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Although she is most well-known as a Newport Beach resident on FOX’s The O.C., Barton is a London native where she was born on January 24, 1986 to an English father and an Irish mother. The eldest of three girls, Barton moved to New York City at age nine to pursue her acting aspirations, where she later graduated from the Professional Children’s School of Manhattan in 2004. Barton starred several plays before her film debut in 1998 at Sundance in the film Lawn Dogs opposite Sam Rockwell. Barton appeared in several films before taking her role on the O.C. including The Sixth Sense, Notting Hill and Lost and Delirious. Barton’s modeling resume is also well documented with large name designers including Calvin Klein, Dooney and Bourke Neutrogena. The 5-foot-nine Barton was just recently hired to appear in several sexy new ad campaigns for Bebe.

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Mischa Barton has been seen wearing Aaneta, Bellekat, Betsey Johnson, Bill Adler Design, Cake Couture, Castaway Jewelry, Cloak & Dagger NYC, Davis by Ruthie Davis Shoes, Deener, Elizabeth Gillett Ltd, Ella Moss, Femme Metale Jewelry, Freedom of Choice, Gold Hawk, Hudson Jeans, Iodice, J Brand, Jessica Elliot, Johnny Was, Johnson, Julie K Handbags, Karen ZAMBOS, Kasil Jeans, Kristen Coates, Kuo Ting Jewelry, Kushcush, L.A.M.B., Misile, Morphine Generation, Nyovee, ParkVogel, Plenty by Tracy Reese, Rachel Leigh, Rails, Rebecca Norman Jewelry, Serfontaine, Sofira, Tricia Fix, Vanitas, Walter, Woo, ZG by Grimaldi, Zoa,

Aaneta Bellekat Betsey Johnson Bill Adler Design Cake Couture Castaway Jewelry Cloak & Dagger NYC Davis by Ruthie Davis Shoes Deener Elizabeth Gillett Ltd Ella Moss Femme Metale Jewelry Freedom of Choice Gold Hawk Hudson Jeans Iodice J Brand Jessica Elliot Johnny Was Johnson Julie K Handbags Karen ZAMBOS Kasil Jeans Kristen Coates Kuo Ting Jewelry Kushcush L.A.M.B. Misile Morphine Generation Nyovee ParkVogel Plenty by Tracy Reese Rachel Leigh Rails Rebecca Norman Jewelry Serfontaine Sofira Tricia Fix Vanitas Walter Woo ZG by Grimaldi Zoa

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1. Well this is awkward!

Well this is awkward!It’s a good thing a room has four corners, because you know each of these four and her posse took up camp in one of them! While now famous rivals Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie claim to have not spoken to one another since filming the season finale of the most recent “Simple Life”, I am still holding strong to my theory that they are still friends and are playing up this whole hatred for publicity! And Mischa and Rachel, these two used to be BFF while filming “The OC”, but now are barely ever seen together and now that Mischa has been killed off of the show, probably won’t hang for a while! Geez, can’t everyone just get along!

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2. Mischa Barton, actor extraordinaire?

Mischa Barton, actor extraordinaire?While it's obvi that Mischa Barton is definitely a pretty face, I don’t know if I quite think her acting abilities are at that high of a caliber, unlike the rest of the world apparently. Mischa recently picked up the award for Best TV Actress at the Teen Choice Awards a few weeks ago, which might have just been a nod to the fact that Misch kicked the bucket on "The OC" and will never be nominated for the award again. Furthermore, "OC" costar Alan Dale (who played Kirsten's dad, Caleb) has said in an interview that he "doesn't know what producers were thinking when they killed Mischa off". Sounds like it's time for everyone to become president of the Mischa Barton fanclub, geez! I will give this to her though, she's good at crying!

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3. There is a thing as too much multitasking

There is a thing as too much multitaskingSeen here on August 21, Mischa Barton looked very pale, thin and reminiscent of a hotel carpet pattern as she returned to the United States from a summer overseas. While it's never clear if Misch and her on-again, off-again grungemeister boyfriend Cisco Adler are currently on, sources tell us exclusively that not all is well in paradise. When recently dining at an upscale Los Angeles restaurant before Mischa's departure, Mischa was texting on her Blackberry and talking on her phone through the entire meal while Cisco sat there bored as a log! Now come on Misch, that's just rude! Paging Dr. Phil, seems like these two need a little couples counseling!

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So the word on the street is that Mischa's going to be the one getting the axe on the much talked about finale of her show "The OC" this Thursday night. This rumor has been workin' it's little self across the internet for about the past month, and we shall soon see if it turns out to be true.

Mischa has expressed interest in solely focusing on movies and is bummed about the show's falling ratings, so apparently her character will be dying of a drug overdose. Producers of the show claim they filmed various characters' deaths to keep the ending a secret.

Ok, let's look past this "character death" drama for a second and talk about something a whole lot more serious.. Mischa's nasty weave in this photo! Man, that horse-tail looks dirty! With all the free time she'll have now that she won't be filming her show, she should go to Costco and buy conditioner in bulk!

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5. What's Next For Mischa

What's Next For MischaWill Mischa be leaving the OC? They say she is going to die off in a drug overdose. She has not been too happy with the show's dropping ratings. She's even been tempted to call in sick a couple of times. Maybe her recent lack of interest in the show is due to her interest in launching her own clothing line. Mischa looks up to Gwen Stefani and she'd like to follow in her shoes as far as producing a quality line of clothes. Mischa says that if she does drop out of the show, she wants to do it the right way.

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Mischa Barton seen on Mar 20 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Well here's someone we haven't seen around these parts in quite some time... Mischa Barton! Mischa was photographed hosting the US launch of Japanese clothing boutique Growze in LA on March 20, clad in a cute black and white ensemble. MB paired a sheer polka dot top (for something similar without such bold dots, try Zoa's Peasant Blouse in White) over a black bra, and then slipped into a pair of black leather pants (try Work Custom Jeans' Mamba Leggera Faux Leather in Neo Black) and colorblocked heels. From there, Mischa toted a nude leather bag and wore a black bracelet (get the look with BB Becker's No Walls Bracelet in Silver and a few delicate silver rings (try on Femme Metale Jewelry's Crowned Gem Ring in Silver for size). What are you feeling about this look for her, everyone? On a side note, New York Magazine is reporting that Mischa now has a clothing line! However, they seem kind of skeptical about it, saying: "Her new line is called Mischa's Place, and it's all available on a bizarre website with sketches instead of photographs of the clothes, priced from $60 for a scarf to $310 for a jacket. The site's "About Me" section explains (with some odd capitalization choices): Mischa's Place is an eclectic Haven of Style brought to you by the young Actress and Designer Mischa Barton. Mischa brings her well known Bohemian Style to all aspects of the range." Interesting... who knew?


Mischa Barton seen on Jul 22 2010 in London, UK. Someone we haven't seen in quite some time, Mischa Barton was photographed attending the launch of Marc Jacobs' new fragrance "Bang" at the Fifth Floor Restaurant in London, England on July 22. It seems like Mischa is on a slender yo on her usual yo-yo diet, as she was definitely a bit heavier back in March. I wonder why Mischa is constantly fluctuating between scary skinny and a little bit on the heavier side? Hopefully she can find a happy medium soon. For her Marc Jacobs appearance, MB chose a body con dress with hip ruffles and sexy cutouts - for a simpler look, check out BB Dakota's Dakota Fringe Dress in Black or Carter's Fab Side View Dress in Black. Accessory wise, Mischa chose a basic pair of black pumps along with an enviable Chanel chain tote and her favorite silver cuff. While there's obviously no substitute for a Chanel bag, Danielle Nicole's Kristi Messenger in Black is pretty cool, as is Moss Mills' Carmen Bracelet in Silver. What are your thoughts, everyone - are you into Mischa's outfit here, and do you think she looks good here, weight wise? I personally think that she's teetering on the verge of scary skinny... let's hope she doesn't lose any more!


Mischa Barton seen on Jun 12 2010 in West Hollywood, CA. Photographers snapped Mischa Barton leaving lunch at Oak Fire Pizzeria and Pub in West Hollywood on Saturday, June 12, accompanied by a mystery man - a new boyfriend for Barton, perhaps? For her casual 'fit, Mischa chose a pair of Levi's denim leggings (similar to Habitual Jeans' Ava Skinny Jean in Rapture) that she paired with a casual cotton tank (try Wilt's Boyfriend Tank in White) under a tan collared shirt. For a similar look, take a look at Barlow's Asky Leather Moto Jacket in Tan. MB finished off her ensemble with a pair of tan lace-up wedges, oversized white shades, a statement ring, and a structured caramel clutch with bold hardware. Whiting & Davis' Studs and Snake Clutch is similar to Mischa's bag, but in clutch form. Now I have to say, I know that Mischa's been looking a little less than fabulous lately, but I'm really liking this outfit on her! I think every element of the outfit is working very well together. What about you, readers... what are your thoughts? While Mischa's been spending time in LA recently, she's been telling press about her love for the Big Apple. Of NYC, Mischa says: "I like to shop in Brooklyn, New York, where there are a lot of people selling their things on the street. I love to pick out weird stuff like that. I’m not very patient when I shop. I don’t try things on – if they don’t work out, I take them back, but usually I have a pretty good eye. On bags, I always look for pockets that are actually functional – that’s the most important thing. I tend to have quite big bags, but I do like little purses – just for the things I need, like a credit card and ChapStick. Other days, I like to be able to throw everything in there!" Are you the same way?


Mischa Barton seen on Mar 12 2010 in Silverlake, CA. Mischa Barton looked like she wasn't really in the mood to be photographed as she was seen heading into the Knights Inn Motel in Silverlake (random?) with some friends after a night of dancing at popular Hollywood club H.Wood on March 12. Is it just me or is her blonde hair lookin' kinda brassy these days? For her outfit, Mischa started with a short grey dress with 3/4 length sleeves (check out Fighting Eel's Roo Tunic Dress in Heather or Gold Hawk's slightly sexier Drawstring Mini Dress in Pewter) that she paired with silver jewelry such as her trusty oversized cuffs (try Moss Mills' Carmen Bracelet in Silver) and a ring. Finishing off her look was an oversized shoulder bag (similar to Lesa Wallace Handbags' Luna Messenger in Black) and grey peeptoe heels. What are your thoughts of MB's look here, readers? Weigh in! I really am not feeling this blonde on her... she looks so much better with light brown hair. It's so much more natural looking! In recent Barton news, the peroxide-loving party girl has put her 7,600 square foot Beverly Hills mansion on the market for a cool $8.4 million, and there are rumors circulating that it's because she needs rent money! As I'm sure you remember, Mischa was sued by M.R.A. Realties for failing to pay her $7,000-a-month rent for her NYC apartment for three months. Yikes! The house "boasts six bedrooms, a modern kitchen, a "gracefully ascending" staircase and a media room. The mansion is accented by a terrace, a swimming pool, a spa, and a large backyard." Any of you in the market for a new house? Give Mischa a ring!


Mischa Barton seen on Feb 17 2010 in Beverly Hills, CA. Mischa Barton has jumped back on the blonde bandwagon, as she was photographed making her way into the Byron & Tracey Salon on February 17 for the second day in a row, easing her way back into the lighter hair color. Not content to just stop at a dye job, Mischa has now gotten super-long blonde extensions - seems like she's looking to really change her image! She has caught some major flack lately for gaining weight, but I think that this shade of blonde really compliments her coloring. Hey, it's a lot better than when she went platinum back in 2008 - but then again, anything would be better than that! For her 'fit, MB chose a patterned romper (try Isabel Lu's Printed Romper in Geo Print) that she belted with a black leather belt with gold studs (check out Motif 56's Piper Belt in Black) and paired with a black studded tote (very similar to Novella Royale's Mister Handbag in Black), a gold pendant necklace (check out CC Skye's Pave Angel Wing Necklace in Gold) and black shades. I like this outfit on Mischa, but then I looked down. Black tights and white shoes? Nooooo!! What do you think, wouldn't this look have been so much better without the hosiery and a funky strappy sandal instead of white pumps? Readers, weigh in. Mischa has been stirring up controversy as usual lately, as she was seen puffing on a mysterious substance while in the driver's seat of her new car. Says a source, "Mischa was seen in the driver’s seat of her car with an unidentified man, smoking something that may or may not be a cigarette… But based on the way she was holding it and dragging on it, some might find it awfully suspicious!" Oh no, not again!


Mischa Barton seen on Dec 04 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. The elusive as-of-late Mischa Barton was caught by photographers as she headed into the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills on December 4 to get her hair done, toting a precious new puppy in her arms (her older dog Ziggy trailed behind the two). For her look, Mischa started with a pair of high rise black skinny jeans (try James Jeans' High Rise Straight Leg Jean in Black Flex) with an eye-catching pair of neon yellow oxfords (love them) and a classic Chanel tote. From there, MB chose a brightly patterned cami (check out T-Bags' Twist Top in Yellow Print) under a studded black blazer (I love the classic simplicity of Alice + Olivia's Billy Boy Blazer in Black). She finished off her look with a variety of rings (I love Jacquie Aiche's 14k Large Diamond Hammered Waif Ring in Gold) and a rosy pink cheek. What are your thoughts on Mischa's overall look here, readers? Mischa recently opened up to OK! Magazine about how she currently does not have a boyfriend, and credits this to how she is "ridiculously clumsy!" She says, "I’m ridiculously clumsy, you’d never want to date me. I’m an embarrassment. I wouldn’t even know where to start with telling you things that I’ve walked into. I think that’s why the paps love me, they know I will end up on my ass looking silly. I’m constantly bruising myself and grazing knees. A total klutz." However, she continues to divulge that she has never been dumped in her life - she's always the one to drop the axe! She says, "I’ve never been dumped. One tried to make it quite mutual though so that felt as close to dumping as I’ve got. I kind of lost it and was like, ‘You are not turning this on me. I dumped you first.’ I felt like my heart was broken at the end of a couple of relationships but it wasn’t really." Do you buy that, readers?


Mischa Barton seen on Oct 30 2009 in New York, NY. Ever since her CW show "The Beautiful Life" got canned, Mischa Barton has been keeping a relatively low profile, choosing to attend only a select few fashion-related events. However, the brunette star was photographed taking her two pooches for a walk while searching for last-minute Halloween costumes in NYC on October 30. I have to say, I think that Mischa's looking pretty good in these set of pictures - she seems to be at a healthy weight and she looks really pretty and fresh-faced. Do you agree, readers? For her NYC outfit, Mischa started with a black leather jacket (take your pick between Mike & Chris' Rohan Leather Jacket in Black and Genetic Denim's The Fonda Motorcycle Jacket in Black Mirror) over a black and white polka dot frock (try Susana Monaco's String Dress in Mod Dot) and paired with a plaid scarf with studded accents. She completed her look with a Chanel bag, a pair of strategically ripped tights, and studded ballet flats (similar to Gwyneth Shoes' Mallory Flat in Black). What are your thoughts, readers... do you like MB's look? While I can't say if Mischa has found another job since "TBL" got the axe, however, Mischa spoke out about the show's demise at the recent Garrard Collection Launch event. She said, "It’s like they’ve got two other franchises going on there at the same time, and we got swallowed up. It’s more their loss, I think. It could’ve been I think a really, really cool show." Were any of you rooting for this show?


Mischa Barton seen on Sep 10 2009 in New York, NY. Mischa Barton stepped out for Fashion's Night Out in NYC on September 10, and was spotted posing after the festivities in the West Village. For her nighttime look, Mischa opted for a navy color scheme, and paired an asymmetrical navy mini dress (check out Gold Hawk's artfully detailed Sheer Cape Dress in Navy, or for a longer silhouette, take a look at Graham & Spencer's Cinch Waist Dress in Navy) with a beautiful, multi-strand necklace, navy suede heels (try Samanta's Viv Snake Heel in Navy) and her favorite silver cuffs (similar to Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver). Wavy locks swept to one side and a smoky, navy eye completed Barton's look. What are your thought, readers - do you think Mischa looks good here? It's quite remarkable that she was able to glam herself up and attend this many events so soon after she was hospitalized, don't you think? To promote her upcoming CW show, "The Beautiful Life," as well as to discuss her personal life, Mischa made an appearance on "The View" where she spoke to the ladies about her very public meltdown. In her own words, Mischa says, "I mean, really it was blown out of proportion, so it’s kind of silly now to be talking about it because I’m so fine now, but it was really just a bad time for me. It was sort of one of those things that was like a perfect storm. Everything happened at once. I was overwhelmed. I had too much work going on. I had a surgery for my wisdom teeth that went really badly. I still had a schedule to travel. I was going to Europe. I was going to London. I had things to do and I was prepping to do photo shoots and I was just overwhelmed. I had so much work to do and the surgery had gone so badly for me. And I think that I was just starting to feel completely overwhelmed." Something still seems a bit fishy, do you buy Mischa's "wisdom teeth" excuse?


Mischa Barton seen on Jul 28 2009 in New York, NY. It's been quite the turbulent week for Ms. Mischa Barton, as the troubled starlet was finally let out of her involuntary psychiatric hold at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (AKA busted outta the looney bin) and was photographed arriving at JFK Airport in NYC on July 28 to get to work on her new CW drama "The Beautiful Life." Smiling for the paparazzi and looking somewhat normal (although the weight-gain in her face is still quite apparent), Mischa brought her pooch Ziggy along with her to the big city. For her re-emergence into the spotlight, Mischa chose a pale yellow dress with black floral and houndstooth detailing (check out Gold Hawk's similarly embellished Mini Sequin Dress in Pale Yellow, or Woo's cheery Sol Dress in Warm Sun) with matching irridescent flats, a black handbag (like Carla Mancini's Double Handle Bag in Black) and a few beaded bracelets with tasseled accents (like Brian Nagourney Jewelry's Forget Me Knot Bracelet in Black). What do you think, readers - how does Mischa look for having just been held in the hospital for a serious mental meltdown? While many thought that this breakdown could not have come at a worse time for the struggling actress, seeing as though she was just about to start filming her new television show, it is good that she is getting back to work and having a steady schedule. Or do you think she's back too soon and hasn't fully taken care of herself? Either way, the show's producer, Ashton Kutcher, has taken to his Twitter to give his two cents about MB. "I can tell you right now Mischa Barton is doing great," he said. Lay your thoughts on me readers, too much too soon for M, or do you think it's good that she's getting back to work?


Mischa Barton seen on Jul 03 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA. Mischa Barton was spotted running errands and making her way around Beverly Hills on July 3 with her dog Charlie, and while I'm diggin' MB's breezy summer style, she is teeter-tottering on the verge of looking costume-y with her retro-inspired look. Mischa started with a playful Levi's denim dress (for a few more au current options, try Aristocrat Denim's Olivia Smocked Dress in Azul or the Valentina Dress in Cymberline) and paired it with a funky purple belt (check out Linea Pelle Collection's Double Pronged Contoured Waist or Hip Belt in Plum), woven flat sandals, and classic Ray-Ban aviators. Barton further accessorized with a black leather shoulder bag (take a peek at Julie K Handbags' Hayley Shoulder Bag in Black Glaze) and an armful of silver jewelry (for a similar bangle, grab Accessories & Beyond's Pebble Bracelet with Dog in Silver and for a similar ring to the one on Mischa's middle finger, peep Femme Metale Jewelry's Noble Fleur with Snow Quartz Ring in Silver). What are your thoughts of Mischa's vintage look here - does she make it work, or is it just a little too "I'm going to a '70s theme party" for your liking? While MB seemed to be in good spirits while strolling around BH, girl apparently got into some trouble while in London recently. While partying at nightclub Whisky Mist, it seems that Mischa caused some commotion in the club's bathroom. Trying to sneak one of her friends into the same stall she was in, the bathroom attendant was not having it. So when M went into a stall alone and stayed in there for quite some time, sources say, "Her mate was knocking to check she was feeling okay. When she came out of the cubicle she was complaining about people knocking on the door. She looked slightly worse for the wear as she attempted to apply her make-up." Hmm, taking too long in the stall? This does not sound good!


Mischa Barton seen on May 21 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Mischa Barton was spotted rocking an electric outfit outside of Bardot in Hollywood on Thursday, May 21, opting out of wearing a pair of skyscraper heels and instead choosing a pair of neon yellow menswear laceups. What do you think of this footwear choice? Can she pull it off? For the rest of the outfit, MB wore a vibrant yellow jacket (tone it down a little with Suzabelle's Mirabel Anorak Jacket in Buttercup) over a grey dress (try Qi's Ruffled Tank Dress in Pale Heather Grey), accessorized with a yellow, pink, and purple fringed scarf, metallic silver bag (check out Julie K Handbags' Debby Tote with Zipper Pockets in Star), and silver jewelry (just like Femme Metale Jewelry's Royal Crest Bracelet in Sterling Silver). Overall, I think that MB has come a long way bringing her style back from the grave, and that she's rockin' this look. Loving her hair right now too. Work it out, Misch! In addition to bringing her style back from the grave, it looks like M's bringing her career back to the grave as well. She will star on the CW show "The Beautiful Life," which is about a group of male and female models living in the same apartment in NYC. Of the show, Mischa says, "The show will probably be pretty racy- drugs and drinking and things like that." Scandal! In between filming, Mischa has also taken to her official blog to write about her recent travels. She says, ""I'm so excited that even being in a foreign place like Moscow right now couldn't stifle my enthusiasm. Russia was awesome and so too will it be to relocate to NYC and begin a regimented schedule." Sounds like life's pretty sweet for MB right now!


Mischa Barton seen on Apr 22 2009 in London, England. Mischa Barton was seen posing for photographers at the Dorchester Hotel in London, where she attended the FiFi UK Fragrance Awards on April 22. I just have to say - MB sure is looking slender these days! What do you think, though - has she lost too much weight? For her evening outfit, Mischa chose a floor-length metallic patterned dress (for similar options, try Letarte's Peacock Eye Dress in Chocolate, Gold Hawk's Giant Dot Long Dress in After Glow, or Cake Couture's Palm Beach Long Dress in White) with jet black nails and an oversized cocktail ring (Robyn Rhodes' Kimberly Ring in Gold is unique). She kept her hair in loose waves, and (to no surprise) donned her favorite oversized silver cuff (which is similar to Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver) on her right wrist. The finishing touch of her look was a pair of Louis Vuitton's exotic stilettos, which - I'm sorry - I never really got into. Can't you just see in like 3 months people being like ,"Ugh, she's still wearing those LV heels? So passe." Right!! But what are your thoughts on Barton's look here - do you enjoy it? While MB's career isn't exactly at it's hottest point in Hollywood (to put it nicely), there are now rumors spreading that Mischa is considering taking a role in a Shakespearean play. She says, "I recently did a Shakespeare course because they don't teach Shakespeare properly in American schools. But I suppose as with any play it is about finding the right cast and actors and script for you." What are your thoughts about this - if you were a casting director, would you be keen on casting MB?


Mischa Barton seen on Apr 21 2009 in London, England. Mischa Barton was spotted at the Soho Hotel in London yesterday, April 21, for the launch of her new handbag line, Ri2k & Nica, and their press day, and I have to say - I think M looks adorable! I think the hair color suits her perfectly, and although she is trying to do A LOT with this outfit - she's making it work. Starting with a pair of ripped, light wash denim (check out Pierce Jeans' Santa Barbara Pierson Slim Jean in Pacific) with gold studded peeptoe heels, MB then loaded the layers on up top. She chose a British flag t-shirt, two voluminous scarves (woah did anyone else completely forget about the Alexander McQueen skull scarves that were all the rage a while back? Instead, try A Graves' Paisley Scarf in Grey), and a preppy striped blazer (check out Moschino's Cheap & Chic Seersucker Blazer in Red/Cream) that is very Harry Potter-chic. Accessory wise, Mischa grabbed a black fringed bag (very similar to Jack Rabbit Collection's Kathleen Bag in Black) and slipped on a multitude of rings and bracelets (may I suggest Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver and Rachel Leigh's Gumball Ring in Caramel). What are your thoughts on Barton's look in London - lovely or doing too much? While we know that Mischa is ever-fluctuating in the weight department, she is still blabbing about her body to every publication she can get her hands on. She tells UK Cosmo, "I’m a normal girl. I have days – actually it’s more at the end of the evening when I go to bed – where I’m like, ‘Oh, I hate this or that about myself.’ It happens a lot." She goes on to say, "Sometimes it makes me upset because I don’t understand why people would be so critical. Surely there are more important issues than if someone has cellulite!" Preach on, MB!


Mischa Barton seen on Feb 19 2009 in Hollywood, CA. A much slimmer Mischa Barton was spotted leaving Guy's in Hollywood last night, February 19, and I have to say, it seems like MB's slowwwly getting her style back! Starting with a ruffled, one shoulder mini dress (check out Karina Grimaldi's Ruffle Silk Mini in Purple or Cleo Brands' One Shoulder Dress in Purple), Mischa brought along a cashmere coat (similar to Raw 7's Cashmere Peacoat in Black) and a leather shoulderbag. Next, Mischa chose what looks like socks with a pair of black heels, as well as a few delicate bracelets (like CC Skye's Pair of Chain Bangles in Gold and Amy DiGregorio's Weir Village Bracelet in 14k Gold Filled). What are your thoughts on Barton's look - do you approve? While many have been skeptical of Mischa's recent weight loss, MB says it's all due to Pilates. She says, "For me, it’s all about pilates recently. I’m obsessed with pilates. I think it’s so fun." She continued, "I don’t do any crash diets. There’s nothing that I really do like that, because I’m always working. I mean, before I go do a film, I do workout more. I do get ready for a film and try to be healthy and in shape. And when I’m not working, I do less of it. I do more cardio because I work long hours. Jogging, running — stuff like that’s really good before you do a film so you have more energy." Do you believe Mischa's statements?


Mischa Barton seen on Feb 03 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Mischa Barton was seen out and about at Bardot in Hollywood last night, February 3, and although MB has slimmed down a bit, she still can't seem to figure out her hair situation. Girl, what's going on up there? I just wanna give her a deep conditioning and a blowout soo bad!!! For her night out look, Mischa started with a plaid flannel shirt (check out Prairie New York's Wool Bowling Jacket in Plaid if you're in a colder climate), super-short denim cutoffs (start with James Jeans' Ian Micro Shorts in Gangsta, grab your scissors, and you'll be good to go) and black tights with a few oh-so-de-rigueur holes. Mischa then accessorized with a black fedora, a ton of bracelets (I'm into CC Skye's Pave Stud Bracelet in Silver and Accessories & Beyond's Suede and Silver Charms Bracelet in Green), a black and white square patterned clutch, and a studded belt (like Rough Roses' Five-Row Studded Belt in Black). Her finishing touch? Why, heavy panda eye makeup, natch! In other Barton news, it seems that "The O.C." star is back on the singles market after breaking up with The Kooks' bandmate Luke Pritchard. Dating since December, it seems that the two split a few weeks ago due to Luke's fear of commitment. I wonder when Mischa is going to meet Mr. Right? Readers?


Mischa Barton seen on Jan 26 2009 in Paris, France. Mischa Barton was spotted earlier today, January 26, heading into the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2009 at the Musee Rodin in Paris, France, looking the best I'd say we've seen her in a while! It looks at though she's lost a bit of weight, and I like her flirty hairstyle. Mischa chose a bright yellow frock (for a more subdued style, check out LaROK's Cup de Jour Dress in Nude) under a white (faux?) fur shawl (take a look at Qi's Cashmere Ruffled Cocoon Shawl in White), and carried along a classic black clutch (similar to Julie K Handbag's Sasha Clutch in Black Glaze). MB accessorized with funky golden heels, smoky Cleopatra eyes and multiple oversized rings (check out Femme Metale Jewelry's Floral Heart Ring in Silver). What do you think of Mischa's style here - it's not as bad as usual, right? While MB has often taken a lot of heat for her fashion risks (that usually tend to be fashion disasters), she is speaking out about her own personal style. She says, "I think it’s cooler when girls look themselves, so I don’t fuss too much about the way I look – I really dress for me. I think it’s important as a girl that the way you dress and the way you look are for yourself and you’re not just trying to please other people all the time." Well we definitely know that Mischa does please others with her choices all the time, except for maybe the Fashion Police whose paycheck she helps pay! What do you think, do you agree with her quote?


Mischa Barton seen on Nov 20 2008 in Dubai. Mischa Barton, along with other It Girls Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen, was spotted all the way in Dubai last night, November 20, for the grand opening of Atlantis at The Palm. While Mischa has been sticking mostly to long, flowy empire waist dresses as of late, at least she's not fugging it up in mismatched faux-hippie wear! Sporting an interestingly patterned and pixellated floral dress (check out Karina Grimaldi's Beverly Hills Dress in Eggplant or Syla by Sylvie Cachay's whimsical Gigi Dress in Aquarium for similar, playfully patterned dresses) with peeptoe heels, Mischa completed her look with a gold bangle on her upper arm (like Rachel Leigh's Sweet Tooth Bangle in Gold) and gold rings (check out Rachel Leigh's matching Sweet Tooth Ring in Gold). While she must be used to gossip bloggers and tabloids spreading false rumors about her, it seems that she has finally decided to make her own website (www.mischabarton.celebuzz.com) to reach out to her fans and set the record straight about all of the rumors. She says, "This is something I've really wanted for a long time, I'm just excited to have a real connection with my fans and put some truth out there. I just think there's all kinds of misconceptions on the internet these days and I really think that the internet can be used for good and for bad and there's all kinds of crap that's written about me." She continues, "Half the time I look at the internet and read these stories and they're just so outlandish and not true at all and I don't want my fans to have the wrong idea of who I am as a person." I'm really trying to think of a recent "outlandish" story I've heard about Misch on the web- but can't! Can you?


Mischa Barton seen on Nov 06 2008 in Hollywood. CA. Mischa Barton was spotted striking poses at the Dsquared2 and W Magazine Event at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood on November 6, looking probably the best (style wise) that we've seen her in ages! Not doing the whole hippie-headband-boho-mismosh thing and instead choosing a dress that is pretty and stylish (check out similar long white frocks, like Cake Couture's Palm Beach V Neck Tunic in White, or Woo's Jasmine Dress in White) paired with strappy gold heels and complementary gold jewelry (for a ring similar to Mischa's, take a look at Rachel Leigh's Bow Ring in Gold, and for a similar statement cuff, check out Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Vermeil). Not bad! However, I don't know if that over the shoulder pose is the most flattering... stick to a frontal view, MB! While I'm sure you'e aware that Barton split with her beau, Rooney frontman Taylor Locke, last month, she is now speaking out about how she is enjoying this moment of "single time." She says, "I'm not used to being single, but it's really nice. It's great, actually. Just embrace it. It's important to breathe for a minute." I have to say, I fully agree with Mischa! I think sometimes when people are in relationships they can tend to lose themselves in it, and when you're single, you tend to focus much more on yourself (and not in a selfish way) and can grow as a person. Hopefully, Mischa realizes this as well, but from her statement, it seems like she has!


Mischa Barton seen on Oct 17 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Mischa Barton hit up the red carpet of Google’s new T-Mobile G1 cell phone at Siren Studios yesterday, October 17, in Hollywood, sporting yet another headband. Okay, Misch, we get it. You're boho-chic! Except, I don't really know about the chic part. She always looks like she's trying just a bit too hard to be "fashion forward." Plus, I hate to say it, her legs aren't really her best asset, she should really wear dresses that are a smidge longer! For an outfit that's similar to Barton's (but a lot cuter), start with Tricia Fix's Goddess Cocktail Dress in Black and pair with a cool coat, like Amberlynn's Victoria Coat in Plum. Finish off your look with maybe a pair of plum Wolford tights to complement the jacket, and a pair of black ankle booties, and voila! Tres cute. Just try and avoid the played-out headband. As I'm sure you've heard, Mischa has been speaking out about how she doesn't think stylista Victoria Beckham has that great a sense of style. She says, "Posh doesn't strike me as particularly stylish. I don't think she's a good example of British style at all. I don't dress for anybody else, and I think the reason people like my style is that I do my own thing." Hmmm.. the thing is, I feel like Mischa thinks she's doing her own thing, but really it's just like a bargain carbon copy of Nicole Richie's, just with uglier clothes. I do disagree with her about Victoria's style completely, though- I love Posh's sense of style! What are your thoughts?


Mischa Barton seen on Aug 18 2008 in Santa Monica, CA. Mischa Barton was spotted taking her dogs, Charlie and Ziggy, for a walk in Santa Monica on August 18, making some pretty interesting yawning / squinting / annoyed faces for the paps. In one of the least tacky outfits she's worn in a while, MB paired a red patterned mini dress (like Tricia Fix's Olivia Mini Dress in Pink Greek or Doucette Duvall's Stella Dress in Sunset) with black flats, a black leather shoulder bag (similar to Linea Pelle's Dylan Shoulder Messenger Bag in Black), and loads of silver bracelets (take a peek at Michele Michel Jewelry's similar Bracelet in Silver). Not great, but not atrocious either! While Mischa has taken a lot of flack for packing on the pounds lately, she seems pretty unapologogetic for her ever-expanding waistline. What do you think- do you prefer Mischa at her current weight, or do you think she looked best during her waif-ish, "OC" days?


Mischa Barton seen on Aug 12 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Mischa Barton and boyfriend Taylor Locke were spotted partying into the late hours at Green Door on August 12, and I have to say Misch was looking a little worse for wear. In a black cropped leather jacket (similar to Gold Hawk's Ruffle Leather Jacket in Moonless Night) and black leggings (check out Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir), Mischa was definitely a midnight mistress in her head-to-toe black ensemble. She paired her leather-n-leggings look with a black tank (like P.G.D. Style's Fancy Tank in Black), black leather boots, tons of rings and a silver cross necklace, like Fabian Y Felipe Jewelry's Dore Cross Necklace in Silver. In other Mischa news, it seems that the former "OC" star will be sticking solely to the silver screen, until she can "figure out" television better. She says, "I will return to TV when I understand it better. Because I didn't understand it. When you're 16, you don't know what the hell you're getting into. Like, I had no clue. Los Angeles was a shock to the system." Can you believe MB started "The OC" when she was 16?!


Mischa Barton seen on Jul 28 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Mischa Barton was spotted leaving Hollywood's Key Club last night, July 28, with boyfriend Taylor Locke on one arm and a cigarette in the hand of the other arm. What is with so many celebs still lighting up these days? Yuck! For her night out, MB chose a funky patterned mini (Vanitas' Kimono Dress in Green Dot and Black Halo's Michelle Mini Dress in Print both have interesting patterns that I think Misch would approve of) with tights and her trademark silver bangles (like Jessica Elliot's Cut Out Bangle in Nickel). While I'm not sure if I'm feeling her hair, I do have to say, I'm loving the playful, full eyelashes. What do you think- falsies or the real thing? Oh what am I saying, this is Hollywood... of course they're not real! Speaking of Hollywood, it seems that Mischa isn't too fond of the city where they say dreams come true. In a recent interview, MB said, "I recommend taking Hollywood with a pinch of salt. I get to meet and work with a lot of interesting people and have opportunities to do quality work. I try to avoid getting too embedded in the 'Hollywood' lifestyle, however. I love to travel and I have my family and my life outside of work. Although Hollywood mainly offers me access to the industry, I also love the beach, boogie boarding and the weather." Okay, I have to say this... cue Mischa's DUI mugshot!


Mischa Barton seen on Jun 18 2008 in London, England. As the days go on, I find myself constantly wondering... does Mischa Barton have a stylist? Misch showed up at the Billionaire Boys Club Event at Harvey Nichols in London, England on June 18, looking like a huge hodge podge. I can't tell if I'm just so used to looking at Mischa's outfit messes that this actually works, or if it is just a big fat awful jumble. Thoughts? Mischa paired a pair of neon yellow high waisted shorts with a camel leather jacket, a blue cami (like Gold Hawk's Cami with Tie in Porceline Blue), sheer tights and a patterned scarf (check out Alchemy's Baroque Floral Scarf in Blue). Eesh! It seems that Mischa has grown tired of Los Angeles, and has in fact fallen in love with one of the world's most romantic cities, Paris, France. Mischa says, "I love the art and the museums. So far I have been hanging out, really– going to art exhibitions, lots of museums. I'll have my place there for about a year." So she's just going to be hanging out in Paris for the next year? Jealous!!


Mischa Barton seen on Jun 11 2008 in New York, NY. Yes yes yes! This is the first time in a long time that I've seen photographs of Mischa Barton and thought to myself, 'she finally looks cute again!' I remember back, circa the era of "The OC," I'd see candids of Mischa rocking that funky-hippie-esque style of hers, and she'd look a little werid, but still adorable. She brought it back! While I'm not too sure about the intense fringe Pocahontas boots, I strangely enjoy her beaded suede mini, paired with an oversized tee (like Rails' Kenna Scoop Tee in White), leather shoulder bag (similar to Carla Mancini's Hobo Bag with Chain in Rust) and her go-nowhere-without-them silver bangles (check out Jessica Elliot's Cut Out Bangle with Nickel Finish) as she walked through NYC. I'm even digging the hair. Do your thing, Misch! What do you think though- do you hate Mischa's kind of over-the-top look here, or do you think she pulls it off?


Mischa Barton seen on Jun 10 2008 in Manhattan, NY. Mischa Barton showed up to the premiere of M. Night Shyamalan’s new film, The Happening, looking pretty happening herself. Ok bad joke, I know. Looking lovely in a multi-tiered ruffle dress (check out LaROK's Coco Sequin Dress in White or Whitley's Kim Ruffle Dress in Yellow for some similar, more cocktail-casual tiered frocks), Mischa finished off her look with her favorite silver cuffs (like Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver) and a pair of black studded Loubs. In other Mischa "news," London's Daily Mail is reporting that, at the recent Hero Awards in LA, Mischa stepped in a big old pile of doggy doody as she was leaving the event. And it was all captured by the paps! Talk about mortifying. Like I always say... watch where you're going so that a yucky accident like this doesn't have to take place!


Mischa Barton seen on Jun 04 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Mischa Barton is totally turning into the new Heidi and Spencer. This girl is staging more and more photo ops every day... it makes me think that she is seriously hard up for cash! For this one, Misch grabbed her pooch Charles and headed to an LA park to have some candid time with her dog... AKA photo shoot time! Mischa at least stayed true to her funky sense of style, pairing a patterned tunic top (check out Tricia Fix's Regina Top in Orange and Black Spear or Betsey Johnson's Bell Sleeve Tunic in Multi for similar offerings) with black cuffed shorts (similar to Johnson's Millicent Short in Bonsoir) and a pair of black satin ballet flats. Mischa's style is getting pretty routine these days though, I'm ready for her to try something new already! While Mischa Barton's cellulite-gate still seems to be on everyone's lips, image consultant Evangelia Souris is speaking out about the situation. She basically said that the photos were a way for Mischa to present her body image in a new way to the public, but I'm not sure if I'm buying that... if she was so accepting of her body, why would her publicist go to such great lengths to argue that the photos were doctored?


Mischa Barton seen on May 23 2008 in London, England. Mischa Barton was spotted leaving The Met nightclub in London with boyfriend Taylor Locke, and decided it would be a brilliant idea to pair brown tights with black ballet flats. The verdict? That's a NO NO Mischa! However, I will give it to her that her hair is looking awesome. For the rest of her look, Mischa paired a patterned blue frock (check out Karina Grimaldi's Zuni Dress in Shelby Royal) with a brown leather blazer (similar to 3J Workshop's Moonshadow Leather Blazer in Brown) and a funky tassel scarf (what is up with tassel's lately?? First Hilary Duff and now Mischa?). Not one to miss out on jumping on the "Celebrity Designer" bandwagon, Mischa will be launching a line of handbags in the near future, and is in London to promote the upcoming launch. While Barton has been spotted in public with a few of the bags, they have mostly remained under wraps in order to keep them a secret. Mischa's rep says, "Mischa has always loved fashion, and especially handbags, which is why she jumped at the chance of creating her line with a team of designers. The collection will feature leather, snake skin and fabric bags that all have a flower logo on that Barton designed and drew." Hm, what do you think, will you be checking out Barton's bags any time soon?


Mischa Barton seen on May 07 2008 in New York, NY. Yay! Mischa Barton listened to me! Since my last entry, she fixed her hair and all-in-all seems 100% less stoned than she usually does on red carpet appearances! And I do have to say... I like this look on Mischa. While some of you readers might hate it, it's nice to see Misch try a different look than her usual hippie/bohemian style and go for something a little bit more upscale and, dare I say it, preppy? Mischa arrived to the 5th Annual Candies Foundation “Event To Prevent” Benefit at Cipriani in NYC (is everyone in New York right now??) on May 7, rocking a pretty floral blouse (while Mischa's is a little bit more corset-esque, Vanitas' Liberty Top in Floral Dot and Gold Hawk's Floral Stripe Cami in Enlgish Ivy Print are cute alternatives) tucked into a pair of high-waisted trousers (check out Paper Denim & Cloth's Utility Pant in Matchstick). Barton completed her look with a matching tan shoulder bag and her "I-won't-go-anywhere-without-them" silver cuffs (like Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver). While it seems that everyone is still freaking out about the less-than-flattering paparazzi candids of Mischa sunning herself on her hotel balcony, Mischa doesn't have any problems with her body. She spoke out about everyone's obsession with her body, saying, "Every woman has cellulite. I’ve never claimed to have a perfect body. I eat healthy, I work out. I feel very comfortable. I come from a European family that’s always very comfortable with their bodies. You are what you are as a woman. If I’m in shape and I’m fulfilling my role as an actress, then that’s all that matters to me. There’s been a lot of nasty gossip written about me. If I was to cry over every single thing, I’d be the most depressed person ever.” Way to keep your head up, MB!

Mischa's paparazzi battle

Mischa Barton seen on May 04 2008 in New York, NY. I feel like Mischa Barton is just in constant need of help with that hair of hers! Misch showed up with her mom Nuala at the opening night of the Broadway comedy Boeing-Boeing in NYC on May 4, and was in dire need of a flatiron for that fluffy mess that she called hair. But hey, at least it's not that awful yellow/platinum color! For her outfit, Mischa chose a sheer green top (check out Karen Zambos' Scallop Blouse, which comes in a similar color, Mint) and skintight dark denim (similar to Deener's High Waist Cigarette Jean in Carbon). She then accessorized with all of those silver cuffs she loves (like Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver), gold rings and a detailed black shoulder bag (check out Carla Mancini's Medium Top Zip Crossed Stitch Bag in Black). In recent Mischa news, it seems that she's gotten her feathers all ruffled over some topless paparazzi shots that have come out recently, while she was sunbathing in Queensland, Australia. Misch said, "We went out from Hamilton to a tiny island to relax in the sun and all of a sudden Jamie Fawcett jumped out of a bush with a massive camera lens and took photos of me. He'd followed us in a boat! He's a ridiculous human being. I've never abhorred anyone more. I was so angry I went up to him and said how disappointed I was with his behavior. He apologized but he was very insincere." The skeezeball pap in question, Jamie Fawcett, rebutted, saying, "I did warn her it was a public place, and if she wanted privacy she shouldn't be there. But it is a shame that publications tend to highlight an issue that is not fair to a young girl, and I wouldn't seek to publicly embarrass her with nudity or health issues or body image issues." Whose side are you on, Misch's (that she should be able to sunbathe in peace) or the pap's (that she was in public when the pics were taken)?

Misch hearts australia

Mischa Barton seen on Apr 21 2008 in Tokyo. Mischa Barton showed up at the Diesel Ginza Flagship Store grand opening party at the Conrad Tokyo hotel on April 21, and her crazy eyes definitely stole the show. And it's not just crazy eyes- it's full on whole crazy face (hello picture on the right)!! Oh, Mischa... I think we know what makes a young Hollywood it girl have such dilated pupils and this is not a good sign for you. Did you not learn anything from your DUI? Well, at least she didn't get behind the wheel. Regardless, Mischa brought it with her style, choosing a patterned frock (check out ZG by Grimaldi's Zuni Dress in Shelby Royal or Yoana Baraschi's Iris Poet Knit Dress in Blue and Black for similar options) with opaque black tights, black ankle boots, a black bag (Julie K Handbags' Nicole Flat Bag in Night Exotic is awesome) and silver cuffs (similar to Jessica Elliot's Cut Out Bangle in Nickel Finish). After appearing in Tokya, Mischa caught a flight to Australia to appear at the MTV Australia Awards, and she couldn't be happier. Mischa has expressed how much she loves Australian fashion and designers, saying, "I've got tons of really cool Australian designers. I'm wearing Willow today, but I think I might wear a Scanlan and Theodore frock [to the awards]." Of Australia itself, Barton raves "I've got fond memories and I've been all the way up to Port Douglas, and Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The people are really fun and nice and relaxed, and I think it's stunning." She's so lucky... Australia is somewhere I've always wanted to go!

almost as bad as heidi and spencer!

Mischa Barton seen on Apr 08 2008 in Malibu, CA. OK, first things first: hallelujah for Mischa Barton FINALLY dyeing her hair from that awful bleach blonde shade to a more natural light brown, and adding in some texturing layers... I love it! Second, I have to say, I am a little disappointed in Mischa for "celebrating not having to go to jail" by this oh-so-obviously staged "beach photoshoot" that is almost as bad as Heidi and Spencer's phony photo-ops. You're not that desperate Mischa... or are you? Weigh in readers. Moving along, Mischa picked a funky bikini for her trip to the beach (I love all of these similar suits: Poko Pano's Alessandra Bikini in Multi, Maya Swimwear's Mermaid Bandeau Bikini with Hip Brief in Purple and Brette Sandlers' Janet Bikini in Black) and paired with an armful of silver bracelets (like Mickey Lynn Designs' Set of 3 Hammered Bracelets in Silver- pile 'em on, the more the merrier) and funky vintage shades. In case you didn't hear, Mischa doesn't have to spend any hard time in the slammer for her DUI back in December (gotta love celeb justice), and is instead getting 3 years probation in addition to a three month alcohol education class and a $2,000 fine. Her attorney said, "Ms. Barton understands the seriousness of this situation and assumes full responsibility for her actions. She and I are grateful to the court and the District Attorney's Office for the prompt and respectful resolution of the case." I'll bet she is!

Mischa for a good cause

Mischa Barton seen on Mar 29 2008 in Dallas, TX. Mischa Barton walked the red carpet at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival on March 29, where her film Assassination of a High School President was screened. Looking classic in a pretty black dress (check out Prarie New York's Knot Silk Chiffon Dress in Black or Autumn Cashmere's Sequin Halter Dress in Black for similar options), Mischa accessorized with an armful of silver bangles (Jessica Elliot's Cut Out Bangle in Nickel is a unique, gorgeous piece) and studded black patent Loubs. She finished off her look with a cropped white coat, similar to Walter's Jacquard Jacket in Gold. When she's not busy filming upcoming projects or lunching with celebutante pals, Mischa dedicates herself to good causes (cheers), such as backing the Switch for Africa campaign. Barton has been urging British pals to start drinking One Water, in which all profits go towards providing clean and safe drinking water for villages and schools in Africa. Mischa has commented on this problem, saying, "The installation of so many PlayPumps is a great achievement. Not only have UK shoppers provided clean and safe drinking water for schools and communities but this means that children can be children; they can go to school, they can get an education and they can play." Props for Misch!

Blind item- do you buy it?

Mischa Barton seen on Mar 14 2008 in Barcelona. Mischa Barton was spotted walking the red carpet at the premier of her upcoming film, Closing The Ring, in Barcelona on March 14. While Misch made the most of her semi ill-fitting potato sack-esque dress (Wilen Los Angeles' Balloon Jumper in Grape is SUCH a cuter version of Misch's frock), I just have to say... those awful strappy leather flats are killing me! My only hope is that they're Keds and Mischa was contractually obligated to wear them, because if not, what was she thinking?? She also piled on the silver jewelry, including tons of bangles and bracelets (check out Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver, Christie Martin Jewelry's Love Bangle in Sterling Silver and Jessica Elliot's Cut Out Bangle in Nickel Finish). A blind item was recently released that went something like, "WHICH B list (mostly television) actress made an appearance at the premiere of a film (not hers) with her new musician boyfriend doing something naughty? When it was time to take photographs, our actress was found in the restroom with her new boyfriend helping her find a vein, so she could enjoy her new month long habit of injecting heroin." Yikes! Since Mischa is rumored to be dating Rooney guitarist Taylor Locke, she seems to be a prime candidate for this blind item. Say it ain't so, Mischa!


Mischa Barton seen on Feb 28 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Mischa Barton was spotted enjoying the sunny Los Angeles weather while unloading her groceries from Whole Foods on February 28, apparently getting the memo that florals are (of course) in for spring, and stocking up on beautiful bouquets and tropical palms. Sporting a leopard frock (check out Yoana Baraschi's super similar Grey Leopard Goddess Dress in Black or ZG by Grimaldi's Eva Chiffon Dress in Leopard) with vintage frames and a ton of silver bracelets (I like Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling and Accessories & Beyond's Suede and Silver Charms Bracelet in Green), Mischa fulfilled her spokesperson duties by slippin' her tootsies into Keds for her day of errands. For all of you "Gossip Girl" freaks (don't worry, I am one too) who were either terrified or ecstatic that Misch was in talks to join the cast, it seems that everyone can calm down, as these rumors have now been proven to be completely unsubstantiated. Barton was allegedly offered the role of Georgina Sparks, an old friend of Blake Lively's character, Serena van der Woodsen. Mischa's publicist gave a statement, saying, "She will not be on the show. She was approached, but her reps passed.” What do you think, would you have liked to see Misch on the show?

Mischa Dylan?

Mischa Barton seen on Feb 22 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Mischa Barton was spotted walking around Beverly Hills on Friday, February 22 on the set of her new movie The Homecoming. I hope that's a wig on Misch, because we all know she went platinum recently, and if that's not a wig... eesh! Barton kept it comfortable, casual, and simple, and began her look with a pair of black ballet flats (similar to Matiko Footwear's Sara in Black Suede) and a pair of vintage style straight leg denim (similar to Serfontaine's Fox Straight Leg Jean in Vintage). On top, Mischa sported a sophisticated cropped black blazer (similar to LaROK's Rebecca Cropped Jacket in Black) over a casual black tank top (check out Zoa's Logo Camisole in Black). Barton accessorized her look with a red heart broach and an assortment of gold rings (check out Rachel Leigh's Lion Ring in Gold). Also with Barton, a cup of joe from coffee joint Starbucks and Sid Griffin's book "Million Dollar Bash," documenting Bob Dylan's career and his association with famous musical friends "The Band." Is Mischa interested in the career and life of Bob Dylan, or could she be preparing for something more? It's popular for actors and actresses to tap into the heads on the characters and roles they play in their upcoming movies, often by meeting with the person or place themselves or by reading and watching biographies and documentaries on the location or person. Could Mischa be planning to star in an upcoming Bob Dylan movie (I mean, I'm Not There has already been there, done that)? Or is Mischa trying to build knowledge on the classic Dylan and what he went through. No word on what's all on the plate for Mischa in 2008, but it will be interesting to see if this "O.C." star has what it takes to become a leading lady or another flash in the pan. What do you think, does Mischa have lasting power or will she be replaced by another up and coming Hollywood "it girl?"

Hold the mimosas

Mischa Barton seen on Feb 16 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Mischa Barton was spotted Saturday, February 16 in West Hollywood grabbing brunch with friends at hot spot Joan's on Third. Mischa made sure to make quite the entrance in her bright and bold ensemble as she dined with her buds. Barton's main vocal piece of her ensemble was her brightly colored vintage-style button up flared top. On the bottom, Barton balanced the bright with a basic pair of dark skinny denim (just like Joes Jeans' Cigarette Super Slim Jean in Kennedy). Mischa accented her look with metallic accents, wearing a pair of silver flats and a silver patchwork Chanel handbag (similar to Antoinette Lee Designs' Vita Snake Clutch in Gold ). Mischa accessorized with large sterling silver cuffs (just like Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver ) and bangles (check out Mickey Lynn Designs' Hammered Bracelet Set in Silver). After her meal, Misch went on to do some shopping (because she doesn't have enough clothes as it is). She took advice from pals Carlos Lopez and Sophia Rossi, both of whom are quite the "celebrity hang-er on-er". Sophia Rossi is an execute producer for the hit show "The Hills" and is frequently spotted with celebrities Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Samantha Ronson, and Ben Lyons. Carlos, on the other hand, is an editor at Teen Vogue and has become quite the social butterfly, becoming the right hand man for celebrities such as Mischa herself, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Samantha Ronson, and Kim Kardashian. I'm sure these three had a lot to talk about with Mischa's recent DUI arrest, and Carlos and Sophia were just the two to be giving all of their expert criminal advice, as they have probably having crossed paths with this kind of trouble before!

Mischa bares all

Mischa Barton seen on Feb 11 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Mischa Barton was spotted lunching with her mother at The Ivy on Februay 11, and I have to give it to her- she knows how it's done. Mischa is trying to portray the "good girl" vibe by spending her time with her family, and where else would she imagine going besides The Ivy? Oh, she could have gone to another smaller, not as well known eatery for lunch, but of course she wanted to paps to capture every moment of her lunchtime excursion. She's even working the camera as she waits for her car at the valet! Props to her. In a basic black and white outfit consisting of a white cotton dress (like Hope & Glorie's Cami V Dress in White) with a black blazer (check out LaROK's Rebecca Cropped Jacket in Black), Mischa accessorized with a pair of big shades (similar to Nour's Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery) and tons and tons of bracelets and bangles (I suggest Mickey Lynn's Set of 3 Hammered Bracelets in Silver and Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver)- pile 'em on! While she has yet to be seen on-screen since her days as Marissa Cooper on "The OC", it seems that Mischa will be baring all for her upcoming film, Closing The Ring. Mischa says that the nudity in the film is not gratuitous, and contributes to the picture as a whole. She says, ""It is a little difficult because all women are self-conscious about their bodies. But I think it facilitated the film in a really good way because it is not gratuitous. It is all about the innocence of my character and how open and raw she feels. I was very well protected. It wasn't a racy set at all. It was a bunch of old men trying to cover me up with towels every second. It was just me and one person. They were all in another room and it was just the camera peeking in. It could have been a very awkward situation." I'm sure those old men were loving life, though!

It's come to this?

Mischa Barton seen on Feb 04 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. It's true! Mischa Barton was attacked... by the peroxide monster! I guess I never fully realized it before, but her hair has seriously gone straight up platinum. Watch out LiLo, looks like Mischa's trying to take the "blondest It Girl" title! Spotted here after having lunch at hot eatery Joan's on Third, MB wore one of her trademark vintage-inspired outfits that just screams "MISCHA"! Starting with a colorful dress with a unique print (check out Tricia Fix's Christine Chiffon Mini Dress in Blue or Sydney Los Angeles' Palm Springs Dress in Tahitian Blue for similar, inspired frocks) and pairing with a cropped beige jacket (like Sofira's Coco Jacket in Beige), Misch accessorized with worn-in looking caramel leather boots and a funky hat, eerily similar in color to her straw-like locks. For an update on Mischa's romance front, it seems that she has a new man in her life: director Brett Simon. Simon directed Barton in the upcoming film Assassination of a High School President, and the pair met on set. Has it really come to this, Mischa? Dating directors so they will cast you in more movies? Eesh. A source says, "Usually Mischa is attracted to wealthy men and Brett is somewhat new to the business but he has definite potential. His success as a video director paved the way for his first feature with Mischa. And he has other attributes: He’s Princeton educated and 6'4"." What a catch! Good thing you swooped him up, MB!

Assassination a hit?

Mischa Barton seen on Jan 21 2008 in Park City, Utah. Mischa Barton made one of her first public appearances after getting her much publicized dooey (code for DUI) at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on January 21, 2008, as she was spotted strolling the snowy streets. Wearing a functional yet fashionable outfit consisting of a pair of super skinny dark denim (like Denim of Virtue's Patience 5 Pocket Tapered Jean in Midnight) and a grey cashmere sweater (check out Autumn Cashmere's stylish Thermal Bubble Top in Gravel) and a long black coat (check out Ecoganik's Fleece Wide Collar Coat in Black). Misch decided to accessorize with dangly, funky earrings, suede moccasin-esque boots, and a red leather bag (similar to Aaneta's Maia Handbag in Red). While she has been in mega hot water lately surrounding her arrest and subsequently horrendous mugshot, it seems that Misch garnered up all of her energy and headed to Sundance, to premiere her newest film Assassination of a High School President. Before I go there with the film, however, I just have to say how much more I love Misch's hair a few shades darker. Right now it's in Lohan synthetic territory, which is never a good thing. Eesh! OK, now back to Misch's film. It seems that MTV.com has gotten a chance to review her project, and has nothing but GREAT things to say. The reviewer says, "The film’s central mystery keeps you guessing intelligently, but brilliantly balances every reference to Nietzsche with a joke about a chocolate swirly. Bruce Willis is hilariously intense, Mischa brings the femme fatale back for a new generation, and the supporting cast is filled with breakout young stars." That's some praise! Make sure to catch it when it comes out in August, and in the meantime, let's hope Mischa doesn't get any more DUI's!

sisterly love

Mischa Barton seen on Dec 12 2007 in London. Mischa Barton was spotted in London on December 11, debuting a frightening new shade of blonde that definitely should have never happened. Mischa is SO smokin' with dark locks, but this new orange-y shade does absolutely nothing for Misch. What do you think? Bring in the hair repair team, stat! Wearing a red floral dress (check out Vanitas' Tie Neck Dress in Red Silk Print, Mischa's bud Nicole Richie has rocked this exact Vanitas frock) with black tights and a black coat (like Walter's Geometric Jacquard Coat in Black), at least Misch's outfit is in the holiday spirit! Mischa revealed in the latest issue of Maxim that she owes much of her success to her sister. Allegedly, Mischa's sister abandoned her at a summer camp which led to her developing her great love of acting. Misch says, "That's how it happened. I remember going to camp with my older sister, who completely ditched me because she was 16 and I was eight and I was uncool to have around. I ended up doing all these monologues and it paid off, because some agent came up to my mom and said I should try acting." Good thing, or else "The OC" would have never been the same!

details on mischa's new role

Mischa Barton seen on Oct 06 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Mischa Barton hit up boutique Sydney Michelle on October 6 smiling and seeming to be having a merry old time, but meanwhile I am noticing that her recently dyed dark locks which took me quite a while to warm up to have either faded to or been dyed a totally weird shade of red. Let's hope this garish shade is only temporary, because if it is, it's time for a touch up, Misch! Wearing a playfully patterned minidress (Betsey Johnson's Puff Sleeve Babydoll Dress in Midnight), Plenty by Tracy Reese's Ruffled Shift Dress in Gumdrop Stripe) and ZG by Grimaldi's Paloma Silk Dress in Blue are all similar, beautifully patterned dresses) with a grey scarf thrown nonchalantly over her shoulders (like Elizabeth Gillett LTD's Alma Scarf in Silver) and matching silver flats, Mischa once again exudes that signature funky style of hers. While I reported to you recently that one of Mischa's upcoming films is titled Finding t.A.T.u., I can now give you more deets about the character that Mischa's playing. It seems that dipping her toes into the lesbian pool on her hit show "The OC" was not enough for Misch, as her character in this film will be playing a teen who falls in love with another girl at a t.A.T.u. concert. The movie allegedly focuses around "two teenage girls named Janie and Lana who fall in love after meeting at a t.A.T.u concert and are swept into a dangerous world of obsession, drug abuse and murder. Yikes! I think this is one movie I might just have to see to believe.

Busy as ever

Mischa Barton seen on Sep 26 2007 in London. Mischa Barton was seen smiling and striking poses at the opening part of the new shop Boodles on New Bond Street in London on September 26, rocking her usual mix of edgy and chic styles, with a little bit of a rocker edge thrown in. Wearing jet black skinny jeans (like James Jeans' Sam 5 Pocket Skinny Leg Jean in Black) with a sparkling blue-green cardigan and a vintage rock tee (opt for Signorelli's charitable Omni Peace Tee in Black, with a similar color scheme as Misch's), Mischa's bright blue eyes popped against her luxe dark locks. It is safe to say that Mischa has been quite a busy young lady lately, as she's been all over the world lately filming various projects, attending numerous events and recently signed on for another year of reppin' Keds. But I do recall, however, that Mischa's career was in a sort-of limbo for a while, right after she decided to leave "The OC" and was thus snuffed out on the show. Mischa left the series in order to become a big-time movie star, but initially, the parts weren't coming in as rapidly as she would have liked. Many people thought that Mischa made the totally wrong decision when she chose to peace out of Orange County, but now those doubters can be hushed. Misch has seven films coming out in the next eighteen months! Phew- I get tired just thinking about all that filming time. Way to go, M!

Misch keeps on truckin' with keds

Mischa Barton seen on Sep 23 2007 in Berlin. Geez, it seems like leopard print is taking over lately! Mischa Barton was seen checking in at Tegel airport on September 23, looking safari-ready and amazingly kind of happy to see the photographers! Rocking a leopard print blouse (like Karen Zambos' Chiffon Blouse in Leopard) with a brown leather shoulder bag and dark skinny jeans (check out Deener's Charmer Skinny Jean in Cobalt) with a brown belt (like Bill Adler Designs' Vintage Embossed Leather Belt in Brown), Misch would have looked a whole lot hotter minus those granny glasses. Just saying! In other Mischa news, it seems that her sponsorship of shoewear line Keds will be extended through 2008. Keds' president says that "Mischa is a leading style influencer and has been an excellent partner helping Keds reposition the brand image and product over the last three years. When we first signed Mischa, she was just on the cusp of fame, and since then has grown into a promising young actress and become known globally as a fashion trendsetter. We look forward to her continued involvement in the brand in 2008." And I'm sure Misch's going to be making quite a pretty penny for her continued sponsorship! Mischa has been all over the place lately, as she was just in Berlin, and jet-setted back to Los Angeles for the Mark Ronson concert Wednesday night. That's the life of Mischa Barton- busy busy busy!

Mischa's free and easy

Mischa Barton seen on Sep 05 2007 in New York, NY. Mischa Barton stunned at the Une Journée à Paris event at New York's Fashion Week on September 5, finally doing her darker tresses justice with a killer updo. Wearing a chic red dress (check out Iodice's Christina Resort Dress in Red Ruby or Woo's Gina Dress in Ruby Red for much more casual versions of Misch's sheath) with detailed stilettos, Misch absolutely killed it in my opinion. Known for her sometimes risky fashion choices, it seems that Mischa is also known for occasionally letting it all hang out! Allegedly, the former "OC" star shocked onlookers at the Saint Ambroeus restaurant in New York by going braless for a lunch date- and wearing a pretty sheer top! Sources say "It was quite obvious Mischa wasn't wearing a bra. She has quite an ample pair for such a slight girl." Thanks for that info, source. You know, if Mischa Barton doesn't feel like wearing a bra, who are we to tell her she has to? It's not like she's going around sans panties flashing other things- a la Britney and Lindsay. Pick your battles, source!

Mischa's moving... but is still in hoboken!

Mischa Barton seen on Aug 19 2007 in Soho, NY. Spotted shopping in Soho on August 19, Mischa Barton didn't seem to mind, and dare I say it- even looked pleased to see the paparazzi snapping pics of the newly dark-haired starlet. Wearing a pretty white mini-dress (like Sofira's perfectly named Mischa Dress in Ivory (she's sure to love it!) or Kushcush's Angel Shirt Dress in White) with one of Chanel's dazzling new bags and funky green sandals, Mischa is finally doing that new hairdo of hers proud! When I first saw her much darker locks, I wasn't too sure whether I liked it or not, but now I have made up my mind- it looks hot! Mischa is still over on the east coast working on her new film, Assassination of a High School President with Bruce Willis, and as I told you before, Misch took up residence in Hoboken. Misch was living in the Archstone Hoboken, but has now packed up and moved out into the super-exclusive Hudson Tea Building. Come back to LA pronto once you're done shooting... California misses you!


Mischa Barton seen on Aug 06 2007 in Greenwich Village, NY. Mischa Barton enjoyed a meal with friends at Sant Ambroeus in Greenwich Village, New York on August 6, and definitely turned some heads with this much darker 'do that she was rockin'. While Misch has been laying low lately (due in large part that she has been filming movies overseas), it seems that she wanted to come back into the spotlight with a bang! While it is still up in the air whether or not this is a hairdo or a hairdon't, I have to say that I am not too thrilled with it, but it just might take some getting used to. Some are saying that this darker, richer color suits her perfectly and makes her eyes pop, while others think that the color works but the cut and styling are not too flattering. What do you think? Mischa was working one of the hottest trends this summer, super long dresses, as she wore a long floral dress (Tricia Fix's Goddes Long Chiffon Dress in Sapphire and Johnny Was' Yellowfield Mint Julep Dress in Green are similar) with stylish leather sandals and delicate gold necklaces (like Kuo Ting Jewelry's Three Brass Hearts Necklace in Gold). While Mischa is currently in New Jersey filming her upcoming flick Assassination of a High School President, it seems that she has taken up residence in Hoboken! Yes, you heard me right. What a dedication to her craft!

Mischa gets in on some girl-on-girl action

Mischa Barton seen on Jun 21 2007 in New York, NY. One of the rare few not to have joined the DUI club yet, Mischa Barton was seen out and about in New York on June 21, on her way to a promotional event for Keds. Sporting a bright green frock (like Vanitas’ Dress with Tie in Green, which is super similar to Mischa's), with a fedora and cute flats, Misch sure proves she knows how to stand out in a crowd. Mischa has been back in the US lately, taking a break from filming her upcoming film Finding t.A.T.u. in Russia. The premise of the flick allegedly centers on two girls (Mischa and swimsuit model Shantel VanSanten), who meet at the Russian group t.A.T.u.'s concert and then fall in love. Eesh, Mischa.. what are you getting yourself into? I know it's been kind of hard finding work since you got the axe on "The OC", but this? I know you can do better. However, this won't be the first time Mischa has dabbled playing characters who enjoy that of the female persuasion, her character Marissa on "The OC" went through a little lesbian phase too, remember? Let's just hope that this movie won't crash and burn as quickly as Marissa did, although, with that premise… I'm not making any bets!

she's going to town!

Mischa Barton seen on Jun 21 2007 in New York, NY. Bilson’s bud, Mischa Barton, was spotted leaving her hotel on June 21 sportin’ her favorite hat, while clad in a breezy white dress (Gold Hawk’s Leaf Midlength Dress and Bellekat’s Linnie Dress have that whole white-embroidery thing going on) and wearing Keds (convenient, considering she’s their spokesperson). While I recently mentioned that Bilson’s seeming to put play before work during these lazy summer days, Mischa is getting back to work, and starring in the film Finding t.A.T.u. that I told you about recently. I mentioned that she’s going to be playing a character who falls in love with another girl (swimsuit model Shantel Vansanten) at a t.A.T.u. (remember them?) concert, and it seems that when Mischa commits to something, she really commits! The flick is apparently going to have a lot of, ahem, makeout scenes between the two girls. Pervy men everywhere rejoice! Misch has also signed on to star alongside both Bruce and Rumer Willis in the dark film The Sophomore, which is a college-age version of Chinatown. Mischa will be playing (of course) the most popular girl in school, who convinces a younger reporter to look into the stealing of the SAT. At least this project sounds a little more intriguing than “love at a t.A.T.u. concert”!

Mischa, the outcast?

Mischa Barton seen on Jun 01 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. I stumbled across these photos of Mischa Barton from an unknown date, and I'm thinking that they were taken at the beginning of the summer before Misch left the country to continue working on her various film projects. I'm not sure when this sighting was exactly, but the one thing I do know is that Mischa's rocking a hot outfit! Wearing long black shorts (like Johnson's Patsy Raw Edge Long Shorts) with a sheer ruffle top (Gold Hawk's Short Ruffle Tunic) under a black blazer (reminiscent of Cloak and Dagger NYC's Tuxedo Blazer) and Marc Jacobs aviators, Mischa was definitely workin' it (along with her oh-so-obvi extensions). Now that Mischa is overseas, she's definitely distancing herself from the whole young-Hollywood scene. Mischa has spoken out recently about how she's so over the whole "It Girls" and the Hollywood party scene, and although she still hangs with Nicole Richie, has said that (of her tabloid persona), "it is a persona. It's not me. I think, 'Who the hell is that girl?' I'm so low-key and chill. But the media has created a fake 'young Hollywood' where everyone hangs out together and everybody knows each other. It couldn't be further from the truth. I feel so, so different from those girls." Who would have thought, Mischa Barton –talented, beautiful and stylish- is an outsider! I admire her for her convictions though, don't get all swept up in the scene Misch, we all know where that road leads to (ask Lohan!).

Mischa's on the loose

Mischa Barton seen on May 30 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. As Mischa Barton made a quick coffee run just days after she was very notably hospitalized over Memorial Day weekend, all eyes were on her as it was a relief to see that she was alright. Clad in high-waisted denim shorts (Freedom of Choice's Victoria Shorts are a slightly lower-waisted, similar pair of denim shorts) with a bright yellow top (Iodice's Lolita Top will get you just as noticed in this vibrant shade) and silver key necklace, Mischa definitely seemed ready for a day out while sippin' on her Cofee Bean. Days earlier, however, Mischa was not so carefree. As I'm sure you've heard, Mischa fell extremely ill at Nicole Richie's BBQ and had to be taken to the hospital. As Nicole told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, Misch simply combined antibiotics and alcohol, a less than desirable combination. Mischa's rep said that despite her stay in the hospital, Mischa "is fine now". She left on Tuesday for an "undisclosed overseas location" to begin filming a new project. Glad to hear she's already back to work!

Woman's best friend

Mischa Barton seen on May 07 2007 in New York, NY. Before Mischa Barton hit up the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 7, she attended a luncheon thrown by Nordstrom and Vogue, opting for the same black and white theme she chose for the gala later that evening. Wearing an intricately detailed white dress with black bow details (Kristen Coates' Bow Tie Dress is a flirty, casual alternative), long dangly earrings and embellished black flats, Mischa looked polished and radiant. Although, it seems that Misch has finally found a man in her life that doesn't care how stylish or radiant she looks and will be there for her no matter what… her dog Charlie! Mischa has told You Magazine that "My dog is always my boyfriend. Charlie is the best - I got him when I broke up with Brandon Davis. He will always be my number one man and he knows that." Well it seems like little Charlie better watch his back… Mischa was spotted leaving Teddy's earlier in the week with a new mystery man. Is she cheating already!?

Mischa! Save yourself from the mom jeans!!

Mischa Barton seen on May 01 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Mischa Barton cruised around Beverly Hills on May 1, thankfully departing from her horrific mom-jeans trend she's been so obsessed with lately (see terrifying photo for evidence). Casually clad in black leggings and two burnout wash tank tops (Signorelli makes a burnout long tunic and a white tee, so you can get your Mischa-inspired burnout fix), Misch also added a pair of silver metallic sandals. Boy oh boy, talk about three of Spring's hottest trends: burnout wash, yellow and metallics! Mischa knows where it's at. Ok, now back to the mom jean problem. While I am all for high-fashion high-waisted jeans, there are just some attempts that fail miserably and do not look chic, AKA exhibit A above (as well as a certain Simpson's recent high-waisted nightmare which looked more like a denim diaper than designer jeans). A tip: when looking in the mirror from behind while wearing high-waisted jeans, you shouldn't see a reflection of a long momma booty staring back at you!

hair today, gone tomorrow

Mischa Barton seen on Apr 10 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Mischa Barton is known for constantly changing and updating her look, whether it's a new hairstyle or fixating on her latest fashion find. April 10 was no exception to this rule, when she premiered a new, blonder and longer hairstyle at LAX, on her way to New York. Accompanied by her dog and a Louis duffle, Misch was spotted sporting her new favorite denim designer, J&Company, and their pinstripe jeans (she's been seen wearing their pinstripe denim shorts twice recently as well). For jeans like Misch's without the pinstripes, check out Kasil Jeans, just make sure to tuck them into your unique Indian-inspired booties! Misch also wore a Mandarin style eyelet shirt with a white hoodie to the airport, making it clear that she likes to travel in style, no matter where she's going. Hopefully she's headed to New York for auditions, her career's been kind of on pause lately!

Always the fashion risk-taker

Mischa Barton seen on Apr 09 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Mischa Barton stepped out in Hollywood last night, April 9, with new friend "Superstar" Kim Kardashian (seems that Kim has had a little bit of a falling out with Paris Hilton, the two haven't been seen together in forever!). The girls first grabbed dinner at (where else) Mr. Chow, and then headed on to the Roxy for a night of partying. Mischa, always being adventurous in the fashion department, wore her favorite new J&Company shorts out for the night, along with an asymmetrical white tank that has sparked quite a lot of buzz on the internet today. Many blogs are saying that Misch spilled something on herself (a la Britney Spears) and her tank is wet, but I think that these other bloggers have never heard of a burnout wash! To get an asymmetrical tank like Mischa's, check out our For Love and Liberty tank, or to get-your-burnout-on, grab our 3CP long sleeve. Misch finished off her outfit with long earrings, a leather jacket, a brown belt and some, well, unique boots that I think work with the look (odd, I know). If you are going for this look, however, don’t forget that everpresent bra that is oh-so-visible under the tank! Leave it to Misch to pull this one off…

new celebrity feud?

Mischa Barton seen on Apr 04 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. As Mischa Barton made her way into a hair appointment at a salon in Beverly Hills on April 4 (that ended up taking a whopping 3 hours!), she used a little help from her paparazzi friends. Trying to figure out where the entrance to the salon was, Misch took the friendly directions of the photogs, who were constantly snapping away. Wearing jean cutoffs with a brown belt, embroidered jacket, polka dot tank (check out our Zoa tank with larger dots), gold heart necklace and brand new Louis Vuitton bag, Mischa looked set for Spring. On her path to the salon, however, Mischa passed by a black Mercedes convertible, one that is familiar to any celebrity-conscious gossip blog reader; the car belonged to none other than fellow Rachel Zoe client, Lindsay Lohan. When alerted to the fact that Lindsay was getting her hair done at the exact same spot, TMZ is reporting that Mischa responded dryly with "Oh, she is?" and then went on to say "What a wonderful small world", in a pretty sarcastic tone of voice. Who knew these two were going at it? The fact that Lindsay is constantly feuding with Paris is pretty well known, but I wonder if Linds and Misch had a throw down at the hair salon? I don't know why, but I feel like if a fight did break out between these two It Girls, I totally feel that Lindsay would win. I feel like she definitely has a hardcore side to her!

Gas station or bust!

Mischa Barton seen on Apr 02 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Poor Mischa Barton, look how sad she looks in that first picture! I know that I would look like that too if I had this much car trouble in such a short amount of time. Whether it's lightly slamming friend Nicole Richie's G-Wagon into the bumper of the car in front of her, or losing the bumper from her SUV, now X17 is reporting that Misch got a flat tire from driving over a nail in Beverly Hills on April 2! She quickly pulled into a Chevron station to alleviate the troublesome situation, but I'm starting to think that she's straight up jinxed when it comes to cars. Maybe she should have Nicole drive her around from now on… wait, scratch that. They might end up going the wrong way on the freeway again! Kidding, kidding. At least Mischa exuded that classic simple style of hers while waiting for the tire change, wearing a white dress with a denim vest and gold bangles on this sunny LA day. Next time, hire a driver Misch!

Mischa knows her priorities

Mischa Barton seen on Mar 31 2007 in London, England. Mischa Barton hit up "Le Diner Des Tsars" in London on March 31, wearing a feminine white dress ( Johnny Was makes a similar dainty white dress) with a gold clutch and a pair of pretty horrible tan granny-esque shoes that I feel are completely wrong for the outfit! May just be me, but they just aren't working out. Mischa has been spending more and more time in London lately, which is exactly what she says she wants (in addition to a new man!). While Misch has said that she is enjoying the single life (and has adamantly denied the rumors that she is seeing model Jamie Dornan), she has been hinting that she might be down to get serious if the right guy waltzed into her life. Misch has recently been quoted as saying how she's "hoping to spend more time in England, so who knows about the future and if the right guy came along. My mum and sister live in England and I love to spend time with them. It's important to be with people who understand my commitments." Smart words from a smart girl!

Mischa Barton seen on Mar 10 2007 in West Village, NY. Mischa Barton spent the day furiously texting away on her limited edition DVF Sidekick while shopping in the West Village on March 10. Looking chic in black skinny jeans paired with a black belt and white peacoat, was Mischa texting her modeling agent? Mischa has said recently how she "loves modeling" (she's the face of Bebe, Keds and Neutrogena) and finds it "incredibly easy" compared to acting. Yeah, because acting on "The OC" was so challenging as an actress. Mischa goes on to say that "Modeling is incredibly easy. It's a nice job and it's ridiculous that you get paid so much for doing it." Well, with a face and a body like that, it's no surprise that Mischa would be a natural at it. Mischa went on to tell FemaleFirst how she doesn't like that she is lumped into the "pin thin" category with some of her fellow It Girls, and strongly denies that her thin frame is the result of having an eating disorder. Mischa chocks it up to having a fast metabolism, and says how she's ""I've never been too thin. I love eating, especially ice cream. The 'thin factor' has nothing to do with me. It's unfortunate because some actresses do have a problem, which means everyone else comes under the same umbrella. I had a personal trainer for a while, but I'm quite lazy. I have a fast metabolism, so I don't need to work out." Must be nice!

Friends dont let friends drive their Gwagons

Mischa Barton seen on Feb 18 2007 in Malibu, Ca. Or at least they shouldn't! That's the debacle that both Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton found themselves in Sunday, when after dropping Nicole off at a tanning salon in LA, Misch went to go fill up the tank of Nicole's Mercedes G-Wagon and instead lightly crashed into the car in front of her! Mischa must have taken her foot off of the brake for like literally a second, but she still managed to tap the car in front. Maybe she was distracted thinking about the fact that her younger sister, Hania, is going to rehab, or maybe she was just happy to finally be hanging with Nicole again. As she pulled into the gas station to exchange info with the driver, she was obviously annoyed, because 1) the paparazzi were swarming out of control and 2) I feel like the drivers of the other car were trying to milk her for all she's worth! A vid on X17online.com shows Mischa saying something to the extent of "They're making a big deal out of nothing," and when the camera moves to the car that is hit, there's barely even a scratch. Nice try, idiots!

After the little crash incident, Misch and Nicole headed to the pet store in the Cross Creek center in Malibu, to get their pet love on. Mischa cuddled with puppies and Nicole held a cute cat in her arms, while dressing cute as ever. Nicole wore true blue skinny jeans with a patterned tank, square white shades and a metallic Balenciaga, while Mischa opted for highrise jeans with a skinny belt and yellow long-sleeve top. Hanging out again the next day while walking their dogs on the beach, I am so glad that my little starlets have reunited!

pump it, mischa!

Mischa Barton seen on Feb 11 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. What a sordid web these celebrities weave! Just when I thought that ParisExposed.com was done reaping it's madness on the world, the site strikes again! Now I know that this is old news that Cisco Adler's, shall I say, "saggy nether-regions", blazed across the internet, the constant drama over whether Mischa Barton and Cisco are together or broken up got a little more heated. The two are officially in dumpsville right now, as both of their reps (Cisco has a rep!?) confirm that they are no longer in relationship bliss. But why?? What went wrong with these two? I'll tell you what went wrong.. the whole world saw his less-than-desirable private area! Now people are asking why she didn't dump him sooner! In all seriousness, Mischa allegedly went into a rage when she discovered that these private photos were leaked, and this was the root of their breakup. All Cisco had to say about this is that "Paris' s**t got stolen, and somehow she had a picture of me naked in there. That's Paris Hilton for you!". Nice.

With her newfound singledom, Mischa hit the gas station on February 11 in Los Angeles, wearing a collared shirtdress (ours is way cuter than Misch's, btw) and an exotic gold necklace with like weird ankle boots. Sometimes Misch, your style leaves a lot to be desired!

She never fails to disappoint

Mischa Barton seen on Jan 21 2007 in West Hollywood, Ca. One way or another, Mischa Barton always delivers little pearls of wisdom, aka the most vacuous, boneheaded quotes ever! By now, we all know that Mischa's character on "The OC", Marissa Cooper, died at the end of last season in a fiery blaze of glory. Many think that the death of Marissa equaled the death of the show, and when asked recently whether or not she was surprised the show ended, Mischa told reporters flat out "No. They killed me off." When the next reported followed up with this and asked if she was the reason viewer's tuned in, Misch said "That's what I think they discovered." Ah, modesty. Nothing's better than a beautiful girl with an ego to match!

Mischa was spotted on January 21, walking her dog in West Hollywood with boyfriend Cisco Adler (that striped man in the corner). Wearing gray skinnys with a white tank (check out our pointelle tank, it's one step up from the basic) and a gold necklace, Mischa channeled her inner rock God with this funky hat. Tip for the future, Misch.. show a little respect for the show that launched your career!

Slim those pins, misch!

Mischa Barton seen on Jan 12 2007 in Miami, Fl. Returning home after a trip to Miami, Mischa Barton wore cropped black J Brands with a drapey black v-neck, a deep red bag and leopard flats, toting along her adorable dog Ziggy, who looks like he's part fox!

Maybe Mischa is wearing black jeans due to their slimming effect, as Mischa has caught a lot of flack on the internet recently for walking Ziggy in a bikini and having, God forbid, cellulite! Gossipers are making it sound like she has some deadly disease, when in reality she has something that millions of other women have as well. Known to give in to her indulgences, Misch has said that her favorite thing is "ice cream. It's kind of obvious, since the tabloids always picture me mid-mouthful with a profound caption reading, "Even Mischa Barton eats ice cream!" as though I'm not mortal". Mischa definitely does not need to lose any weight, and if anything, this little flash of cellulite let's us see that Mischa really is just like us, when she's not Photoshopped into oblivion in the magazines!

look's like someone's finally perky again

Mischa Barton seen on Dec 19 2006 in beverly hills, ca.

For a starlet who has been quite the pouty monster as of late, it's a nice change of pace to see Mischa Barton so smiley for the paparazzi lately! As she dined at La Scala in Beverly Hills in mid December, Mischa left the upscale eatery with a doggy bag and an ear to ear grin. Things going well with Cisco? Hope so! They are one low key couple for sure, and that may be the key to their success. Misch wore a pair of black cigarette jeans with Chanel ankle boots, a white top with a metallic shrug, looking tres chic in the city. One style tip though, ditch that denim print Louis bag.. so two years ago!

The mystery of mischa

Mischa Barton seen on Dec 18 2006 in West Hollywood, Ca. A surprisingly perky Mischa Barton heads off for a day of holiday shopping on December 18 in West Hollywood doin' the whole monochromatic thang. In black riding boots, charcoal 12 inch J Brands and a grey zip up hoodie, who is on Misch's gift giving list? Maybe a new leather jacket for grungy boyfriend Cisco Adler? Maybe a gift certificate to a tanning salon for stylist(?) Rachel Zoe? See, that's the thing about Mischa. Unlike some of her fellow It Girls (cough Lindsay Paris cough), there is still a certain sense of mystique surrounding Mischa. What's the status of her love life? No one really knows for sure (although she seems to be on again with Cisco, details coming in a sec). Is she still being styled by Zoe after Richie gave her the old heave ho? Maybe, maybe not! Here's the key ingredient to a successful carreer, girls... Don't become overexposed! Well played, Misch!

Can't say we didn't warn her...

Mischa Barton seen on Dec 07 2006 in New York, NY. We caught Mischa Barton in New York on December 7, meeting on-again beau Cisco Adler for lunch. For a while now, rumors have circulated that the couple's relationship has been rocky, due to how the couple hasn't been spotted together publicly; that is, until this clandestine lunch date. Mischa stepped out in a pair of the hot new skinny Serfontaine X-Fit jeans (um, check the zipper Misch!) with a chic cream jacket, showing that her fashion sense is back with a vengeance. While her style is right on track, seems like other aspects of her life are down in the dumps! Sources tell us that Misch is miserable since being killed off of her teen soap "The OC", due to how this was such a large aspect of her life and career. Apparently, the source says Mischa feels as if "her career is spiraling downhill ever since she decided to walk away from the show. She feels like her life is over and everything is going downhill... She acts like she has nothing to live for." Mischa has allegedly been acting hyperemotional and as if nothing matters; well you know what I have to say, M? If this is causing you so much turmoil, give the producers a little ring-a-ding, I'm sure they'd be willing to write you in for a few dream sequences here or there!

Somebody's getting the last laugh

Mischa Barton seen on Nov 29 2006 in London, England. And that somebody's name is Mischa Barton! We all know that "The OC's" ratings have slowly but surely been dropping off over the past 3 seasons (I mean, there's no way they can ever top that incredible first season they had), but it came as quite a shock to many of the still incredibly loyal fans when FOX announced that this, the fourth season, would be the sudsy soap's last. I, for one, think that the network decided to pull the plug a little prematurely. I mean, they're putting it up against two of TV's most successful shows, "Grey's Anatomy" and "CSI", so FOX totally could have just switched time slots and I'm sure viewership would have returned. Too little, too late it seems. But still, what is the television landscape going to do without Julie Cooper!

And you know Mischa is just totally eating all this up! After her surprising death at the end of last season, Misch has been spending a lot of time in London partying, as she is seen here at Paper Nightclub back in late November. Wearing jet black cigarette jeans with a black v-neck, black jacket and a big silver ring, Mischa looked hot and ready for a night on the town. But with news of "The OC's" cancellation, you know Misch is like totally telling all her friends "I knew it would fail without me!"

It's about time!

Mischa Barton seen on Oct 22 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Mischa Barton stepped out with boyfriend Cisco Adler and went shopping at Tower Records on October 22, looking much more stylish than we’ve seen her lately! When she stepped out recently in the atrocious buttoned orange skirt contraption and the powerful statement tee that read “DROP KNOWLEDGE NOT BOMBS”, many high-ups in the fashion world, as well as random gossipers, were left questioning if the sand through Mishca’s fashionista hourglass was finally running out. I think it is safe to say that there is still hope for Misch yet. Although her character Marissa is dead on “The OC”, this little sighting proves that her style is still alive and kicking!

In the first time in a while that Misch has opted for jeans, there is no better pair to pick than Siwy’s superfine Michelle Slimfit Jean in Cherish. In a darker, dirty wash, these jeans are perfect for running errands with your boyfriend, and can also double as night-out jeans. Mixed with a funky beaded necklace, let's hope Misch is on the up-and-up with her fashion choices!

The leaning tower of Mischa

Mischa Barton seen on Oct 12 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. At celebrity hotspot Mr. Chow, T-Mobile held their most recent party celebrating the release of 2 new limited edition Sidekick 3's. And like a moth to a flame, all of the Hollywood It Girls were in attendance, snagging their new little gadget. Paris, Nicole, Linds and Mischa.. it's like a high school reunion! Now that Paris and Nicole have finally decided to give their friendship another go, it will definitely be interesting to see whether or not Mischa and Rachel Bilson will rekindle their BFF-ness in the near future. Let's hope so, because Hollywood is not the same without the two "OC" cuties arm in arm!

For a similar dress to the one that Misch is rockin' at the T-Mobile event, definitely go with the Misile Saint Laurent Street Dress. It's perfect for a night out to drinks with the girls, or, you know, a happening Hollywood soiree. Your call.

Talk about sundrenched!

Mischa Barton seen on Aug 11 2006 in Sydney, Australia. Spending what seems like the entire summer overseas, bouncing back and forth between London and Sydney, Mischa Barton is seen here enjoying a warm winter day in Australia, preparing for a commercial she will film for a local Australian brand. In a flirty floral tunic, similar to our Le Tarte Luau Flower Tunic, this is the perfect piece to throw over a bikini and lounge on a sundeck with ice water & lemon in hand, much like Misch is doing! While it is now a mystery what Mischa will be doing with all of her free time now that she is no longer a regular on "The OC", might a move to Australia be in the cards?

Mischa Committing Pet Peeve #1

Mischa Barton seen on Aug 07 2006 in Sydney, Australia. Who can guess the pet peeve that Mischa committed in this photograph? Any takers? That's right… mismatched denim! In a tragic move where she or her stylist, Rachel Zoe, should have known better, Mischa was seen at the Sydney Airport in Australia. Mischa arrived in Sydney so that she could appear at an Australian fashion show and apparently earn $100,000 for her appearance. Dressed in medium-dirty jeans like our Siwy Denim Michelle Slimfit Jeans in Cherish, the rest of Misch's ensemble I can't even talk about. Throw on a weird hippie scarf, vintage Levis vest and Pocahontas boots, and there you go. Although I recommend severe caution before any decisions involving mismatched (or perfectly matched, for that matter) denim or hippie scarves are made.

On the way to the Flea Market

Mischa Barton seen on Jul 16 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. Although Mischa's style has left much to be desired lately in my opinion, she looks absolutely adorable here as she makes her way down the streets of Hollywood to a local flea market to find hidden fashion treasures. In her Johnson shorts, similar to the Millicent Shorts in Brown Plaid, white tank similar to our Da-Nang Rayon Knit Tank in White, big black Oliver Peoples-esque Clorette Sunglasses, long strand of pearls and cute bag, Mischa is doing no style wrong here. Just call this the perfect summer look!

Polka Dots And Stripes? Oh, Mischa

Mischa Barton seen on Jul 09 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Plaids and stripes, brown and black, sandals and socks.. these are all things that should never be worn together! Mischa Barton apparently shows complete disregard for the mixing-patterns rule, and gives her casual outfit a little extra flavor by pairing a polka dot blouse with L.A.M.B.'s Gatsby Knickers. I've gotta give Misch some style props though, because she does pull it off. But just be careful people, if you do feel the need to mix your patterns, do it sparingly!

Mischa Barton in J Brand, Bellekat

Mischa Barton seen on Jun 02 2006 in New York, NY. Mischa Barton was strugglin' recently in New York, as waited for over 10 minutes trying to hail a cab. Misch, always the multitasker, lugs arounda Diet Coke, her black Sidekick, and her puppy Ziggy in his Louis Vuitton carrying case, after a frantic day of errands. Always the fan of J Brand, Mischa wears her Black Saddleback 12" Pencil Leg Jeans with a funky blouse similar to our Bellekat Sarah Tank with Garden Embroidery. Don't be caught without these jeans this summer!

Mischa Barton in J Brand Jeans

Mischa Barton seen on May 03 2006 in Malibu, CA. Looking chic while grabbing coffee on the go is no difficult task for the always fashionable and fabulous Mischa Barton. The former O.C. starlet wore some ultra-trendy J Brand skinny jeans and her fav flats while getting coffee in the notoriously super-star saturated Malibu area. Maybe Marissa Cooper just wakes up looking photo fab?!?!

Mischa Barton in Gray Jeans

Mischa Barton seen on Apr 24 2006 in New York, NY. Mischa Barton is one of many stars to break out of their blues this spring. Gray denim is taking the fashion world by storm, as shown by the number of celebs spotted sporting the trend already. Whether you buy designer denim like Sass & Bide, J Brand and Frankie B. or search your local thrift shop for a vintage pair, this hip shade will pull you out of a fashion fog.

Mischa Barton with Dior bag

Mischa Barton seen on Mar 03 2006 in New York, NY. Mischa Barton joins pal Jessica Alba (See Sighting) in toting around the Dior Gaucho.. so hot right now.

Mischa Barton in Chip & Pepper

Mischa Barton seen on Oct 02 2005 in Hollywood, CA. Working off of the bohemian look, Mischa pairs a brown and teal top with a worn wash of Chip & Pepper jeans tucked into matching brown boots. Work that monochromatic look, Misch!

Mischa Barton in Gold Hawk

Mischa Barton seen on Sep 06 2005 in Los Angeles, CA. Mischa Barton was spotted wearing a silk cami by Gold Hawk

Before shooting an O.C. scene in LA on Sept. 6, Mischa chatted on her cell and checked out her PDA while a stylist did her hair.

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