you think of Nicole's overall look here - jewelry and all? For me, NR's style just keeps getting better and better. It's nice to see Nicole promoting her jewelry line and giving her fans the opportunity to meet her, and Nicole made sure to Tweet as the day went on to keep her fans up to date. She started with "On my way to Bloomingdales @ South Coast Plaza. So excited to meet all of you!! Bring your cameras!! 12-2pm" and then posted another update after the appearance was over, saying, "Whew! That was fun. Thanks to everyone who came out today in this terrible weather to hang out with me! I wouldn’t have." Love her!


Nicole Richie seen on Nov 07 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. Ever since giving birth to her second tiny tot (as well as all through her pregnancy), Nicole Richie has been absolutely glowing - and her appearance at the March of Dimes’ Celebration of Babies at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on November 7 was definitely no exception! Giving her support to this charity event which celebrates celebrity mothers as positive role models all while raising money, Nicole walked the red carpet in a floor-length maxi dress (check out similar options on CoutureCandy, like Sue Wong's Printed Metallic Gown in Pink, Lotta Stensson's Savong Halter Dress in Brown or Rachel Pally's simple Selena Dress in Espresso). She accessorized her look with a classic Chanel quilted clutch (while there really is no substitute for Chanel, I love the studded accents of Julie K Handbags' Sasha Clutch in Black), zero jewelry, and we can kind of see a black peep toe pump sticking out from under her dress. What are your thoughts of Nicole's look here, everyone - are you digging it? While it's great that Nic is out there making appearances at charity events, she has also been quite busy lately with gearing up for her new clothing line called Winter Kate. Nicole has told the press about her new line, saying "Fashion should be accessible. That was my philosophy when designing House of Harlow 1960 and it remains my philosophy for Winter Kate. I started working on this collection in early 2009, the pieces can be dressed up, made casual but most importantly, they provide the wearer a means of self-expression and fun." Love it! Can't wait to see what she has in store :)


Nicole Richie seen on Oct 18 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. Spotted supporting her man, Joel Madden, who was recognized for his philanthropic efforts at the 1st Annual Noble Humanitarian Awards held in Beverly Hills last night, October 18, a glowing Nicole Richie (and her beautiful, newly shorn locks) knocked it out of the park in the glam department. Wearing a floor-length champagne and gold Jasmine Di Milo gown (try Sue Wong's Flowered Gown in Tan or Karen Zambos' artistic Swanky Long Dress in Blossom) with patterned gold peeptoe heels, Nicole carried a blood red boxy clutch (similar to 7 for All Mankind's Wine Patent Clutch in Burgundy or Camenae's Dragon Wallet in Red) to finish her look. What are your thoughts of Nic's new coif? I love the slightly darker blonde shade, and I am always a fan of Nicole with a bob (although this one is a bit long). Definitely an improvement from when we saw her last! While there's no question that Richie's post-baby curves are bangin', NR has revealed that she looks to Halle Berry for inspiration in getting her figure back. A source says, "Nicole would look at Halle’s photo and see how she was able to get her figure back in a matter of weeks and use that as an incentive." Whether or not she was inspired by Halle, I don't think it's been hard for Nicole to drop the pounds in the past - wouldn't you agree?


Nicole Richie seen on Sep 26 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Having just given birth to baby boy on Sparrow James Midnight Madden on September 9, Nicole Richie and babydaddy Joel Madden were spotted heading into Selena Gomez's concert at the Roxy yesterday, September 26, in Hollywood. As the hot summertime weather continues in LA, Nic chose what seems to be a black silk dress with a tiered top over a ruched bottom (for two similar dresses, try Rebecca Taylor's Cami Long Dress in Black or Gold Hawk's super similar Drawstring Mini Dress in Black which has long sleeves perfect for when fall weather rolls around), paired with a white vest (try Rails' Kellen Vest in Cream) and black cage heels. Richie completed her look with a pair of vintage-looking sunnies, her trusty black leather Balenciaga bag, and a disc charm necklace (just like Christie Martin Jewelry's Disc Trio Necklace in Sterling Silver). I always think that Nicole looks great - especially in this effortless, chic look. It's crazy to think that she gave birth less than a month ago... her body is pretty much back to her pre-baby shape! Nicole has been keeping a pretty low profile (and has been noticeably absent on Twitter) ever since the tragic passing of her ex-fiance DJ AM, however, she returned to her Twitter account to post the joyous news of giving birth to Sparrow, Tweeting "What a great day to come back on Twitter. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I love my family!!" Joel also spread the news on his account, Tweeting "1st day of his life & my son is already a trending topic on Twitter. That's right son, ur just like your old man." Oh, Joel! I think congratulations are definitely in store for the happy family - and I am interesting in seeing, do you like the name that the couple chose for their baby boy?


Nicole Richie seen on Jun 29 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden were seen making an appearance at a private screening of "Playground" in Los Angeles on June 29, but truth be told, all eyes (and cameras) were on Nic's ever-growing baby belly. While I think Nic always looks great, I have to say, the pregnancy glow really is becoming on her! For her nighttime outfit, Nicole opted for all black accented with a minimal pop of color. She started with a sleek pair of black skinny jeans (try Habitual Jeans' Cinch Skinny Jean in Iso Black Tea) and then paired with a basic black tank (similar to P.G.D. Style's Fancy Tank in Black, which also comes in four other earthy shades), a sheer jacket with jewel-tone accents (Elizabet Gillett Ltd's Ashley Knit 3/4 Sleeve Sweater in Black is a chic, warmer alternative), flat leather boots, a Balenciaga bag and an armful of bangles (grab Alex and Ani's Set of 7 Expandable Bangles with Ribbed Bangle in Silver for a similar look). So, readers, are you into Nicole's pregnancy 'fit? In related news, it seems that Nicole is expanding in more ways than one. We already know that her jewelry line, House of Harlow, is doing very well and that Nicole will be launching other accessory and clothing lines in the near future, but she has recently announced that she is teaming up with maternity line A Pea in the Pod for a chic pregnancy line! As she is always the trendsetter, Richie told press that the line will have "more of old English, equestrian and more sophisticated looks." Can't wait to see what she has in store!


Nicole Richie seen on May 26 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Second time mama-to-be Nicole Richie looked perfectly pregnant as she headed into the CNN Studios in LA on May 26 to film a segment on "Larry King Live" with her father, Lionel Richie, to promote his upcoming album. While waiting to appear on-air, Nicole took to her Twitter to joke around backstage, tweeting "They said I’m too embarrassing to actually be on the show, so they held me back in the green room." Oh Nicole - always the jokester! For her in-studio appearance, Nic stuck to a black-and-white color scheme, starting with a pair of black leggings (like Zoa's Logo Leggings in Black) paired with a white sheer tee (check out Splendid's Burnout Tank in White) and what looks like a long, thin silk jacket (go with Qi's Wide Placked Boyfriend Cardigan in Black or Signorelli's Logo Blazer in Black for a look similar to NR's). Next up, a pair of standard "it girl" shades, peeptoe Loboutin heels, and an array of pieces from her House of Harlow 1960 Jewelery Collection (for several other inspired pieces, check out Amy DiGregorio's Tremont Street Necklace in Gold and Rachel Leigh's Millie's Everyday Necklace in Gold). What do you think of Nicole's outfit for her appearance on the show, do you like? While Nicole is no stranger to pregnancy cravings, it seems that they may have gotten a little more intense this time around. Sources say that Nicole is so particular with the food she craves, she even sent Joel back when he brought her the wrong kind of pickles! Says the source, "After enjoying lunch with Harlow at Beverly Hills deli Nate 'n Al, Nicole told Joel she wanted some pickles to go. Joel popped back in the eaterie and came out seconds later with the goods. Nicole told him: 'These aren't the right ones.' And sent him back. Joel finally got the order right the second time round." Wow, those must have been some awful pickles to make Joel go back a second time!


Nicole Richie seen on May 06 2009 in Miami, FL. Nicole Richie was seen posing on the red carpet of the launch event for the House of Harlow 1960 Jewelery Collection at Ida and Harry at Fontainebleau in Miami, FL on May 6, choosing yet another rocking maxi dress for her nighttime look. For her eyecatching frock, NR chose a pool-blue patterned maxi (like Tricia Fix's Nassau Long Dress with Border) that perfectly displayed her growing-by-the-day baby bump. Jewelry wise, of course Nic donned all House of Harlow 1960 pieces such as a shiny gold wrap-around bangle on her bicep, thicker golden wrist bangles (pile on Danielle Stevens Jewelry's Single Engraved Bracelet in Gold), and a huge black circular finger ring. Finishing off her look was a pair of black peeptoe heels. What are your thought's on Richie's HOH look here - do you like? She never fails to bring it when she steps on to the red carpet... even when preggers! It seems that Nicole and her babydaddy Joel Madden had a blast while in Miami, as Nicole took to her official blog to let her fans know the recent updates. She said, "I have to say, I love Miami! Never has work been this much fun. This morning I was on the Regis & Kelly Show promoting my jewelry line. They are in Miami this week shooting at the pool of the Fontainebleau Resort. I managed to appear on their show, and get a tan at the same time!" Work it out, Nic!


Nicole Richie seen on May 01 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie and her adorable daughter Harlow were spotted going on a stroll through Hollywood yesterday, May 1, and Nicole has definitely hit her maternity style stride with all the casual-cool maxi dresses she's been seen in lately. For yesterday's outing, she and her growing belly slipped into a long brown jersey dress (like Poko Pano's Arabella Long Dress in Chocolate), and then kept her accessories simple and black. She paired a black slouchy beanie, oversized sunnies, black flip flops, and a metallic and black hobo bag (Antoinette Lee Designs makes two similar totes, the Dolce Handbag in Black/Crushed Gold and the Anna Stitch Tote in Bone/Black) with her flowy frock. And of course, she carried along her precious daughter in her arms, along with a tie-dye diaper bag and an orange sippy cup. PS I am totally loving those red studded booties little H is rocking. Killer! It seems like celebrities have really embraced the blogging/Twittering hemisphere lately, and Ms. Richie is no exception. Recently, she took to the blog of her official website to share a childhood memory with her fans. Nicole blogged, "When I was 10 years old, I was in an all girl hip-hop/rap group. (oh we’re just getting started). Our name? get ready… CAUTION! It was me and my 2 girlfriends; but they were 13 so they made me audition. I was soooo excited when I got in! All I can think of is the 3 of us going up to my mom with a straight face and singing her our first song. We were dead serious. And I even remember part of our rap. I’m getting chills of embarrassment even typing this." Love it. Of course, Nicole wouldn't go without posting the lyrics to the first part of her rap. "The rap lyrics I remember were: Caution! Walking down the street. You better watch out, and step to the beat. Playing our music from town to town Rockin’ and Rollin’ were gonna get down!" Hilarious! Can't you just picture a mini-Nicole rapping to that?


Nicole Richie seen on Apr 07 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. Probably the cutest pregnant mom on the block, Nicole Richie was spotted leaving Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills on April 8, rocking a heavy banged hairdo with a casually swept-up bun. For her warm-weather outfit, NR started with a basic black cami (like Zoa's Logo Cami in Black) under a funky patterned jacket (if you love Nicole's funky style, try Lotta Stensson's Woodland Jacket in Teal), and paired with cutoff lightwash denim shorts (like James Jeans' Ian Micro Shorts in Gangsta) and her black fringe Minnetonka Moccasin ankle booties. For the finishing touched, Nicole slipped on an oversized pair of shades and toted along a black hobo bag (similar to Rough Roses' Pamila Hobo in Black). Seriously, if I didn't know this girl was pregnant, I would have no idea from looking at her in these pictures. Does Nicole gain any baby weight?? For those of you have checked out the new Funny or Die video starring Zac Efron, you may have noticed a little cameo from none other than Miss Richie herself. Nicole blogged about filming the vid, saying,"Hey guys, check out this Funny or Die video with Zac Efron. It’s hysterical! They were able to get some really great cameos… Vanessa Hudgens, Queen Latifah, and since Kate Winslet was busy, they called me wink. On a serious note, I had a fun time. It was my first time meeting Zac and he is every bit the gentlemen, far beyond his years." Have you checked out the video yet? It was cool to see all of the celebrity cameos, but I don't know if I would call it hilarious... I definitely think that the other Nicole, Nicole Sullivan, stole the show!


Nicole Richie seen on Apr 02 2009 in Santa Monica, CA. Getting bigger by the day, Nicole Richie attended the Esprit Grand Opening Event in Santa Monica on April 2 with babydaddy Joel Madden close by for the entire evening. For her nighttime look, Nic kept her style simple, rocking a floor-length black dress (super similar to Karina Grimaldi's Keyhole Cotton Dress in Black) under a button-down denim jacket (like Rogan's Shoreman Conductor Jacket in Blue) and paired with a multicolored scarf (try the Baroque Floral Scarf in Blue or the Colt 45 Scarf in Pink, both from A Graves). The finishing touch? A pair of cage-inspired (and almost spiderweb-inspired!) black Loubs. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Nicole can do no wrong! In addition to adding the much-needed celebrity factor to the Esprit event, 10% of all clothing sales for the night benefited their Richie-Madden Children's Foundation. Clothing for a cause! While it's awesome that Nicole's charity seems to be thriving, it sure was a strategic move for Esprit to donate for their event - as this practically guaranteed that the hot couple would be in attendance, thus drawing much more attention to the store opening! At the event, Nicole seemed to be glowing, and said, "We’re very humbled. Esprit has been around for so long. I was wearing Esprit when I was a kid. It’s just so amazing that someone like Esprit is supporting something that we started, it’s actually really amazing." What do you think - was it a smart move for Esprit to choose their charity to donate to? I think, in a word, duh!


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 23 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie and beau Joel Madden made an appearance on the red carpet of their Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation and Sony Cierge Private Cocktail Event held at superclub MyHouse in Hollywood on March 23, rocking yet another of her maxidresses for her red carpet appearance. For a similar floor-touching frock as Nicole's, try Karina Grimaldi's Beverly Hills Dress in Eggplant or Plenty by Tracy Reese's Maxi Slip Dress in Red, and pair with a cool cuff high on your arm (take a look at CC Skye's Hinge Bracelet in Brown) and a statement making silver ring (like Ettika's Football Peace Ring in Silver). Finish with a beachy blonde 'do and you'll be all set! Nicole sure has been busy with her charity activities, as she recently held a UNICEF auction at her home with a close group of friends to raise money for children in the Central African Republic. Richie said, "The best part of the night was at the end of the auction when we told people about the opportunity to purchase actual hand water pumps to bring water directly to the villages. I was so excited and humbled when our friends, one-by-one, started jumping up and offering to buy pumps!!" She continued, "That was the highlight of the evening, it literally brought tears to my eyes. We were able to sell 143 pumps and raised $100,000 among just a small group of friends! That alone is going to change children's entire lives!" SO awesome of Nicole!! Celebrities need to do more things like this - use their fame for a good cause!


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 18 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Mom-to-be Nicole Richie was spotted hosting the What Comes Around Goes Around Fall 2009 Collection Launch at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood on March 18, proudly displaying her growing baby bump (it may be twins - but more about that in a minute). For her outfit, Nicole started with a white tank under a silky gold blouse (try P.G.D. Style's Fancy Tank in White under Autumn Cashmere's Cable Grandfather Sweater in Citrine, or if you're feeling inspired by the gold silk look, check out LaROK's Rayna Top in Tan), and paired with super skinny dark denim (like Denim of Virtue's Patience 5 Pocket Tapered Jean in Night Club) and iridescent stilettos. For the finishing touches, Richie grabbed a stunning beaded clutch, and piled on the gold rings (try Erica Anenberg's Crown Cigar Ring in 14k Plated Solid Brass) as she waved to the photogs. While Nic was proudly showing off her growing tummy, Star Magazine is reporting that Joel and Nicole are preggers with twins! This would make sense, as Joel is a twin himself. A source tells the mag, "Nicole is telling friends that she's having twins. She is hoping they're boys. She's so excited!" The insider continues, "Nicole said the other day that she's eating for three, and it didn't seem like she was joking." Allegedly, Nicole loves how tight the bond is between Joel and his twin brother Benji, and "she'd love for her twins to have that same bond." One thing is for sure - if Nicole has twin boys, they would be so cute!


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 08 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted at Kitson on Melrose promoting her jewelry line House of Harlow 1960 on Saturday, March 8, and as much as I love Nicole, I have to say she's looking a little tired. Maybe the combination of Harlow and her new pregnancy isn't giving her as much rest as she needs? In her typical boho-chic style, Nic chose a long white dress (like Cake Couture's Gardena Racer Back Dress in Ivory) with woven light leather sandals, and pretty much every piece from the HOH collection. For some pieces of jewelry similar to Nicole's new line, check out Rachel Leigh's Heart Statement Necklace in Gold, and for similar bracelets, take your pick of CC Skye's Giant Single Stud Cuff in Black Patent or their Enamel Deco Bangle in Capri Black, or Alex and Ani's Set of 7 Patented Gold Expandable Bangles. What do you think of Nicole's look here - yay or nay? While this the baby makes Nicole's second child with Joel Madden, Nicole's not sure if marriage will ever be in her future. Kurt and Goldie, anyone? Nicole tells Japan's ViVi Magazine, "I don't know about marriage in the future. I make it a custom not to plan the future. I may plan to and I may not." Talk about a non-answer! Nicole says she wakes up at 6:45 AM each morning before Harlow gets up at 7, and of her changing style, she continues: "I wear jeans and a t-shirt and no makeup when I am with my daughter. But I take care of my 'adult time' too. I like to go to restaurants and bars in high-heeled shoes and dresses when I have free time. Because I am still 27 years old, you know?" Work it out, Nic!


Nicole Richie seen on Feb 22 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie and her beau Joel Madden were spotted heading into the posh Sunset Tower Hotel last night, February 22, for Vanity Fair's Oscar After Party, and it might just be my imagination but I think you can slightly make out a baby bump under Nicole's flowing dress. Thoughts? For her night on the town look, Nic started with a long yellow frock (check out options in a similar hue, like Cake Couture's Palm Beach Long Dress in White or Ella Moss' Piper Dress in Daisy) that I have to say seems a bit casual for post-Oscar parties (just my two cents) along with a sparkly bag (similar to Julie K Handbags' Gigi Mini Bag in Pewter) and a dramatic cat eye. Don't get me wrong, I like Nicole's look, I just think it seems a bit casual for the occasion, don't you think? As I'm sure you're already aware, Harlow is going to be an older sister, as Nicole and Joel are expecting baby number two. Joel took to his official blog and said announced the pregnancy, and now friends of the famous couple are speaking out. Paris' mom, Kathy Hilton, said "I’m so excited for Nicole, I think it’s going to be a boy. I’m never wrong." The star of the series "Chuck" (on which Nicole guest starred) added, "I think that they’ll be a good unit to hopefully bring up their kids in a way where they are stand-up individuals who lead their generation into being a good one." Congratulations to the happy couple!


Nicole Richie seen on Feb 19 2009 in New York, NY. It seems like all of LA is in NYC for Fashion Week, and Nicole Richie and ADORABLE baby Harlow are no exception. Nicole and the tiny tot were spotted braving the freezing temps and walking to a waiting car earlier today, February 19, looking cute and cozy. Nicole started with a black leather jacket with oversized flaps (similar to Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black) and paired with a long black t-shirt (like P.G.D. Style's Longsleeve V-Neck Tee in Black) under a pink hoodie (check out Ecoganik's Tucked Front Hoodie in Mango) and destroyed jeans (try Pierce Jeans' Justin Bootcut in San Diego Destroyed). Accessory wise, Nicole grabbed a tie-dyed baby bag along with her oversized aviators and short fringed Minnetonka moccasins. My one critique (and it's very hard to ever critique Nicole Richie) are the oh-so-obvious hair extensions clearly visible at the top of her noggin. Just take them out, Nic - or even better, try a bob again! Don't you think, dear readers? Nicole is in NYC for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and sat front-row at the Diesel show along with eccentric singer Roisin Murphy, rapper Common and fashionista Kate Bosworth. Sitting next to Nicole, however, was French Vogue editor in chief Carine Roitfield, who allegedly completely gave Nicole the cold shoulder. Basically, sources say, Carine acted like Nicole and the other notable front row-ers didn't exist. Snub! I wonder why, I mean... Paris Hilton was recently on the cover of French Vogue, so presumably it's not like Carine doesn't know who Nicole is?


Nicole Richie seen on Jan 10 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Yummy mummy Nicole Richie was spotted out and about in Los Angeles on January 10, flaunting her post-baby bod (and her peekaboo tattoo) in a pair of low slung, distressed jeans. For a similar look to Nicole's, start with Denim of Virtue's Acceptance Boyfriend 5 Pocket Jean in Destroyed and pair with casual rubber flip flops (Nic loves her Havaianas). Up top, choose a flowy, embroidered top with a boho-chic vibe, like Cake Couture's Marrakech Shortsleeve Peasant Shirt in Ocean, oversized '70s-esque shades, and a black handbag with a convenient shoulder strap (take a look at Jenny Yuen Handbags' Sherlock Satchel in Black). Talk about the perfect kick-around on the weekend look! What do you think of Nic's look here? Like I always say - if you've got it, flaunt it! And in Nicole's case, she definitely has a toned tummy, and she's definitely flaunting it. Work it out, NR! For her day out and about, Nicole stopped by a salon for some pampering, playing it cool in front of the paparazzi's continuous flashes. Can you believe that this girl was pregnant just under a year ago?


Nicole Richie seen on Jan 06 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. Hot mama Nicole Richie was spotted running around in Beverly Hills on January 6, looking chic and effortlessly put together, as always. To get Nicole's look, start with an oversized slouchy black beanie and round sunnies, and pair with a very Blair Waldorf-esque red coat, like Suzabelle's Ballard Coat in Red. Next up, slip your gams into a pair of black skinnies, a la Desert Blue's Bullhorn Jean in Black, and grab a pair of Loubs (the soles of the heels will match your coat perfectly!). Final touch? A to-die-for handbag, like Nicole's Balenciaga. For those of you who can't stomach Balenciaga's hefty pricetag, check out Carla Mancini's similar Whipstitch Double Handle Bag with Clasp in Black. In other Nicole news, it seems that she is looking to continue her foray into the world of acting with a role on the juicy teen soap, "Gossip Girl." A source told The New York Daily News, "Nicole loves "Gossip Girl," and she wants a really bitchy, juicy role." Don't get too excited, GG fans (including myself!), Nic's rep claims that there is no truth to this story, saying, "This isn’t true information." Bummer! That would have been cool for Nicole to get in on the nasty fun with Leighton and Blake!


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 29 2008 in Maui, HI. A happy and healthy looking Nicole Richie was spotted frolicking in the surf (and taking pictures on her digital camera!) on the beach of Maui on December 29, flaunting her amazing post-baby body. Maui wowie! For those of you traveling to tropical locations for the New Year, check out the following sizzling selection of red bikinis sure to catch the attention of everyone on the beach: Letarte Swimwear's Vintage Hawaiian Red Twisty Top Bikini offers a twist on the typical bikini top; Poko Pano's Lauryn Bikini in Red has edgy chain detailing; and Nina Swimwear's Glam Bikini in Red has contrasting metal rings which accent the glamour of the suit. In typical Nicole fashion, she also sported oversized sunnies and a hippie-chic headscarf (like A Graves' Paisley Scarf in Navy) for her sunny seaside session. In other Nic news, it seems that Nicole has a new obsession: sending steamy text messages to beau Joel Madden when she's not around him! A source says, "She is a pistol who says exactly what is on her mind. When she is not with Joel, she is constantly sending sexy text messages, telling him what she is wearing and what she wants to do with him when she gets home." Ow ow! What do you think CoutureCandy readers - are you guilty of sending a sexy text or two in your lifetime?


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 26 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were spotted doing some post-Christmas shopping in West Hollywood on December 26, hitting up the Marc by Marc Jacobs store, then going to Decades Two, City of Angels Optical, and finishing things off at American Rag on La Brea. These two must have worked up quite an appetite with all that shopping they were doing, and snagged lunch on La Brea after their shopping excursion. Nicole (as always) looked amazing during her day out, pairing a slouchy black hat with her trademark oversized round sunnies, a wine colored Chanel tote, black skinnies (check out Denim of Virtue's Patience 5 Pocket Tapered Jean in Black), her go-to favorite Balenciaga boots, and a warm and cozy charcoal sweater. If you're loving NR's look, I have three sweater suggestions sure to entice. Qi's Drawstring Funnel Sweater in Charcoal is a sweet, shortsleeve alternative; Autumn Cashmere's Tweed Popcorn Cable Shawl Sweater in Jetsmoke is sure to keep you warm in style; and Smitten's Chunky Turtleneck Dolman Sleeve Sweater in Grey would surely be Nicole approved. While baby Harlow is only 11 months old, reports are circulating now that Nicole and Joel might want to add another tiny tot to their brood. Joel says, "I'm definitely not against adopting. I went to the Central African Republic and fell in love with the place. If I was going to adopt, it would probably be from there. Nicole and I are very happy and eventually we'd love to have more kids, especially if they can all be as easy and wonderful as Harlow!" Being adopted herself, there's no doubt that Nicole has a spot in her heart for changing the life of an underprivileged child. What do you think, should NR and JM adopt?


Nicole Richie seen on Dec 13 2008 in Hollywood, CA. A glowing Nicole Richie also attended the Official Footwear Launch for K-DCMA at the DCMA Flagship Store in Hollywood on December 13 with main squeeze Joel Madden, keeping her look simple with just the right amount of edge (her look is actually very similar to Mary-Kate Olsen's sighting- without the numerous layers- just a few entries down). Starting with a fun leopard print scarf (A Graves' Paisley Scarf in Grey is a gorgeous alternative), Nicole chose a form fitting black sweater dress (Suzabelle's Phaedra Sweater Dress in Black is similar, as is P.G.D. Style's Candice V Neck Mini Dress in Black) with her favorite Dior Extreme Gladiator Platforms and an extreme cat eye. Delicious! Of the K-DCMA shoe line, Joel told E!, "We have some of the best graffiti artists in the world. We have all sorts of people who have been involved in helping design for our company. It’s more of a collaborative, collective effort. Everything’s at a good price point where everybody can afford it. Kids can actually afford the stuff and enjoy it." Sounds cool! Of his holiday plans with Nic, Joel said, "I have no clue right now what I’m getting her, but I think it’s going to have to be creative. She appreciates more of the creative rather than something like a diamond. She’s not really into diamonds." Love it. And for baby Harlow? "Nicole is very organic, so probably a lot of organic toys like wooden blocks." Okay, I think I am officially obsessed with them!


Nicole Richie seen on Nov 28 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. The always fashionable Nicole Richie was spotted toting around her adorable daughter Harlow in West Hollywood last Friday, November 28, looking especially stylish and slender while doing so. If you are inspired by Nicole's outfit, start with a dark wash denim jacket, or if you're in the mood for something a little more fitting for the winter season, check out Amberlynne's luxe Victoria Coat in Plum, which has similar double-breasted button detailing, similar to the silhouette of Nicole's. From there, Nicole paired a black tee with a patterned scarf (like Alchemy's Paisley Scarf in Grey), oversized black shades (similar to Nour's Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery), and black leggings (check out Laura Dahl's Tiny Dancers Leggings in Noir). Finally, she finished her look off with a killer pair of black knee-high Louboutin boots (for a more wallet friendly version, check out Matiko Footwear's Sienna Boot in Black). Love it! In other Nicole motherhood news, it seems that Nicole and Christina Aguilera have formed a friendship over their new role as mothers, and Christina is speaking out about her high thoughts of Richie. She says, "I really appreciate people that exude a lot of talent and hard work. Because our little ones were born one day apart, I have had the opportunity of getting to know her. I was blown away by how great of a mom Nicole is. I really am. She is a great woman and I think that having a child has made her grow so much, as it made me grow as well. Anyone that wants to give anybody grief about going out is trying to be negative and trying to stir up some drama. But I have nothing but good things to say about Nicole. She doesn't go out so much." Who knew these two were so close! I think celebrity friendships are so interesting... I wonder if Paris is jealous?


Nicole Richie seen on Nov 11 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. A gorgeous Nicole Richie made an appearance at H&M’s The Season’s Most Fashionable Gifts Event in West Hollywood on Tuesday night, November 6. Looking slim and radiant, Nicole caused a photo frenzy in her patterned longsleeve mini dress (check out Prairie New York's Chain Necklace Dress in Black Woodcut or their Shift Dress in Black Lynx, or Woo's Eva Crochet Lace Dress in Almost Black for similar options) with black tights and sky-high YSL stilettos. Loving the cat-eye as well! Nicole seems to be in quite the party mood lately, as a day after the H&M event, she appeared at the Alberta Ferretti store opening event on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, with boyfriend Joel Madden. Posing with other fashionistas like Emmy Rossum and Nicky Hilton, Nicole was even caught chatting with super stylist Rachel Zoe for a few minutes. Wonder if they were discussing potentially working together again??


Nicole Richie seen on Oct 23 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted strolling down the purple carpet of the 2008 Breeders’ Cup Winners Circle Gala held at the Hollywood Palladium last night, October 23, smiling and waving for photographers. Keeping hair, makeup (save for a killer cat-eye), and jewelry to a minimum, Nic chose a tight cowl neck dress (check out Holly's Cowl Neck Jersey Dress in Purple or Black Halo's Cowl Neck Mini Dress in Ash/Black for options in much chicer shades, I'm not a huge fan of the split-pea color of Nic's frock) with a black and white swing coat (check out Elizabeth Gillett Ltd's shorter Bianca Drape Jersey Jacket in Black) and Dior's Extreme Gladiator Platforms. How very Carrie Bradshaw of her! In other Nic news, did any of you loyal CoutureCandy readers happen to check out her guest starring stint on the NBC spy-comedy "Chuck"? I know that there was a fight scene that took place in a shower, but I didn't actually catch her guest appearance. Anyone out there see Nicole in action?


Nicole Richie seen on Oct 08 2008 in Van Nuys, CA. Favorite fashionista Nicole Richie was spotted dutifully attending yet another intellectually stimulating class of traffic school in Van Nuys, CA on October 8, looking trendily spot-on while doing so. Starting with a pair of super skinnies (like Serfontaine's Skinny Minnie Drainpipe Jean in Double Rinse) and black patent ballet flats, Nicole layered a basic black cami (check out Zoa's Logo Cami in Black for a stylish basic) with a detailed lace top (for a cropped version, Elizabeth Gillett Ltd's Wynette Top in Black is a beautiful, dainty piece) on top. She completed her outfit with a slouchy beanie (check out Raw 7's luxurious Dove Beanie in Black) and a metallic gold quilted bag. I've said it before and I'll say it again... this is one stylish mama! While it's uber clear that Nicole is already turning out to be a wonderful mother, she and Joel are speaking out about all of the nuances of parenthood. Joel says, "Nicole is completely dedicated. I do whatever she tells me to do. I'm cool with that. She's really good with the baby. I'm really good with finances. All of Harlow's education and all that stuff, I already have planned." Nicole adds on, "Harlow's a delicate soul. She studies people. She's very coy. People say that she and I make the same expressions. But everyone says she looks like Joel." So cute!! And I can definitely see the resemblance between Harlow and Joel, maybe a resemblance to Nicole will develop as she gets a bit older?


Nicole Richie seen on Sep 08 2008 in New York, NY. Talk about a dinner party that I'd like to have attended! Nicole Richie hit up Cipriani in NYC on September 8 with Mary-Kate Olsen and Jennifer Lopez (in addition to MK's boyfriend, Nate Lowman, and LA Reid and Benny Medina) for a quick bite at the upscale eatery following the Marc Jacobs show at NY Fashion Week. Wearing a simple white tank (like Sydney Los Angeles' Sydney Tank in Dawn White) tucked into a black Marc Jacobs tulip skirt (Parameter's High Waist Mini Skirt in Black is similar), Nicole finished off her look with a pair of gladiator heels, a black shoulder bag (similar to Linea Pelle's ), a single gold bracelet (I simply adore Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry's Vermeil Peace Rope Bracelet), and an eye-catching crystal headband. Love this look! While everyone knows about Nicole's wrong-way DUI experience back in 2006, the judge that sentenced her to three-years probation in July 2007 says that Richie is "progressing nicley." Nicole has been seen attending her 18-month alcohol education classes and taking her punishment seriously. I think this is a shining case of a Hollywood wild-child turning their life around for the better.


Nicole Richie seen on Sep 05 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted at the Beverly Glen Country Mart in LA on September 5 with beau Joel Madden, making a quick stop for some fro-yo on this warm summer afternoon. To steal Nicole's easy summertime look (with a bit of fall transition creeping in), start with a great basic grey tee (like P.G.D. Style's Basic Tee in Clay) with the sleeves rolled up to your shoulders, and pair with lightwash denim shorts (for a pair that aren't as destroyed as Nicole's Abercrombie & Fitch pair, check out Joe's Jeans' Braided 5 Pocket Short in Berkley). Now for the accessories, Nicole chose a brown leather belt with turquoise and stud embellishments (very similar to Nyovee's Splendid Belt in Redwood) with an alway supercool pair of aviators (JeeVice Optics' Crybaby II Sunglasses in Silver) and an oversized black beanie (which is what I meant when I said she took a summer outfit and gave it a dash of fall style). On a side note, that yogurt sure does look tasty! Nicole is (like most other fashionistas who didn't attend the VMA's) currently in New York for Fashion Week, and attended the DKNY show, sitting front row with Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder. It seems that Little Miss Richie caused quite the commotion before the show, as one interviewer was trying to speak to Ricci, but was nearly trampled by the mad crush of photographers trying to get "that magic shot" of Nicole sitting front row. While all of this madness was occurring, Ricci tried to get out of the way, apologizing to the reporter for not being able to continue the interview, to which the report said, "It's okay, save yourself!" You've gotta love a reporter with a sense of humor- that is very rare in this day and age!


Nicole Richie seen on Sep 01 2008 in Malibu, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted with Joel Madden leaving a romantic dinner at Nobu in Malibu on September 1, shielding her sensitive eyes from the paparazzi's constant flashbulbs. Wearing a coat that looks like it either came from the clost of Mrs. Roper, Rachel Zoe or is Aladdin's Magic Carpet, Nicole kept the rest of her outfit fairly simple, pairing a black tank (like P.G.D. Style's Fancy Tank in Black) with dark skinnies (check out Desert Blue's Fire Element Jean in Cormick Dark Indigo) and black rubber flip flops. For a jacket that is still eye catching yet not so "out there," I suggest you check out Walter's Water Color Satin Coat in Blue. What are your thoughts on Nicole's stringy, fringy shawl- love it or hate it? Personally, Nicole is one of the few who can rock this, I think on anyone else it would look ridiculous! While we know that Nicole is friends with Ashlee Simpson (and probably gives the mom-to-be advice), it might interest some of you that Joel actually has discussed fatherhood with Ashlee's hubby, Pete Wentz! Pete says, "Joel gives me advice. (It's) been really awesome for me to go to another person my age." How cute... I smell future playdates in the works!


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 14 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted out and about on August 14, looking at properties in Los Angeles (guess she and Joel are planning their escape from Glendale!). For Nic's easy summer look, start with a breezy white top (the ruffles on Gold Hawk's Short Ruffle Tunic in Oyster give it an extra girly touch) and pair with denim short shorts (like True Religion's Josie Big T Short in Light Lovestruck) and a black leather belt (similar to Rough Roses' Leather Strap Belt in Black). For the finishing accessory touches, grab a pair of fringed moccasins, oversized shades and a personalized necklace (like Danielle Stevens Jewelry's Monogram Necklace in Gold) and voila! Insta-Richie. In other Nicole news, the charity that she and Joel began back in January, the Richie Madden Children's Foundation, is set to officially launch soon. Instead of receiving gifts for the birth of their daughter Harlow, the couple asked friends and family to make a donation to the charity. A source says, "Nicole's hired some pretty high-powered consultants to advise her and put it all together. The Web site will be a registry, like for a bridal or shower registry, where low-income women list things they need for their babies. More well-off people will then go on and buy stuff for the children." That melts my heart!


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 13 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. You can't say that Nicole Richie isn't committed to making amends for her DUI. She was spotted heading to her weekly traffic school session in LA on August 13, holding a coffee while her bodyguard escorted her in. Wearing an embroidered black cami (like Gold Hawk's Tribal Eyelet Camisole in Moonless Night) with skinnies (check out Denim of Virtue's Patience 5 Pocket Tapered Jean in Champagne) and patent pink flats, NR accessorized with her trademark oversized sunnies (like Nour's Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery), big bangles (Rachel Leigh's Panel Bangle in Gold is adorable) and her black Balenciaga bag. While this outfit is typical Richie, why mess with a good thing? While it's crazy to think that super slender Nicole just recently gave birth, she did... and Joel is telling "Entertainment Tonight Canada" all about Nicole's musical preferences du jour. He says, "Nicole likes to hear a lot of fun stuff like New Kids on the Block or Bell Biv DeVoe or something like that. She likes to have fun and listen to that stuff." Joel goes on to say, "I can still go out and rock and roll a bit and hang out and deejay, but I’m definitely all about my family. Family first." Good to hear!


Nicole Richie seen on Jul 23 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted leaving traffic school (props to her for continuing to attend classes!) in Los Angeles on July 23, looking as chic and casually cool as ever. Nicole started her outfit with a vibrantly patterned top (Tricia Fix's Portia Top in Orange Medallion is similar, as is the Aubrey Mini Dress in Orange Medallion, a dress with a similar pattern) and a pair of true blue skinnies (like 7 for All Mankind's Quilted Roxanne Jean in Hawaii), and accessorized with oversized round sunnies (like Nour's Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery), her black Balenciaga bag and a pair of bronze gladiator sandals. Classic Nicole- perfectly pulled together with that bohemian edge. In related Nicole news, it seems that Nicole has put the big fat stop sign up in front of Joel's urge to get another tattoo... and not just any tattoo, a tooth tattoo! A source says, "Joel promised Nicole that he wouldn't get any more tattoos. Then a friend suggested a tooth tattoo, which is a photo imprinted on a tooth. When Joel told Nicole he wanted to get their daughter Harlow's face tattooed on one of his front teeth, she shrieked, 'Absolutely not!'" Smart move, Nic! I'm sure he will thank you for this input in the VERY near future!


Nicole Richie seen on Jul 04 2008 in Malibu, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted on the shores of Malibu on the Fourth of July, looking extremely happy and like she was having an all around fun time. I will say this, though: what is up with all of these celebrities that seem to have nothing better to do all day than go to the beach and go shopping CONSTANTLY having the worst roots you have ever seen? I mean, hello Jessica Simpson, and now Nicole? I really don't get it. Fix that situation stat, Nic! Other than that, she looked absolutely lovely, in a delicate white cami (like Gold Hawk's Tribal Eyelet Camisole in White Essence), denim short-shorts (check out Joe's Jeans' High Waist Trouser Shorts in Raven) and two-tone, Wayfarer-esque shades. Besides the aforementioned root situation, I do adore Nic's beachy waves. While there were reports that Nicole participated in a little brawl at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas involving Nic and another hotel guest, her rep tells TMZ "She was in Vegas but there wasn't an altercation of any kind involving her." Short, sweet and to the point- but do you buy it?


Nicole Richie seen on Jun 18 2008 in Van Nuys, CA. I feel like the only place we ever see candids of Nicole Richie lately (besides the events that homegirl attends) are when she is heading into traffic school! And June 18 was no exception, as Nic headed into traffic school in Van Nuys donning the still-lingering bohemian hair braid trend and a pair of vintage shades. For the rest of her 'fit, Nic paired a dotted tank (similar to Smitten's Crochet Swing Top in White and Red) with deep, dark skinnies (just like Joe's Jeans' Chelsea Jean in Reed) and red leather boots. Adorable! The finishing touch was her black Balenciaga, but for a fraction of the price, you can grab Carla Mancini's deliciously edgy Medium Top Zip Crossed Stitch Bag in Black. Nicole has spoken out about the fact that she wants to marry babydaddy Joel Madden "soon," and said in a statement, "The wedding will be soon. We want to get married, it's just finding the right time. It's very exciting. Joel is an amazing father. He actually changes more diapers than I do. He's always singing to her and playing with her. I'm happier than I have ever been but I take nothing for granted. I have great friends, a great family, a great place to live and a beautiful baby. I've gone through a lot of hardship in my past but I really feel like I've come out on the other end. I'd really like to show how much I appreciate the fact that I'm still here, because I almost didn't get that chance." Precious moments! So amazing for her.


Nicole Richie seen on Jun 10 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was seen heading into her court mandated traffic school class in LA on June 10, looking lovely in a vibrant orange and pink dress (check out similar eye-catching options from Tricia Fix, like the Aubrey Mini Dress in Orange Medallion, and Whitley, like the Andrea Dress in Pink). Holding on tightly to her Starbucks, Nicole chose to balance the neon shades of her frock with black accessories, like an oversized tote (check out Julie K Handbags' Jules Weekender Tote in Ocean Exotic) and her trademark oversized round sunglasses (Nour's Noushi in Crystal Mystery are similar). The final touch? A pair of beautiful woven gold metallic sandals. While Nicole's pop is one of the most famous fathers in Hollywood, I thought I would celebrate Father's Day by filling you in on how Lionel felt about raising the former wild-child. When accepting the Icon Award at the TV Land Awards last week, Lionel said, "Forget about surviving 40 years in the music business. Just surviving 27 years of Nicole has been a struggle-and-a-half, I want to tell you. I stand here as a survivor, I want you to know, for all the parents out there.“ Oh, Lionel- always the jokester. And with that, Happy Father's Day!


Nicole Richie seen on Jun 05 2008 in Burbank, CA. Nicole Richie met up with her manager, Michael Baum, on June 5 in Burbank, making her trademark casual style look oh so effortless. In a gauzy white top (like Walter's Ivory Lame Top or 3J Workshop's Sara Top in White Metallic), Nicole also paired cuffed skinny jeans (like Joe's Jeans' Cigarette Super Slim Jean in Kennedy) with Balenciaga stilettos and horn and cross pendants. Finishing touches? Her big Chanel and vintage red shades (JeeVice Optics' Evil Sunglasses in Red aren't vicious but they are pretty wicked indeed). While she is quite aware that so many blossoming young fashionistas admire her sense of style, Nicole doesn't plan on losing that style just because she became a mama. She says, "I still like to dress up. I think every girl, whether you’re 13 or in your 20’s, should always try new things. I’ve had my hair pink and brown and blonde and I think it’s all about trying new things. I’m really open to new looks. I love fashion so much that I definitely want to take it to the next level and I’m really excited about it all.” Spoken like a true style icon.


Nicole Richie seen on Jun 03 2008 in Santa Monica, CA. Besides the rumors going around that Nicole Richie might join the cast of "Gossip Girl," Nic stepped out to the MTV studios in Santa Monica on June 3, fueling gossip that Nicole is in talks for a new reality show. Either way, bring Nicole back to TV, stat! For her outing to the MTV studios, Nicole paired a cropped black leather jacket (like Gold Hawk's Belted Leather Jacket in Moonless Night) with a patterned tunic (I love the peacock feather motif of Karina Grimaldi's Cami Silk Tunic in Grey Feathers, or if you're headed to the beach and want a similar vibe in a funky cover-up, check out Letarte Swimwear's Island Ink Sleeveless Tunic in Tan) and tons of gold necklaces. On the bottom, Nicole wore a pair of black tights (check out Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir) with skyscraper heels and a gigantic quilted Chanel bag. In addition to all of the television rumors, Nicole is finally talking to press about her upcoming fashion lines, the first to be released is her jewelry line cutely titled "House of Harlow." Nicole says, "It’s actually the beginning of a brand that I’m developing of children’s apparel and also a clothing line, shoes, bags, sunglasses, everything. I’m really excited. The jewelry is first and it will be out in late August.” I know this is a pretty obvious question, but how many of you ladies are just super anxious to get your perfectly manicured hands on Nicole's jewelry line?!


Nicole Richie seen on May 30 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie proudly smiled and posed on the red carpet of the The Richie-Madden Children's Foundation Fundraiser Event in Los Angeles on May 30, wearing Signorelli's Children's Health Fund Tank in Black for her night out for the kids, and for every tank sold, proceeds go to helping homeless and disadvantaged children get medical care. Such a good cause everyone, pick up yours today. And can I also just say that I love when I see celebrities donate their time for a good cause... go Nicole! For the rest of her outfit, Nicole chose a fitted black blazer (like Signorelli's Logo Blazer in Black), black skinnies (similar to Denim of Virtue's Patience 5 Pocket Tapered Jean in Black) and metallic silver heels. While everyone (including yours truly!!) seems to be obsessed with all things "Gossip Girl," it looks like Nicole is no exception! And she doesn't just love the show, she might even be interested in being on it. A source tells Star Magazine, "Nicole’s life has settled down a bit after having her daughter Harlow, she’s eager to get back to work. She’s keen on pursuing an acting career and she loves 'Gossip Girl'." OMFG. Nicole totally has to do it!!!


Nicole Richie seen on May 22 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted taking baby Harlow for a morning walk in Hollywood, CA on May 22, and seems to be gearing up for summer in her super-short denim cutoffs (I love the clean and sophisticated look of Joe's Jeans' Braided 5 Pocket Short in Berkley). For the rest of her look, Nicole paired a red floral printed tunic (like Cake Couture's Poppy Embroidered Tie Front Tunic in Print) with black Converse and vintage-inspired shades (knowing Nicole, they probably ARE vintage, but JeeVice Optics' Sexy Sunglasses in Cream Leo are pretty cute too). While we all know that Nicole has completely reformed her once crazy life after giving birth to Harlow, and now Babytalk Magazine is honoring Nicole with their "Golden Pacifier Award." Editor-in-Chief Lisa Moran said in a statement, "Honoring Nicole Richie with a Babytalk Golden Pacifier Award might come as a surprise to some, but we felt that she deserved some recognition for her turnaround since becoming a mom. She's grown up a lot since the arrival of little Harlow, and her creation of the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation has demonstrated her efforts to set a good example by shining a spotlight on important issues affecting today's families." I couldn't have said it better myself! It seems like the crazy wild-child partygirl that Nicole used to be is now completely a ghost of Hollywood past, and in her place a newly mature and family-oriented (yet still oober stylish) mother has emerged. Go Nicole!


Nicole Richie seen on May 14 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted grabbing sushi with Joel Madden in West Hollywood on May 14, opting for a striking black and green combo (because, as I'm sure you realize, green is so hot right now). To get an outfit like Nicole's, start with a flowy green frock, like Lotta Stensson's Circle Gather Mini Dress in Green, which also comes in six perfect-for-summer shades. Next up is the edgy black leather jacket, similar to Gold Hawk's awesome cropped version, the Belted Leather Jacket in Moonless Night, and matching black bag; while Nic chose a Balenciaga, I'm loving Carla Mancini's similar Medium Top Zip Cross Stitched Bag in Black. Last up is Nicole's favorite necklace, her gold "H" monogram, just like Danielle Stevens Jewelry's Monogram Necklace in Gold. Punch up the look with a pair of black opaque tights and killer kicks, and you're all set. Nic is dishing on the numerous aspects of raising baby Harlow, and has said that "Joel actually changes more diapers than I do. It's his time with her. He sings to her... He laughs with her, plays with her. It's amazing." Tenderloins! Very precious, I definitely think that Nicole is in the running for most transformed former party girl of the year!

Harlow is changing Nicole's friends

Nicole Richie seen on May 07 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was photographed heading into traffic school in LA on May 7, looking effortlessly stylish as always, if not a little cow-girlish in those patent cowboy boots. Yee-haw! If you are inspired by Nicole's look here, I have a few suggestions for you. First, since it looks like Nicole's dress is like 3 awesome dresses sewn together, I recommend Karina Grimaldi's Zuni Silk Mini Dress in Grey Feathers, a flirty take on the peacock feather motif present in Nic's frock. To emulate the striped vibe of the dress, take a peek at Ella Moss' Clementine Halter Dress in Sangria or Karen Zambos' Tank Shirt Dress in Stripe. Accessory wise, Nic brought along her blue Balenciaga for her traffic school outing, in addition to a large hat and gradient shades (like Nour's Kiara Sunglasses in Manner Mania). We all know what a life-changer giving birth to baby Harlow was for Nicole, but now Nic is letting the world know that her friends have been changed with the birth of baby Harlow as well. Richie says, "I feel like my group of five to 10 friends, they really love her, like she's theirs. My friends never go outside for smoke breaks anymore, they don't curse, they are definitely more demure. It's actually been really interesting." Wonderful!

Paris morphing into Nicole?

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 29 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. A glowing Nicole Richie was spotted doing some shopping with Joel Madden at his DCMA store and also at Diane von Furstenberg in Los Angeles on April 29, and as always, Nicole is one hot mama. For her ensemble, Richie chose a vibrant patterned mini dress (check out top notch selections from Plenty by Tracy Reese, like the Halter Dreidell Dress in Fuschia Zigzag, and LaROK, like the Tea Cup Dress in Brick) and paired with her favorite "H" for Harlow necklace and a pair or major gladiator sandals (for a more subdued pair of sandals, check out Matiko Footwear's Karla Sandal in Brown). Adorable! In Nicole slash Paris BFF news, it seems that numerous people think that Paris is slowly changing into Nicole, due to who she is dating and her fashion choices as of late. Sources say, "Paris has always been skinny, but it appears she has slimmed down even further as she stepped out in Beverly Hills with new boyfriend Benji Madden. Paris' gaunt appearance at Prego restaurant on Tuesday echoed that of Nicole's famously pre-baby slender frame." I don't know about this, I mean... yeah, Paris is thin, but I wouldn't describe her figure as "gaunt" by any means. Would you? Off the topic of Paris, I think that Nicole is looking great lately, slim but not skeletal, and her style is as strong as ever. Just my two cents!

Nicole for Obama

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 26 2008 in Palm Desert, CA. Nicole Richie was just one of the many Hollywood peeps who braved the blistering heat and headed out to Palm Desert, CA for the Coachella Music Festival over the weekend, along with babydaddy Joel Madden. Nicole was seen here arriving at an event DJ-ed by Joel, looking fresh and fantastic. Nic started her outdoor outfit with an airy white tunic top (take a look at similar offerings from Gold Hawk, like the Sheer Flower Pullover in Gardenia, and Cake Couture, like the French Cottage Tunic in White) tucked into her Siwy cut-off shorts (7 for All Mankind's Jackie Short in LA Dark are a more polished pair if you're not feeling the cut-off vibe), and paired with a Balenciaga bag, red heart shaped sunglasses (I also love JeeVice Optics' Evil Sunglasses in Red) and black Minnetonka Moccasins. Nic and Joel hit up the outdoor music festival and decided to speak out about their political affiliation, as Joel wore a shirt backing Presidential candidate Barack Obama. When asked if he would be voting for Barack, Joel replied, "Yes, [Nicole and I] are. He is a good man, he is cool. He is just a great person overall." What do you think, is it a good idea for celebrities to make their political affiliation known?

a double wedding???

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 16 2008 in New York, NY. Nicole Richie was spotted stepping out with beau Joel Madden in NYC on April 16 for a double date with Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz; I wonder if Ash was asking Nicole for parenting tips? Nicole went with her typical funky-casual look for her night out in the city, pairing a purple velvet jacket with a plain black tee (like Laura Dahl's York Top in Noir) and skinny jeans (similar to Tag Jeans' Skinny 5 Pocket Jean in Medium Stone). Accessory wise, Nicole brought one of her favorite Alexander McQueen skull scarves out of storage and wore it along with Balenciaga boots and her "H" necklace (check out Christie Martin Jewelry's hand made 14k Gold Disc Necklace). There are new reports out now that Nicole and pal Paris Hilton are planning to have a double wedding, each one to wed a Madden twin, making the girls legal sisters. Sheesh! Talk about a publicity stunt. A source says that Paris and Nicole would "make millions from the double wedding. Paris is doing it all for attention, as usual. It's a publicity stunt, just like everything else she does." Sounds about right. I wonder how long it will take for this doozey of a rumor to get a response from Nic and Paris' reps?

Reunited with mom

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 12 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted spending the day with her birthmother and her baby daughter Harlow in Los Angeles on April 12, stopping by a friend's house and then making a shopping stop at Barney's New York in Beverly Hills. Clad in a bright yellow tank (like Zoa's Braided Racer Back Top in Lemon) and her favorite Siwy cut-off denim shorts (I love the classic look of 7 for All Mankind's high waisted Jackie Short in LA Dark), Nicole acessorized with funky brown shades (check out JeeVice Optics' Sexy Sunglasses in Brown Fade) and brown leather sandals. Rumor has it that Nicole hasn't really kept in touch with her birth parents over the years, but has decided to let them back in her life for the sake of her newborn daughter. Pete Escovedo Jr. is Nic's biological father, a pop singer from the 1980's, and Nicole's mother is known only as "a backstage assistant on Lionel’s 1980 world tour." Since having baby Harlow, Nicole just seems to be growing and gaining so much maturity, all while keeping her killer fashion sense. To quote her circa the "Simple Life" days- loves it!

Lionel dishes on Harlow

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 09 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. The always amazing Nicole Richie attended the ASCAP Pop Awards in Los Angeles last night, April 9, looking fab as always. Walking the red carpet and posing with father Lionel and little sister Sophie, Nicole appeared absolutely radiant in her floor-length, exotic-print dress (check out ZG by Grimaldi's Betty Chiffon Dress in Shelby Yellow or Karen Zambos' Halter Dress in Black Lion for similar, inspired choices). Accessory wise, Nicole went for the gold as she draped her wrist in numerous gold bangles (check out Rachel Leigh's Audrey Bow Bangle Set in Gold) and clung onto a metallic bronze clutch (similar to Antoinette Lee Designs' Vita Snake Clutch in Bronze). While it is super obvi that Nicole loves being a momma, her dad Lionel is opening up on details regarding her tiny tot, details that are absolutely adorable. He says, "I went to Nicole and said, 'Grandpa,' how does that sound? Does that fit me?' She said, 'Dad, that sounds old.' So I kind of searched out ... G-Pa sounds a lot better. That's my street name." HA! "Dad, that sounds old." Love Nicole. Lionel continues, "Nicole went from, 'Dad, I don't care. Whatever you say.' To 'Wash your hands, Dad' and 'Be quiet Dad.' It's a whole new sound of the house." Sounds like motherhood is definitely doing Nic right.

No marriage plans... yet

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 02 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted looking pretty darn cheery as she headed into a traffic school session in Los Angeles on April 2, carrying a cup of java and sporting a permagrin for the paps. In a basic jeans-and-tee look, Nicole started out with a superwide pair of denim (go for Hudson Jeans' Deluxe Wide Leg Jean in Sky if you're ready to go all out with the wide leg look) and paired with a loose-fitting white tee (like Laura Dahl's York Top in Winter White) and a black Balenciaga bag. Final touch: her gold "H" monogram necklace that she has been sporting everyday since little Harlow's birth (check out Danielle Stevens Jewelry's Monogram Necklace in Gold). While there have been tons of rumors circulating recently that Nic and Joel are going to tie the knot this summer, Nicole's spokesperson has publicly denied these claims. While rumors said that the two were going to be sending out invites this week, Nicole's spokesperson said, "They are not even engaged." What do you think- should Nicole and Joel make it official and take the plunge?

jewelry by richie!

Nicole Richie seen on Mar 26 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted leaving traffic school for her "wrong-way-Richie" incident last year on March 26 in Los Angeles, toting along her Balenciaga and a Starbucks with her for her undoubtedly mind-numbingly boring afternoon. Sporting a pair of true blue skinnies (like Joe's Jeans' darker Cigarette Super Slim Jean in Kennedy) with yellow slingback Louboutin heels and a tucked in, oversized white tee (check out Laura Dahl's York Top in Winter White), Nicole also donned a signature pair of large sunnies (Nour's Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery are similar) with a funky headscarf. Like I just mentioned below with Ashlee Simpson launching her own clothing line for Wet Seal, it seems that Nicole is set to launch her own jewelry line (I have a feeling the two lines will be in two different stratospheres, however). The line, which will be produced by exclusive jewelers Mouawad, will center mostly around funky costume jewelry. Nicole says, "Everyone’s been really mellow and able to work around my schedule. If I need to go feed the baby, I do it." Ah, one of the perks of working for yourself. Since Nicole's fashion (and jewelry) sense, is extremely enviable, I predict the line will do quite well. I mean, come on.. who out there has ever been inspired by a certain piece of jewelry Nic has worn? I'm sure lots of you!


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 12 2008 in Hollywood, CA. The chicest mom on the block, Nicole Richie, paid a visit to the Eco Mom Event at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills with rocker boyfriend Joel Madden on March 12, toting some sort of DVD along with her for the evening. Always a fan of the maxi dress, Nicole chose a long, floral frock (try Karina Grimaldi's Beverly Hills Dress in Eggplant or Cake Couture's Palm Beach V Neck Tunic in White) to accentuate her ever-growing baby bump, and paired it with strappy sandals and a cobalt blue Balenciaga bag (try similar options from Carla Mancini, like the Wavy Top Bag with Braid Handle and Front Pocket in Cobalt, or the East West Shopper in Cobalt). Seems like Nicole had a bit of a jewelry overload, as the last time we saw her, she was making an appearance at Kitson to promote her jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960 - and wore practically every piece from the line. This time, Nicole was jewelry free. Much nicer - don't you think? It's no secret that Nicole's become a pro at dealing with the everpresent paparazzi, and she's telling Glamour Magazine how she copes with the cameramen when Harlow is around. Richie says, "I was with some friends and I saw a few photographers. I have a rule that we don't talk about that stuff in front of Harlow, so we just kept singing songs, which is why my mouth is open. But I was trying to distract her from seeing anyone." A cute method, but I don't think this will distract her forever. She continues, "I think you just take one day at a time." Very wise, Ms. Richie.

Bittersweet symphony

Nicole Richie seen on Mar 10 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was back to looking like her pre-baby self (save of course for her newly acquires boobies) as she went shopping at a party store in Los Angeles on March 10, opting for that funky, breezy style that she's known for. In a flowy grey dress (like Ella Moss' Bianca Halter Dress in Metal) and black flip flops, Nicole accessorized with a patterned headscarf, vintage shades and her "H" necklace for her babygirl Harlow (similar to Danielle Steven's Monogram Necklace in Gold, which you can personalize with any letter you desire). Richie attended the opening of the DCMA flagship store last week, a rare public outing for the new mom. Richie spoke out about being a mother, calling it "bittersweet." At the event she told People Magazine, "My mom’s with her. It’s fun, but it’s bittersweet because I don’t like to leave her. And I always wonder, ‘What is she doing?’ (I’ve checked in) twice so far – and I’ve only been gone an hour! But this is my adult night so I’m excited to see what the night brings." So cute!

Is Nicole broadway bound?

Nicole Richie seen on Feb 23 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted out shopping and looking cute and absolutely exuberant with babydaddy Joel Madden on February 23 in Los Angeles, but I have to say... where's Harlow? They should have brought her along for baby's day out! Sticking to the all-back, cat-burglar look, Richie started with a pair of tapered black denim (check out Deener's High Waist Cigarette Jean in Tar) and paired with her unmistakeable Balenciaga wedges. On top, Nic opted for a black sweater (I'm loving Hope & Glorie's unique Ruffle Sweater in Black) and Chanel's love-them or hate-them two tone sunglasses. Also along for the ride was her Balenciaga handbag. In other Nic news, it seems that the new momma may be Broadway bound. Rumors are spreading around the internet that Nicole is in talks to star as Roxie Hart in the musical "Chicago". A source opened up to US Weekly, saying, "Nicole's definitely interested and is weighing it out." I think she should put this project on hold for a hot minute and spend some time with her newborn, don't you?

baby battle

Nicole Richie seen on Feb 10 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. New mommy Nicole Richie was photographed smiling and with that "new mom glow" at Entertainment Weekly's Toast to Antonio "LA" Reid on February 10 in Los Angeles, and gave off that hippie-esque, flower power vibe that she is known to love. In a floor length patterned dress (check out Tricia Fix's Renta Long Velvet Dress in Sage or Plenty by Tracy Reese's Maxi Slip Dress in Red for similarly patterned, long dresses), Nicole accessorized her look for the evening with a gold monogrammed "H" necklace ("H" for Harlow, her new daughter's first name- get your monogram fix satisfied with Danielle Stevens Jewelry's Monogram Necklace in Gold) and a bronze snakeskin clutch (just like Antoinette Lee Designs' Lua Snake Clutch in Bronze). At the event, Nic's BF Joel Madden was overheard saying, Nicole "looks really hot already… There's something so attractive about her now. It's a motherly glow." I have to say, Joel is speaking the truth. While I'm sure Nicole is overjoyed to finally be a momma, it seems that the bigwigs over at People Magazine think that Nic's bundle of joy is only worth half as much as Christina Aguilera's new tot. Christina made a hefty $2 mill for photos of her new son, while Richie is set to only nab $1 mill from the mag for pics of baby Harlow. Still... $1 million for a couple baby pictures?! There's the kid's college fund right there!

harlow's godmother

Nicole Richie seen on Jan 27 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie stepped out with Joel Madden on January 27, 2008, for one of their first public appearances since Nicole gave birth to baby Harlow Winter Kate Madden. While Nic and Joel grabbed beverages at Coffee Bean and braved the rainy LA weather, I have to say, it is absolutely, positively unbelievable to me that Nic just gave birth less than a month ago. Nicole is practically back to her super-skinny, pre-baby weight already! Was she really even pregnant? Seriously. Either way, whatever Nicole is doing, it's working. While photos of the presumably adorable tot have not yet been released, it's good to see that Nicole is still the most stylish mom on the block. To snag Ms. Richie's outfit, start with the stripes. Grab Signorelli's Butterfly Tee in Pearl and wear under a black blazer (LaROK's cropped version, the Rebecca Cropped Jacket in Black is cute). Throw on a vibrant red scarf and slip into a pair of tapered denim (like Denim of Virtue's Patience 5 Pocket Tapered Jean in Midnight), then accessorize with a black Balenciaga bag and fashion-forward boots (Ashley Olsen also has these stunners) and you'll be set. Baby sold separately! In other Richie news, it seems that there is a battle brewing in terms of who will win the coveted spot of Harlow's godmother. Nicole obviously wants BFF Paris Hilton to take the spot, but Madden thinks that future sister-in-law Sophie Monk would do a better job. A source tells The Globe, "Joel doesn't think Paris is up to the task ... He's lobbying for Sophie." Who do you think would make a better godmother?

A home for Nicole and Joel

Nicole Richie seen on Dec 31 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. A ready-to-pop Nicole Richie was spotted strolling the streets with babydaddy-to-be Joel Madden on New Years Eve, December 31, in Los Angeles, Ca. Sporting one of her favorite coats of late, her black peacoat (check out Rails' similar Nia Tapered Jacket in Black) with black leggings (like Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir), a heather grey tee (Hank Vintage Threads' Midieval Lion Crown Crest Tee in Charcoal's fun pattern takes it up a notch) and patent leather flats (just like Matiko Footwear's Tati Shoe in Black), I feel like Nicole stepped into a time machine for the rest of her outfit. An Alexander McQueen skull scarf and Balenciaga Motorycle Bag? This is so Nicole circa 2006 and I'm loving it! Also, props to her for the stellar vintage shades here. While her baby is due any day now, it seems that Nicole and Joel have finally settled down together, as Nicole has sold her West Hollywood condo and is living with Joel at his Glendale home full time. Wow, this party animal has REALLY turned herself around now that she is expecting!

Nicole the giver

Nicole Richie seen on Dec 11 2007 in West Hollywood, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted on December 11 doing some holiday shopping with her mother at The Grove in West Hollywood on December 11, and must have worked up quite the appetite shopping at stores such as the baby department at Nordtstom and Baby Gap, as she enjoyed a meal with momma at Cheesecake Factory. She wore a typical "Nicole winter-time outfit", consisting of a black coat (check out Rails' Nia Tapered Jacket in Black) over a roomy white tee (like Rails' Kenna Long Sleeve Tee in Cream), with black leggings (Hudson Jeans' Skinny Leg Knit in Black are similar), Wayfarers and her black Birkin bag. It seems that the holiday season has brought out the inner Santa in Nicole, as she and soon-to-be babydaddy Joel Madden have donated 100 baby gifts to expectant mothers at the Los Angeles Free Clinic. Of the generous notion, Nicole said, "The looks on the women's faces were priceless. Some of them didn't even believe us [when they saw the gifts]. They thought we were joking." But the gifts were no joke! Ever since starting The Richie Madden Children's Foundation, it seems that Nicole has found a great way to give back to the community. Lone gone are late nights partying at the latest hotspots and now is the era of charity work and responsibility. While Nicole do you like better?

driving school put on hold

Nicole Richie seen on Dec 08 2007 in Glendale, CA. Spotted: Nicole Richie doing some grocery shopping at Ralph's in Glendale, CA on Saturday (December 8), looking especially perky for those photogs who trekked all the way out to Glendale to snap a few pics of Ms. Richie. Looking like she just rolled out of bed but still appearing unmistakably chic, Nicole might as well have been singing along to Prince's 80's hit "Raspberry Beret" with that hat she has on! Sticking to a black color scheme in a warm looking coat, Nicole piled on a black v-neck sweater (like Woo's Bella Top in Black) over a grey tank top (check out IISLI's Spring Tank in Shimmer) with black leggings (Hudson Jeans' Skinny Leg Knit in Black). Nic accessorized with slouchy Ugg-esque boots, black sunglasses with rose-colored lenses (check out JeeVice Optics' Heated Sunglasses in Black) and of course, her Hermes Birkin bag, stuffed with the latest issue of Vogue. While it's no secret that Nic is pregnant anymore, it seems that her mandatory anti-drinking and driving classes are being put on hold to accommodate for her pregnancy. Nicole's rep says, "Anyone who is pregnant or has medical issues can leave the class. It wasn't Nicole asking, she just showed up one day and the paparazzi were chasing her and she was exhausted. So the director of the program was concerned for her and suggested she take a leave of absence. She didn't get special treatment." That's like Paris, Nicole and Lindsay's reps' most uttered phrase lately, "she didn't get special treatment". They probably just have a button they can push that spouts that out whenever the press calls regarding their latest legal woes!

Nicole wants to be surprised

Nicole Richie seen on Nov 26 2007 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted lunching in Beverly Hills on November 26 with famous sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton, causing quite the media frenzy over this It Girl trio. To snag these casual lunchtime looks, start with Nicole. Wearing a silk cami (like Gold Hawk's 2 Tone Basic Tunic in Grey) with black leggings (Hudson Jeans' Skinny Leg Knit in Black is similar), Nicole finished her look with a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers and a beaded cross necklace. Paris was also in a cami mood, actually wearing Gold Hawk's 2 Tone Basic Cami in Bijou Blue (their Silk Georgette Tunic in Bijou Blue is another option) with big shades and blue tights, while Nicky opted for casual comfort in a black hoodie (check out Rails' comfortable and cozy Corado Pucker Hoodie Sweater in Black) with aviators and a patent leather bag. While these ladies who lunch were undoubtedly celebrating Nicole's ever-expanding belly, the one thing that they definitely weren't discussing was the sex of Nicole's unborn child. Of her childs sex, Nicole says, "We don't know - We're waiting to find out, which has been a lot harder on me than it has on Joel because I'm so nosy, I like to know everything." So funny! Nic also spoke out about starting the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation and raising $25,000 for young mothers in need. Nicole says, "This obviously came as a function of being pregnant. On the poster it says 'In honour of baby Madden.' There is a natural feeling that comes with being pregnant. You just want to protect your baby." Well, it's official: Nicole has definitely turned over a new leaf!

Richie's baby shower details

Nicole Richie seen on Nov 07 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie hit up her favorite vegetarian restauarant, Real Food Daily, on November 7, texting and chatting away on her BlackBerry Curve. While there are a lot of very stylish Mom's-to-be out there right now (Nicole, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez), who do you think is the most stylish of them all? Does Nicole have your vote? Wearing a black knit cap with big black shades (like Nour's Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery), a black tee (check out Rails' Kenna Scoop Neck T in Black) and black leggings (similar to Hudson Jeans' Skinny Leg Knit Leggings in Black), Nicole kept it simple with a chic outfit perfectly suited for a cat burglar. It seems that In Touch Weekly has gotten a hold of the save-the-date invitations for Nicole's upcoming baby shower, which will be held on Sunday, November 18, and is being planned by wedding planner to the stars, Mindy Weiss. Nicole's "loving friends" Paris Hilton and Masha Gordon are throwing the shower for her, which will take place at a mystery location in Beverly Hills. The big bash will begin at 12:30pm, and will feature items like sushi, coconut shrimp, lobster, lemon-pepper chicken, fruit and cake on the menu. Nicole's good friend Samantha Ronson will DJ. Nicole is rumored to be having a boy (and I can personally confirm this)... congrats to both her and Joel!

Is nicole over it?

Nicole Richie seen on Nov 05 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. A suddenly camera shy Nicole Richie dashed out for a quick cup of Starbucks on November 5, an in shielding that beautiful mug of hers from the cameras, ended up showing off a bright red manicure. It seems like everyone is mad about plaid lately, and Nicole is definitely one of plaid's latest followers! Wearing a black and white plaid shirt (3J Workshop's Tioga Rose Shirt in Red and Canyon Country Hooded Shirt in Pink are two, more colorful, plaid options) with black leggings (like IISLI's Ribbed Leggings in Black), gold bangles and her Birkin, Nicole does lumberjack-chic right. In other Nicole news, reports are saying that Nic is sick and tired of being pregnant. I believe this rumor about as far as I can throw it, which isn't far! Apparently, a source says, "Nicole feels like she’s been pregnant for years, not months…She’s being very careless. She just doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore. She’s tired of it. The thrill has definitely worn off.” Being pregnant isn't like getting a new car, Nicole... the thrill doesn't just wear off! The source continues that "Nicole could be doing real damage to the child, without even knowing it. Nicole was out sunbathing in Hawaii three days in a row when she was there for her birthday. She also relaxed in the jacuzzi," which often isn't recommended. I think this goss is just that.. pure gossip. Nicole seems fully ready for motherhood, don't you think?

Those smoking rumors? denied.

Nicole Richie seen on Oct 27 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted on October 27 in Los Angeles at Katsuya, for a baby shower thrown by her by Samantha Ronson, looking as stylish as ever in bold prints and even bolder colors. Wearing a vibrant geometric silk scarf with a thick black wool coat (Walter's white version, the Soft Wool Coat in Cream, is similar), a white top, black leggings (like IISLI's Ribbed Leggings in Black), black Chuck Taylors, and carrying a bright yellow bag (Antoinette Lee Designs' Vita Python Embossed Clutch in Saffron is a smaller clutch in this same lively shade), Nicole has definitely been missed in the States since she's been in Australia for the past few weeks with Joel. It also looks like she might have finally given up her sky-high Christian Louboutins in favor of more comfy sneakers, because this is totally an outfit she would have worn them with prior to being with child. Hey, you've gotta be comfortable when you're pregnant! Something that Nicole was rumored to not have given up was smoking, however, as several witnesses said that they saw Nic lighting up in NYC on multiple occasions... after dinner at Nobu and after dinner at DaSilvano. Pregnant and smoking? Who is she... Britney?? Kidding, however, this is definitely a serious matter. Nicole's rep is speaking out about this, saying, "accounts of Richie smoking are ‘irresponsible and untrue.’ And while New York Post columnist Cindy Adams claims Richie lit up outside New York restaurants DaSilvano and Nobu (with fiance and father-to-be Joel Madden, even), Richie and Madden are reportedly abroad and nowhere near New York." Take that, Cindy Adams! What do you think, has Nicole given up the smokes for good?

new digs for nicole?

Nicole Richie seen on Oct 15 2007 in Brisbane, Australia. Or at least Nicole Richie was still Down Under as of yesterday! Spotted chatting on her BlackBerry in Brisbane, Australia on October 15, Nicole has since arrived back in the US (all the while covering her baby belly with a pillow, of course). Wearing a patterned mini-dress (like ZG by Grimaldi's Paloma Silk Dress in Blue Greece) with black flip flops and gold bracelets (similar to Jewel by Bear's Link Bracelet in Gold), Nicole looks easy and breezy in this loose-fitting frock. It has been reported that Nicole's dad, Lionel Richie, is getting serious about buying a house for Nicole and Joel, one that is gated to ensure top security for his future grandbaby. A source tells In Touch Weekly that Nicole "recently leased out her West Hollywood condo, and while she likes living at Joel's bachelor pad in Glendale, she doesn't want to raise her baby in the Valley." Raising a child in the Valley? The horror! The source continues to say that "Nicole wants to live close to both of her parents while she gets ready to have the baby. Lionel wants Nicole to be safe, and he thinks a gated community is best." It is rumored that Nicole is seriously considering a Century City property appraised at a cool $7 mill. Oh, the be the offspring of a super famous dad!

her unborn baby already has dislikes...

Nicole Richie seen on Oct 10 2007 in Australia. ...And one of them is camera flashes! Nicole Richie was photographed at an Australian airport on October 10, definitely going the casual route in perfectly comfortable airplane attire. Wearing black leggings (like IISLI's Ribbed Leggings in Black) with a loose white tee (Rails' Kenna Scoop Tee in White has decorative copper buttons to give this tee a little extra flare), her favorite Chanel shades and an American Apparel hoodie (Rails' Corado Pucker Hoodie Sweater in Sea Green is a similar hoodie in an interesting color), Nic finished off her look with a pair beautiful Loubs. While she has been in Australia, it seems that Nicole is not too keen on having her picture taken, even going so far as to say that her unborn child "doesn't like the flash". Talk about a mother-child bond… Nicole already knows what her baby likes and dislikes! Nicole wouldn't pose for photographers while out with Joel Madden in Brisbane, sneaking in through the back entrance of a local restaurant. Nic event resisted the charm of local radio hosts Chris Hague and Bruno Bouchet who tried to get on Nicole's good side by offering her a bouquet of flowers. Chris says that they "felt bad for following them, and Nicole seemed a bit put out, so Bruno bought her a huge bunch of flowers. We handed them to her and she was very nice. She said thank you but still refused to be photographed." Hey, a momma's got to do what a momma's got to do!

Leave it to Nicole

Nicole Richie seen on Oct 04 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Nicole Richie was spotted out and about in Hollywood on October 4, once again sporting a leopard print accessory! Nic must be way into the safari look this season. Wearing a long banded black and white dress (super similar to ZG by Grimaldi's Biscot Gypsy Dress in Black and White) with green sunglasses and a leopard bag (for a smaller alternative, check out Moe Bags' Francy Bag in Leopard Rouged Silk), once again Nicole is one delectable mom-to-be! I reported in my last Nicole Richie entry that the wedding rumors that Nicole and Joel were to be married in Laguna Beach were false due to the fact that Joel and his Good Charlotte bandmates would be performing in Australia, and the band arrived right on time yesterday- only to be upstaged upon their arrival! It seems that Joel and Benji's glamourous ladies (Nic and Sophie Monk, respectively) stole the spotlight upon entry into the airport. And why wouldn't they! Nicole is one of the hottest and most stylish pregnant women around, and Sophie has legs for days. Those Madden fellas sure to how to pick 'em!

No wedding plans... yet!

Nicole Richie seen on Oct 02 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Uncharacteristically smiling for the photographers, Nicole Richie was seen leaving the Neil George Salon (shocker!) in Beverly Hills on October 2, going super-casual yet still rocking those little dashes of her signature style mixed in. Wearing what looks like The Seccession's "I UZI LA" tee inside out (opt for 3CP's similar The King Louis Tee in Cream, and order up a few sizes for a roomy fit like Nicole's, then turn inside out for fun!) with black leggings (like IISLI's Ribbed Leggings in Black), Chuck Taylor sneakers, black Wayfarers, a leopard print scarf (Nic would adore Karen Zambos' Head Scarf in Leopard) and a big black leather bag (check out Aaneta's The Rock Large Bag in Black), Nicole's baby bump is barely recognizable... that is until you look hard enough! While there have been wedding rumors running rampant lately (Nicole and Joel are getting married in Laguna Beach on October 13!), it seems that there is a schedule conflict which will prevent this from happening. Joel Madden's band, Good Charlotte, will be touring in Australia on October 13! A source close to the couple says that "We are all laughing about it. The tour is still on and they have no marriage plans yet. I have no idea how this all got started. It’s been the most bizarre weekend. It’s all completely false." And I guess that settles that. If not this weekend, do you think a wedding will occur soon?

Nicole's birthday celebration

Nicole Richie seen on Sep 23 2007 in Hawaii. Nicole Richie was spotted in Hawaii on September 23 splashing around in the surf and flaunting her fuller new figure, inspiring basically everyone to say how absolutely amazing she looks pregnant. Wearing a signature headscarf (like Karen Zambos' Head Band in Brown Stitch) with big black shades (Nour's Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery are similar), an olive green bikini (just like Brette Sandler's Nova Leather Strap Bikini in Hunter Green) and plenty of bangles, Nicole takes beachside chic to a whole new level. It's a little strange looking at these pictures because we all saw Nicole so slim for so long, and now that she has embraced her motherly curves and is proudly displaying her protruding tummy, she looks healthy and better than ever. Nicole retreated to Hawaii with Joel, and the two have been spotted frolicking in the surf, laying out and relaxing while listening to their iPods and sneaking in a kiss here and there. This is definitely the happiest we've ever seen Nicole, and despite many opinions to the contrary, I think Nicole's going to make a great momma. What do you think?

Here comes the bride

Nicole Richie seen on Sep 15 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Mom-to-be Nicole Richie was seen on September 15 going for a burger run with babydaddy Joel Madden (side note: how good does a burger sound right now!) in Los Angeles, and pregnancy definitely agrees with Nicole… she's positively glowing. Wearing black leggings (like IISLI's Ribbed Leggings in Black) with a white tank (which resembles Signorelli's buttoned Tank in Polka Dot), a cropped leather jacket, gold bangles, her favorite Chanel sunnies and a big white bag (similar to Dutchy's Peety Mesa Bag in Bone), Nicole's still not giving up on her sky-high stilettos! Rumors are running rampant recently that Nicole and Joel will be tying the knot soon, as Joel has told People Magazine that "obviously, marriage is in our future." Joel went on to say, "I don’t know when or where or how, but right now our priority is our family and is the baby. That’s all we’ve been thinking about. We are in love and are really happy.” It seems that for right now, Nicole is in a really great place, and I think that getting pregnant was the best thing that's ever happened to her. Don't you agree?

Nicole's not pregnant?

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 31 2007 in Beverly Hills, CA. Rumors (completely unbelievable rumors, if you ask me) have been flying that Nicole Richie is not really pregnant! After such a hullabaloo about everyone speculating whether she was indeed pregnant or not, then with her going on Diane Sawyer and confirming that she is in fact with child, it comes as quite a surprise that some people still think that the whole things is a great big hoax! While skeptics claim that the size of Nic's baby bump has fluctuated from week to week (it could just be the angle from which she is being photographed people), The Post Chronicle claims they have sources that say Nicole is not pregnant at all, and that she's wearing a pillow under her shirt! I'm not going to even comment further on this- hello people! Why would Nicole do something as crazy as this- this is almost in Britney Spears crazy territory. I think it's safe to say that this rumor has been put to rest, and everyone can chill out… YES Nicole is pregnant. She was spotted flaunting her fuller figure in Beverly Hills on August 31, wearing a black mini (like Johnson's Opal Mini Skirt) with a burnout white tee (check out 3CP's edgy The King Louis Tee in Cream), black leather bag (similar to Aaneta's The Rock Large Bag in Black) and a pair of spiderweb-lookin' kicks. Don't forget the ever-present McQueen skull scarf to finish off the look!

Nicole is

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 29 2007 in Los Angeles. Mom-to-be Nicole Richie was spotted leaving Real Food Daily back on August 29, opting for the covered up, incognito look. Wearing a long-sleeved black dress (like Lotta Stensson's Basic Wrap Dress in Black or Parameter's Mod Mini Dress in Black) with a peacock-feather patterned scarf, black woven belt (like Linea Pelle's Braided Jean Belt in Black), black flip flops, a fedora and (of course) black shades (like Nour's Baba Sunglasses in Oro Bianco), Nic definitely looked like a black magic woman! While Nicole recently returned to LA from a relaxing Hawaiian birthday getaway, TransWorldNews is reporting that Nicole is allegedly terrified of being a mom! They claim that sources say that "Richie is scared she won’t be able to “cope” because she has spent most of her life, since her early teens, partying, making bug money in TV and being treated as a celebrity.” On the contrary, I think Nicole is preparing well for being a mommy and is excited and taking this very seriously. I mean, when was the last time you spotted her out at a club or galavanting on the town a la Paris Hilton? Seems like she's turning over a new leaf to me.

nicole is in jail- or should i say was

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 20 2007 in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole Richie, and her ever-growing baby bump, ran some leisurely errands in Beverly Hills on August 20, going casual in black flip-flops instead of her usual sky-high Loubous. Wearing a chic yet comfy looking black silk slip dress (like Gold Hawk's shorter version, the Basic Tunic in Raven Black) with a ton of bangles and a vintage quilted Chanel bag, Nicole finished off her look with a bright red manicure and pedicure. With the world fixated on her always-expanding state, Nicole was busy sneakily devising a time to head off to good old Lynwood to complete her 4 day stay in the slammer. With word breaking this afternoon that Lindsay Lohan will only spend ONE DAY (don't get me started) in jail, Nicole thought that this would be the perfect time to make her getaway. Nicole checked into Lynwood this afternoon at 3:15pm, and according to TMZ, was ALREADY RELEASED after spending only 82 minutes at Lynwood, and only 35 minutes in her cell! Lindsay gets 1 day, Nicole's gets 82 minutes... ah, celebrity justice- don't you just love it!

well obviously!

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 20 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Reports are out now that Nicole Richie was "pleasantly surprised" by her early release from jail on Thursday. Sources say that, because of the uproar over Paris not spending her entire sentence behind bars, Nicole was expecting to fulfill the entirety of her 96-hour sentence in the slammer, but was overjoyed that she was released a mere 82 minutes later. Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, made a statement Friday saying that “Nicole was aware that most people with sentences similar to hers are booked and released in a matter of hours and she was hoping to be treated like everyone else. Nevertheless, she was prepared to serve her entire four-day sentence had the Sheriff’s Department required her to do so. Of course, she was pleasantly surprised to be released so quickly." There's the "duh" statement of the day! I'm sure Paris is just fuming after hearing how brief Nicole's sentence was- obviously! Now a free woman again, Nic was spotted roaming the streets of LA in a grey dress (similar to Ecoganik's Lace Insert Dress in Stiletto and Laura Dahl's Tank Dress in Gunmetal) with a big black leather bag (like Aaneta's The Rock Large Bag in Black), black flip flops and her Chanel shades. Maybe those stiletto Christian Louboutins have finally become too much to handle for this soon-to-be momma! My big question is- is Nic having a girl or a boy??

lionel buys nicole and joel a new home

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 17 2007 in New York, Ny. I know, I know… Nicole Richie is popping up everywhere- literally! There's just so many pregnancy sightings and so little time. An ever-growing Nic was spotted in New York City on August 17, hand in hand with now alleged fiancée Joel Madden (and wearing color coordinated outfits might I add) looking as stylish as ever. Wearing an empire-waist red dress (Ella Moss' Elizabeth Stud Empire Dress in Mandarin is similar and has an added stud detail, and Plenty by Tracy Reese's Empire Gown in Flame is a floor-length version of Nicole's dress) with Chanel sunglasses and her must-have Christian Louboutins, Nic seemed to be trying to protect her unborn baby from the hustle and bustle by instinctively placing one hand on her belly. Now that the couple are reportedly engaged, according to many sources, it seems that Nicole's daddy, music legend Lionel Richie, has extended his sentiments and purchased the happy couple a $2 million townhouse in Los Angeles' Century City area. The Enquirer is reporting that "Lionel was overjoyed when Nicole told him that she was pregnant, and he’s been searching for the perfect baby gift. Lionel was going to wait and surprise the couple with the home closer to the birth date, but he was so deeply touched by the way Nicole spoke so lovingly of him during the interview (with Diane Sawyer), that he sprang the gift on them just hours after seeing the TV appearance.” So generous! The luxurious 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home used to belong to "NYPD Blue" star Dennis Franz. When Lionel told Nicole and Joel the good news, "all three of them cried happy tears over the phone. Lionel has vowed that even though he wasn’t around much as a parent, he’s going to be a dynamite granddaddy.” Geez Lionel, you're melting my heart!

joel gets ready to make it official

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 15 2007 in New York, Ny. Boy oh boy, I just can't get enough of these pregnant Nicole Richie sightings! Nic was seen here on August 15 heading into the Justin Timberlake concert in New York, as Nicole's main squeeze Joel Madden's group Good Charlotte is Justin's opening act. Wearing a long black tank dress (similar to Ecoganik's 2x1 Tank Dress with Crochet Neck in Black) with a grey cardigan, quilted red Chanel bag and her I'd-die-without-them Christian Louboutins, Nicole is seriously looking the best she's ever looked now that she is expecting. She just has that glow to her, you know? Or maybe that glow is due to something else, say perhaps- a guaranteed proposal? Joel Madden has finally come out and said that he plans on popping the question to Nicole, but it seems that Nicole would prefer this to happen sooner rather than later. Sources say that Nicole "doesn’t want any wedding pictures of her in a big old white dress, with a big old belly" (I love that source's word choices by the way!), so it seems that Nicole is looking to get hitched before she gets any bigger. We'll see if this rumor eventually turns into the truth!


Nicole Richie seen on Aug 13 2007 in New York, Ny. A pregnant (but much less noticeable than in recent days) Nicole Richie was spotted in New York on August 12, leaving Cipriani and heading to a recording studio- might she finally be working on her debut album? I can just hear the title of her first single now… "Strange Midnight Cravings!" Wearing a cute bubble dress (Karen Zambos and Peace of Us both make similar, adorable bubble dresses) with Chanel sunglasses and a black leather bag (like Carla Mancini's Medium Top Zip Crossed Stitch Bag in Black), Nicole just keeps looking healthier and healthier every day. But still, she is plagued by reports saying that she is at "high risk" for a miscarriage, as OB-GYN Troy Hailparn (who hasn't treated Nicole) says that Nic "is absolulty at a greater danger of miscarrying than most women. Through some miracle, she managed to get pregnant and survive the first trimester, when most women with her history would suffer a miscarriage– but she’s not out of the woods yet.” I hope this is all just people trying to stir up drama for publicity, the thought of Nicole losing her baby after so much media attention was made of her conception would be too much to handle!

the bump (and the boobs!) finally on display

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 09 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie stepped out of the Neil George Salon on August 9 with her hair sleek and shiny, but with visible roots due to the fact that chemicals in the hairdye could potentially harm her baby. Acting like a responsible parent already! Wearing skinny black jeans (like James Jeans' 5 Pocket Skinny Leg Jean in Black Twill) with a white cami (check out Gold Hawk's Lace Trim Tunic in Oyster for a lace-trimmed version), aviators and stiletto ankle boots, Nicole's sure a trooper to be wearing heels like that when she's pregnant! This is really the first time that Nic's proudly displayed her baby bump in public, and I have to say- she looks great! Pregnancy really agrees with her. Apparently, BFF Paris Hilton thinks so too, telling People Magazine that she thinks Nicole is going to be "the best mom ever." Paris continues to say that Nicole's "really happy. I just got off the phone with her. She's so excited!" If Nicole and Joel get married, I wonder if Paris will be the maid of honor?

Well this didn't take long

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 05 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. As Nicole Richie stepped out for a quick bite with soon-to-be babydaddy Joel Madden on August 5, the paparazzi went nutso to get a shot of Nicole avec baby bump. Looking au natural and like she really was not in the mood to have her picture taken, Nicole proved she's still a stylish mom-to-be by adding a funky scarf to her basic outfit of cropped black denim (Hudson Jeans' Tucker Pin Ankle Jean in Eternal is a dark blue version of Nic's capris), a white tee (like Rails' Agente Tee in White), her big black bag (Carla Mancini's Medium Top Zip Crossed Stitched Bag in Black is similar) and silver aviators. It was only a matter of time before the "Nicole's baby is in danger!" articles started to pop up, and Star Magazine (always a reliable source) is the first to kick off with a similar headline. The mag claims Nicole was recently rushed to the hospital due to excessive bleeding, and a source says that "Nicole was bleeding so much, it was really scary for her. They found out she's suffering from both a hormonal and nutritional deficiency." Uh-huh. While this doesn't necessarily seem so hard to believe, the fact that it's printed in Star gives me some pause!

Nicole gets served

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 27 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. As Nicole Richie did the fateful walk into the courtroom this morning, arms linked with boyfriend slash probable baby-daddy Joel Madden, she was smiling and obviously trying to look as positive as possible. Wearing a hooded-style dress (Nicole would love Karen Zambos' Hooded Dress, which comes in a variety of colors) with big round sunnies (Nour's Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery are just like hers) and a major bag, Nic looked stylish and conservative, yet also was showing off a little skin (I'm sure the judge didn't mind). Nicole looked like she has put on a little weight, but now many people are saying that she didn't look as pregnant as they'd expected her to. Well I mean come on, even if she is pregnant, she's still very early along people! I guess she picked a good color to wear, they always say black is slimming. For Nicole's infamous "wrong way" freeway DUI incident last year, she pleaded not guilty to her misdemeanor charge, and the judge sentenced her to FOUR days in County Jail before September 28. Geez, Lynwood is turning into the place to be! Because Nicole was in jail for 6 hours after she was originally arrested, she received credit for one day (the mandatory minimum sentence for a second-time DUI is five days). Nicole also has 3 years probation, $2,048 in fines and must attend a 21-day alcohol education course (even though her DUI was drug-related?). With the rate that these starlets are breaking the law and being sentenced today, it seems that mugshots are the hot "must have" for fall!

A whole lot of court date / baby mama drama!

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 10 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. I know, I know. These are the worst "non-photos" of Nicole Richie ever, but when the rumor mill is spinning out of control about her, I've got to go with whatever I have to work with! At LAX on the night of July 10, Nic was heading out to Canada to be with "rocker" boyfriend/future baby-daddy Joel Madden while he played a gig, even though "Wrong Way Richie" was expected to be in court just a little more than 24 hours later! Wearing black sweats with a Free City hoodie (Ecoganik's French Terry Hoodie Zip Up is a similar basic) and her trusty Balenciaga bag, Nicole did literally everything she could to avoid being snapped by the paps. Resorting to carrying a gigantic pillow almost as big as she is in front of her (and presumably in front of her ever-expanding belly), Nicole had to be guided around the airport by someone walking next to her. All this not to be photographed— sheesh! Nic's still in Canada, and the latest buzz surrounding her court case is that her attorney is appearing in court this morning and will decide, with Nicole, whether or not to take a plea deal which will be offered by prosecuters. If Nic refuses to agree to the deal, the next court date will be pushed back yet again, until August, because apparently Nicole's expert witness cannot testify until then. TMZ is reporting that Nic thought that the drug test which was given to her when she was arrested was bogus and is going to bring in this alleged "expert witness" to prove this. Right Nicole, blame it on the labwork—those toxicologists are out to get you!

the rumor mill keeps on spinning...

Nicole Richie seen on Jun 14 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie made an appearance at the CDA Pool Party sponsored by YSL last night, June 14, and the word on everyone's lips regarding Nicole was definitely "baby". While Nicole has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors that she is with child, one thing was definitely certain last night: Nicole's style is back on target! In a floor-length embellished white gown (LaROK's Joyce Dress is a super casual, knee-length version that's similar to Nicole's), Nicole definitely shined. However, those pesky preggers rumors won't seem to die down. Now, allegedly, reports are claiming that Nicole hopes that being pregnant will prevent her from being sent to jail. A "friend" (right) of Nicole's told Page Six that Nicole "is kind of hoping her pregnancy will keep her out of jail. [We’re] wondering if she can carry the baby to term because of her weight issues.” No matter what the story is about Nicole in the media, it always comes back to her weight! Granted, it does fluctuate quite a bit, but she does seem a little healthier now then she did last month when she wore that orange cotton dress while grocery shopping that sparked all of the pregnancy rumors to begin with. Ay yi yi! On that note, I just wanted to say that I will be graduating from college this weekend, then moving back to Los Angeles, and then celebrating my 22nd birthday on Wednesday. So if you see a temporary lack of entries, you'll know why. Have a great weekend everyone! -Zack

a new lohan/richie drug scandal for you!

Nicole Richie seen on Jun 10 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Just when I thought Hollywood has calmed down a little bit now that Paris Hilton is locked away and Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, Lohan's ex-bodyguard, Lee Weaver, goes and opens his big mouth to the media about Linds' hard partying ways. But it's not just Lindsay who is called out, the bodyguard also brings Nicole Richie into the mix. Lee tells of how he quit working for the star because it simply became too dangerous. He recounts that he's had to attack a coke dealer wielding a gun because he had "ripped Lindsay off", and then drag Lindsay back into the car while she was screaming at him to go back. Crazy! I tend to believe this though. He also says how Linds and Nicole would go on constant cocaine binges, and how one night they made " trip after trip to the bathroom — she wouldn't snort in front of me because she knew I'd get mad. But the more wasted they got the less she cared. In the end they carried in a mirror from the bedroom, laid it on the coffee table and emptied a mountain of coke onto it. They went at the stuff with straws, hoovering it all up then piling more on." While I don't know if I believe details like this, one thing is for sure… this bodyguard is definitely trying to use gain notoriety based on his client's famous name. Nicole seemed unfazed by all of this, however, as she lunched at La Conversation on June 10, clad in a black cotton tank dress (Raw 7 makes a more luxe version of Nicole's, their Cashmere Slip Dress) with her Balenciaga, big round shades and a vintage headscarf. One thought: might the pregnancy rumors be true? She's seemed to have ditched the sky-high Loubous for more comfy moccasin-esque booties.. is this a sign?

Is nicole pregnant?

Nicole Richie seen on Jun 04 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie was seen out and about (and heading to an ice skating rink in Culver City) on June 4, covering up and seemingly trying to avoid answering any questions about her rumored pregnancy (as well as Q's about Paris and Lindsay). Wearing a sheer top (like Gold Hawk's Dotted Shirt) with slightly flared jeans (James Jeans' 5 Pocket Jeans are similar), silver flats and a Chanel cuff, Nic did the best she could to hide under her Wayfarers and that fedora of hers. Rumors have been swirling that Nic is now eating (if you will) for two, due to photos of her grocery shopping in an orange dress where she looked thinner than she had in months, except in the stomach region. While some claim this bloated belly is because Nicole is with child, others claim that it is due to malnutrition. One "source" tells Celebrity Babylon that "Nicole is pregnant, and it's definitely Joel's baby." Other sources say that the two have broken up, and that if she were pregnant, the baby bump would be much more obvious than it is on her 83 pound body. While Nicole hasn't officially denied these rumors, she has recently denied that she was in rehab and has an eating disorder. This might just be one of those ridiculous stories that will eventually be proven false, without any "official" denials on the record.

Nicole opens up

Nicole Richie seen on Jun 03 2007 in New York, NY. Nicole does David…Letterman, that is! Even super casual at the airport, Nicole Richie's sense of style was still prevalent. Comfortable in a pair of black terry pants with a yellow Free City hoodie, her Wayfarers, a long sleeve white tee and grey cardigan (Gold Hawk's Yarn Tunic is a similar sweater), Nicole was all set to cruise the skies in style. Nicole was jet-setting to New York for a slew of "Simple Life"-related public appearances, including Conan, Regis & Kelly, and, most recently, David Letterman. Looking chic and a little healthier on the show, the majority of Nicole's conversation consisted of jail talk. She opened up to Dave about her fear of going to prison, like her good friend Paris. She told him that she is "keeping [her] fingers crossed," and that she is "scared also. But, you know, I'm willing to face whatever consequences come my way, and I take responsibility for what I've done." Very mature, Nicole. Dave even told her that he hopes she doesn't have to go to jail, after joking that they're going to be filming the next "Simple Life" in there. Oh Dave, always the wisecracker.

Don't try and hide, nic!

Nicole Richie seen on May 31 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie thought she was being sneaky hiding behind a California Pizza Kitchen pizza box and holding a McDonald's cup on May 31, but we all know it's her! Holding one of her trademark Balenciaga bags and walking around sans shoes (something she loves to do apparently, because when she went grocery shopping with Mischa before her Memorial Day BBQ, she was shoeless as well), it's obvious that this is just an incognito Nicole. Wearing a striped mini-dress (IISLI's Rugby Tee is similar to Nicole's and long enough to be worn as a dress), I guess she just wasn't in the mood to be photographed.. maybe she was going through another panic attack just thinking about the stress of her impending court date? has set out to uncover the reason that Nicole still has her driver's license and is allowed to drive around (unlike Paris, who has her license suspended, as I'm sure you already know). The D.A. who is going to be serving on Nicole's case said that until she's convicted, the decision to suspend a license falls entirely into the hands of the DMV. So, TMZ gave the DMV a little ring-a-ding, and the rep that was contacted had this pearl to share with us: "I have no idea why Nicole still has her license." Thanks for all of your help, DMV! I guess until her court date, Nic is still a free woman and can drive wherever the wind takes her (and it will probably take her to the Christian Louboutin store).

Stop the madness!

Nicole Richie seen on May 28 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie seemed to be enjoying her Memorial Day weekend by grocery shopping (barefoot, no less) with bud Mischa Barton, hitting up Paris' going away/Memorial Day BBQ, grabbing coffee with pal Sophie Marceau (while wearing Karen Zambos' Cap Sleeve Top in Chocolate as a dress, along with a printed headscarf and her fave big white shades, like this pair by Nour) and apparently sending out invites for her own Memorial Day bash, to be held on Sunday the 28th. However, what Nicole didn't know was that the hackers would get a hold of this invite, and forward it on to In Touch Weekly! Geez, when are these hackers going to quit?! The e-mail invite read as follows: From: Nicole Richie, Subject: Masha and Nicole's Memorial Day Party. Date: Thu 24 Ma 2007 04:29:29 +0000. My fellow Americans its that time of year, To celebrate our country by drinking massive amounts of beer. Let's stand together as one, live the American dream, Take shots, pass out, & wake up with our pants ripped open at the seems. Let's glorify this day in your sluttiest tops and your tightest pair of tsubi jeans, Even though we have no fucking clue what Memorial Day really means!! There will be a scale at the front door. No girls over 100 pounds allowed in. Start starving yourself now. See you all then!!" Now, to be fair, Nicole's publicist made a statement saying that Nicole was obviously kidding and only trying to be funny, but it seems to have totally rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way. I wonder why!

Nicole wipes away her problems

Nicole Richie seen on May 27 2007 in West Hollywood, Ca. As Nicole Richie headed into Paris Hilton's Memorial Day BBQ on May 27, she definitely made the paparazzi take notice! Wearing a lightweight white cotton dress with pockets (similar to Ella Moss' Pocket Halter Dress) with a long blue headscarf, a blue Balenciaga and yellow satin flats, Nicole definitely seemed ready to have some fun with Paris and co. Unlike the now infamous party that Nicole had the following day (in which she ruffled many a feather by joking that no "girls over 100 pounds will be allowed in"), Paris' little get together seemed to be a relaxing day of friends and fun. Some say it might have even been a little going away party of sorts, due to how Paris is getting ready to embark on her Lynwood vacay on June 5. Nicole was there to show P her support, but I know one group who has seen none of Nicole's support, the LAPD! On May 29, Nicole headed to a nail salon in Beverly Hills, and parked in the loading zone-- on purpose. When the police showed up to give her a ticket, Perez Hilton is reporting that "Nicole failed to pick up her citation - and tucked it underneath her windshield wiper. Then - probably thinking it was "funny" - she turned the wipers on in an attempt to get rid of the ticket." Oh, Nicole.. you slay me. You’d think given her.. and Paris'.. and Lindsay's.. legal woes, the last thing Nic would want to do is make a mockery of the legal system!

Rehab: was she or wasn't she?

Nicole Richie seen on May 23 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Who to believe! Rumors have been circulating like crazy that Nicole Richie was in rehab, then that she was never in rehab, then that she was in rehab but is now out… my head is spinning! A few days ago, both Star and The National Enquirer reported that Nicole entered the Beau Monde Rehab Center on May 19 with an overnight bag, allegedly seeking treatment for substance abuse and an eating disorder. The mags claim Nicole only weighs 83 pounds, and if that fact is true, it's a good thing she checked herself in! Upon hearing these claims, Nic's rep made a statement to Us Weekly not really confirming or denying either side, and simply said that Nicole "is not in rehab. She is at home in Glendale. Sobriety is an ongoing process but she is sober." Hold up.. Nicole lives in Glendale!? I though she had a condo in West Hollywood! Ah well. Nicole might not be in rehab now, but her rep never really cleared up if she ever was in rehab at all. Now, the two tabloids are fighting back, saying that Nicole definitely checked herself in, and they have the photos to prove it! Oooh! They are backpeddling a little, however, and are now saying that Nic first checked in on May 11, and is now seeking outpatient help. I would totally buy that, I don' know about you. What I do know is that Nic was spotted in Bev Hills on May 22 looking happy, wearing a mesh striped top (Heatherette's striped sweater is similar) with dark blue skinnies, a big Chanel bag and monster Balenciaga shoes. I hope everything works out for Nicole, whether she was in rehab or not.

nicole's in need of some hair-apy!

Nicole Richie seen on May 01 2007 in Sydney, Australia. As Nicole Richie headed out of her hotel in Sydney this morning, May 1, all eyes were on a part of her body that isn't under the spotlight very often, unlike certain other body parts that are constantly ridiculed for being too thin. This morning, her hair, or lack thereof, was on everyone's lips. Nicole looked stylish as usual, in a pair of medium vintage skinny jeans (Deener makes a similar pair), a low-cut black tank (like LaROK's Soda Pop Top), red Louboutins and her classic Wayfarers, but her obvious extensions and thinning locks distracted from her overall look. While Britney Spears famously said that the reason she did the unforgettable head shave was due to how she was sick of her damaged hair as a result of constant dying and extension applications, SplashNewsOnline is wondering whether Nicole is next in line for a date with the razor. One of the photographers for Splash said how he "couldn't help but notice that Nicole Richie's scalp was looking a little bare yesterday. Since developing her xylophone frame Nicole has always shown signs of thinning hair, but coupled with dodgy extentions, is she heading for the 'big shave' like Britney" Verrrrry interesting!

Nicole the diva?

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 30 2007 in Sydney, Australia. I need to get rid of that question mark, because apparently the answer is yes! Nicole Richie continued her whirlwind tour of "down under", visiting the Toranga Zoo in Sydney on April 30. And no, that's not her tattooed bodyguard's big arm next to her... it belongs to boyfriend Joel Madden! Wearing a heather grey mini dress (like the Low Scoop Dress from Karen Zambos, a fave of Nicole's) with black tights (you can also opt for black leggings, red Christian Louboutins, an Alexander McQueen scarf and with the requisite super shades, Nic also carried around a digital camera to snap pics of their zoo trip. Cute! What might not be so cute, however, is Nicole's behavior before her appearance at the Australian Video Music Awards. Sources are saying that Nicole has had quite the list of diva demands! Apparently, Nic was the only presenter who refused to take place in the dress rehearsal of the show, and made it clear that her dressing room had to "be large". Sheesh Nicole, you're getting paid for an appearance which allows you to travel to a gorgeous country, what more could you want?

Superpowers unite!

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 25 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie hosted the Armani Exchange Sunglass Launch last night, April 25, and met up with frenemy pals Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. It was no surprise that La Lohan and Miss Hilton would not strike even one pose together, considering the release of their now infamous vicious Myspace message fight. Seems like the girls found common ground in Nicole, posing and giggling the night away. While Lindsay dazzled in a metallic mini (although she had some mega Mystic legs) and Paris looked ready for a sexy pajama party in a purple silk number, Nicole opted for basic black, in a black dress (probably Armani, considering it was an Armani party; Vanitas makes a similar, and more affordable, version). While all three It Girls have had mucho drama swirling around them this past week, an Us Weekly rumor about Paris seemed to be on everyone's lips. Apparently, Paris went to a Prince concert on April 20 in Vegas, and when Prince spotted the heiress in the audience, he called her onto the stage. Of course, Paris obliged, always ready to strike a pose, but when Prince handed her the mic and told the audience "Let’s see if she can really sing!" Paris got off stage almost immediately, and then split after a few more songs. While Elliot Mintz denies that this ever happened, Us usually has a pretty good track record as far as validity. If I were Paris, I would blast Prince on my upcoming album (that is, if her record label will let her release another album!). Either way, it's always fun to see crazy It Girls collide.

The Drama Continues...

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 24 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. As Nicole Richie made her way down the runway known as Rodeo Dr. on April 24, she definitely turned some heads do to her magically longer locks (read: extensions), as well as a much healthier looking body. Wearing a black silk jumper with a gold belt, Dior shades, Louboutin peeptoes and carrying a Balenciaga, Nicole looked super chic and ready for spring. For a jumper like Nicole's, check out Johnson's black Doty Jumper or their floral silk Agnes Jumper, or for a more breezy spring-time look, grab Karen Zambos' Scallop Jumper. All the jumpers in the world couldn't keep Nicole from the inevitable drama surrounding her life it seems, as more and more details from her dramarama text-a-thon with DJ AM's ex, Lauren Hastings, are surfacing. We already knew that on April 16, Nicole was out with Lohan and "just went off on Lauren by sending her text messages, saying Lauren was desperate and a fat b*tch," said the source. But what was recently revealed was that after Nic and AM hit the rocks last year, he started dating Lauren, much to Nic's dismay. This "inside source" continues to say that "Nicole went ballistic while celebrating her 25th birthday last September at a Hollywood party. As soon as she saw Lauren, she demanded that security clear the area and made sure Lauren wasn't allowed to enter the party." For real, though? I guess it wouldn't be young Hollywood without a whole lot of drama!

Nicole's going down under

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 13 2007 in Century City, Ca. Nicole Richie dazzled on April 13 in Century City at the 14th Annual Race to Erase MS Benefit, where she rocked her signature hairstyle once again (the blonde bob) and finally appeared to be at a much healthier weight. In a strapless white party dress by Miss Davenporte( Plenty by Tracy Reese and LaROK make two similar versions) with a matching clutch and red pumps, Nic looks the best she has in recent memory. Seems like Nic will be taking this new look Down Under with her, as she will be visiting Australia next week. Nic will most likely make a guest appearance at the MTV Australia Video Music Awards, but the head honchos behind Australia's Fashion Week want to claim Miss Richie as celebrity guest star at many of the week's hot fashion shows. Sources say that MTV was "in negotiations with Nicole to appear at the awards show well before news surfaced she was being shopped around as a celebrity guest for designers at Fashion Week. She's got nothing to do with Fashion Week and if she's here she'll be here for MTV." Sounds like there's a bidding war going on over Nicole!

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 10 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie made a trip to the Neil George Salon (seriously, is she there like every day?) with her BF, faux-rocker Joel Madden, and definitely looked much more healthy and toned than we've seen her in a long while. Keep it up, Nicole… you're looking great! Wearing a black minidress with cutout trim detail (Karen Zambos' Low Scoop Dress is a similar, more basic version) over denim shorts with oval white shades and gold bracelets, Nic seemed sunny and happy. And why shouldn't she be (I mean besides the whole possible-going-to-jail for her DUI incident thing…), she's reconciled with Paris and is gearing up for the new "Simple Life" season. In a recent interview with Reuters, reporters were allegedly forbidden to ask about her recent troubles (fainting spells, traffic incidents and medical woes), however they did get some dirt about her now-mended riff with Paris (more and more details about their earth-shattering split are slowly developing). Nic said that once they reunited "it was like nothing ever happened. There was never anything really," Richie said, insisting the media had blown their rift 'out of proportion'." That's for sure!

Let the promotional shoots begin

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 09 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Reunited BFF's Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have started promoting season 5 of "The Simple Life", where they are forced to rough it (a la Troop Beverly Hills) as the girls go to camp. At a photocall on April 9, P and N literally look like they'd rather be anywhere but where they are! At least they looked great though, as Paris wore a yellow silk dress with long sleeves, and Nicole wore a black strapless top (like the Vanitas version in white) with black jeans, like her favorite J Brands. For a dress like Paris', check out Vanitas' long sleeved silk dress, or if you're dying for a yellow silk dress (super hot for Spring), try the Sofira Cleopatra dress, which is a different cut than Paris'.

The troublesome two were then interviewed by the Associated Press, about everything from their camp experience to their upcoming legal problems. The AP asked " What is it about "The Simple Life" that fans have connected to?" Paris said that "it's about two best friends who are together and I think people can relate to that, because everyone has a best friend. We have our secret languages and our secret looks to each other and we just have fun together. It's hard to find someone who you can be like that with." Nicole chimed in, saying that "it's funny because a lot of people, as close as they are, you're just like ugh, I can't spend this much time with someone. But I love spending time with her and we have so much fun and, you know, I really just look at it as nothing but fun." I just love them together!

She sure loves chow

Nicole Richie seen on Apr 03 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Mr. Chow that is! Ok, now that my cheesy joke for the day is out of the way, Nicole Richie and BF Joel Madden left the chic Beverly Hills eatery on April 3, and were in a much better mood than the last time the two dined here. As we all know, Joel got himself into some hot water as he physically shoved a paparazzi out of the way so Nicole could get into the car, but this time, according to the X17 crew, Joel and Nic seemed a lot more pleasant… and Nicole even smiled! One for the history books! Just kidding, it's not like Nicole is an Olsen (talk about never smiling). Wearing her tried and true 12 Inch Ink J Brands with a striped tank, Alexander McQueen skull scarf (still?), gold bangles and a quilted Chanel, Nic looked super smokin' all the way around. From her bang-alicious new hairstyle and edgier makeup, I'm loving this look. It's a given that many others love Nic's stylish looks too, so it is for this exact reason that she is planning on invading the fashion world soon. Nic will be releasing her own line of accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, a style book and her own perfume. Looks like she's giving BFF Paris Hilton some scentual competition!

Life Just Got A Whole Lot More Simple!

Nicole Richie seen on Mar 16 2007 in West Hollywood, Ca. Talk about life imitating art! As celebutante extraordinaires Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie stepped out of Paris' West Hollywood home holding hands and dressed to the nines, it was obvious that the reason why they were being so friendly to the hoards of paparazzi was that they were filming for the new season of their massively successful reality show, "The Simple Life 5". The "scene" was supposed to be the paparazzi going crazy over the girls, when in fact, they really were! With Nicole wearing a flowing coral dress from Emilio Pucci's S/S '07 campaign and Paris in a metallic floral dress and gold ring, the troublsesome two were definitely eating up every minute of filming! It is great to see the girls together again like the old days, the last season of "Simple Life" definitely wasn't the same without them together!

Back to old habits?

Nicole Richie seen on Mar 11 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Nicole Richie spent the day shopping at Barney's New York and Dior with beau Joel Madden on March 11, wearing a pair of dark grey blue/black skinny jeans with a red quilted Chanel, black flats, 70's inspired shades, her Hermes cuff, and a very scandalous top. Talk about throwing all caution to the wind! She began filming the new season of "Simple Life" with Paris, where (as I'm sure you already know) the pair is taking on the role of camp counselors. One of the first camps they are counseling is a fat camp, as pictures of the extras have made their way onto the internet. Talk about a recipe for disaster. Either disaster or must-see-reality-TV!

Word has also spread fast over the past couple of days that Nicole was not hospitalized for "dehydration" last week, but in fact visited the ER on account of her addiction to the prescription ADD medication Adderall. Reports are saying that Nicole has been using the drug because it is a powerful appetite suppressant. An alleged "close pal" of Nicole's has now come out and said that "She loves Adderall because she stays awake, and it makes her not want to eat. And she takes it even more when she's filming. She's taking more and more lately." I don't know if I'm buying this, what "close friend" would go and stab Nicole in the back like this, given that it is actually true?

the good old dehydration excuse

Nicole Richie seen on Feb 28 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie has made it into the news once again, this time for being hospitalized on Friday for dehydration while filming the new season of her show "The Simple Life". Apparently, Nic was feeling not-so-hot on the set so she had an on-set doctor see what was going on in that little body of hers. She was then taken to a nearby hospital where she received intravenous fluids and then was released, so basically they loaded her up with liquid and sent her on her way. Nicole's rep released a statement, saying that "Nicole is home resting and will return to work this evening. We are proud of the weight that Nicole is gaining and her focus on her health." What I'm just wondering is how often does your everyday Joe Schmo get hospitalized for dehydration? Is it really that common to forget to drink water? Seems like Lindsay and Nicole are in and out of the hospital for this sudden syndrome constantly.. what gives? I know that they're filming at a camp up in the mountains, maybe it was the change in altitude that dried Nicole up like a raisin in the sun.

Days earlier, on February 28, Nic was seen wearing her good old "default outfit", read: super skinny dark grey jeans, patent leather Christian Louboutins, and a white tank with shades and a Missoni scarf. Still, she's looking hot.

Is nicole engaged?

Nicole Richie seen on Feb 24 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. A lot has been going on in the land of Richie lately, starting with all of this engagement to Joel Madden madness! Ever since being spotted at a Beverly Hills jewelry store, gossip is spreading like a wildfire that the two are now engaged. One thing is for sure, they have definitely been spending a lot of time together! From dinner on February 24, where Nicole played it simple in her black J Brands with a black sweater and v-neck layer, to celebrating best bud Paris Hilton's 26th birthday with her for dinner at Prime and bringing Joel along, they just can't seem to get enough of each other! While it's not sure whether Nic's new bling is an engagement ring or a promise ring, these two definitely move fast! On another note, looking at pictures of Paris and Nicole from Paris' party make me happy, they look so cute together! Just like old times.

Friends dont let friends drive their Gwagons

Nicole Richie seen on Feb 18 2007 in Malibu, Ca. Or at least they shouldn't! That's the debacle that both Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton found themselves in Sunday, when after dropping Nicole off at a tanning salon in LA, Misch went to go fill up the tank of Nicole's Mercedes G-Wagon and instead lightly crashed into the car in front of her! Mischa must have taken her foot off of the brake for like literally a second, but she still managed to tap the car in front. Maybe she was distracted thinking about the fact that her younger sister, Hania, is going to rehab, or maybe she was just happy to finally be hanging with Nicole again. As she pulled into the gas station to exchange info with the driver, she was obviously annoyed, because 1) the paparazzi were swarming out of control and 2) I feel like the drivers of the other car were trying to milk her for all she's worth! A vid on shows Mischa saying something to the extent of "They're making a big deal out of nothing," and when the camera moves to the car that is hit, there's barely even a scratch. Nice try, idiots!

After the little crash incident, Misch and Nicole headed to the pet store in the Cross Creek center in Malibu, to get their pet love on. Mischa cuddled with puppies and Nicole held a cute cat in her arms, while dressing cute as ever. Nicole wore true blue skinny jeans with a patterned tank, square white shades and a metallic Balenciaga, while Mischa opted for highrise jeans with a skinny belt and yellow long-sleeve top. Hanging out again the next day while walking their dogs on the beach, I am so glad that my little starlets have reunited!

I'm counting down the minutes!

Nicole Richie seen on Feb 13 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. ...Until the premiere of the new "Simple Life"! I know, I know.. cheesy show featuring two vapid blondes.. and I love it! After a promotional shoot for the upcoming season, Nicole strolled down the street looking super chic, yet TMZ says that she looks "fantastic" from the waist up, but "like Minnie Mouse" from the waist down! The site says "her black leggings and giant platform heels look a little goofy," but PSSHHH whatev TMZ, I think Nicole looks hot! Wearing a peacoat, a bubble dress, white shades and gold bracelets, Nicole even donned new extensions to lengthen her just-re-cut bob. I just hope she looked where she was walking, those stilt-like shoes are just an ankle sprain waiting to happen!

In the new "Simple Life" season, Paris and Nic are going to be taking on the roles of, you guessed it, camp counselors at Malibu's Camp JCA Shalom. Counseling every kind of camp from a cheerleading camp to a couple's camp to a, ahem, fat camp. Man, that just makes me say yikes. How are people struggling with their weight going to respond to super skinnies P and N giving them eating advice? Guess we'll just have to tune in to find out!

nic terrified of being put in the slammer

Nicole Richie seen on Feb 04 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. It seems that life isn't all champagne and caviar for Nicole Richie, and the gravity of her DUI charge back on December 11 is finally sinking in. When Paris and Nic had a girl's night at Mr. Chows last week, Nicole was apparently extremely distraught and, like a good friend, Paris was seen comforting her pal and telling her that everything is going to be ok. This might not be true, however, considering how since Nicole was charged with a previous DUI in 2002, California state law says that a repeat offense comes with a mandatory jail sentence of 5 days! Eesh! If the axe does indeed fall on Nicole's neck, she would also lose her license for a year and attend alcohol education classes (which are all the rage right now, hear that Lindsay and Paris?)

While it seems like celebrities usually just get a slap on the wrist for things like this, it might do Nicole some good to realize that she can't just go take some Vicodin, smoke some weed and then drive the wrong way on the freeway! I guess only time will tell what will happen in this case… In the meantime however, Nicole has been busy shopping away with newfound bud Sophie Monk, as the two were seen on February 4 in LA. Nic was stylin' as always, wearing super dark (almost black) skinny jeans with a black vest, white shades, gold bracelets (with her signature CC Skye and Hermes cuff bracelets as well). I'm sure Nicole will definitely think twice from now on before doing any illegal substances before steppin' into that G-Wagon of hers!

When the past comes back to haunt us

Nicole Richie seen on Jan 29 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Just when you thought you were safe from unwelcome celebrity crotch flashes, Nicole Richie put it all on display on, the site that is terrorizing Hollywood. My gossip radar is overflowing this week, purely from the havoc that ParisExposed has wreaked! First Paris, then Lindsay, then Britney, and now Nicole. Besides flashing her goods in a night-vision movie on the site, Nic is also seen licking a "white powder-like substance" from a plate, to which Paris says "You don't eat it.. you snort it!". Geez Louise, I would think Paris' friends would be pissed! It's one thing for all of Paris' dirty laundry to be aired due to her complete idiocy of not paying a $200 (pocket change) storage fee, but it's quite another for her friends to be embarrassed too! Granted, these pictures are from a few years ago, but that's no excuse!

However, Nic didn't really seem to mind that showed the world what everyone has always suspected but never seen for sure, as the two dressed in their classiest attire for a dinner out at paparazzi-infested restaurant Mr. Chows on January 30. Paris looks like she's either dressed in drag or going to a "Office Pros, Secretary Hos" theme party, and Nicole looks like a springtime vase. The day before, Nic was spotted running to Coffee Bean, wearing cropped black leggings with Rayban Wayfarers and silver and gold bracelets. Let's keep all this debauchery in the past, Nic!

Is this the ghost of nicole's past?

Nicole Richie seen on Jan 18 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Or did she just return to that famous blonde bob of hers? Obviously the latter! After trips to her hairstylist earlier in the week, Nicole was spotted at LAX on January 18 with fellow blondie Sophie Monk, an Australian actress who is engaged to Benji Madden, bro to Nic's new BF, Joel Madden. Talk about a family affair! Wearing ink J Brands, a white cami with a long sleeve black tee layered on top, a black trench, a Chanel scarf, and carrying a black Balenciaga while sportin' Ray Ban Wayfarers, Nic definitely was up to her usual stylish self.

Moving full speed ahead with her new beau Joel Madden, the couple allegedly had plans to move in together at the beginning of the year, but this news made Benji, as well as Joel's neighbors, furious. Geez, these two are kind of moving at warp speed here, considering how, when they first started dating, public appearances were very rare. They even arrived at a sneak peak of Dreamgirls separate, but left together! I just don't really see Nicole with a guy like him.. but then again, I don't think anyone should date cheesy fake punk rockers!

the shy leprechaun

Nicole Richie seen on Jan 15 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie has gone back to blonde which has excited many fans, as her trademark blonde bob is well known to be a fan favorite. She was photographed on January 15 at the salon, sans her extentions, getting her hair colored a honey shade of blonde. Keeping her new do under wraps, she tried to be a sneaky little starlet as she was leaving the salon. However, by wearing a green hoodie with a charcoal wrap sweater and tri-tone stunna shades, she looked like a leprechaun to me!

The next day, Nic and Paris hit up Justin Timberlake's concert at the Staples Center, and Nicole definitely got to work on that New Years resolution of hers by having a food fest with P. While Paris munched on hot dogs, a pretzel and Redbull, Nic chowed down on nachos. Geez louise, are these two the biggest junk food freaks on earth or what! All I know is, enjoy it while you can, because these carefree eat-whatever-you-want and not gain a pound days aren't going to be around forever.

Right Nicole, Blame it on the Curse

Nicole Richie seen on Jan 04 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Making excuses for her less than lucky year, Nicole Richie is claiming that her recent downfalls are all because someone placed a curse, yes you heard me right, a curse on her. From the media constantly critiquing every pound she puts on or loses, to splitting with on-again off-again beau DJ AM, to her cat nearly dying after falling from a 10th story window, to her infamous freeway debacle and subsequent DUI, it is safe to say that this has not been Nicole's red letter year. Nic is now saying that she thinks someone cursed her, forcing her to pay a shaman $1000 to spiritually cleanse her West Hollywood condo which will in turn release her from the spell. Talk about calling in the witch doctor! First off, where do you even find a shaman? Second, I would pay money to see what outfit the shaman showed up in! A friend of Nicole's has said that "Nicole believes in curses but would never put one on anyone, not even her worst enemy," which leads me to my next question… who cursed Nicole!? Frenemy Paris Hilton? Ex-friends Mischa or Lohan? All I know is matters this serious are not to be taken lightly.

With a cleansed aura, Nicole hit up Hollywood thrift stores on January 4, looking stylish as ever in skinny jeans and a white tank, a black blazer and trademark Nicole shades. For Nic's necklace look, play on the layering trend of late. Start with a long gold linked necklace, and add on an open circular necklace, and voila! Instant Nicole chic. Just make sure to steer clear of any curses!

walk of shame!

Nicole Richie seen on Dec 19 2006 in Glendale, Ca. Well this must be true love! Only a few short days after Joel Madden kicked the Duffster to the curb for allegedly not putting out, Hilary then turned around and called his new boo Nicole Richie a slut. Ouch! Nicole is seen here doing the good old walk-of-shame from Joel's house on December 19th in Glendale. This was just days after leaving his house hopped up on weed and Vicodin and then received her much-publicized DUI arrest. You know it's meant to be when a DUI arrest can't keep you away!

Nicole wears black sweats and a black coat, barefoot and with absolutely no makeup on. Where's Britney when you need her! With both of these girl's walking-around-barefoot histories, you'd think that Britney would be running (probably barefoot) to Nicole, instead of hanging out with Paris everyday. Ps- what is up with Paris and Britney? Did their short-lived love affair finally come to an end?

nicole busted for dui this morning

Nicole Richie seen on Dec 10 2006 in Brentwood, Ca. In shocking news, Nicole Richie was arrested this morning at 4:45am in Burbank for driving under the influence. Many wonder, why Burbank? It just happens that Burbank is near Glendale, where rumored new boo Joel Madden of Good Charlotte lives. Coincidence? Hardly. Nicole's G-Wagon was spotted going the wrong way on the 134 Freeway and other drivers called 911. When the CHP arrived, Nic was stopped in the carpool lane, alone and on her cell. Nicole then admitted to taking Vicodin and smoking pot earlier in the night. Nic was allegedly very humble and cooperative when she was taken to jail, which she spent nearly 4 hours in before being bailed out at $15,000. Alarmingly, Nic's booking sheet disclosed that she is 5'1" and weighed in at only 85lbs. What happened to the rumors that she had put on 5lbs? I guess that's all they were, rumors. Let's all hope Nicole gets the help she needs from this disturbing incident.

Earlier in the day, Nic was seen at a Brentwood pharmacy wearing her J Brand's with a white tank and black shades. Even though she got booked this morning, I'm sure Nic will be back in her G-Wagon within 3 weeks, as all celebrities are when they get charged with a DUI. What ever happened to the restricted license for a year? Oh, the fabulous lives celebrities lead...

Is she better off?

Nicole Richie seen on Nov 16 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. Flashing the ever-in-style peace sign front row at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 16, Nicole Richie and reunited BFF Paris Hilton were all smiles as they happily posed for the cameras. With her dramatic dark 'do and slightly healthier body, it seems like Nicole is on the positive road to recovery. In a red cocktail dress and golden bangles, Nicole looked smashing. Paris also looked hot as usual, in a gray silk dress and matching headband. It has been reported recently that Nicole has dumped her longtime stylist Rachel Zoe because she was thought to be a "bad influence", and now US Weekly is conducting a survey of whether or not Nic is better off with or without Zoe. Currently, a whopping 82% say Nic is better of flying solo! I think Nicole has great style, it will be interesting to see what she comes up with now that she is free from Rachel's clutch!

keep it up, nicole

Nicole Richie seen on Nov 13 2006 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Emerging on November 13 for a shopping trip at Barney's in Beverly Hills, Nicole Richie looked healthier than she had in recent memory, and what's even more surprising than her slight weight gain is the fact that she's not wearing pencil leg jeans. She's bringin' bootcut back! In a light wash pair of jeans and a brown top, Nicole proudly flaunted her changing body.

Days after this sighting, Nicole lashed out on her Myspace page due to Page Six's blind item claiming that a teeny tiny starlet had gastric bypass surgery when she was chubbier two years ago to lose weight, and has now had the procedure reverted so that she can gain weight again. Nicole said, "So I gain a little bit of weight, and I'm accused of having a gastric bypass surgery reversed? It's pathetic of Page Six to insinuate I have done this. Anyone that knows anything about this surgery would know that legally, you must be AT LEAST 100 pounds overweight to even have the surgery done, and is a serious, life changing procedure; not one to throw around as a joke or a rumor." Good for Nicole, at least she has the guts to stand up for herself, because the minute she puts on a pound or two (literally) the media go bonkers. Let's hope Nicole continues on this positive path.

Partying every night = rehab?

Nicole Richie seen on Nov 05 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. When one thinks of rehab, oh wait I'm sorry I forgot, when one thinks of "going to a treatment center", visuals of a serene environment with lots of bed rest and unconditional support from the staff come to mind. Party hopping from club to club in Hollywood doesn't really seem to fit that same mold. However, that's just what Nicole Richie is doing, during these pivotal days when the star has claimed to be desperate for help in understanding why she can't gain weight. Apparently, she got over it, and just wants to dance her troubles away! Seen here at Lara Shriftman's "Party Confidential" Book Launch on November 5, Nicole was also spotted at the Chanel Fine Jewelry Dinner on the 8th, The 16th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards on the 9th and the Playstation 3 Launch Party on the 10th. Slow down Nicole! It's great that you and your BFF Paris Hilton have reunited and can't stop expressing your public love for each other (come on, how cute is this picture of them holding hands!), but don't you think if she was really serious about getting help, she would be in a treatment center actually getting some?

On a less serious note, who else thinks Nicole's hair looks like a muddy disaster this dark? I loved the blonde bob, bring it back Nic, bring it back! Seen here in a flowy cocktail dress with a banded waist and convertible straps, Nicole does seem happy, which really is the most important thing.

Don't call it rehab!

Nicole Richie seen on Oct 25 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie entered a private treatment facility (don't call it rehab!) yesterday regarding her always-talked-about weight issues that she has been dealing with lately. She strongly believes she has a medical problem that makes it nearly impossible for her to gain weight, and is now seeking the help of a team of medical professionals who specialize in nutrition and healthy eating habits. Her publicist made one thing crystal clear, though; Nicole does not have an eating disorder! Sheesh, if you scream it from the rooftops any louder people half way around the world will be able to hear you, Publicist Lady! I do feel sorry for Nicole, however, because she seriously claims she doesn't have an eating disorder, it's just hard to believe that her body could change so drastically from the way it used to be! I know other sites have said how she should just go and eat like In N Out all day and that'll be the end of that, but I think there is something more serious going on here. So, let's send Nicole our best wishes and hopes she gets better very soon!

Just days before deciding she needed help, she was seen wearing Paige Premium Denim skinny jeans, and looking stylish as always. Get well soon, Nicole!

Can't we all just get along?

Nicole Richie seen on Oct 15 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Apparently, the answer is yes! Hollywood celebrity catfights are at an all time low, now that Paris and Nicole mended their feud and became BFF's once more. Friends of the girls say that they just really missed each other, skeptics are saying it's all a ploy to promote the new "Simple Life", but one thing is for sure: when Paris and Nicole reunite, the world pays attention! Mischa Barton was recently boo-hooing about how Nicole stopped returning her calls, well maybe that's because your constant horrific fashion choices are bringing down Nicole's stylish image, Misch! And if that's not enough, Paris and Lindsay recenty jet-setted off to Vegas for a weekend of partying, and Nicole and Mischa finally reunited at La Conversation in Los Angeles on October 15.

Nic is seen scurrying away from their meeting, leaving separately from Mischa. Jeez, they're acting like they're dating or something! I know everyone loves it when these power girls are spatting, but Nic and Misch are taking the whole "secret meeting" thing just a little too far! Why do they have to go all James Bond and try to hide it when they're buds again? In the meantime, you can go ahead and steal Nicole's latest denim obsession, her J Brand Slim Fit 12 Inch Pencil Leg Jeans in the hot new color Charcoal. For Nic's chic black tunic, Karen ZAMBOS is always a perfect choice, like the V-Neck Tunic in Black. Now, let's get these girls together for one massive outing that would send the paparazzi into a frenzy!

My heart is happy again!

Nicole Richie seen on Oct 10 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. At long last, the day has arrived. The feud that has torn the world apart is finally over. No, I'm not referring to North and South Korea, I'm obviously talking about Paris and Nicole! The long-feuding friends have finally decided to bury the hatchet and become BFF's again. While they still won't reveal to the world the cause of their original falling out and how they reconciled (duh, that's what the next season of Simple Life is for!), all that matters is the girls are back. I mean, what is a world without Paris and Nicole being sidekicks? I'm sure many would say a much better place, but all I know is that this just seems right. If Paris and Nicole can make it work, who's to rule out the possibility of world peace??

Boppin' to Guy's on October 10th with Linds, Nicole looked happy to have finally brought the It Girl superpowers together again. In a pair of dark gray skinnies, like our Hudson Supermodel Straight Leg Jeans in Smoke, and a sheer buttoned top with ties, like the gray version of our Gold Hawk Dotted Shirt, Nicole was working her new longer, strawberry 'do. I still prefer the blonde bob, but Nic is so adorable that she can pull anything off. Accessorize the look with a delicate necklace, like our Jewel By Bear Gold Cizi and Charm Drop Necklace, and about a thousand bracelets, and you've got Nic's look down. Next stop.. Paris' house for a sleepover!

A camouflage colored bag? Perfect!

Nicole Richie seen on Oct 01 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Now the paparazzi won’t be able to see you! Nicole Richie ran her usual errands in Los Angeles toting an olive green Balenciaga, and appears to be either emptying it or using it as a shield from those pesky flashbulbs. When Nic is looking this cute, however, let those paps snap away! The Simple Life star recently lambasted CNN for saying that she was headed to a rehab center for an eating disorder, a rumor that Nic seems to be all-to-familiar with in recent months. Nic used her Myspace account to publicly deny these claims, and said that regarding her alleged eating disorder “I have repeated myself so many times, I feel like a broken record!” That’s the price you pay for fame, my dear, and trust me, the rumors could be a lot worse! They could, you know, say you have an uncontrollable body odor problem.. that’s when you get mad!

For Nicole’s deliciously girly babydoll tunic dress, turn to Nic's longtime favorite designer Karen ZAMBOS and her V-Neck Tunic in Ivory. It's all the latest rage.. muumuu chic!

Nic is getting pretty obvious

Nicole Richie seen on Sep 26 2006 in Malibu, Ca. Nicole Richie and beau Brody Jenner had a lazy lunch at Coogies Beach Cafe in the Malibu Colony Plaza on September 26, where Nic pretty much wore her heart on her sleeve, actually, make that her hoodie. I go back and forth on whether or not I like this sweatshirt, because on one hand it is unique and cute, but on the other, it does seem like you could snag it in the $5.99 bin at Big Lots. Either way, Nicole is lookin' a mess.. but a hot mess! That, in case you were wondering, is totally my phrase du jour, fyi.

Earlier in the week, the starlet called the Ryan Seacrest radio show on LA's 102.7 KIIS fm to address the rumors that she had checked herself into an eating disorder clinic. No way, Nic said, because she is followed 24/7 by the paps, so she isn't going anywhere without being followed. As proved by her lunch date, she can't even escape to peaceful Malibu without the flashbulbs going crazy. Ah, another day in the life of Nicole Richie!

For leggings and shades like Nicole's, grab our Saint Grace Alex Leggings in Black and our Petro Zillia Sunglasses in Brown. For the hoodie, that's a scavenger hunt that I will leave you to embark on for yourself!

Brody the giant!

Nicole Richie seen on Sep 14 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. I know Nicole Richie is only 5'1", but for some ready, Brody Jenner looks like a giant next to her! Maybe his massive arm is just an optical illusion, but still, I never knew Brody was such a big guy! Nicole let's her bohemian style come through with a patterned peasant top, like our Joe's Jeans Chiffon Peasant Blouse in Ramona/Purple, layered over a simple black tank, like our American Vintage Double Strap Cotton Tank in Noir. Smiling and looking extremely happy, Nicole seems to be at a very good stage in her life, with a new man and an album on the way. To finish off the look, snag the super skinny Joe's Jeans Chelsea Jeans in Kitt, a matte dark wash perfect for the streets of LA.

Nicole rocks the summer jumper!

Nicole Richie seen on Sep 11 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie flaunts her thin figure on September 11 in Los Angeles, on her way to a lunch date with boyfriend Brody Jenner. Recently admitting that the 1960's and 70's are her biggest fashion influences, it's easy to see why Nic (or Rachel Zoe) picked out this chic and original jumper, similar to our Misile Vieux Montreal Jumper in Black. With green flats and a black Balenciaga, Nicole rocks the summer jumper!

Where was she, an acting class?

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 31 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. As Nicole Richie, up for the award of Best Hippie Reincarnation 2006, strolls out of Cipriani restaurant on August 31, I wonder what she was actually doing in there. And I know, Nicole Richie is so skinny because she doesn't eat, how original! I just wonder what it must be like to be Nicole's waiter at a restaurant. Why isn't some waiter telling all to Star about what she ordered and what she actually ate! That is the stuff tabloids dream of! In the meantime, at least Nic is proving that she's still stylish in her shrinking state. This simple yet unique outfit starts with a funky headscarf and a lot of crazy bracelets. Known for being a Nation Ltd fan, Nicole wears their Short Sleeve Textured Crew in Black with lightwash tapered jeans, like our Joe's Jeans Chelsea in Fitzgerald. And although I still can not believe huge megaglasses are still in, they are, so rock on with our Nour Kiara Sunglasses in Manner Mania.

A Casual Day in the 'Bu

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 27 2006 in Malibu, Ca. Nicole Richie spent a casual day strolling around Malibu and getting coffee with new boyfriend Brody Jenner on August 27 in an outfit perfect for summer. Appearing this past Tuesday on the "Tyra Banks Show", Nicole confronted one of the paparazzi that always follows her, as well as addressed issues about her weight. While it's true that the media may be a little harsh to Nicole about her weight, there's no denying that the girl has gotten incredibly skinny in a short amount of time. I, however, think we should shift the "how-skinny-can-she-get" focus from Nic to her cute summer look! To size up her style, put on a Mexican-inspired top, like our Cake Couture embroidered Mexico Dress, over a pair of cutoffs, like Nicole's favorite Siwy Camilla Slouchy Cut Shorts in Wonder.

Nicole Gets Taken for a Walk!

Nicole Richie seen on Aug 04 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. A well known animal lover, it seems Nicole has found a new furry friend to call her own. Always running errands in the most casual yet most chic outfits, Nicole knows that Siwy is her absolute favorite denim brand of the summer. Already a proud owner of the Billy Shorts, Nicole is seen here in the Siwy Camilla Slouchy Cut Shorts in Wonder, which are the perfect worn-in shorts for a hot summer day. Pair these short shorts with a floaty floral top, like our Karanina Dahlia Top in Vineyard Red, which is a more muted version of what Nicole wears. Flowy fabrics and short shorts, what better way to beat the summer heat!

The Truth About Siwy

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 26 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Well these are definitely the shorts to be seen in this summer! On a recent summer day, Nicole Richie flaunted her now fuller legs in her Siwy Billy Slouchy Cut-Off Shorts in Wonder, the perfect jean cut-offs for a day of errands or to wear over a suit at the beach. With cute beaded detailing, Nicole (or her stylist, Rachel Zoe) sure picked a one of a kind pair of shorts. Pair with a flowy white top, big black bag, like our Aaneta Medium Martina Bag in Black and some of those classic Nicole shades, similar to our Nour Noushi in Crystal Mystery, and you'll be your girlfriend's style envy in no time!

Nicole? Skinny Jeans? Shocker!

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 25 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. While her mischevious antics on summer hit "The Simple Life: Till Death Do Us Part" make Nicole Richie seem like such a troublemaker, low-key outfits like this underplay her rambunctious attitude. In a sheer, longsleeve thermal like our Noble Decay Nancy Thermal and mondo glasses like our Nour Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery, Nicole lets a classic style come through. Always a fan of skinny masters J Brand, in her 12 Inch Pencil Leg Jeans in Black.

Is that you, Mrs. Roper?

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 19 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Looking like she stepped right off the set of "Three's Company", Nicole Richie talks on her Blackberry and runs errands in Los Angeles last week. Nicole sure has been a fan of large, graphic, colorful flower-print dresses lately, and if Nic was a 60 year-old woman, she would definitely be entering mumu-ville. Our Letarte Luau Flower Tunic is a cute tunic to wear while running errands or at the beach, paired with big circular pink glasses, like our Nour Noushi in Butterfly, similar to the one's Nicole is sportin'. It is a cute look, just be prepared to have people ask you if you're on your way to a theme party, ok?

It's Official: The Hippie Look is Back

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 19 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. For a night out to dinner with dad Lionel Richie, Nicole proves that the hippie look, with her golden flowing hair and patterned, floaty top, is definitely back in style. Not that that's a problem, Mary Kate has sure taken a fondness for the Woodstock-inspired look as well. Potentially raiding galpal Lindsay Lohan's closet for this outfit, Nic wears skinny gray wash jeans, like our Joe's Jeans Chelsea Jeans in Getz with a black leather bag, resembling our Kooba Handbags Scarlett Bag in Black Embossed. Now, we can wonder what Nicole and her dear dad discussed over dinner. Was it the shooting of Lionel's new music video, which Nicole co-starred in?

Nicole's not knocked up

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 16 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. While last summer Nicole Richie was rockin’ Woo’s Cate Dress while walking her adorable dogs down the streets of LA with not a care in the world, this summer… she definitely has a few more things to be worried about! Not wanting to be left in the shadows of Paris and Lindsay’s recent “newsworthiness”, it comes as no surprise that rumors have been spreading lately that Nicole is avec child. Wearing flowy dresses and never confirming or denying these rumors (and she’s had plenty of time to- she appeared on both Conan O’Brien and David Letterman’s late night shows promoting the new series of “The Simple Life” where she easily could have cleared up this gossip), many are saying that Nicole getting knocked up is simply a ploy to keep her out of the slammer. Many people started to believe that Nicole may actually be preggers, as pictures of a bulging belly do not lie. But now, an article has been written in the Chicago Sun Times by gossip columnist Bill Zwecker, where he said that “After a long chat with a close Nicole Richie source Tuesday, I'm confident that Paris Hilton's TV reality co-star is not pregnant.” He sounds pretty sure of himself, but I’m always wary of “sources”. Either way, I’m sure Nicole (like Paris and her stint in the slammer) will only grow more famous from all of this publicity.

The Simple Life 5: Fight to the death

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 14 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. As many anxiously awaited the finale of The Simple Life: 'Till Death Do Us Part where Paris and Nicole would finally confront each other, anticipation grew high. Unfortunately, and I knew this would happen!, Paris walked in on Nicole and said "Nicole, what the hell are you doing? We need to talk," to which Nicole replied "So talk," just as the screen went black and read To Be Continued.. Next Season. AH! I knew that these girls would have some sneaky little trick up their sleeves, and right now I think this whole villainy is a publicity stunt… they've been friends this whole time! Then next season they're going to come back and be like we're friends again. But their little cliffhanger worked, I am waiting with bated breath to see if their longtime feud will ever subside. In the meantime, pick up the hot Johnson Millicent Shorts in Brown Plaid that Nic is wearin' here, they're perfect for this hot summer.

Ah, the Signature Leg Cross Pose

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 12 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. At a recent event wearing the casual-yet-dressy Karen ZAMBOS Jersey Mini Dress in Gray with short, slouchy boots, Nicole Richie looked demure and happy. The star's ever shrinking frame, however, is nothing to be happy about, and even though Nicole has stated over and over again that she wants to gain weight, even being photographed at an In N Out drive thru (yet never seen actually eating), there seems to be little to no progress. At a recent night out at super exclusive Hollywood hotspot Hyde Nightclub, sources tell us that Nicole was definitely anything but clean and sober. Barely able to keep her eyes open, Nicole was completely out of it, and friends of Nicole told our source that she was like this because she "never eats". Let's just hope that Nicole is able to get healthy again, so she can keep rockin' that killer style of hers.

Nicole In the Summer's Hottest V-Neck

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 08 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. If Nicole Richie can run errands wearing sweatpants and a t-shrit and still look this stylish, you obviously can too. With her black Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag and green Free City sweats, Nicole is at the height of fashion while still remaining super comfortable. Get your hands on the Nation Ltd Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee in White, the hottest tee of the summer also seen on Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. Accessorize with a gold necklace like our Arianne Jeannot Yellow Gold Mayan Sundial Necklace and big round shades, like our Nour Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery and you've got Nic's look down cold. Next, run to your local In N Out for a double double, and you'll definitely be one up on Ms. Richie.

WHAT! Nicole's not wearing skinny jeans?

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 05 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. In a shocking move that no one anticipated, Nicole Richie was spotted in a pair of jeans that weren't super skinny! Well, if Nic was going to do it, at least she picked an impeccable pair to cheat on her skinny's with. The Paige Premium Denim Laurel Canyon 5 Pocket jeans have a funky vintage wash that can be perfectly paired with cute flats. Just like I mentioned before that Jessica Simpson always has her good old reliable Louis bag with her, Nicole always seems to have a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag in a different color! Here, her bag is white, to go with the plain white tank, similar to our Ya-Ya Braided Tank. Pick awesome accessories, like retro glasses resembling our Nour Moman in Street sunglasses and Rebecca Norman Wavy Thin Bangles in Vermeil and you're set. It'll be interesting to see if Nic soon tires of this skinny jean trend and gravitates to their polar opposites, bell-bottoms!

Nicole and Linds, BFF

Nicole Richie seen on Jul 02 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. White is the new black. They both have the same stylist, Rachel Zoe, and the girls look cool, classy and perfect for summer. -Perez

Nicole Richie in Twelfth Street, J Brand

Nicole Richie seen on Jun 10 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. Now we knew that Nicole Richie likes expensive things, but who knew she shopped at a store that has a ‘$25 Everything in this bin’ bin! Nic proves that she can indeed mix pricey items with bargain ones, and look stylish in doing so. Sporting her signature Balenciaga black leather Motorcycle Bag and J Brand 12 Inch Pencil Leg Jeans in Ink, all Nicole needed were some black flip flops and a black woven fedora style hat. However, this casual look is not complete without a loose-fitting white linen shirt, such as our Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Lace Dolman Sleeve Top. Throw these items together, and you and Miss Richie will be like long lost twins!

Nicole Richie in Szulika, Rebecca Norman

Nicole Richie seen on Jun 03 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. It seems that walking around the streets of Los Angeles barefoot is the new hot activity for summer! Nicole R. has been spotted going for a stroll sans shoes several times, like here as she takes her fluffball of a dog out for a walk. Don't you just love how her doggy leash matches her Balenciaga bag? To get Nic's look, try out the Szulika Sara Dress in Black, to throw over a bathing suit like Nicole did, paired with a bundle of Rebecca Norman Wavy Thin Bangles in Yellow Vermeil. Perfect look for a hot summer day!

Nicole Richie swimsuit

Nicole Richie seen on Jun 01 2006 in Malibu, Ca. Nicole Richie's figure is definitely appearing fuller as of late, seen here in a rendezvous at a beach in Malibu on June 1. Compared to pictures taken a few months ago, where her teenie weenie bikini was practically falling off of her gaunt frame, Nicole seems excited to be showing of her fuller hips and newly toned legs. The chest area is still kind of skeleton-like, but she still looks adorable in a side-tie suit, similar to our Asha Couture Safari Bikini.

Nicole Richie JBrand, Goldhawk

Nicole Richie seen on May 28 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. With her hair reaching new lengths, thanks to some natural looking extensions (very unlike her blue and hot pink extensions circa the first season of "Simple Life"), Nicole Richie seemed playful as she exited club Passion. It's ironic that Nic seems to be enjoying herself so much, considering how her recently exed ex-boyfriend DJ AM was spinning inside! To get Nicole's chic "night-on-the-town" look, pair dark J Brand jeans with our Goldhawk Special Stitch Relaxed Cami, similar to Miss Richie's.

Nicole Richie in J Brand, Nation Ltd

Nicole Richie seen on May 24 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie will always pair the simplest outfit with super chic accessories, as proven by this look she displayed strolling down the streets of LA barefoot, à la Britney Federline. Similar to her BFF Mischa Barton, Richie seems to have stolen her J Brand Black Saddleback 12" Pencil Leg Jeans and wears it with a basic Nation Ltd Short Sleeve Texture Crew. With this simple outfit, it helps to embellish with accessories such as Nic's trademark huge sunglasses, bangles, a scarf, and a headband. Lookin' this cute, let's just hope there's no broken glass on the road to come!

How Many Phones Do these celebrities have?

Nicole Richie seen on May 12 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Constantly attending promotional parties for the newest and hottest phones must be nice for celebrities, but my question is, what do they do with all the free phones they are receiving? If I was Nicole Richie, I would autograph that Sprint phone and put it on eBay! Nicole pleasantly smiles for the camera holding her "new phone", even though it's obvious she is loyal to her Blackberry. Nicole attended the event in her Chelsea Jeans in Kitt by Joe's Jeans, which are likely to turn heads no matter what event you attend.

Nicole Richie in Skinny J Brand Jeans

Nicole Richie seen on May 01 2006 in Beverly Hills, CA. The total Hollywood trendsetter and former Paris Hilton BFF, Nicole Richie was spotted strolling her shopping haven of Beverly Hills in a pair of super trendy J Brand skinny jeans. A slouchy sweater offset Nicole Richie's similarly skinny silhouette. The shrinking star should prob buy the jeans in bulk as it doesn't seem she'll be packing on and lbs. any time soon!

Nicole Richie in a 12th Street dress

Nicole Richie seen on Feb 03 2005 in Los Angeles, CA. Nicole Richie was spotted wearing an orange Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent dress.


Nicole Richie seen on Mar 17 0201 in Beverly Hills, CA. Fashionista Nicole Richie made an appearance at the grand opening of the new Missoni store in Beverly Hills on March 17, donning a floor-length Missoni gown with a mesmerizing pattern and her favorite Roseark snake cuffs and engagement ring. To get Nicole's look, start with a great maxi dress, like Love True Love's Tanzania Gold Dress in Multi or Sky's Stargaze Dress in Lemon, and pair with CC Skye's Gold Feather Cuff. As Nicole left the fete, she toted along a black clutch - check out Zambos & Siega's Peggy Clutch in Black. What are your overall thoughts on Nicole's look here - do you think she's rockin' it? Her bold banged hairdo totally remind me of Rachel Bilson's hairstyle of almost two years ago exactly, circa March 2008, but I love it! In other NR news, People Magazine is reporting that Nicole is still undecided on her wedding dress! At first, there was speculation that should would be donning a Marchesa creation as she took in their show at NYFW, and then reports claimed that she would be going the Monique Lhuiller route, but it turns out she is still totally undecided on her wedding duds. Says Nicole, "I have not decided on a dress. I haven’t even thought about it!" While I kind of doubt that Nicole hasn't thought about the dress at all, she has been quite busy with her fashion lines and two kids. I'm sure no matter what N picks she'll look beautiful!

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