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Lindsay Lohan has born July 2nd, 1986 in Cold Spring Harbor to parents Dina and Michael Lohan. At the early age of three Lohan was ready to pave her pathway to stardom when she signed with prominent Ford modeling agency. Lohan soon appeared in several commercial spots including The Gap, Pizza Hut and the infamous Bill Cosby Jell-O ads. Lohan later made her television debut as Ali Fowler on the daytime drama Another World. Lohan was then handpicked by Oscar nominated writer Nancy Meyers to appear in her own directorial debut, and Lohan’s first feature film, The Parent Trap in 1998. Six years later Lohan reemerged on the scene as an up-and-coming star as the lead in 2004’s Mean Girls. Lohan’s personal life has been under particular media scrutiny when it was revealed in 2004 that Lohan’s father had spent the majority of her childhood incarcerated for securities fraud. Also known as one of the “party girls” of Hollywood, Lohan is often caught by the tabloids wreaking celebrity havoc with the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Lohan, named VH1’s "Big 'It' Girl" at the ‘Big’ in ’05 Awards, is also notorious for her high profile hook-ups with some of the more well-known celebrity bad boys including Colin Farrell, Wilmer Valderrama and Jared Leto.

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Lindsay Lohan has been seen wearing 3J Workshop, Antoinette Lee Designs, Cake Couture, Castaway Jewelry, Charlotte Ronson, Danielle Stevens Jewelry, Deener, E.D.E. Studio, Earnest Sewn, Ecoganik, Elegantly Waisted, Femme Metale Jewelry, Freedom of Choice, FrenchFifty Swimwear, Gold Hawk, Grail, True Religion, Holly, Hudson Jeans, IISLI, Iodice, J Brand, James Cured by Seun, Jenna White Jewelry, Jessica Elliot, Jewel By Bear, Joe's Jeans, Johnson, Karen ZAMBOS, Kasil Jeans, Kuo Ting Jewelry, LaROK, Matiko Shoes, Maya Brenner Designs, Maya Swimwear, Morphine Generation, Nation Ltd, Noble Decay, Nour, Nyovee, Oliver Peoples, Paper Denim & Cloth, Peace of Us, Pierce Jeans, Rachel Leigh, Rails, Raw 7, Rebecca Norman Jewelry, Saint Grace, Signorelli, The Secession, Walter, Wilen Los Angeles, Woo, Woo, Zoa,

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1. Well this will definitely impair her ability

Well this will definitely impair her abilityLindsay Lohan recently fell and broke her wrist, and now has to wear a cast until it heals. It seems like Linds just can't ever catch a break! First the stolen (and recovered) bag, then the indecent exposure (twice!) and now this! While at a fashion show, Lindsay slipped and fell on the runway, landing hard on her wrist. There is now an investigation being conducted, because there is "foul play" suspected. Foul play? Yeah right, you know Lindsay was just drunk! Now that she has this mega cast on, it'll definitely be harder for her to slap people, and you know who is on the top of her slapping list.. good old D-Lo! While at Dina's birthday dinner, Lindsay was constantly texting on her Blackberry while Dina was making "constant trips to the restroom". Eventually, a screaming match apparently ensued, and Lindsay screamed to her mom "Go to hell!" I'm sorry, but that is just something you never say to your mother!

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2. Are they or aren't they?

Are they or aren't they?Seen here running errands in Beverly Hills recently in a purple Calvin Klein frock, Lindsay Lohan has been sending out mixed messages lately on whether or not the rumors that her and beau Harry Morton are engaged. While Lohan publicly denies that any of the engagement rumors are true, Linds showed up at the Venice premier of her film Bobby with a huge blingin' ring on her engagement finger. While she might just be messing with the media's mind and only be wearing the ring to stir the gossip pot, who knows when it comes to Lindsay Lohan! Apparently, a source close to Lindsay's mother, Dina, said that "Lindsay explained that Harry gave her a gorgeous ring and that he asked her to marry him." All I know is this, I'm not believing anything until a public announcement is made!

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3. Stop Cryin' Linds, the case was closed

Stop Cryin' Linds, the case was closedPoor little Lindsay. I'm sure you've heard by now that Lindsay Lohan's orange Hermes Birkin bag what lost from Heathrow Airport the other day, containing around 1 mill worth of jewelry. Geez! If I had a super expensive bag that contanied a million dollars worth of jewelry, I wouldn't take my eyes off that sucker for a second! Then again, I did feel kind of bad for Linds lately, considering she flashed her "firecrotch" for the world to see when exiting a boat in Italy, and now has lost her Birkin. But worry not world, the bag has been recovered with nothing missing. And of course Lindsay celebrated by, what else, shopping! The moral of the story, don't travel with valuables that are worth more than most people's life savings!

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4. Lindsay doing things we'd never expect

Lindsay doing things we'd never expectPhysical exercise? Smiling? Wow, Lindsay was sure feelin' out of character on the set of her new film Georgia Rule. Who knew that Linds was this good of a multitasker? Riding a bike, smiling, and in a dress no less! I'm shocked she's not talking on her phone or, I don't know, being taken for the hospital for exhaustion. Speaking of her brief exhaustion period, does anyone else find it odd that she was hospitalized for "heat and exhaustion" and was then photographed going out to dinner and a club that same night? Something's fishy in Lohanland!

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5. Linds’ Big Bash, Thanks to Life & Style

Linds’ Big Bash, Thanks to Life & StyleFor the celebration of Lindsay Lohan’s 20th birthday, it’s no surprise that the paparazzi would be clamoring for shots of the starlet’s party. So, weekly gossip mag “Life & Style” allegedly shelled out $100g (the bill of the party) to have exclusive photography rights to the bash. Celebrity guests such as Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth partied with La Lohan in Malibu, while the birthday girl karaoked along to hits by Madonna and Journey before the big night came to a close. Linds also had a birthday cake with a giant picture of herself on it. Come on! You know only a true diva would put herself on her cake! Well, when you’re as in demand as LiLo, seems like you can get your party bill covered by simply smiling for a few pictures with your friends.

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6. "Surprise!" - The Paparazzi

Doesn't Lindsay Lohan know that when you want to keep your birthday plans a secret, you don't tell everyone what you are planning? Today is LiLo's 20th birthday (only one more year 'till she can drink!) and she is peacin' out of America just in time for the Fourth of July.

Lindsay was quoted as saying "I'm going to go away, out of the country. Do something fun and different. They won't find me. No one can get a picture of you on Turks and Caicos." You mean, no paparazzi can fly a helicopter over Turks and Caicos, grab their telephoto lens and shoot away?

I think you just revealed your plans, Linds. Don't be surprised if you go to your birthday dinner on Turks, and you see a huge cake with a paparazzi jumping out of it and screaming "Surprise!"

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7. Lindsay Sexier Than Angelina? Hmmm.....

Lindsay Sexier Than Angelina? Hmmm.....Lindsay Lohan won't stop yapping to her friends about how she is "sexier than Angelina Jolie". Yes, you heard me right. Yes, the freckled redhead who starred in Herbie Fully Loaded is sexier than the raven haired beauty that's preggers with Brad Pitts lovechild. Lindsay justifies this claim by bragging how in Maxim's Hot 100 List she ranked number 4, while Angie clocked in at number 5.

Now Linds' friend have reached the "I'm-sexier-than-Angelina" saturation level, as one of LiLo's amigos was quoted as saying "It shouldn't have, but the whole thing has gone to her head. She's raving about how now she's officially sexier than Angelina!" Umm, Linds baby, the Maxim Hot 100 List isn't a ranking of sexiness, but of success in the entertainment industry. Nice try, though!

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8. Lohan Vs. Hilton : IT'S WAR PART III

Lohan Vs. Hilton : IT'S WAR PART IIIWhen will this civil war ever end? In light of the Brandon Davis trash-talking sesh with Paris Hilton playing the part of his co-conspirator, Miss Lohan is obvi not too happy. Apparently, while at Cannes, Paris played an angry voicemail that Linds had left for her, and then called Lindsay a c*nt. With Paris' publicist most likely forming a drug-habit due to the ridiculous amount of damage control he has had to partake in recently, her rep released a statement declaring that he's "never heard her use that word". Well duh, she's not gonna go around using it around her publicist!

Lindsay, meanwhile, knows the best revenge. While it is unknown whether Paris is pissed over it, Linds and Paris' ex Stavros Niarchos III were seen kissing and holding hands at Butter on Monday night, and then proceeded to leave for Stavros' hotel room at Soho House. Is this a new couple alert, or just a repeated drunken hookup? Only time will tell, and as for Paris, ditch the B-man, he's gross.

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9. Lohan vs. Hilton : It's War Part II

Lohan vs. Hilton : It's War Part IILindsay Lohan is not taking the personal attacks from Brandon Davis, and indirectly from ex-friend Paris Hilton, lying down. LiLo has come up with her own sneaky revenge, more focused on Hilton, as she is still plotting the ultimate conspiracy against Davis. No, Lohan didn't have a beat drunken screaming-fest calling Davis a big sweaty hog, nor did she have Hilton blacklisted from every Mystic tanning salon in Los Angeles. Oh no, her revenge is so much sweeter.

According to a source, Lohan was spotted at Bungalow 8 on May 17, feverishly making out with Hilton's ex, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos. What now Paris, what now! It seems like Lohan is willing to go through pretty desperate measures to get vengeance against her blonde nemesis, but then again Stavros will probably make out with anyone with boobs. This is turning out to be My Big Fat Greek Celebrity Love Triangle!

Paris, it's your move. In the war that is tearing Hollywood apart, whose side will YOU take?

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10. ...And a quick change later

...And a quick change laterAt the premiere of her new film, Just My Luck Lindsay Lohan arrived in a floor sweeping white dress, appearing as though she had partaken in a glass of champagne in the limo, to say the least. Smoldering before the throngs of paparazzi, Lohan slipped into a sequined mini-dress, reminiscent of attending a 70's theme party. LiLo is back to her natural red, also seeming to have just stepped out of the Mystic booth. We'll see if this new film will indeed bring Linds some box office Luck...

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11. Just Her Luck

Just Her LuckL.Lo.’s new movie Just My Luck is just her luck. She claims she wants to win an Oscar, but it definitely will not be for this role. She says that she is in the process of packing on the pounds in order to look sexier. She really just wants to be a role model for her young fans, that’s why she chose not to pose in Playboy. Glad to hear she is looking out for the well-fare of her fans. By the way, she has been caught kissing Jamie Burke, who happens to be Kate Moss’s ex. Looks like another knife wound in someone’s back. Kate and L.Lo. were just good friends dancing the night away at the Score’s strip club in January.

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12. Cat Fight: Fully Loaded

Cat Fight: Fully Loaded

Hook-ups and cat fights are by no means a novelty to Hollywood, but Lindsey Lohan might have taken catty restitution to the next level. Lohan, who has most recently been linked to producer bad boy Brett Ratner, is still passionately, and publicly, bad mouthing Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson, both ex’s of Lohan’s Chapter 27 co-star and former love, Jared Leto. Lohan and Leto dated briefly in 2005, but many claim the brevity of their relationship was because Jared’s heart was still with Diaz. Leto and Diaz dated seriously in 2000, and Leto has steered-clear of serious commitment ever since. Although the argument at LA’s Shag Club April 24th between Lohan and Diaz appeared to be because Lohan refused to put out her cigarette when Diaz asked her to, many claim Lohan’s resistance could be traced back to Leto. But Lohan’s vengeance for Leto’s exes doesn’t stop with Cameron. Lindsay, who is notorious for her resentment for Johansson, recently shot off about her upper-hand in Hollywood, claiming with the release of her new film A Prairie Home Companion, she is clearly more talented than Johansson. Lohan even went as far to say that Scarlett wasn’t even considered for the role because she can’t sing!

Lohan has moved on to bad boys Adam Levine and Brett Ratner since she and Leto broke it off at the end of 2005… isn’t it time that Lohan put her Mean Girl’s attitude to rest?

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Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 18 2013 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was photographed strolling into her court appointment earlier today, March 18, in LA, wearing quite an interesting all-white ensemble. Wonder if she was trying to do the innocent, angelic thing? Her look consisted of a white peplum top with illusion detailing, and then what appears to be a pair of white silk pants that have a layer that somewhat resembles a skirt. Grey pumps, brown shades and a few bangles added the finishing touches. If, for some reason, you'd like to emulate LiLo's court appearance ensemble, I've pulled several similar options here on CoutureCandy. Hey, you never know! You could try wearing either Donna Mizani's Pretty Girl Peplum Top in Ivory or Zoa's Pleated Placket Blouse in White with a pair of white pants, like Bishop of Seventh's Desi Fine Twill Pant in Ghost. Then add on a chunky bracelet, like Nialaya's Womens Crystal in Gold to finish things off. I'm interested to get your take on LL's latest court outfit, everyone! In case you haven't heard, Lindsay accepted the plea deal for violating her probation. According to JustJared, "Lindsay took the plea deal, pleading no contest to the crimes of reckless driving and lying to the cops. She will be serving 90 days in a locked rehab, which means she cannot leave for any reason. In addition, she will perform 30 days of community labor and undergo pyschotherapy for 18 months. There is a mandatory five days in jail for the reckless driving charge, but it will be folded into her rehab time, which can be done in NYC." I mean.


Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 31 2012 in London, England. Lindsay Lohan went from looking happy to completely out of it in a matter of seconds as she was photographed making her way around London, England on December 31... typical LiLo! Outfit wise, she was kind of looking a bit of a mess... trying to determine whether those are A) rips B) stains or C) all of the above on her shirt! A sheer striped top (Free People's Stripe Burnout Layer Top in Tea is a similar yet more polished option) was paired with a grey jacket (I love the stylish edge of Krisa's Crushed Motorcycle Jacket in Grey) and a pair of shiny leggings - I wonder if these are from Lindsay's ill-fated leggings line 6126. Remember that? For a pair that's a bit more luxe, take a peek at Hale Bob's Ultrasuede Legging in Black. From there, a hot pink Hermes bag, black patent leather boots and a delicate silver necklace (try Lafonn's Medium Sideways Cross in Silver) finished off LiLo's look. Thoughts, everyone? When it comes to the latest in the never-ending court saga that is Lindsay Lohan's life, the troubled starlet is set to appear in court tomorrow to address the alleged punch she threw at Tiffany Mitchell at the club Avenue in NYC back in late November. According to NY Daily News, "Lohan — who was charged with misdemeanor assault — is expected to learn if the Manhattan district attorney intends to pursue a case against her when she appears before a judge. Lohan’s attorney, Mark Jay Heller, called the accusations baseless after the arrest. Last week, he would only say his client will appear in court. 'Once again, Lindsay Lohan is a victim of someone trying to capture their 15 minutes of fame,' Heller said the day of her arrest. He also said she would be 'totally exonerated' and insisted his client was sober at the club. She also faces up to a year on the top count in the California case if she’s found guilty of obstructing a police officer’s duties and eight months behind bars if she’s convicted of violating her shoplifting probation." Just another day in the life of Linds!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 01 2012 in West Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted out and about in West Hollywood on August 1, stopping in for a casual lunch at Cecconi's restaurant on this sunny summer day. Lohan kept it cool outfit wise, pairing ripped up Levi's cut off shorts (take your pick between Free People's Baja Denim Short in Fiesta and Lou Lou Cutoff in Denim for two similar pairs) with an oversized button up with studded detailing on the collar (if you're looking for a great basic blouse that's similar to LL's but without the studs, try either Rails' Dani Blouse in Cream Checkered or Zoa's Open Shoulder Blouse in White). Accessory wise, Linds added on a pair of black aviators, a matching fedora, an armful of bracelets, flats and her favorite black Hermes Birkin bag. What is your take on Lindsay's lunchtime look, everyone? In case you hadn't heard, word broke recently that LL is going to be starring in the upcoming film Scary Movie 5. Although Anna Faris will not be back for the fifth installment, Charlie Sheen will also be starring alongside Lohan in the flick. According to E! Online, "While no offer had been made to Lohan as of early July, we hear now that she has officially signed on. Her rep said that, "as of right this moment," she had not inked a deal, but all insiders are in agreement that she is definitely doing the movie. Sources also say that the ever-comebacking Charlie Sheen, despite being uncomfortably killed off in Scary Movie 4, will be back for the next sequel, which is being touted as a complete reboot of the franchise and is due in theaters Jan. 11, 2013." While this is certainly not the film for Lindsay to star in if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress again, at least she is working - right?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 23 2012 in Beverly Hills, CA. Lindsay Lohan was striking in blue as she exited dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills on July 23, coordinating her dress to her shoes - and even her earrings! - as she left the popular eatery. To get Lindsay's look, try pairing a bright blue maxi dress (like Corey Lynn Calter's Holly Maxi Tank Dress in Fed Blue) with a variety of on-trend jewelry, such as Wildfox Couture's Wildfox Skull Bracelet in Antique Rose Gold and Satya Jewelry's Risk and Reward Necklace in Amethyst. From there, add on a pair of heels in the same blue hue, and finish off your look with a pair of blue drop earrings (Amy DiGregorio's Channel Center Earrings in 14k Gold Filled are similar to Lindsay's). How do you think Lindsay looks on this occasion, readers? Do you like her matchy-matchy ensemble? As you may or may not have heard, Lindsay has YET AGAIN had another car accident, this time on July 25 in Beverly Hills. According to TMZ, "While cruising down Sunset Boulevard, Lindsay tapped the back of a silver Mustang... that wasn't moving. A woman in the Mustang says, "We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us." The woman says a male passenger in Lindsay's car apologized and left his phone number... before telling her they had to keep going because paparazzi were following them." It's always something with Lohan!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 03 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was seen out in Los Angeles on July 3, debuting her new red hot locks for the paparazzi as she made her way to her car. What are your thoughts on Lindsay's fiery new shade, everyone? Do you prefer her as a blonde, brunette or redhead? Outfit wise, LL wore a white lace dress (like Sue Wong's Battenburg Lace Short Dress in White) that she belted with a colorful belt, and then added on a white shrug (for two similar options, check out either Splendid's Long Wrap Top in White or Gold Hawk's Shawl Cardigan in White) and a pair of oversized black shades. A yellow handbag, a delicate silver necklace (Lindsay would surely approve of Jessica Elliot's Bella Necklace in Silver, as she has a tattoo that reads "La Bella Vita") and a pair of metallic heels finished of LiLo's ensemble. Thoughts? Linds recently wrapped her Lifetime movie "Liz and Dick," and is prepping to get started on her newest film, The Canyons, penned by Brett Easton Ellis. Co-starring with Linds in the film is porn star James Deen, and of course, rumors that Lindsay and James are getting hot and heavy off-screen have started to pop up. Not so, says James... he cleared up the rumors to, saying: "I can definitely, honestly say Lindsay Lohan and I are not having sex! I think I would tell everybody (if I were). I don’t know anything about her except for that she’s a really nice, down-to-earth, normal girl. We went to a business dinner and she was very professional." Do you believe it?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 04 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted getting dangerously close to a selection of jewels, but fear not... she was supervised! LiLo hit up the Eva Fehren Jewelry Show that was held at Roseark in West Hollywood on April 4, as she was checking out the latest collection. For her event ensemble, Linds donned a pair of black shorts (like Jenny Han's Drawstring Shorts in Black) that she paired with a sparkly black top (check out Minnie Rose's Sequin Tank in Black) and a black blazer (Elizabeth & James' Cate Blazer in Black is always a great choice). Accessory wise, a few simple bangles (such as Avanessi's Knot Bangle in Yellow Gold) and a pair of strappy heels completed her look. Believe it or not, I actually think that Lindsay looks very well put together here - what are your thoughts, everyone? In other LL news, it seems that she may be in hot water again - however, it's likely that it's just a rumor. A woman at a club in West Hollywood claimed that the troubled starlet "shoved" her last week, but Lindsay is claiming the whole thing is made up. Lindsay's rep said: "Lindsay was never at the club and the whole thing is one big lie. Whomever started this will be held accountable for their malicious and unfounded accusations." Sheesh, it really does seem like wherever Linds goes, trouble (whether it's real or fake) follows her!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 15 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted out and about with a few guy friends in LA on March 15, and did not seem to be too pleased to see the paparazzi. Outfit wise, LiLo paired black leather leggings (go for a faux option with Work Custom Jeans' Viper Leggera Faux Leather in Neo Black) with a slouchy white tee (try Bailey 44's Slouch Tee in White) and a ladylike black tweed jacket (get the look with Jenny Han's Crop Jacket in Black/Grey). From there, Lindsay accessorized with nude heels, hoop earrings, and a few gold bangles (try Danielle Stevens Jewelry's Single Engraved Bracelet in Gold). What's your take on LL's ensemble this time around, everyone? In other Lohan news, JustJared is reporting that Linds is almost free! According to the site, "Lindsay has just under two weeks left of probation – she’ll meet with Judge Stephanie Sautner on March 29 to review her progress. If Lindsay has met the community service, therapy, and financial requirements set by the judge, she’ll be on informal probation, where her only requirement is to obey all laws." Let's hope that she doesn't run in to any more trouble - such as an alleged hit and run in Hollywood last week - and can work on getting her career back in order.


Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 09 2012 in Beverly Hills, CA. Lindsay Lohan was photographed out an about in Beverly Hills on March 9, flaunting her newly dyed red locks while indulging in a bit of retail therapy at the Miu Miu boutique. I know that a lot of people are pleased that Linds decided to go back to her red roots, because honestly the platinum look wasn't doing anything for her. Do you think that Lindsay is looking at this dye job as more than just hair color, and as a way to get back to her roots in every meaning of the word? Either way, for her shopping trip LiLo decided to wear a pair of distressed skinny jeans (such as either Rock Revival's Sora Jean Pant or Work Custom Jeans' Twiggy in Dark Riviera) with a flowy white blouse (try Zoa's pretty Peasant Blouse in White) and camel colored coat (for something similar in grey, check out Hard Tail's Agency Coat Fleece in Pepper). Accessory wise, Lindsay wore a pair of nude strappy heels and oversized sunnies for her outing. What are your thoughts, everyone - does Lindsay look better with her red hair here, and just in general? Weigh in!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 20 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Well, here's someone we haven't seen on CoutureCandy in quite some time... Lindsay Lohan! Between rehab stints, Playboy shoots and court dates, La Lohan has been quite busy! Here she is leaving a medical building in LA with brother Cody on February 20, and the Coke joke just writes itself. Outfit wise, Lindsay picked a pair of dark skinny jeans (like Earnest Sewn's Cigarette Jean in Bingham) and paired them with a striped top (try Ella Moss' Liberty Top in Navy) and black jacket (similar to Gold Hawk's Long Zip Jacket in Phantom Black), and then slipped into a pair of black platform booties and wore an oversized pair of sunnies. A small disc necklace (like Christie Martin Jewelry's Framed Small Silver Disc Necklace) completed her casual ensemble. Lindsay's "E! True Hollywood Story" aired this week, which documented her rise to the top and subsequential fall. While there's no question that she royally messed up her life with her awful decisions in the past, she only has a few more court dates to go and if she continues along with her community service and scheduled meetings, she should be free and clear when it comes to the law. LL recently also booked the role of Elizabeth Taylor (can't wait to hear your thoughts on this casting, readers) for an upcoming Lifetime biopic, and will be hosting SNL on March 3. Lohan tweeted her excitement about her SNL gig recently, saying: "SNL! I love @NBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!" Do you think she's going to finally make a real comeback?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 04 2011 in West Hollywood, CA. Cleaning up for the Giuseppe Zanotti Design Beverly Hills Store Opening dinner that was held at BOA Sunset in West Hollywood on February 4, Lindsay Lohan smiled and posed for photographers as though she didn't have a care in the world. Oh Lindsay, always living in denial! For her event ensemble, Lindsay chose an ill-fitting Donna Mizani LBD (for similar silhouettes that are much more flattering, check out a few offerings here on CoutureCandy such as Jenny Han's Strapless Party Dress in Festive, Luc by Lucy's Rocker Tea Party Dress in Black Metallic, or Sue Wong's Two Tones Strapless Flower Petal Mini in Black/Ivory) along with a pair of (of course) Giuseppe Zanotti suede heels and a few stacked silver bangles (check out Alex and Ani's Jupiter Bead Bangle Set in Smoke). Of course, it wouldn't be Lindsay without the streaky fake tan and the chipped manicure - what are your thoughts, readers? Am I being a bit too harsh on La Lohan and do you think she looks great, or are you less than impressed with this ensemble? Either way, Lindsay's outfits may be the least of her worries, as the stolen necklace drama continues to plague her. According to sources, "Lindsay will be charged with felony grand theft in the case of the stolen necklace. The jewelry store claims that Lindsay stole the $2,500 necklace that she's been pictured with, however Lindsay says that she took the jewelry on loan. Charges will be filed against Lindsay this week. There are just some minor housekeeping issues to get ironed out on the case before it's filed. If convicted, Lindsay could face a maximum of three years in state prison." Oh man, when will she learn?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 21 2011 in Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan was seen heading into Siren Studios in Hollywood on January 21, and has the infamously fame-hungry Miss Lohan become suddenly camera shy? LL made a point to look extra aggravated and hide her face from the paps' flashbulbs as she made her way into the studio. Maybe a sober Lindsay has turned over a new leaf? Then again, I may be getting ahead of myself. Lindsay wore a pair of ripped up denim shorts (like Work Custom Jeans' Beatnik Short in Medium Riviera) along with a tucked in plain white t-shirt and patterned cardigan (take your pick between Line's Ben Drape Wrap in Winter or Walter's Chunky Stripe Knit Cardi in Black/Cream) for her studio style, and then accessorized with a pair of oversized shades, a few bracelets, a black Chanel bag and a black studded belt (for a woven option, try Motif 56's Elise Croc Belt in Black). I really like this look on Lindsay, it's stylish without being too "try hard." What are your thoughts, everyone? In other LiLo news, now that Lindsay is out of rehab and attempting to begin a sober life, People Magazine has a sneak peek into her new routine. Lindsay has been getting her workout on at Equinox Fitness Club in West Hollywood, and enjoyed a few nights of pampering and room service at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills recently. Says a source: "Lindsay looked very happy when she arrived at the hotel. She spent her first night in her room and ordered room service." Coincidentally, Lindsay also has a run-in with former Freaky Friday co-star Jamie Lee Curtis in the lobby of the hotel the next day. The source continues, "Lindsay seemed genuinely excited to see Jamie Lee. They hugged and chatted for a minute." Cute! Here's hoping that Lindsay stays on the right track.


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 12 2011 in Venice, CA. Getting acquainted with her new neighborhood, Lindsay Lohan was photographed leaving dinner at Hal's Bar & Grill in Venice, CA on January 12. Lohan brought the paparazzi with her when she moved to Venice, and of course, they swarmed as she went to leave the restaurant. Fluctuating between looking annoyed with the paps and striking her signature "come hither" poses, one thing is for sure: Linds definitely missed the attention. For her outfit, she started with a pair of inky denim leggings (like either J Brand's 901 Low Rise Legging in Sable or Chasely's Denim Legging in Overdye Blue) and then wore a hounds tooth motorcycle jacket (for a great basic black biker jacket, check out Tag Jeans' Mayfield Motorbike Jacket in Black) and a pair of black boots. A chain strap bag (like Julie K Handbags' Renee Flap Shoulder Bag in Black) completed LiLo's look. Thoughts? When it comes to Lindsay's career, nothing is certain; however, it's most definitely certain she won't be appearing on "The Celebrity Apprentice." It seems that Donald Trump rejected the idea of Lindsay being on the show, as he tells Life & Style: "[The Lohans] approached me, and we did talk about it. It's just not the right time. Lindsay has to straighten herself out first. And I know Dina, she's a really lovely woman. I don't think she gets very much credit - she's tried. I know Michael a little bit. It could happen in the future, but right now we need to see Lindsay get straightened out." Interesting!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 09 2010 in Rancho Mirage, CA. Photographed stepping out for a smoke break in Rancho Mirage on December 9, Lindsay Lohan was seen wearing a pair of thrashed denim shorts as she exited her sober living house. For the rest of her ensemble, Lindsay paired a pale pink button up shirt (like HellOh's Voile Tailback Shirt in White, or for a similar shirt with military influences, check out 7 For All Mankind's Military Shirt in White) with black lace up boots and what appears to be a black vest. Accessory wise, Lindsay chose a pair of black sunnies and a few bangles (get a stackable set with Amrita Singh's Safari Bangle Set in Gold/Brown) to finish off her look. For a pair of denim shorts that are a bit more flattering than LiLo's, take a look at Work Custom Jeans' Beatnik Short in Medium Riviera. What are your thoughts on LL's desert look, readers? Is this an okay off-duty ensemble in your eyes? In other Lindsay news, it seems that the starlet is upset that Gwyneth Paltrow's character called Linds "crazy" for her appearance on "Glee." Of course, Lindsay's mom Dina had something to say about this, and said: "Lindsay is so upset with Gwyneth. Lindsay was watching it while in Betty Ford, then she called me and was upset and said, 'Why did she have to do that?' We are the first to make fun of ourselves in our family. And Lindsay has even done SNL a few times, but Gwyneth went overboard and it was unnecessary. Lindsay thought she was a friend and it was disappointing. It was really hard for her to watch... it was hurtful not funny." Take a joke, Linds! Am I right?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 10 2010 in Rancho Mirage, CA. Look who we have here! Lindsay Lohan was photographed heading out for coffee in Rancho Mirage, CA on November 10, where she's currently residing due to her treatment at the Betty Ford Center. Looking happy and healthy, Lohan flashed a smile for the paparazzi (oh, how she's probably missed them!) before heading in to grab her caffeinated beverage. For her outfit, LL kept it casual by pairing a white tank (try Wilt's Hi Lo Cotton Tank in White) with a long, oversized cardigan (similar to Suzabelle's Gosford Cardigan in Creme) and sheer black tights. Black Wayfarer sunglasses, wedge platform booties (Farylrobin's Dalia Wedge in Black are undoubtedly more comfortable yet still stylish), and a few necklaces and bangles (get the look with Alex and Ani's Empire Limited Edition Bangle Set in Multi) completed Lohan's ensemble. Since Lohan's only been spotted a handful of times since entering treatment, how do you think she's looking? It's nice to see her looking cheerful, and hopefully this time her treatment will stick! As you all know, Lindsay's father Michael hasn't been exactly quiet about how much he's longing to be back in his daughter's life, and it seems that his wishes have been granted as he spent some time with Linds yesterday. Says Michael, "We had the greatest time in the world. I hope that Dina can get on the same page and put it all to rest by having family therapy together. I can't say how proud I am of Lindsay." Interesting! Another source for an update on Lindsay's condition is her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, who says: "The move to the sober house is part of the program so that Lindsay is integrated back into society, and all the outings she's taken have been pre-approved and encouraged by program representatives. I've spoken with her counselors who say she's complying with all of the program directives." Let's hope that Lindsay stays on the up and up!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 02 2010 in Santa Monica, CA. Fulfilling her civil duties, Lindsay Lohan was caught by the paparazzi heading into the Santa Monica Courthouse on September 1, looking slightly overwhelmed as she made her way inside. For her ensemble, LiLo started with a summery patterned tank (Jenny Han's Empire Tie Shoulder Cami in Tribal Print) under a lightweight white vest (Soul Revival's Jill Vest in White is similar), along with a pair of blue jeggings (check out Joe's Jeans' 25" Jegging in Juliett) and a pair of camel ballet flats (take a peek at Coye Nokes' Grace Flat in Cognac Calf). She finished up her look with her new favorite black Birkin that she also toted back on August 26. It appears that Linds was keeping up with the hair trends as she spent her time behind bars, because she's also rockin' an of-the-moment fishtail braid. Thoughts on LL's style here, readers? In other somewhat startling Lindsay news, there are new reports that claim that Linds was involved in a hit and run with a nanny and a baby stroller! Says a source, "Lindsay made a turn without looking both ways and ran into a woman pushing a toddler in a stroller across the street. It wasn't super hard, but she made impact and hit them. Lindsay pulled to the right, stopped for two seconds, and then just kept going. The woman was shaken but didn't seem seriously hurt. The child was crying." Lindsay's rep claims the story is false, and no claims have been filed with the police. I wonder how this story will progress?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 26 2010 in Santa Monica, CA. Well look who we have here! Here's a familiar face who we haven't seen in quite some time. A post jail and rehab Lindsay Lohan was photographed earlier today, August 26, in Santa Monica and appeared to be in quite good spirits - but then again, who wouldn't be when they're toting a big gorgeous black Birkin? For her outfit, LiLo tucked a white tank (try Son of John's The Surfer Tank in White) into a high waisted black skirt (very similar to Boulee's High-Waisted Tulip Skirt in Black) and slipped into a pair of black lace up heels. Accessory wise, Lohan wore a pair of black sunnies along with a pair of silver hoops (get some extra sparkle with Michele Michel Jewelry's Swarovski Hoops in Silver) and a bevy of bangles (get the look with Circadian Studios' Silver and Oxidized Bangles Set). What are your thoughts of Lohan's look for one of her first public outings since her much-publicized jailing? On the professional side of LL's life (and yes, this does exist), her next project Machete is finally being released. While Lohan didn't walk the carpet at the premiere, director Robert Rodriguez is singing the troubled starlet's praises. He says, "She's awesome in the movie. That's what they'll see: the actress behind all that paparazzi nonsense that follows her and won't leave her alone. They'll get to see her and say, 'Oh, that's why we follow her around.'" I wonder if this film will be the thing that makes people see Lindsay as an actress once more, instead of just a paparazzi target and perennial hot mess?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 30 2010 in Hollywood, CA. Always one to make news wherever she goes, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving a showing of Eclipse at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood on June 30, once again wearing her favorite denim and leather Alexander Wang jacket. For a jacket that's similar, take a look at BB Dakota's Angel 3/4 Sleeve Jacket in Navy. For the rest of her look, Lindsay wore a slouchy white tank (very similar to Wilt's Hi Lo Tank in White) over a pair of patterned tights and with a SCRAM bracelet approved pair of black boots. Linds then accessorized with an orange leather bag (try Linea Pelle Collection's Dylan Messenger in Zucca), a few necklaces, and a large chain link bracelet (check out Queen Baby by King Baby Studio's Large Oval Link Bracelet with Heart in Silver). We've seen a lot worse from LiLo, I'd say this outfit is pretty standard for her. What are your thoughts, readers? As I touched on before, it seems like Lindsay's life is like one big tornado of drama, and the night before her birthday at Voyeur in West Hollywood was no exception. Lindsay tweeted "A waitress just hit me - punched me for no reason." Ohh, I'm sure there was a reason. Turns out the waitress, Jasmine Waltz, gave Linds a taste of her fist because she was jealous that Lindsay was canoodling with her ex boyfriend Danny Cipriani. However, Jasmine is denying the whole thing ever went down, and told Access Hollywood: "All I have to say is that disturbed little train wreck is delusional. I didn't hit her, but I'd like to." Geez! I wonder if her denial has anything to do with the fact that the honchos at Voyeur are debating whether or not to fire her. I'd say keep her on, she's bringing tons of free publicity to your nightclub!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 12 2010 in Hollywood, CA. Amidst a sea of personal troubles, Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Bardot Nightclub in Hollywood on June 12 - and seriously, does she really need to be going to the clubs given her current precarious legal situation? Either way, let's start by focusing on the fashion. For her night out, Lindsay chose a floral dress (try either Walter's Retro Floral Dress in Black/Multi or Shumaq's Isa Dress in Black) that she paired with black tights and tall brown boots (for a similar but flat pair, check out Farylrobin's Felicia Flat Boot in Bordo) to hide her SCRAM bracelet. Lindsay completed her look with a gold ring, red lips, and an orange leather bag (similar to Linea Pelle Collection's Dylan Messenger Bag in Zucca). She looks pretty good in the photo on the left, and if these were taken after her night out, I'd say she still seems pretty fresh. Regarding all of the legal hooplah currently surrounding the troubled starlet, I'm not sure whether or not Lindsay's decided that it's time to change her life around. Although there was that debacle with the SCRAM bracelet detecting amounts of alcohol, Linds still claims she's clean and her mom (AKA number one enabler) Dina claims the SCRAM went off because someone spilled alcohol on it at a MTV Movie Awards after-party. Shouldn't Lindsay be avoiding these situations that involve alcohol in the first place? What are your thoughts, readers? While it's unclear whether or not Lindsay plans to give up alcohol anytime soon, one thing she's definitely not giving up is Twitter! She's a Twitter fiend. She recently tweeted: "Can’t paparazzi just disappear for one night? Just so I don’t have severe anxiety? Its like, one night off- like work days and weekends!!!! I’m rambling now...but if not that - arrest them LAPD for their wreckless [sic] driving and running stop signs & lights for once!" Oh, Lindsay. I wonder what's next for her?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 05 2010 in Paris, France. Everyone's favorite mess, Lindsay Lohan, was actually looking much less of a mess than usual as she attended the VIP Room Theater in Paris, France last night, March 5, partaking in the Paris Fashion Week activities. Dressed to the nines, Lindsay chose a leopard print fur coat (hopefully faux!) over a metallic gold mini dress for the evening. To get her look, start with Voom by Joy Han's Metallic Mini Dress in Bronze, or express some of your animal instincts with Sue Wong's Cheetah Print Beaded Dress in Gold or Moschino Cheap and Chic's Silk Leopard Tie Dress in Brown. Lindsay finished off her look with a pair of sparkly earrings, black YSL platforms (for a similar pair that are a bit less sky-scraping, try Coye Nokes' Jacqueline Pump in Black Croco), and her straightened jet black locks. What are your thoughts on LL's look here, everyone - is this a step up from her normal appearances? It still just boggles my mind though that this girl can't EVER get the self tanning situation under control. Check out her streaky legs! Eep. Recent reports have linked Linds to a famous DJ, and I'm not talking about Sam Ronson. Allegedly, LiLo has been getting up close and personal with DJ Gareth Geno, and a source said that the two were "spotted getting cozy in St. Barth. The two were also seen canoodling at Sketch nightclub in London on Wednesday night." However, Linds is saying that these reports are all LIES! She said, "Nooo I am not dating him. He’s a friend, jeez. Lies lies lies!" I guess there you have it?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 14 2010 in London, England. A newly raven haired Lindsay Lohan was spotted heading out of her London hotel yesterday, February 14, giving a sly smirk for the paparazzi. I feel like Lindsay has a new hair color ever week! From blonde to brown to red to black, I can't keep up! I will say though that I like this darker shade on LL. For her 'fit, she chose a black motorcycle jacket with fringed sleeves (for a lightweight version, try Splendid's Jersey Zip Jacket in Black) over a gauzy white blouse (similar to Ella Moss' Melody Top in White), that she then paired with black leggings with knee pad detail (I'm assuming Linds is wearing a pair from her 6126 leggings line, but for a basic pair try James Perse's Standard Legging in Black) and studded Fendi lace-up boots. If you're looking for a way to incorporate fringe into your wardrobe, I'd suggest Linea Pelle Collection's Vanessa Cross Body Clutch in Dark Chestnut - it will pretty much go with every outfit. What are your thoughts on LL's look here - is it a little too macabre for your liking? In recent Lohan news, she was set to be the guest of honor at the recent Opera Ball in Austria after being personally chosen by millionaire Richard Lugner, however Linds was a no show because she was late boarding her private jet. And the reason? She was too busy shopping. Seriously? Get your priorities in order, girl! Allegedly, Lohan was two hours late boarding her plane, and did not have enough on her credit card to pay the $22,000 fee for delaying the flight from Los Angeles. Can Lindsay do anything right these days?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 02 2010 in Gustavia, St. Barts. Lindsay Lohan was spotted living the good life as she vacationed in Gustavia, St. Barts on January 2, jetskiing, soaking up the sun on a yacht, and (of course) strolling around town in nothing more than a bikini and high heels. Classic Lohan. She started with a black bikini (try Marysia Charleston Swimwear's Adjustable Bandeau Bikini in Black) that she wore under a black tank (like T by Alexander Wang's Low Back Tank in Black) as she stepped off the yacht, as well as a brightly patterned cover-up (check out Tyler Rose Swimwear's The Corvette Cover-Up in Green for a great, vibrant piece) and her BlackBerry grasped firmly in hand. She accessorized her tropical Caribbean look with tall wedges, a gold studded purse, a tan and black hat and a delicate bracelet on her left wrist (I love Ettika's Gold and Turquoise Wrap Bracelet). What are your thoughts of La Lohan's look here, do you think it's hot or not? And for my next question, would you ever parade around town in your bikini while wearing heels? Lindsay has definitely been Tweeting up a storm lately, and besides promising "LOHAN MAYHEM!!!!!!!!" for the new year, LL has shared her resolutions with the world via her account. First, she Tweeted "To answer everybody’s question...My new years resolution is to stop letting the lucky few that have my heart, try2constantly tear me down." After that post, she said "2010 is about moving forward, not backwards. Leaving the bad (people, habbits, and negative energy behind) time to make changes-right!?!?" Let's hope she takes her own advice!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 23 2009 in New York, NY. Lindsay Lohan was photographed dining with friends at Cipriani in the SoHo area of NYC on December 23, munching on a pasta dish before taking a smoke break outside, where she was also spotted texting away furiously. Love to see Lohan getting some carbs! On a side bar, is it just me, or have LiLo's lips gotten even plumper since the last time we saw her? Is that even possible? Trout pout aside, Linds stuck to basic black for her ensemble, pairing a long t-shirt (like P.G.D. Style's Pleated Tunic in Black) under a black leather motorcycle jacket (try Genetic Denim's The Fonda Motorcycle Jacket in Black Mirror) and (hopefully faux) fur wrap. She finished off her look with a Gucci tote, shimmery black tights, studded heels, and a dainty silver necklace and ring (check out Lois Hill's Fleur De Lis Station Necklace in Silver and Adina Reyter's Circular Stackable Ring in Sterling Silver). What do you think of LL's overall look, though? Is she looking better to you, or does she still have that semi-crazy/lost look in her eyes? While it may seem like Lindsay is reportedly romantically linked to someone new every day, it actually is kind of true. Recent rumors reported that Lindsay was getting frisky with Leonard DiCaprio, however, Lindsay was fast to clear this one up. She took to her Twitter to report: "I’m not dating my friend lol, people are nutso, and its not a way to start of the new year with rumors!" I think it's safe to say that no matter what, Lindsay will definitely see her fair share of rumors in the New Year. What are your predictions for her in 2010 - do you think she'll finally get her life back on track?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 31 2009 in El Jadida, Morocco. While Lindsay Lohan still looks pretty out of it (and I'm not even going to get into her seriously overly inflated pout), she looked 100 times better than she did when spotted at the grand opening of Quo Nightclub in NYC recently when she made an appearance on Halloween, October 31, at the grand opening night of the Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort in El Jadida, Morocco. First Mischa in the sighting below, now Lindsay - are Hollywood's most notorious messes slowly but surely pulling themselves together? For her Moroccan appearance, LiLo chose an asymmetrical, flowy patterned dress (for similar dress options, take your pick between Young Fabulous & Broke's Natalie Dress in Green, Meghan Fabulous' Nelly Dress in Pearl, and Soul Revival's Desiree Dress in White) with peeptoe brown suede ankle booties, a few simple bangles and a sparkly beaded clutch (try Moyna Handbags' Exquisite Beaded Clutch in Ivory/Silver). What are your thoughts everyone - do you think Linds is an improvement here? While Lindsay arrived in Morocco just recently, she has already had the scare of her life. She took to her Twitter account to tell the tale of her harrowing escape from a (phony) gunman. Say's LL, "Umm-OMFG! I was walking ahead of Patrick with the security guard&some guy was following me, then pulled up in his car&pointed a GUN at me! I Was on the phone w/my mum&i screamed and ducked&the guy started laughing&pushed the trigger&it was a fake gun..I was crying..he scared me :(" How terrifying!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 23 2009 in New York, NY. Lindsay Lohan was spotted looking a bit out of it while fulfilling her appearance duties at the grand opening of Quo Nightclub in NYC on October 23, but let's be real, I am quite surprised that clubs would even want to be associated with Lindsay given her current messy state. With her platinum locks straightened and a glazed look in her eyes, Linds paired a unique jacket with a white cami (try Tt Collection's Kate Cami in Cream), a pair of black leggings (similar to Joe's Jeans' Side Seam Leggings in Black) and an oversized waist belt (check out Rough Roses' Contour Waist Belt in Black). LL finished her look with a black manicure and a pair of knee-high black boots (check out Farylrobin's Harlow Knee High Boot in Black). What do you think, readers - am I being a bit too hard on LiLo, or do you agree with me that she looks a mess? While it may seem like things can't get any worse for the troubled starlet, it is being reported that Lindsay's record label, Casablanca Records, have dropped her from their roster. Eep. This, in addition to the fact that her gig with design house Ungaro was unpaid. Say what? Page Six is reporting that Linds didn't receive a penny for her work with the label, and not only that, but she also paid for her own flight and hotel while in Paris! Yikes, oh Lindsay - what's next?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 19 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Everyone's favorite mess, Lindsay Lohan, was spotted doing what she does best - partying on the town - on Saturday night, September 19, in LA. For her night out, Lindsay hit up Boa with little sis Ali and a few pals, and then dropped Ali off at around 12:30AM before heading to the Sunset Marquis, and then stopping by Largo in West Hollywood at around 1:30AM and leaving at 2:15AM. Okay we get it, you're not a homebody, but don't you readers think that Linds would be tired of the constant partying lifestyle by now? Seriously! For her outfit, Linds started with a pair of micro mini black shorts (try Rails' classier high waisted Mila Short in Black) that she paired with a black long sleeve tee (like P.G.D. Style's Basic Longsleeve Tee in Black), a patterned pink scarf (check out A Graves' Colt 45 Scarf in Pink) and a pair of diamond stud earrings. Lohan completed her look with a pair of knee high lace up boots (these are almost a closed-toe, knee-high version of Rihanna's booties in the entry below!), a cuff (I love Accessories & Beyond's similar Braided Magnetic Cuff Bracelet in White/Silver), and (of course) a look of smug discontent on her face. What are your thoughts - do any of you out there like LL's look? So it seems that LiLo and ladyfriend Samantha Ronson are definitely on the outs, as Linds took to her official Twitter account last night and let the world know her current feelings about SamRo. Her first post, "Nice to see @samantharonson has found a 90210 rather than being a loyal," was quickly followed by "Nice to see @samantharonson has found a party rather than being honest." Basically, Linds is calling Samantha disloyal and dishonest - I wonder what's going on with these two? Then again, I'd probably be more surprised if something wasn't going on, as it seems to me that Lindsay thrives off of drama in her life.


Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 27 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Always up for a night on the town, Lindsay Lohan was caught leaving Bardot nightclub in Hollywood looking like a worse-for-wear wasted hagatha last night, August 27, still flaunting her pin-thin frame. For her outfit (if you can call it that), LiLo started with a cropped button-down (for a more classic look, try Tracy Reese's Stripe Pintucked Shirt in Lemon) under a multi-colored beaded and embellished jacket, that she then paired with (shocking) black leggings (like Splendid's Long Leggings in Black) and black stilettos with cutout detailing. Lohan completed her look with a few rings (check out Femme Metale Jewelry's Love Ring in Sterling Silver - Lindsay could definitely use a little extra love right now), a black shoulder bag (try Carla Mancini's Double Handle Bag in Black), and her recently mega-plumped lips. Is it just me, or don't you think that Lindsay should be tired of going out by now? She's been at it for what feels like forever, and it really is just the same thing night after night in Hollywood. But then again, Lindsay definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer. In other Linds news, it seems that she may be following in the footsteps of her mom and little sister and getting her own reality show. Great, just what we need - more footage of Lindsay being a mess! Allegedly, the man responsible for Britney Spears' comeback, Larry Rudolph, will be helping LL on this project, which will "follow the ups and downs in her crazy life as she struggles to make an acting comeback." What do you think, readers... do any of you care? Or is Lindsay just a lost cause at this point?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 10 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted terrorizing Melrose on August 10, going for a lighter look to match her recently dyed platinum tresses. LiLo started with Siwy's popular Hannah Jean in Snowstorm, which former-Lohan rival back in the day, Hilary Duff, was spotted wearing here on the set of "Gossip Girl," and paired them with a floral white tank (check out Ella Moss' Strawberry Field Top in Artichoke) and metallic silver ballet flats. She completed her look with a long silver necklace (similar to Rachel Leigh Jewelry's Mini-Estelle is Getting Married Necklace in Silver), a dusty rose bag (try Foley + Corinna's City Clutch in Gold), and a can of Coke - because we all know Linds loves her Coke! What are your thoughts on LL's look here - can you believe she still looks so skinny even when wearing all white? Eep! In other Lohan news (because you know the Lohan rumor mill is always spinning out of control), new reports claim that on-again off-again lover Samantha Ronson tried to stage an intervention for Lindsay, as she was concerned with the pin-thin starlets health. When confronting Lindsay about her drug abuse, the two apparently decided that they would attend counseling together to discuss the topic in more depth. No way Jose, says La Lohan. She told that this story was "weird" and "incorrect" - so I guess it's safe to say that rumors that Lindsay will get a handle on her "rumored" drug habit are also incorrect?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 30 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was photographed with her on-again off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson, heading into a 7-Eleven store to grab a Big Gulp, in Los Angeles yesterday, July 30, sporting freshly dyed platinum locks. The word is that LL went back to blonde for a role, and as much as I know that everyone seems to love Linds' locks the best when they are her natural red, I have to say that I actually like the blonde look on her. I think she rocks it! But then again, Lindsay can pretty much pull off any hair color - blonde, red or brown. For her daytime outfit, she started with a pair of destroyed micro mini denim cutoffs (try a pair with a slight bit more coverage, like Stitch's Totem Short in T11 Haze) and a white camisole (like Da-Nang's Silk Cami in White or Joe's Jeans' Mattie Cami in Sea), and paired with a pair of eye-catching brown cutout booties, an armful of colorful bangles (my CoutureCandy picks are Ettika's Triple Stack Multi Color Satin Cord Bracelet and Accessories & Beyond's Braided Magnetic Cuff Bracelet in Silver) and not one but TWO handbags (in purple - like Julie K Handbags' Brie Convertible Bag in Grape - and orange - like Kooba's Blake Shoulder Tote in Orange - respectively). What are your thoughts on LiLo's blinding new locks... do you prefer her as a redhead, or is what they say true - blondes have more fun? You know my vote! While Lindsay's career has not, how shall I say this, been thriving lately, it seems that the tide may just be changing for everyone's favorite freckled starlet. I reported here that Robert Rodriguez was interested in casting Lindsay in his newest film, Machete, and Lindsay's recent Tweets indicate that she may have landed the role. Earlier this afternoon, LL Tweeted, "something was made official today!!!!!!!!!" and then posted a link to the IMDB page for Machete. The film's tagline (via is "Yesterday He Was A Decent Man Living A Decent Life. Now He Is A Brutal Savage Who Must Slaughter To Stay Alive." Sounds intense! What do you think, should Lindsay make it official?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 25 2009 in Malibu, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted out and about over the weekend, on July 25, in Malibu, displaying her wide range of emotions as one minute she was smiling and the next minute she was frowning. For her day's nutritional content, Linds brought a large pizza along with her as she headed into a beach house party, also toting a Redbull in her hand. To get a summery outfit similar to Lindsay's, start with a pair of cutoff jean shorts. Hudson Jeans' Boyfriend Short in El Cortez are a bit longer than Lindsay's micro-mini shorts, and far more comfortable, I would imagine. From there, she paired a white tank (try P.G.D. Style's Fancy Tank in White) with a white leather jacket (similar to Diesel's Lamian Leather Jacket 100 in Cream) and matching bag (Botkier's Sasha Small Duffle in White), and finished off her look with an oversized pair of shades, and slouchy nude leather knee-high boots. Sheesh, I bet Lindsay was burnin' up with all that leather! Honey, you are headed to a beach party, where are your flip flops? While the world uttered a unanimous "duh!" to Lindsay when she passed on Heather Graham's role in The Hangover, it seems that the tide may be turning in LL's career. At Comic-Con recently, director Robert Rodriguez mentioned he is considering Linds for an upcoming part. Of the new project, titled Machete, he said, "I can’t say too much about it. Except that we start shooting in a couple weeks. We would include Lindsay Lohan, Jonah Hill and Robert DeNiro. That is, if they agree to the parts. There are a lot of people we’re sending the script to, big names – but nobody that we’ve signed yet. I can’t say, you’ll have to wait and see. Next week, or maybe the week after, probably while we’re actually shooting." Sign on, Lindsay, sign on!! When someone is specifically asking for you for a role, why wouldn't you agree, especially when that someone is Robert Rodriguez!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 05 2009 in Malibu, CA. Lindsay Lohan was photographed doing what she does best, indulging in some retail therapy, in Malibu yesterday, July 5, before continuing her green streak at a few home stores in Brentwood. For Lindsay's summery look, she started with True Religion's Joey Cut Off Short in Medium Drifter underneath a long, graphic tank (like Lauren Moshi's Peace Girl Swing Tank in White), and paired with a lightweight, breezy scarf (add a dash of subtle color with A Graves' Colt 45 Scarf in Pink), red patent ballet flats, a long chain necklace (check out Kimberly Faith's 48" Patchwork Necklace in Gold and Silver) and more bracelets and bangles than I can count. Criticized for being too thin there for a while, what do you think about Lindsay's frame now. Too skinny? Just right? I'd also love to know what your thoughts are on her 'fit here. While it can't be argued with that Lindsay usually looks a mess, I have to say, I kind of like Linds' rag-tag, messy summer look. Agree, disagree? While Lindsay has jumped on the Twitter bangwagon full speed ahead (check out her account here), she seems to be getting into a bit of hot water over some of her Tweets. Lindsay Twittered to Parisian shopping destination Colette regarding the fact that they are going to start carrying Justin Timberlake's line, William Rast, at their store, which created quite the controversy. Linds said, "I can’t believe you are lowering yourselves to a MACY’S brand- I am speechless. Paris is chic not mid America. Gross." Yikes! When she realized how troublesome this Tweet was, Lindsay replied, "I am sorry for the unnecessary comment-wasn’t meant to be a jab. I have some William Rast & It’s great-was a friends words. And my 6126 leggings are in Macy’s West and they’ve been great to work with." Backpeddle, Lindsay. Backpeddle!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 12 2009 in Southampton, NY. Lindsay Lohan was spotted posing for photographers while looking extremely skinny at The AXE Lounge in Southampton, New York last night, June 12, for only a few minutes before she headed into the lounge and withdrew from the cameras. While Linds has been increasingly criticized lately for her ever-shrinking frame, her outfit choices seem to convey that she is totally proud of her tiny body and loves flaunting it for everyone and anyone to see. What do you think, has Lindsay crossed that line from very skinny to unhealthily skinny? For her outfit choice, LiLo started with a pair of skintight black skinny jeans (like Habitual Jeans' Cinch Skinny Jean in Iso Black Tea) and black leather open-toe bootie sandals, and paired with an ultra-cropped midriff-bearing patterned top (for choices with just a wee bit more coverage, try one of Walter's patterned tops, like the Silk Tank with Banded Waist in Orange or the Tulip Print Detail Front Tank in Pink Multi) and a wristful of silver bangles (try Alex and Ani's Tree of Life Bangle Set in Silver). I will say, though, that I am enjoying her sultry red locks... she just really needs to get rid of like 90% of those extensions. Right? While it's pretty hard to keep up with Lindsay and her on-again off-again relationship with Samantha Ronson, it seems that the galpals may be on-again. Always ready to talk to the press about his daughter, Linds' dad, Michael, is again blabbing about how Lindsay chose to meet up with Sam in London instead of spending time with her family. He says, "At this moment in time I honestly don't know what is going on with Lindsay and Sam. My son spent time with his sister in London and tells me she's controlling herself - she may have gone out and drank a little bit and stuff, but she was in control. She was doing the right thing." I'm sorry, but I don't think that Lindsay should be drinking at ALL. Hello! She's been to rehab more times than I can even count. Michael continues, "I'm happy to see that while she (Lohan) was there (in London), Samantha had her business and Lindsay had her own and there was no turmoil. They were able to be in the same city abroad and there were no problems... Let's see what happens." I feel like no matter where Lindsay goes, turmoil is bound to follow!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 04 2009 in London, UK. Lindsay Lohan has taken her crazy train all the way to London, as she was spotted checking into the Mayfair Hotel on June 4, swarmed by photographers as she did so. For her London look, LL started with a pair of holey blue jeans (like Paige Jeans' Swall Pant in Stardust Destroyed) and paired with a black cami (try Ella Moss' Corsica Tank in Black) and a black cardigan (like Autumn Cashmere's Puff Sleeve Crew Neck Cardigan in Black). Accessory wise, Lindsay is definitely a student of the Paris Hilton & Heidi Montag School of More is More, as she piled on bracelets and bangles galore, donned an oversized pair of black sunnies, and stayed cozy in a slate grey scarf (check out A Graves' Paisley Scarf in Grey). Overall, what are your thoughts on LiLo's look here, do you think she's, to quote Tim Gunn, making it work? While in London, sources are claiming that Linds has been "stalking" ex gal pal Samantha Ronson, as Linds just happened to show up at Bungalow 8, where Sam and her brother Mark were partying. Once Sam saw Linds, she allegedly retreated back to her hotel, where Lindsay then followed her, and spent the night. Sheesh, work on your espionage game Linds! All of these wild night and partying are worrisome for none other than Dr. Drew, who thinks something very bad is going to happen to LL if she continues living this lifestyle. He says, "I'm convinced that she'll get sober one day. But I'm afraid that between now and then, she may get a nearly mortal wound of some type. I'm really convinced that something horrible is going to have to happen to her before she really gets over it and embraces sobriety. She needs to give it up. And it's going to be a while before she does. I have this image that she's going to lose a limb or something before she does. And it scares me." Yikes! Do you agree with Dr. Drew?


Lindsay Lohan seen on May 09 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted indulging in some retail therapy (although in my opinion, she could use some of the real kind) in LA on May 9, first doing some damage at Maxfield, and then heading to Cross Creek in Malibu with little sister Ali. For her shopping 'fit, LL started with a midriff-exposing sheer black top (check out similar options on CoutureCandy, like Smitten's Capsleeve U-Neck Top in Black or Qi's V Underslip in Black) paired with thrashed skinny white denim (choose ProportionofBlu's Lincoln Skinny Jean in Powder) and patent black wedges. Accessory wise, Linds chose a slouchy black shoulder bag (try Julie K Handbags' Jen Shoulder Bag in Black), a silver watch, and a few chunky stone bracelets (Amy DiGregorio's Coolidge Street Bracelet in 14k Gold Filled is similar). What are your thoughts on Linds' outfit here - is this something that you would ever wear? While Lindsay has come under fire a lot lately for her increasingly shrinking frame and her wild antics, her little sister Ali seems to be everywhere that Lindsay is these days. What, no school for little Lohan? A source blabbed to The New York Post, "There seems to be a lack of parental guidance. Dina took Ali out of school and now all she does is hang out with Lindsay — who is back to drinking and partying hard. Ali is now wearing really skimpy outfits, and it’s just sad. No one is in control. Where are children’s services? Where is Dina?" Of course, being the media mongrel that she is, Dina had a response to this, saying, "Ali is in a home-schooling program. She has never been pulled out of school. It’s the same home-schooling program that Lindsay was in since the tenth grade. It’s a wonderful program that many celebrities are enrolled in." First, Ali is not a celebrity. She's a celebrity relative. Second, it's good to hear that this is the same program that Lindsay was in... look how great she turned out!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 21 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted (big surprise) shopping on Melrose in LA with little sister Ali on April 21 and toting along her seemingly everpresent can of Coke. Hey, we all know Linds loves her Coke! In a crocheted white sundress (similar to Cake Couture's Gardenia Racer Back Dress in Ivory) with iridescent nude heels, LiLo grabbed a brown fringed clutch (like Linea Pelle's Janis Fringe Clutch in Vintage Brown) and accessorized with a pair of brown shades and two necklaces- a silver charm necklace (try Maya Brenner Designs' Sparkler Necklace in Sterling Silver) and a brown leather necklace (P.G.D. Style's Faith Necklace in Gold is similar). What do you think of LL's outfit here? One thing is for sure, due to the low cut of the dress and LiLo's famous, ahem, assets, she sure gave the paparazzi quite a view as they snapped away during her shopping spree! While it's hard to keep up with the gossip whirlwind also known as Lindsay's life, it appears that the troubled former-actress may be attempting to reconcile with ex Samantha Ronson. Lindsay was spotted by photogs arriving at Samantha's Beechwood Canyon home yesterday afternoon, and stayed ("pow wowing" according to Perez Hilton) until the evening. Then, Samantha was spotted leaving Lohan's home at 4AM this morning! Seems like these two are just chugging along on the crazy train - I wonder when the insanity will end?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 18 2009 in Las Vegas, NV. Lindsay Lohan's train-to-rehab is lumbering along as LL made an appearance at Melanie Brown and Kelly Monaco’s “Peepshow” production in Las Vegas on April 18, looking slightly out of it in the picture on the left. In a revealing black wrap dress (check out similar options from Ingwa Melero and the Angelina Mini Dress in Black or P.G.D. Style and the Wrap Dress in Black), Linds DEFINITELY could have used the help of a cute bra - saggy boob alert! For her accessories, Lohan slipped into a pair of deep red cutout heels, and wore her favorite Cartier Love bracelet (similar to Christe Martin Jewelry's Love Bangle in Sterling Silver) along with another delicate bangle (try Amy DiGregorio's Weir Village Bracelet in 14k Gold Filled) and a few simple rings. What are your thoughts on LL here - hot or just hot mess? Linds was picked up via private jet by a producer of the show and flown to Vegas, and word on the street is that LiLo is in talks to star in the production not too far down the line. A source says, "People forget that she (Lohan) is a ‘triple threat’ — she can act and sing and dance. She feels that this would really revitalize her career and give her some serious theater cred." Lohan is definitely no stranger to offering others a peepshow - remember her spread in New York Magazine where she posed topless as Marilyn Monroe? Apparently, Lindsay was overheard telling former Spice Girl Mel B. "If they make me an offer, and the money’s right, I’ll do it." What do you think - should Lindsay take on this risque role?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 10 2009 in Hollywood, CA. The Lindsay Lohan crazy train is chugging along at a furious pace, as LL was spotted leaving a private party in the Hollywood Hills late on Friday night, April 10, sporting her newly dyed auburn tresses. In a typical Lohan outfit, Lindsay donned a pair of black leggings (try Tag Jeans' Mulholland Skinny Pant in Black instead) tucked into slouchy black boots, and paired with a white button-down blouse (similar to 3J Workshops' Aliyeh Shirt in As Shown), a black leather jacket (like Gold Hawk's Ruffle Leather Jacket in Moonless Night) and a plain silver watch. This look is definitely normal Lohan style - what do you think? While Lindsanity seems to be on the verge of having a mental breakdown after her VERY public split from Samantha Ronson, a source says that the two still are in communication with one another. They claim, "Sam and Lindsay are speaking, but Sam has begged Lindsay to get help.” The rumors that Sam was going to get a restraining order against LiLo turned out to be untrue, but the source continues, "Lindsay, despite appearances, is insecure and has relied on Samantha and their relationship to build her up. Lindsay barely sleeps, which explains a lot of her behavior. She’s exhausted. She can’t even sit down for a minute without pacing around the room. It’s really sad." I don't know what it's going to take for Lindsay to get help and get a grip, but she definitely needs to do something to get her life in order, and soon. Do any of you CoutureCandy readers have any advice for Linds?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 31 2009 in Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan is really making it too easy for me. We all know Linds loves her Coke, and showed this as she toted along a can with her as she left Samantha Ronson's casa in Hollywood on March 31. Seriously, when is she going to ditch those hagatha, ratty hair extensions? Real hair would look so good on you, girl! For her daytime outfit, LL started with a Signorelli's Omni Peace Tank in Black tucked into a pair of light wash short shorts (try James Jeans' Ian Micro Short in Gangsta). The key piece to Lohan's outfit is a statement-making fringe vest, and if you are feeling fringe this season, try incorporating it into your outfit more subtly with a cool bag, like Carla Mancini's Shoulder Bag with Fringe Rows in Off White or Linea Pelle's Janis Fringe Clutch in Vintage Black, which also comes in 3 other killer shades. Accessory wise, Lindsay chose a classic pair of Ray-Ban aviators along with a silver watch, and finished things off with an interesting pair of cut-out, lace-up flat boots. What are your thought's on La Lohan's outfit - is this something that you would wear? In other Lindsay news, it seems that Linds is being sneaky about using competing self-tanner brands, instead of her own line of tanning products called Sevin Nyne. Allegedly, she's had mobile tanning company Fake Bake come tan her several times over the past few months. A source says, "Lindsay tans on the sly, and will have the van come to the house of her girlfriend [Samantha Ronson] instead of her own for discretionary purposes." Tanning espionage! However, Lindsay's business partner, Kristi Kaylor, defended LL, saying, "Lindsay only uses Sevin Nyne. As well as perfecting the solution with our lab and choosing the scent, Lindsay named the product, art-directed the visual components and has been involved every step of the way. Lindsay also has her own machine and gallons of Sevin Nyne solution that she uses regularly." Gallons of tanner? Talk about a Lindsay paradise!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 26 2009 in London, England. Lindsay Lohan was spotted with (who else?) Samantha Ronson (I mean seriously - does she ever hang out with ANYONE else??) at Heathrow Airport in London, England earlier today, February 26, looking pretty much like the disheveled mess that we're used to. If you're into Lindsay's layered look, start with a great leather jacket (like Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black) over a black top (check out Qi's V Underslip in Black) and a long, white tank (try Signorelli's Faith Braided Tunic in Blush). Next, Linds chose a voluminous, deep maroon scarf (take a look at A Graves' Paisley Scarf in Grey) with opaque tights, tall flat boots (like Matiko Footwear's Scallop Boot in Brown) and a pair of Wayfarer-esque, dual toned shades. What are your thoughts of Lindsay's look here - hot or just hot mess? While there is no question that LL's career is fledgling (come on - she is currently developing her own line of self tanner!), Hollywood heavy-hitter Warren Beatty is said to want Lindsay to star in his newest film... and live under his roof while shooting it. A source says, "Beatty is said to have a script he wants to direct and star in, with La Lohan possibly playing his daughter. Lindsay is said to know this is a chance of a lifetime and a way to re-start her languishing career. But Lohan is a gifted actress with a lot of baggage and reputation for not making it to the set always on time and in one piece." How many chances does this girl need already?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 15 2009 in New York, NY. Lindsay Lohan was spotted working the red carpet of the Matthew Williamson Flagship Store Opening Event in NYC last night, February 15, striking her typical "seductive look-at-me" poses in front of the photogs. Wearing an off the shoulder sequined mini (check out LaROK's Serengeti Tunic in Black Zebra or Smitten's Capsleeve Sequins Dress in Black) with a thin strap purple waist belt (if you love the purple belt look, take a look at Linea Pelle Collection's Suede and Gunmetal Buckle Wide Waist Belt in Violet) and midnight blue stilettos, Linds rocked the blood-red nails and a silver bracelet (like CC Skye's Pave Stud Bracelet in Silver) along with a messy, wavy 'do. Do you like Linds' look here, yay or nay? While Hollywood seems to be increasingly concerned with the weight of its stars, i.e. all the hooplah over J.Simpson's weight gain and now Lindsay getting some heat for her weight loss, Lohan herself is speaking out regarding her weight. She tells Us Weekly that her weight loss is "ot intentional. I eat. I had my Big Mac yesterday from McDonald's. I eat just as much as I always have." Lohan continued, "I've never weighed myself. They've already said everything about me that they can say. And I've never really cared then. I'm my own person, and people can say whatever they want. I'm still going to be the person that I am." What do you think of Lohan response?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 31 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted arriving at LAX with Samantha Ronson after a quick trip to Tampa for the ESPN the Magazine’s NEXT Pre-Super Bowl Party on January 31, doing her usual flat-boots-leggings-leather-jacket look. With her hair casually swept up, LL started with a patent leather jacket (check out Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black) over a sheer navy top and black cami (for a similar, dressier look, check out Walter's Organza and Lace Trim Cami in Navy, or, if you're feeling inspired by LiLo's bright purple bag, LaROK's Grecian Weekend Top in Purple is great), and (shocking) slipped into a pair of black leggings. Accessory wise, Linds picked her favorite Ray Ban aviators, a few delicate silver necklaces (Maya Brenner Designs' Sparkler Necklace in Silver is adorable), and a great purple bag (similar to Carla Mancini's Python Tote with Front Tassel in Purple) with her LV luggage. While this outfit is obviously basic Lohan - what do you think, does it work for her? In related Lindsay news, it seems that before boarding this flight, Ms. Lohan was given the news that first class was overbooked and she would have to be bumped to coach... any guesses what Lindsay did? Why, threw a fit of course! Sources say that LL had a major temper tantrum when she found out this news, telling Samantha, "you’d better come and visit me back there in case I die," referring to her new coach seat. After her huge production was said and done, it seems that LL was able to switch back to first class - I'm sure much to the pleasure of the coach passengers. Hey, I wouldn't want to have to deal with that whiny mess either!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 23 2009 in Soho, New York. Lindsay Lohan was spotted doing some shoe shopping in Soho with her mom Dina and little sister Ali on January 23, and these photos have started quite the stir on the internet. Lindsay Lohan? More like Lindsay Bonehan! Blogs are claiming that her protruding hipbones and skeletal arms and legs are way, way too thin - but what do you think, CoutureCandy readers? Shockingly skeletal or naturally normal? LL kept her outfit simple with a pair of black leggings (if you'd prefer a pair of jeans, check out Hudson Jeans' Alex 5 Pocket Skinny Jean in Black), a racerback tank (similar to Rails' Taylor Tank in Bark) and a basic white long sleeve tank (similar to P.G.D. Style's Basic Longsleeve Tee in White). She then accessorized with black aviators and a gold bangle (check out CC Skye's Triple Cobra Stretch Bangles in Gold), and of course those ratty extensions of hers. Come on, Linds - ditch the gross weave and upgrade your do with an edgy, choppy cut! In other Lohan news, it seems that the troubled starlet might take part in a proposed adaptation of the novel "The Stepsister Scheme." Chronicling the life of a princess and her stepsisers, the story, written by Jim Hines, Lohan is apparently up for the role of Snow White. Says a source, "Talks are already underway, with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox in the reckoning for lead roles. There is a lot of interest in adapting this book, especially off the back of the huge success of Twilight and Harry Potter." What do you think, does this casting sound good to you?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 31 2008 in Miami, FL. After a night out partying with Samantha Ronson in Miami, Lindsay Lohan was spotted enjoying a relaxing day on the beach yesterday, December 31. Spending her New Year's Eve day in the sun, LL flaunted her bikini bod in a black bikini and what seems like a freshly applied coat of spray tan. For similar bikini options for those of you in sunny spots, check out Syla by Sylvie Cachay's Bella Bikini Resort 2009 in Noir, Nina Swimwear's Golden Touch Bikini in Black, or Poko Pano's Giba Bikini in Black, which has similar chain detailing to Lohan's suit. Lindsay also accessorized with a classic pair of Ray Ban aviators, silver stud earrings (check out Rachel Leigh's Estelle Stud Earrings in Silver), and a simple silver bracelet. What do you think of Linday's bikini bod - hot or not? While Lindsay was spending her day at the beach, it seems that one of her littlest fans decided to run up to her and give her a kiss on the cheek. A source says, "The little boy, sporting a pair of Spiderman swimming shorts, delighted the star by the affectionate gesture. Lindsay beamed as the youngster embraced her." I'm sure it's nice when young little fans approach Linds, instead of older creepier ones who might have ulterior motives!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 24 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. A worn-out looking Lindsay Lohan was spotted doing some last minute holiday shopping on Christmas Eve, December 24, at a Diesel store in LA, with (of course) Samantha Ronson in tow. Seriously, does LL ever hang out with anyone else? I mean, usually when two people are dating, they spend most of their time with each other, but not ALL of their time together! What happened to any friends that either of the two had? I guess LL and SR are like Heidi and Spencer in the fact that they've totally ditched everyone else in their life for each other. Sad! But I digress. For Lindsay's outfit, she went with plaid and leather, two very familiar looks for her these days. She started with a ruffled plaid shirt (check out LaROK's adorable Zooey Top in Multi) over a long white tank (like Zoa's Logo Camisole in White), and then picked a black leather bomber jacket (Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black is a great wardrobe staple). Down below, LL of course chose black leggings (for an alternative to black, check out Zoa's Logo Long Leggings in White) with a rockin' pair of knee-high flat boots, and finished things off with an enviable Chanel tote. While this outfit is completely typical LiLo, she definitely makes it work. And it's also good to see that she fixed that hair extension that was trying to run away from the most recent entry! While there's no question that Linds looks a little (okay, a lot) worse for wear here, it might be due to rumors that she and SamRon had a massive fight the night before. According to TMZ, it all went down the night before at Sam's home, when a source says Lindsay and Sam "were going at it for a long time, but it reached a crescendo at around 4:00AM after one of them screamed at the other, ‘You never say you love me.’" The source went on to say, "The screaming continued and neighbors heard a glass break. Sam then screamed, ‘If you’re gonna break things get out of my house.’ One neighbor described the conversation as ‘wailing, with lots of obscenities.’” Eesh, these two are always love or hate!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 17 2008 in Hollywood, CA. It wouldn't be a night out in Hollywood without Lindsay Lohan wearing leggings, leather, and giving off the ultimate pissed-off-face to the paps. And December 17 was no exception. As LiLo headed out of Bardot with Samantha in tow, she definitely gave some nonverbal cues that she did NOT want to be messed with. And is one of her extensions falling out? It looks like it's trying to escape! For a similar 'fit, start with a pair of leggings (Lindsay's are striped and sheer, Zoa Ltd's Logo Long Leggings in Brown are a pretty chocolate color perfect for holiday parties) and pair with boots (hers are the celebrity-favorite studded Loubs) and a leather jacket (check out Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black). Next up, grab a sheer tee (like Qi's Crew Underslip in Bracken) and a silver ring (check out Michele Michel Jewelry's Adjustable Rose Ring in Silver and you'll be set. Just don't forget the scowl! While Lindsay's crazy stalker is now in custody, Entertainmentwise readers named LiLo the Worst Dressed Celebrity for 2008! Seems like this definitely wasn't Lohan's week. There is also some word on the street that Linds is trying to nab a part in one of the upcoming Twilight sequels, but I don't think she should hold her breath. Just saying!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 25 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday, November 25, heading out of an appointment with her psychiatrist, followed by a little bit of retail therapy at Balenciaga right after. In a typical LiLo outfit, she started with a black leather jacket (similar to Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black) over a gauzy white tee (check out Qi's luxuriously simple V Underslip in Antique White), finished off with (what else) black leggings (like Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir), over-the-knee leather boots, black Wayfarers, and a simple silver band ring (Christie Martin Jewelry's Sterling Silver Band Ring is customizable and can have a personalized stamp upon ordering). She was making her typical "annoyed-at-the-paparazzi" faces, when she should be smiling, because the paparazzi are basically the only reason people are still talking about her! My one question here, however, is the classic one: are we sure that is water in her watter bottle? Ever since the security video leaked of Lindsay sneakily mixing a vodka and Red Bull drink at one of her girlfriend Samantha Ronson's club appearances a few months back in Washington, everyone is wondering if Lindsay has indeed fallen off the wagon (yet again). What are your thoughts- can Lindsay ever turn it around?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 18 2008 in London, England. Lindsay Lohan, fresh from her PETA-induced flour bombing, was spotted looking pretty miserable in London last night, November 18, after an alleged fight with girlfriend Samantha Ronson. For a look similar to LiLo's, start with a striking cobalt top (similar to Walter's Silk Jersey Sexy Bead Trim Top in Cobalt) and (shocking) black leggings, like Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir. Linds then slipped into a pair of matching suede Louboutin booties, and finished off her look with a houndstooth leather jacket (I like the edgy simplicity of Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black much better) and a black Chanel purse. I must say- this is one of the least awful outfits I've seen Lohan in a quite awhile, but then again, that's not saying much lately. Allegedly, reports are circulating that Lindsay was flirting with her old flame, Callum Best, at a club, and even started dancing with him- which drove SamRon into a jealous frenzy. Sam and Linds then stormed out of the club togetehr, and, a source says, "It was quite clear something was up. Lindsay had tears in her eyes as she left." What do you think- are Lindsay and Sam en route to a breakup?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 28 2008 in New York, NY. Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving her New York City hotel with galpal Samantha Ronson on October 28, for one of Sam's DJ gigs at Citrine nightclub. Going for the '90s grunge look, LiLo started with a pair of black lace up Doc Martin boots, a tight black minidress (like Lotta Stensson's Shirred Mini Tube Dress in Black), and black tights. Next up, Linds threw on a blue button down (check out LaROK's Check Me Out Shirt in Lucy Blue) and black coat (similar to Elizabeth Gillett Ltd's Claudette Tie Front Jacket in Black), and finished her look off with a skull and crossbones pin and her BlackBerry. Not really feelin' this look on Linds, what are your thoughts? It kind of just looks like she scrounged around at the bottom of her closet and this is what she came up with. In other Lindsay news, it seems like Lindsay (and her friends) are hesitant to call her a lesbian. Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is speaking out about his good friend Lindsay, saying, "I care about Lindsay… she’s not gay. She’s being controlled by this like, who I think is a wretched woman, this Samantha Ronson." Joe also thinks that Samantha might be jealous of him, saying, "I just had this whole conflict with Samantha Ronson the other day, where she’s very jealous. Samantha tried to start a fight with me." What are your thoughts- do you think Lindsay is being controlled by the jealous Samantha? Or is Joe just full of it (and himself)?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 11 2008 in Brooklyn, NY. Lindsay Lohan was spotted on the purple carpet of Diesel Jeans' 30th Anniversary Celebration Event, the xXx Rock & Roll Circus in Brooklyn, NY on October 11. Making her typical mean faces and striking her typical poses, LiLo must have been dying to slip her aching tootsies into a big, fuzzy pair of slippers after donning those sky-high YSL heels all night! For the rest of her look, Lohan paired a black skirt (check out Qi's Tulip Skirt in Black) with a sheer, checkered top and a black leather jacket (Gold Hawk's Ruffle Leather Jacket in Moonless Night is a fantastic cropped version). Accessory wise, LL kept the jewelry simple with a few dainty diamond necklaces and a funky bracelet (take a look at Accessories & Beyond's Braided Leather Bracelet in Black). I'm sorry but is it wrong that when Linds took her jacket off, that her brastrap is really bugging me?? Seriously. In the Lohan gossip mill, it seems that rumors are circulating that Lindsay might be dressing up as Sarah Palin for Halloween. Eesh! For the costume, Lohan will get all decked out in glasses, a red suit, and of course, ample cleavage. And it doesn't seem like in this case, imitation is the best form of flattery. Lohan recently went on an anti-Palin rant on her Myspace blog, saying, "Palin is a narrow-minded, media-obsessed homophobe." So much for the old motto "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"


Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 18 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted back in LA with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson last night, September 18, looking totally mad for plaid and sporting a pair of serious grunge boots. For a similar look, check out 3J Workshop's San Simeon Shirt in Pink and pair with black leggings (like Laura Dahl's Fancy Dancers Leggings in Noir) and a black bag. I have to say, Lindsay's hair is at least looking good! In other Lohan news, it seems that Linds is set to be a guest judge on hit series "Project Runway," during the show's premiere on the Lifetime network. The tentative date is January 20, 2009, and LL will join a long list of celebrities to sit in the guest judge's chair, like Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker. What do you think about this decision- have Lindsay's sub-par fashion choices lately lessened her right to be a fashion critic?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 07 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan hit up the red carpet of the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards held at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood last night, September 7, doing her best over-the-shoulder vampy-pout for the throngs of photographers. Why exactly she chose a VMA dress with butt zippers I do not know, but if you like the style of LL's frock, check out Amberlynn's very similar Midnight Maiden Dress in Plum or Ziji's Tea Party Dress in Blue. Later, during the show, she switched into a menswear-inspired backless tuxedo shirt and black pants, a nod to her girlfriend Samantha Ronson's affinity for menswear, perhaps? Either way, I really wasn't feeling either of Lohan's outfits last night. In other LiLo news, it seems that she turned down a recent offer from Playboy to pose for the magazine per Hugh Hefner's request. Save your pennies, Playboy... we've all sent it already in LL's Marilyn Monroe spread in New York Magazine! Instead, there are rumors swirling that Lohan has her heart set on having a child with lover Ronson, as sources say that "Lindsay's been having deep discussions about a baby [with Sam]. She wants a natural birth and has spoken to Sam about getting one of her ex-boyfriend's to help out. They don't want to adopt." That's why it's good to stay friends with the ex- they make great sperm donors!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 15 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted shopping with (who else) her girl Samantha Ronson in Los Angeles on August 15, hitting up stores such as Fred Segal and Dior. Wearing a casual ruffle tank (check out Ella Moss' Twila Front Ruffle Tank in Ash or Zoa's Polka Dot Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse in Silver) with loose-fitting bootcut denim (like Hudson Jeans' Signature Bootcut Jean in Joplin), LiLo accessorized with black Wayfarers and a silver cuff (similar to Michele Michel Jewelry's Hammered Cuff in Silver)... however I'm not too sure about those fringe flip flops! I am glad to see that LL is returning slowly to her natural shade of red, anything but that bleached out blonde! For those of you who think that SamRo is LL's first lesbian love, you better think again. It seems that former Lohan lover Courtenay Semel (that SPELLING! ugh) is coming forward about being Lohan's REAL first female love. She says, "Everyone thinks Samantha is Lindsay's first lesbian love, but we were very passionate until her fear of being found out drove us apart. At the time she was terrified her career would be over if she revealed her sexual tendencies. But then Samantha came on to the scene and I was dropped." Very interesting- thoughts?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 07 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted hand-in-hand with rumored girlfriend Samantha Ronson at a birthday bash at Matsuhisa (complete with baloons and an ice cream truck) in Los Angeles on August 7, that LL planned out for Sam to the tee. Wearing a sequined green dress (check out similar frocks, like Karina Grimaldi's Karoline Halter Mini Dress in Kelly Green, and Gold Hawk's Tribal Queen Dress in Nile Green) with metallic heels, Lohan accessorized with a thick silver bangle (like Rachel Leigh's Buckle Bangle in Silver) and a locket (check out Kuo Ting Jewelry's Floral Oval Locket Necklace in Gold). While LL and SR have not officially confirmed that they are a couple, Samantha is speaking out about their status. She says, "I’m not going to talk about Lindsay because she’s my friend, you know? She’s great. She’s also 22 years old. I think people forget that,” she said. “With the Internet the way it is, one second we’re enemies, one second we’re best friends, one second we’re lovers, and then we’re broken up." Lindsay also chimed in, albeit being a little bit more guarded. She said, "I love the Ronsons. They’re close to my [heart] and I respect all the work they do. Samantha and my relationship is a private matter." There you have it. That's all for now, folks!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 31 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted posing at and making a swift exit from Victoria Beckham's Allure Magazine party at Bond St inside the Beverly Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills on July 31. I can barely remember the last time I've seen LL in a dress at an event, I've gotten so used to her wearing grungy rock tees and skinny jeans everywhere... hey, they say that when people are in relationships they start to resemble their significant other! For Linds' look, she started with a LBD (Zoa's Halter Brick Dress in Black has an interesting pattern, and Lotta Stensson's Shirred Mini Tube Dress in Black hugs all the right places) and paired it with a sheer black cardigan (check out Qi's Chiffon Cardigan in Black) and gold YSL heels. Finishing touch? A silver charm necklace, similar to Robyn Rhodes' Michelle Necklace in Sterling Silver. As much as I love me some LL, I do have to say... it's time for a hair extension trade-n-swap! Her current "hair" is looking a bit dull and flat, don't you think? In other Lohan news, News of the World is reporting that Linds and girlfriend Samantha Ronson are planning to wed! A source says, "They've been keeping the relationship quiet for months and trying to pass each other off as 'just good friends.' But they've decided it isn't a fling, it's for life— so they want to make their romance public." If indeed this is true (remember the "source" here, people), do you think that Linds and Sam will beat Ellen and Portia to the altar?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 28 2008 in Soho, NY. We haven't seen much of former CoutureCandy regular Lindsay Lohan in a while, so here are some candids of LL shopping in Soho with girlfriend Samantha Ronson on July 28. I must say, though, that ever since she started dating Samantha, her style has seriously taken a turn for the BLAH. I remember the Lohan who once wore funky patterned dresses and who's everyday street style was envied by many-a-fashionista, and now... not so much. Not that her style is bad or anything now, I just am holding onto memories of outfits past. For her day of shopping and lunching in NYC with Samantha, Linds chose a black cardigan with sheer detail (similar to Qi's Chiffon Cardigan in Black) with a white cami (check out Rails' Justine Top in White) tucked into a pair of high-waisted dark denim shorts (like James Jeans' Ian Micro Short in Kelp). Accessory wise, Lohan kept it minimal with a black headband and matching Wayfarers, along with pearl earrings (similar to Kuo Ting Jewelry's Indian Pearl Earrings in Brass) and a delicate gold necklace. Thoughts on the outfit? Pretty basic and underwhelming if you ask me. While Lindsay is currently working on another album, the word has spread that UK hitmaker Sam Sparro (currently making waves in the US for his hit "Black and Gold") is helping pen some tracks for Lohan's new album. Sam says, "Working with Lindsay is an interesting proposition. I've always been a big fan and I think she's cool. I've never met Sam Ronson but I have met her dad and her sister Charlotte when I was working with Mark at Coachella. They are a great family. I'll be heading over to LA and New York in a couple of weeks to start writing for Lindsay and a few other artists. I'm really excited." What do you think- can Sam help take Lindsay's disc to the next level, or is it a lost cause?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 16 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. We haven't seen much of good old Lindsay Lohan at CoutureCandy lately, seeing as though most of her outfits as of late have been less than stylishly desirable. But for her comeback to the site, Linds was spotted doing some shoe shopping in LA on June 16 during a break from filming her upcoming project, Labor Pains. It's a good thing LL was wearing sunglasses while looking down at that thigh of hers because, WOW, is that thing pale! It's funny that Linds is either blindingly white or blindingly orange. LiLo is definitely on a quest to find that happy medium. Sporting a casual tank (check out Rails' Taylor Tank in Bark) tucked into a pair of high waisted dark denim shorts (like 7 for All Mankind's Jackie Short in LA Dark), Linds also rocked a pair of flat boots (which I believe she eventually bought) and a pair of dangle hoops (I love the vibrant stones in Kuo Ting Jewelry's Blue Quartz Hoop Earrings in Vermeil). While we all know that agreeing to let LL take part in a movie/television project is a risky wager considering how expensive it is to insure her, producer of her new movie, Lati Grobman, spoke out to People, saying "We were a little bit reluctant to work with her. But she's been amazing. The difference between her and the other girls that are naughty in the business is that she's actually talented. It's not [like] Paris Hilton and the rest of them. We took the chance. It's good that we did. So far, so good." Let's keep it that way, Linds!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 01 2008 in Hollywood, CA. I have to say, Lindsay Lohan looked absolutely flawless last night, June 1, at the MTV Movie Awards, in which she worked her sultry HBIC face (as I like to call it) in the photo on the right. Wearing a tiny purple mini (check out Tricia Fix's Kirsten Mini Dress in Purple for similarly sexy little number) with a high-waist patent belt (like Jack Rabbit Collection's Patent Leather Breathless Belt in Black) and back peeptoe stilettos, Lindsay definitely struck her trademark poses. While LL had a little bit of controversy surrounding her hospital visit last week (first her publicist said that she and Sam Ron were just visiting a sick friend, then her mother AKA Orange Oprah said that Linds' visit was due to an asthma attack, telling People Magazine, "If you were sick, and your mother couldn't even take you to a hospital because paparazzi will fabricate some story, you know, it's sad. It's really sad."), it seems that now LiLo is canceling her big birthday bash. Not a bad idea for someone who's been to rehab three times! A small dinner party with close friends and family (well, maybe not family in Lohan's case...) sounds much more appropriate, don't you think?


Lindsay Lohan seen on May 25 2008 in Cannes, France. Lindsay Lohan was snapped by paparazzi frolicking poolside at the Eden Roc Hotel during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on May 25. As she caught some rays, LL donned a woven cowboy hat, along with a pair of aviators (check out JeeVice Optics' Crybaby II Sunglasses in Gold) and a simple black bandeau bikini (like Kushcush's Mandy Bandeau Bikini in Midnight). While I'm sure most of you have either seen or heard of the pics that have now surfaced of Lohan and "girlfriend" DJ Samantha Ronson snuggling and possibly kissing taken on P.Diddy's yacht, and now LL's publicist is working overtime to once again squash the rumors that the two girls are more than just friends. Her rep says, "They are close friends." Thanks for clearing that one up! Maybe that will explain why Linds was wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger when she showed up to the Dolce & Gabanna party in Cannes? Do I hear wedding bells??


Lindsay Lohan seen on May 17 2008 in Malibu, CA. Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson (take that however you want) were spotted dining at Taverna Tony's in Malibu on May 17, and I do have to say, Linds is looking fresh-faced (for her!). Wearing (what else) a pair of black leggings (check out the embellishment on Laura Dahl's Fancy Dancer Leggings in Noir) with a button-up shirt (Woo's Button Up Blouse in Sand Dune has a floral pattern that is perfect for Spring) and black ballet flats, LL accessorized with black Wayfarers and a bronze bag (like Lesa Wallace Handbags' Naomi Bag in Bronze). While everyone is playing the "are they or aren't they" game about whether LL and SR are dating, Lohan's little sis Ali claims the girls are "just friends." Right and I'm Madonna! In a recent interview, Ali said, "They're best friends. They're just friends. It's pathetic what people say." Right... mm-hmm!!

Fur fiend?

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 02 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Is it just me, or is Lindsay Lohan starting to look almost exactly like she did back in early February (when she was still blonde before dying her hair dark again and before going blonde again?). Even her outfit choices are eerily similar! Take a look at this sighting I posted back from February 2... so similar, right? Linds was spotted here doing some shopping with BFF slash possibly more Samantha Ronson in LA on May 2, sporting a black blazer (like Signorelli's Logo Blazer in Black) over a flirty floral top (take your pick of similarly Springtime-worthy tops, like Tricia Fix's Vanessa Top in Pink and Green Carnation and Plenty by Tracy Reese's Strapless Top in Pastel Flowers). Up next was, of course, Lindsay's treasured and beloved leggings (check out Laura Dahl's Tiny Dancers Leggings in Noir). I wonder what's more of a joke these days... Lindsay and her leggings or Britney and her boots? Those two should join forces and swap for the day! For the ridiculous LL rumor of the day, it seems that Linds is being accused of stealing a fur coat! It seems that Linds attended Stavros Niarchos' birthday with mutual friend Masha Markova, and Masha is claiming that she was sitting next to Lohan and her prized $11g mink that her mother had given her was in between the girls. When Masha was leaving the shindig, she went to get her coat but was horrified to find it missing. She tried contacting the club, but they were of no help; it was only a few weeks later, when she was flipping through the tabloid, when she saw LL rocking her coat! I actually posted a sighting of Lindsay rocking the stolen coat back in January! Masha says, "My lawyers contacted Lohan about the coat and it was returned to her, stinking of cigarettes and booze and with a tiny tear in the lining." Lohan caught red handed! She should know better, though... just because you're Lindsay Lohan doesn't mean you can just go around taking whatever you want!!

Back on the booze train?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 19 2008 in New York, NY. Lindsay Lohan showed up to support friend DJ Samantha Ronson as she spun at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone in NYC on April 19, posing for pictures and seeming to eat up the attention. She even brought out her good old reliable peace sign pose! All in all, I'd say Linds is lookin' pretty good, although she definitely needs to chill out with all those layers of bronzer and dye her hair dark again. Just my two cents. For her outfit, Linds picked a detailed black cami (check out Gold Hawk's Mini Ball Camisole in Moonless Night) to wear with skinny black ankle jeans (like James Jeans' Alex Skinny Crop Jean in Black), patent leather heels and tons of bracelets (Rachel Leigh's Snake Bangle in Gold is similar to the gold snake bangle Lindsay is wearing on her left wrist). There are rumors spreading ferociously across the web that Lindsay has once again fallen off the wagon, this time at this actual Hawaiian Tropic Event on Saturday night. Eyewitnesses claim that while Ronson was spinning tunes, Lindsay was knocking back multiple Grey Goose and Redbull cocktails until leaving the event with Sam at 4:15 AM, looking less than coherent, if you know what I mean. While her rep has not confirmed or denied this rumor, it seems that there are "Lindsay relapses!" gossip items constantly on the web, so I'm not sure if this one actually holds any merit. What do you think though, would you be surprised if this report was true?

the blonde is back

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 29 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan seriously yo-yos between hair color more in a two month period than most people do in a two year period! The starlet was seen sporting newly re-blonded locks as she stepped out in Hollywood on March 29 with pal Samantha Ronson, acting surprisingly shy from the photogs for her night out. Sporting a black leather motorcycle jacket with gold accents and a leopard scarf (for your daily leopard fix, check out Julie K Handbags' Cosmo Leopard Bag), LL's crazy multicolored leopard nails really took the spotlight. For the rest of her look, LL stuck to basics like a black tunic (like Signorelli's V Neck Tunic in Black) over a pair of (what else) cropped leggings (just like Laura Dahl's Tiny Dancers Leggings in Noir). While Linds has signed on to star in Manson Girls, in which she will play Nancy Pitman, a cult follower of Charles Manson who was convicted of several counts of murder back in 1971, it seems that Papa Lohan is not too happy about this new flick. He thinks that Linds should stick to more "mainstream movies", saying, "Some of the movies she has done recently were geared to a specific audience. But when you're the kind of star Lindsay is, you have to appeal to a general audience, not just a specific audience." You hear that, LL? More Herbie Fully Loaded's for you! What do you think, should Lindsay be tackling more challenging roles in edgier flicks, or should she go back to more mainstream roles?

LL's temper tantrum (at Paris' expense)

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 14 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Talk about the best I've seen Lindsay Lohan look in forever! LL showed up to host the Scandinavian Style Mansion event in Beverly Hills last night, March 14, opting for a basic all-black look that accentuated her auburn locks and glowing skin. In a girly LBD (Tricia Fix's Kirsten Satin Mini Dress in Black and Emily Mini Dress in Black are similar), Lindsay was basically dripping in diamonds, from her ring to her numerous chain bracelets and bangles. LL also accessorized with a simple and beautiful gemstone necklace (like Mickey Lynn Designs' Faceted Amethyst Briolette Necklace), a patent leather bag (check out Aaneta's Mala Bag in Black Patent) and her fave patent heels that she's been seen sporting EVERYWHERE lately. The Gossip Girls are reporting that although LiLo was all smiles for photos, allegedly she was livid when she arrived at the event that she was contractually obliged to host and saw frenemy Paris Hilton's name plastered all over the red carpet's backdrop. You see, Paris's new line of handbags was being debuted at the event, much to Lohan's dismay. Supposedly, Linds flew into a major temper tantrum and refused to walk the carpet with PH's name all over it. Well, the conniption obviously paid off, as the background was removed and LL plastered on a smile and posed for photos. What a professional!

lilo's musical influences

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 11 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted struttin' through LAX on March 11, supporting PETA and sending a message by wearing their "no fur" button (yet all the while carrying a patent leather jacket?). If you're digging LL's thrown-together airport chic look, start with a satin headband and throw on a rockin' pair of shades (like JeeVice Optics' Edgy Sunglasses in Black). Next up, slip on some Lohan trademark leggings (nab Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir) with a cool graphic tee (while Lohan's rockin' a vintage Harley tee, Hank Vintage Threads' Fleur de Lis Thermal Tee in Black is killer too) and black jacket (similar to Rails' Nia Tapered Jacket in Black). Presto! As far as her recording career, it seems that Lindsay is set on going the Kylie Minogue slash Rihanna route. Lohan spoke to People Magazine, saying, "I think the past is the past and it should be kept there. It's a new slate for me, and I want to show that in my new record." Also saying that she hopes to tour with the album (wow), LL wants her CD to be full of upbeat, party tracks. So, when Linds' new album drops, are you going to be picking up a copy?

Back on track?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 06 2008 in New York, NY. I think it's safe to say that Lindsay Lohan is officially back on the scene; LL was spotted at a reception for a photography exhibit at Atelier benefiting the American Red Cross last night, March 6, in New York City. Lohan was seen laughing and having fun with bud Samantha Ronson in the DJ booth- let's just hope she's not up to her old weaknesses as well! Wearing a gorgeous silk mini dress (Parameter's Mini Dress in Navy and Block Dress in Multi are similar takes on LiLo's flirty flock) along with black sheer tights and her patent leather Chanel booties, Linds accessorized with silver hoops (like Michele Michel's Hammered Hoops in Silver) and a hilariously fabulous "LL" bling bling ring. Gotta love her! For all of you worried that Lindsay might be letting some of her previous vices get the better of her, it seems that there is no need to fret, at least according to LL. She opens up to People Magazine, saying "My life was distracted by certain things and that got in the way of work. But now I'm back on track and figuring out what's next." What's coming next seems to be her album, as Linds said that "[it's a] dance, hip-hop and R&B album. I'm recording right now [with] Motown and being in the studio again has been really great. It's all coming together." Let's hope Lindsay stays on the up and up!

back and forth

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 03 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted Tuesday, March 3 at nightclub Hyde, after a week of nonstop partying. While Linds helped make the leggings trend hip for the rest of the country, she gave them up for the night and opted for a pair of rich chocolate hued denim (like Serfontaine's Starlight Jean in Chocolate) paired with an off the shoulder Missoni-esque top. On the bottom Lindsay kept it classy with a pair of camel colored heels and accessorized her look with plenty of jewelry, as always. Around the wrists, Lindsay threw on a ton of silver and multicolored charms and chain bracelets (check out Accessories and Beyond Suede and Silver Charms Bracelet in Green) and silver bangles (check out Mickey Lynn Designs' Hammered Bracelet Set in Silver). Lindsay completed her look with a white Louis Vuitton handbag (look at Dutchy Handbags' Small Button Satchel Bag in Bone). After getting back from Milan for fashion week, Lohan has been back to her partying ways at Hollywood's hip spots. Lindsay was first spotted February 27th at new "it" spot Villa. The next night she was spotted at brand new Hollywood supper club and lounge, Foxtail. On Friday, the night after, she was seen leaving Hollywood club Goa. On Saturday, she went back to her old stomping grounds having a drink at Teddy's at the Hotel Roosevelt with actor Chris Evans and pal Patrick Aufdenkamp. The party didn't stop there, on Sunday she made ways to a friend's home to meet up with Teen Vogue editor Carlos Lopez for a private drinking party. She was most recently seen this past Tuesday, March 4 at Hollywood lounge Hyde. Having only been out drinking five days out of the seven in a week, Lindsay has been sucked right back in the Hollywood scene. I hope that Lindsay can regain control before she once again gets out of hand. Her ways are SO back and forth- she needs to find a happy medium!

Magnificent in Milan

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 22 2008 in Milan. Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Milan's Cathedral in Milan on Friday, February 22, strollin' through town with her signature street style. In town for Milan fashion week, Lohan made sure to look chic as always in her sophisticated but contemporary look. Lohan began her look with a knee high pair of black leather boots (similar to Matiko Footwear's Maria Boot in Black) over a pair of skinny black denim jeans (check out Deener's High Waist Cigarette Jean in Tar). On top, Lindsay continued her chic black look with a bomber style leather jacket over a black tee (Rails' Kenna Scoop T in Black is a perfect basic). Lohan accessorized her look with a pair of oversized contemporary black sunglasses (just like JeeVice Optics Edgy in Black) and a patent black leather handbag (check out Lesa Wallace Handbags' Franko Bag in Black). Along for Lindsay's Milan ride was pal Samantha Ronson. Both are escaping the busy Los Angeles Oscar weekend to spend a time hitting up the beauty and fashion of Milan. No word on when Lohan will be back in Los Angeles and her stomping ground party scene. Our guess is that this fashion savvy starlet will continue her fashion stroll by making a stop at next weeks Paris Fashion Week beginning Tuesday, February 26. Maybe with all of this fashion spotting, Lohan will follow other Hollywood starlets by starting her own clothing line. Would you buy a Lindsay Lohan original?

LL's revealing spread

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 19 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted around Beverly Hills on Wednesday, February 19 taking a casual stroll through Los Angeles. And, fear not dear readers, Linds has brought back her leggings! Lindsay began her look on bottom with a pair of, what else, black leggings (just like Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir) under a pair of knee high brown leather boots (like Matiko Footwear's Cin Cin Boot in Brown Leather). On top, Lohan sported an oversized jersey tee and oversized black cardigan (snag a grey style with Woo's Rosie Long Grandpa Cardigan in Heather Grey). Lohan accessorized her look with a vintage style floral clutch and a pair of oversized sunglasses in black (check out JeeVice Optics Crybaby II in Silver). In case you don't already know, LL has gotten a ton of press lately after a much talked about magazine cover, that of Lohan recreating a Marilyn Monroe's infamous last photo shoot in New York Magazine, and buzz stirred (to say the least) of her very revealing shots. Appearing completely nude in the photo spread, Lindsay covered her assets with nothing but a sheer scarf. Parents around the country expressed their dislike of this shoot. Of course, Dina Lohan aka Orange Oprah was just waiting to release a statement about this, and of course did, saying, "She's an artist and is back on her feet and working. She's on the cover of a respected magazine. How can that be a bad career move? It is not!" Whether or not you disapprove or approve of Lindsay's bare assets, it's getting Lohan a lot of press just in time for her upcoming flick Dare to Love Me. You know what they say, there's no such thing as bad press!

new allegations

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 15 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan was seen having lunch at her old haunt, The Ivy, on February 15, entering through the front of course but sneaking out the back in order to escape the growing swarm of paparazzi that accumulated outside. All decked out in an outfit consisting of a flowy tunic with ruffles long the front (check out Gold Hawk's Short Ruffle Tunic in Simply Taupe and in Oyster) , black tights (at least they're not leggings!), a beaded bag, white booties and polarized sunglasses (like JeeVice Optics' Evil Polarized Sunglasses in Black), I have to say that Linds' darker locks still look so much better than her hair before! While the reports that LL has fallen off the wagon just seem to be rolling in lately, a new claim just emerged that Lohan was seen drinking champagne and vodka at a club this past week, after flirting with Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier didn't get her very far. Oh Lindsay, say it isn't so! Do they make those punch cards for rehab, you know, "5 punches and the 6th trip to rehab is free!"

I'm good!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 11 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was seen out and about, doing her usual lunching slash shopping, in Los Angeles on February 11, 2008. Wearing a floaty LBD (check out Gold Hawk's Accordian Dress in Dark Slate) with a semi-tacky python-esque bag, black biker boots, aviators (like JeeVice Optics' The Crybaby II in Brushed Silver) and silver bracelets (NoBeing London's Frozen Rose Bracelet is similar), I love that Linds is flashin' a little smile for the paps (almost as much as I love that LL's leggings spree seems to be over)! While most people seem to have an idea of who they think Lindsay is, Lohan is now speaking out in hopes that she can change people's perception of her as purely a "party girl". She says, "There is so much written about me, there's this cartoon caricature that has manifested itself that doesn't exactly exist. The biggest misconception is probably that I don't have my head in the right place. That, and probably that I'm not a good person. That makes me sad, because actually I am." You tell 'em, Linds! What do you think, though- is LL a good person deep down?

the party train is rolling again

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 08 2008 in Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted Friday, February 8 making her way all over Los Angeles. During the day Lindsay was seen coloring her hair at celebrity hot spot Chris McMillan salon in Beverly Hills. Along for the day of errands was sidekick and BFF Patrick Aufdenkamp. The pair dressed in their usual casual day ensemble, minus the leggings. Lindsay began her look with a pair of camel colored suede ballet flats. On top she had on a summer style dress displaying a wide arrangement of colors and designs, as seen for a second time on Couture Candy! She kept warm with a classic cardigan style button up sweater (just like Autumn Cashmere's Cable Drape Neck Top in Black) and accessorized her look with a rosary faceted chain necklace (check out Mickey Lynn Designs' Faceted Amethyst Briolette ) and a beaded necklace (just like Brian Nagourney Jewelry's Clasp Choker in Black ). Lindsay made sure to block that California sun with a pair of oversized square rimmed sunglasses (similar to JeeVive Optics' Edgy in Black). Lohan completed her look with a red leather handbag (look at Antoinette Lee Designs' Anna Stitch Tote in Cherry). LiLo made sure to show off her new locks that same evening by making her way around town. Lindsay began her night dining at celebrity favorite Il Sole in West Hollywood with friends Jeremy Geffen, Courteney Semel, Patrick Aufdenkamp and Katie Durko. She then moved on over to the People Magazine & Verizon Wireless Grammy Party in Hollywood, where she met up with frenemy Paris Hilton. It didn't end there, Lohan then headed to Hollywood hot spot Teddy's for the Mark Ronson party where she was spotted dancing on the table next to the DJ booth. And who was spotted spinning the tunes that night? Of course Lindsay's friend and rumored old fling Samantha Ronson. Other celebrities also taking over Teddy's were Paris Hilton, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, JC Chasez, Rumer Willis, Dylan McDermott, and Katy Perry. The party finally ended for Lindsay after making her way to Mark Ronson's hotel room after party. You know what they say "after the party, it's the after party, and after the party it's the hotel lobby." Looks like Lindsay just be right back to those old ways of hers. Uh-oh!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 07 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan stepped out at the James Blunt concert on February 7 in Los Angeles, debuting her brand new dark locks that I am in love with! I have been waiting for her to ditch those yellow extensions and head back over to the dark side... thank you Lindsay Lohan for making my wish come true. SUCH an upgrade, don't you think? To the concert, Linds wore a uniquely textured black coat (I have three suggestions for you, check out Walter's Geometric Jacquard Coat in Black, Zoa's Kylie Dress Coat in Black, or LaROK's Jetsetter Max Parka in Black) with pretty much nothing else. La Lohan did however grab onto a white clutch, like E.D.E. Studio's Hudson Clutch in White, and slip her tootsies into a pair of black patent leather heels. And it wouldn't be a day (or night, in this case) in LL's life without having some sort of drama, and the James Blunt concert definitely did not fail to deliver. Allegedly, Linds and frenemy Paris Hilton were both furious when they spotted each other in Blunt's dressing room. A source says, "Paris went backstage after the gig and was disgusted when she saw that Lindsay was already sitting there. They both glared at each other and made sarcastic comments about each other’s clothes and weak flirtation techniques. They were shamelessly competing for his affection and when Paris saw that Lindsay was on the cusp of winning, she told James to make Lindsay leave.” Are they serious? This is like a badly written soap opera... and I love it! What I would give to see Linds and Paris making sarcastic comments about the other's "weak flirtation techniques"; talk about a great reality show!

What was she thinking?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 02 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving dinner at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, CA on February 2 with a few girlfriends, and I have to say I am absolutely fascinated with the facial expressions Linds gives off when simply walking out of a restaurant. Sometimes she's giving off that seductive, sultry, pouty-lipped face of hers, and sometimes (like here) she looks SO intense, like she is shooting laser beams out of her eyes or something! Lohan started her outfit for the night with the one thing she can truly depend on in the world, her black leggings (check out Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir), and also threw on a plaid shirt (love the vibrant color of 3J Workshop's San Simeon Shirt in Pink) with black leather biker boots and a black crocodile bag (similar to Dutchy Handbags' The Clutch in Black). While Lohan has definitely gone through a lot this past year, it seems that she has finally realized what the rest of us have known for quite a while. LL tells Harpar's Bazaar, "When I look back on this last year, it's like, what was I thinking? I've learned so much, though, like learning to live my life a different way... and I wasn't taking the time to feel my feelings," she says. "Being away and going to a place where I could learn about that and take the time with a clear mind to get back on the right track was nice." Linds continues, "I'm still young. I love life. I love music and being around that. I love people, and I'm a very social person. But I also love being home, quiet and normal." I think she just needs to figure out a realistic way to balance the two without going off the deep end. One day at a time, Linds!

Potential new bf alert!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 02 2008 in West Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan was photographed hitting up Toast Bakery Cafe in West Hollywood, CA on February 2, 2008, wearing the most color and pattern we've seen her in in quite a while. Starting her look off with a patterned mini-dress (take a look at ZG by Grimaldi's Bruna Silk Mini in Red Paisley and Plenty by Tracy Reese's Ruffled Shift Dress in Gumdrop Stripes for some similar, interestingly patterned mini dresses), LL accented her look with a matching pair of purple leather boots and a brown leather jacket. Bringing along a black crocodile bag (like Dutchy Handbags' The Clutch in Black), Linds also wore her trusty Ray Ban Wayfarers, proving she's still loving her Wayfies. It seems that Lindsay has been spotted everywhere lately, and might have a new victim, er, man in her life. Reports claim that Jeremy Greene, an aspiring singer-songwriter managed by Joe Simpson, is Lohan's new boyfriend. Spotted with Linds many times during her trip to NYC, he claims that the two are "just friends"... however, he says, "We chilled out together for about an hour, before I left to stay with a friend on Long Island. I’m a gentleman and I’m not just gonna hook up with anyone like that.” He continues with, "Lindsay is a good person who means well, and I love her family dearly. But sometimes she has a habit of losing touch with reality - and I’m not one of those typical guys who have tried to take advantage of her.” Whether he is or he isn't dating Lohan, he is sure talking to a lot of publications in hopes of stretching out his Lindsay-related 15 minutes!

Did linds fall off the wagon?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 28 2008 in New York, NY. Paps caught Lindsay Lohan looking exuberant and fresh (did she finally ditch those awful yellow extensions?)leaving dinner on January 28 in New York City, wearing her typical all-black. In a black, fur-trimmed geometric coat (check out Walter's furless Geometric Jacquard Coat in Black) with black tights, Chanel booties and a black-and-white bag (I'm loving the vibe of Antoinette Lee Designs' Anna Stitch Tote in Bone/Black), Lohan finished off her look with an eye-catching midnight blue manicure. The "Lindsay-off-the-wagon" stories are beginning, and sources now claim that, while partying at NY hotspot The Box with buds Samantha Ronson and Brody Jenner, "Lindsay took a swig of vodka from a bottle of Grey Goose. She was trying to keep a low profile and covering her face." Not denying or confirming these rumors, a friend of LiLo's has thus spoken out, saying, "Lindsay is learning how to work through her addictions and, once in a while, she chooses to have a cocktail. People overexaggerate her behavior when in fact on Friday night, many people commented to her on how composed she was." Hmm, what do you think, is it OK for Linds to have a sippy-sip on a cocktail every now and again, or should she swear off booze for the rest of her life?


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 26 2008 in New York, NY. Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving dinner at Da Silvano restaurant in New York City on January 26, yet again holding (and very visibly holding, if I do say so) her pack of Ariva gum, which is used to quit smoking. Is Linds getting paid to cart this gum around everywhere or what? All decked out in her finest duds, Linds picked a big old fur (faux?) coat for her night out in NY. For the rest of her outfit, Lohan picked a slinky black top (like Laura Dahl's Picadilly Top in Noir) with, of course, a pair of leggings (check out Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir). LL accessorized her look with a patent leather high-waist belt (similar to Jack Rabbit Collection's Patent Leather Breathless Belt in Black), hoop earrings and a black leather bag (check out Aaneta's The Biscuit Small in Black). While rumors have been spreading fast and furiously that LiLo is hooking up with Brody Jenner (who is NOT single, might I add), sources have said that Linds "likes him. It's early, but they are more than friends. He seems to like her back. They're actually sweet together, it would be nice if she kept him around." Not one to take the rumor laying down, Brody has spoken to E! News and said "We were hanging out as friends and nothing happened. We weren't 'all over' each other, and we definitely weren't making out. I am dating and really happy with Cora." Guess that clears that up!

She hasn't forgotten how to pose!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 16 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. You know that Lindsay Lohan has just been itching to get back onto the red carpet after her stint in rehab and vow to give up her crazy partying lifestyle, so it's good to see that Lindsay's poses still pack a punch, as LL was spotted working it out at the Cloverfield premiere on January 16. Wearing a super tight mini-dress (check out Laura Dahl's Shift Dress in Noir for a more casual look) with a diamond necklace and cuff (opt for Jessica Elliot's Open Clover Cuff in Sterling Silver) and killer heels, LiLo is still rockin' the platinum, wavy 'do (which just SCREAMS Ken Paves) and her signature pouty lips. While we all know that Linds has been keeping busy lately with her grueling shopping schedule, it has also been reported recently that, for part of her punishment for her drunk-driving offense, Lohan was sent to a morgue to observe the horrifying consequences of drinking and driving. LL must spend two days at the morgue for four hours each day, and is also required to work for two days in a hospital accident and emergency department. What do you think, is this perfectly appropriate punishment for a crime such as Lindsay's, or is this going a little bit too far?

Lindsay sweeps the Razzie nominations

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 12 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Spotted out and about doing what she does best (shopping) on January 12, Lindsay Lohan shocked the paparazzi (and me alike) by not wearing all black, or leggings! What is the world coming to? Rocking a gold colored frock (check out Yoana Baraschi's Opera Braided Dress in Antique Gold for a slightly dressier version) with a white clutch (like Carla Mancini's Clutch with Lock and Chain in White and Gold), a gold necklace, matching boots and shades to block out the flashbulbs (like JeeVice Optics' Edgy Sunglasses in Red), Lohan did not look very pleased to see the swarm of photogs (although you know she loves it on the inside). While LiLo has been acclaimed for her talents by critics and fans alike, it seems that her performances in film this year have earned her many much-despised Razzie nominations (aka awards given out for the worst movies of the year). Linds nabbed noms for Worst Actress (and was nominated twice, because she played two people in the critically panned I Know Who Killed Me), and the film was also nominated for Worst Picture of the Year. Poor Linds, she can't catch a break!


Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 09 2008 in Santa Monica, CA. Dressed, not surprisingly, in all black, Lindsay Lohan made an appearance at Creative Artist Agency's pre-Golden Globes bash at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica on January 9. With her miles of fake hair flowing, Lindsay picked a black leather motorcycle jacket (check out Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black) and paired it with a LBD (may I suggest Zoa's Twist Ruffle Front Tunic Dress in Black) and opaque black tights. LL finished off her look with an enviable pair of patent leather YSL stiletto booties. Who else is with me when I say that I am ready for Linds to break out of her all-black-with-a-leather-jacket phase and start having fun with fashion again. A bright color, an interesting texture, a unique pattern - we know you have it in you, Linds! While it seems that Lindsay hasn't been doing much work lately, the starlet has found a hobby in constant Myspace blogging. LL recently blogged about "head games," saying, "head games- that’s what the tabloids and pap’s play with everyone .... don’t they? everyone plays games, but it gets to the point sometimes when you just want to know why.. well, i couldn’t sleep and am watching ‘Without a Trace’ for a bit. Oh and yes, i love this show!!! Jack Malone is boss.. well-have a good one. sweet dreams.. all my love always, Lindsay Lo xoxo." Does anyone else out there watch "Without A Trace," or is it just Lindsay? Seems to me like instead of getting paid for club appearances and Myspace blogging, Lindsay should be out there going on auditions and trying to get work. Just my two cents!

Dressed to kill

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 08 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted shopping around Los Angeles on Tuesday, January 8, 2008. After ringing the New Year in a much talked about trip to Italy with friends, Lohan came back to LA and continued her old shopping habits on Tuesday. As usual, Lindsay opted for her all black look from head to toe, minus the cherry brown boots. Lohan started her look with a pair of vintage style leather boots, over a pair of black knee high socks. What do you think, is this a look you like? On top Lindsay started her look with a mini black tube dress (similar to Lotta Stensson's Gathered Mini Tube Dress in Black) topped with a long black sweater (look at Autumn Cashmere's Cable Drape Neck Top in Black), and a vintage style black leather bomber jacket. Lohan accessorized her all black look with a black leather handbag (check out Linea Pelle's Angie Speedy Bag in Black) and a pair of sunglasses to cover the flashes of the paparazzi (similar JeeVice Optics Edgy in Oyster Brown). Lohan should probably think twice about dropping all this cash on clothes. As of January 9th, Lohan is officially being sued from her Santa Monica car chase in which she received her DUI last May. In the early morning incident, Lohan raced her SUV after her former assistant's mother. Terrified that they were being carjacked, the passenger, Tracie Rice, in the mother's car drove the nearest police station. She is now saying she was traumatized by the incident and is unable to work, resulting in a lawsuit slapped on Lindsay for $7945. Personally, $7945 doesn't seem like a lot of money for no longer being able to work. And quite frankly, eight grand is like a drop in Lohan's bucket. If she's smart, she'll settle this one out of court and end this mess. Whose side are you on? Personally, Team Lohan!

Landing in Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 05 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted Saturday, January 5 at Los Angeles airport LAX after ringing in the New Year in Italy. Even after hours of flying, Lohan still manages to maintain her chic, all black look. Lindsay foot-stepped to her car wearing a pair of knee high black suede boots over her signature black leggings (similar to Laura Dahl's Longfellows Leggings in Noir). On top, LL kept it cozy for the long flight with a fleece cotton hooded black sweatshirt (check out Rails' Corado Pucker Hoodie Sweater in Black) and a soft leather black jacket. Lindsay completed her look with contemporary sunglasses to block the flashing lights of the always-surrounding paparazzi (look at JeeVice Optics' Edgy Sunglasses in Black/Ash Brown) and a black leather handbag (similar to Aaneta's Muddy Bag in Large). After quite a trip in Italy with friends Patrick Aufdenkamp and Courtney, I'm sure Lindsay is excited to get back to Los Angeles so she can settle down a little bit. After rumors spread that Linds was hooking up with three different guys while in Italy, photos were released of Lindsay breaking her sober stage. On New Year's Eve night, Lohan was handed a bottle of champagne and proceeded to drink from it (and with both hands, might I add!). Ever since Lindsay exited her last rehab stint, she has said to be completely sober and off of drugs and alcohol. Her attorney Blair Berk has insisted that "After being handed a champagne bottle while on a dance floor in Italy on New Year's Eve and drinking from it, the good news is that Lindsay immediately stopped, called her sponsor, and got herself back on track." It will be interesting to see if the tempting Hollywood lifestyle will eventually sucker Lindsay right back in... looks like her willpower may not be as strong as we thought. Do you think Lohan will be able to stay sober throughout the New Year, or is this New Year's Eve a sign of another rollercoaster year for Lindsay?

Caffeine is how she shops so much!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 14 2007 in Beverly Hills, CA. The uber-shopper AKA Lindsay Lohan was spotted getting coffee in Beverly Hills, California on December 14. With all the shopping we've been seeing Lindsay doing lately we must propose the question... where does LL get all the energy to keep up with all this shopping? Secret's out… the answer is a good old fashioned caffeine buzz! Lindsay was sporting LA's finest fashion duds while stopping for a coffee break, sporting an animal print leopard sweater over a loose fitting long white tee (similar to Rails' Kenna Long Sleeve T in Cream). Lindsay was also rocking a pair of slim fitting knit pants (like Hudson Jeans' Skinny Leg Knit in Black) with a pair of knee high brown suede boots, all the while keeping her eyes protected in the sunny California weather, by sporting a black pair of classic aviators (check out JeeVive Optics' The Crybaby II in Brushed Silver). Lindsay's outfit wouldn't be complete without her sparkling silver accessories around both her neck and wrist (check out both Christie Martin Jewelry's Tiny Tag Necklace in Sterling Silver and Accessories & Beyond's Mixed Stones and Silver Metal Brown Bangles). Spending the entire day shopping, I'm guessing Lindsay picked up an item or two for her Friday night on the town. Lindsay was spotted later that evening at Hollywood sushi hot spot Katsuya with her record producer JR Rotem. You may recognize him from a certain someone else, Miss Britney Spears. JR Rotem also spent time working on Britney's latest album. Are we going to hear a Britney-like Lindsay on the next Lohan album? I guess we will just to stay tuned and find out. Until then, gimme gimme more Lindsay.

Shopping addict

Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 08 2007 in Culver City, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted on December 8 shopping around the Culver City neighborhood of Los Angeles, what else is new? I know you've been seeing a lot of Lindsay lately, but we just can't get enough! And besides, she was gone for so long we need to catch up anyway. If this girl knows how to do one thing right, it's definitely how to shop. Lindsay managed to look her best while shopping for some new duds. A change from her normal chic black look, Lindsay opted for brown. LL rocked a chocolate colored leather bomber jacket over a vintage long tee, a black waist belt (similar to Linea Pelle's Lambskin Waist Belt in Black). For the sunny California weather, who could forget sunglasses? Lindsay rocked her oversized vintage style aviators (like JeeVice Optics' The Crybaby II in Brushed Gold) with her oversized leather bag (similar to Dutchy Handbags' Mesa Beg in Blonde) and a snake like necklace (similar to Jessica Elliot's Vermeil Ruby-Eyed Snake Charm Necklace). Another day of Lindsay and another day of fabulous; one might ask, how can Lindsay afford all of this shopping after haven't having a hit movie since Mean Girls? Good question! Rumor has it, Lindsay is near broke. Lindsay had to sell her Los Angeles and New York places and was rumored to be shacked up at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Although, Lindsay has been seen real estate shopping for a new Los Angeles home, but with a much smaller budget. Guess Lindsay's in real need of a new hit movie. Hopefully her new sober state will allow her to get some more focus on work... Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

LL ranked #1 doofus

Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 04 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted making her grand entrance into Koi on December 4, but I have to pose the question... the way she's all decked out in leather, studs and latex, is she headed to a gourmet sushi dinner, or to a biker bar? Just saying! Wearing a black leather biker jacket with a black tank (dress up your look a little with Gold Hawk's Embellished Inset Camisole in Onyx Black), studded black belt (like Linea Pelle's Studded Lambskin Waist Belt in Black), black latex leggings and knee high black boots, I do have to say... La Lohan's looking good! Like a chic sexy biker cat burglar! In other Lindsay news, it seems that LL has topped the "Dumbest People in Hollywood List" composed by the New York Daily News. Beating out Kim Kardashian, Spencer Pratt, and Shia LaBeouf, the Daily News claims that LiLo took the top spot due to her "time in rehab and jail this year, poor movie choices, delinquent behavior and bad taste in men. Ouch! In all fairness, I have to say... where's Britney on this list! In my person opinion, I think that she's a whole heck of a lot dumber than Lohan! My thoughts are still with Britney though. Just my two cents, what do you think? Does Lindsay deserve dumb ranking numero uno?

bye, bye, riley

Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 25 2007 in Long Island. Lindsay Lohan was spotted making her way into her younger brother Cody's basketball game at the Melton Auditorium in Long Island on November 25, just before she headed to the airport to come back to LA. Wearing a cozy looking outfit consisting of a knit cap (like Elizabeth Gillett Ltd's Taryn Alpaca Knit Hat in Ivory) with a leather jacket (3J Workshop's Moonshadow Leather Blazer in Brown gives off a similar vibe) over a white tee (Rails' Kenna Long Sleeve T is so soft and comfortable), black leggings (like Hudson Jeans' Skinny Leg Knit in Black), flat boots and Wayfarers, LiLo was definitely doing some major puckering up for the cameras as she headed into the auditorium. While reports claim that Lohan recently kicked boyfriend Riley Giles to the curb, it seems that she has found comfort in another... Heath Ledger! Linds allegedly met Heath at a New York nightclub over the week of Thanksgiving, and the two totally hit it off. However, sources say that the attraction is purely physical, and that Linds and Heath "hit it off straight away. When she left the club she started texting him right away and they hooked up a few times while she was still in New York. They were meeting late at night for sex. It was purely physical." That Lindsay... what a maneater!

is this proof enough?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 17 2007 in Santa Monica, CA. Lindsay Lohan is STILL (can you believe it?) staying away from her previous party-all-the-time lifestyle (she even stayed away from the hugely celebrity driven club opening of Goa in Hollywood last night!), and was spotted on November 17 grabbing a quick coffee in Santa Monica. Wearing her typical "running errands" outfit, which consists of black leggings (like Hudson Jeans' Skinny Leg Knit in Black), a black hoodie (Rails' Corado Pucker Hoodie Sweater in Black) and big black sunglasses (Lindsay picked JeeVice Optics' edgy Evil Polarized Sunglasses in Black for her morning coffee run), it seemed like Linds was in a good mood as she flashed a smile (along with her signature peace sign- she's still got it!) for the lingering paps. Do you remember a really long time ago when Linds crashed into another car on Robertson after lunching at The Ivy with friends? Apparently, the man who she crashed in to, busboy Raymundo Ortega, is dead-set on proving that Linds was a little boozed up when she smashed her Mercedes into his van. LiLo's attorneys want Raymundo to without a doubt prove that Lindsay had been drinking on that day, which seems pretty impossible, or else drop his case. TMZ has obtained a copy of Lohan's bill from The Ivy, which contained an order for 4 vodka gimlets. Now, whether it was Linds who was drinking these is completely up for debate, but since this happened so long ago and there's really no way to prove it was Lindsay ordering the drinks (she was with 4 other friends), I'm thinking Raymundo's chances of winning are slim-to-none. What do you think?

linds locked up- for 84 minutes

Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 11 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was snapped sporting a totally Lohan outfit on November 11, consisting of all Linds' favorite pieces. Start with a vintage rocker tee (Hank Vintage Threads' Long Sleeve Shoe Tee in Vintage Black has a similar vibe), pair with black leggings (like Hudson Jeans' Skinny Leg Knit Leggings in Black), a leather jacket and cool hat, a finish off with a trendy bag (like Dutchy Handbags' Small Button Satchel Bag) and of course aviators, and you have instant LiLo style. So, if you haven't heard, Lindsay paid Lynwood Jail a quick visit on Thursday, staying for only 84 minutes. For all of that DUI craziness that Lindsay went through, she's only in the slammer for 84 minutes? That sounds more like the length of her latest film bomb I Know Who Killed Me, not a jail term! Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said, "Lindsay was cooperative" (duh) and that Linds was "absolutely not [granted special treatment]. This is what we do for most everybody in this position." Oh you know, just another day in the life of a young Hollywood starlet... jail in the morning, lunching at the Ivy by noon!

is linds the latest star to get 'ugly'?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 05 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Scarf-aholic Lindsay Lohan was seen out and about in Los Angeles on November 5, still suffering from a bad case of the Mystic but looking beautiful nonetheless. Wearing a basic white tank (like Woo's Classic Cami in White) with a cross necklace (check out Femme Metale's Large Punk Necklace on 18" Chain in Silver), a vibrant pink scarf (if it's the color you love, take a look at Laura Dahl's Avon Top in Fuschia), vintage shades and wide-leg jeans (like 7 for All Mankind's The Ginger Jean in Sweden), Linds definitely made an impact in such a bright color. In new Lindsay news, it seems that the starlet is in "serious talks" for a guest role on the hit show "Ugly Betty"! A source on the set says that Lindsay will play the "role of a fallen beauty queen who takes a gig as the assistant manager of the fast food chain where Betty’s dad toils. Everyone’s very excited. Of course it brings a lot of attention to the show, and it’s a great part for Lindsay.” The source continues, "The role is apparently part of a three-episode arc during which Betty befriends Ms. Lohan’s character, who has fallen on tough times since high school. It sounds really cute. Betty tries to help Lindsay’s character by getting her a job at Mode, the fashion magazine where she works on the show.” That is, of course, if Linds' guest-starring role isn't jeopardized due to the writer's strike. Who knows how or when that thing will end!

A quest for vodka? rep says no way

Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 30 2007 in North Hollywood, CA. Lindsay Lohan was seen hitting up one of her favorite restaurants of late, The Pit Fire Pizza Company in North Hollywood on October 30, getting her pizza fix for the second time in a week. Wearing a cool black mini t-shirt dress (Parameter's silk version, the Toni Dress in Black, and Bellekat's Mod Mini Dress in Black, are two similar, if a little dressier, version of LL's frock) with black boots, tons of gold bangles (pile on the silver ones, like Mickey Lynn Designs' Set of 3 Hammered Bracelets in Silver) and Jessica Elliot's Vermeil Handcuff Choker, which she's been quite fond of lately, Lindsay's style is slowly but surely returning to her awesome LA look that she's known for (because let's be honest, she was totally blah-ing down her wardrobe in Utah). While the latest Lindsay goss is that she finally gave into peer pressure and tried to order a vodka cocktail while hanging with friends at the Viceroy Hotel lounge in Santa Monica, but "her people had called ahead and servers were told not to give in no matter how often Lindsay asked for alcohol. I heard the waitress say that she was sorry but she wasn’t allowed to serve her. Lindsay walked out soon after, looking embarrassed," said an alleged eyewitness. Don't be so sure! Lindsay's rep is firing back, saying, "This is not true at all. She’s doing great. People are mean spirited." Keep on staying strong, Linds-- I have faith in you!

Lindsay's a victim of herself

Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 28 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving the Mental Health aisle at Cedars Sinai hospital after a meeting (hmm- wonder what the meeting was for?) on October 28, obviously having become familiarized again with her old friend Mystic Tan. She was looking a wee bit pale for a while there while she was at rehab in Utah (because obviously they don't have an in-house Mystic booth in rehab!), so it's nice to see that she's getting back her golden glow now that she is back in the city of angels. Wearing a plaid jacket (if plaid is the look you're going for, Johnson's Crop Jacket in Sunday) and 3J Workshop's Canyon Country Hooded Shirt in Pink are two cool plaid piece's that are sure to keep you warm this fall) with Wayfarers and denim shorts (check out True Religion's Jessica Short in Urban Cowboy), I have to say that Linds is looking better than ever since leaving rehab. While she may be looking great, there's no guarentee that her career will be great once she starts releasing films in the near future. In an article written by Reuters, Lindsay, as well as Britney and Paris, are lumped into a category of girls who have fallen victim to overexposure and a lack of the "studio system", as they call it. In the article, cultural critic Camille Paglia says, "These are women who are clearly out of control because the studio system is over. The studio system guided and shaped the careers of the young women who it signed up. It maximized their sexual allure by dealing it out in small doses and making sure you don't have -- what it has become here -- a situation of anarchy." What do you think, is Britney and Lindsay's situation currently one of anarchy?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 22 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan is on the loose in LA again and was spotted walking hand-in-hand with that new loser-y lookin' boyfriend of hers, Riley Giles, in Los Angeles on October 22. Wearing a black bubble dress (like Peace of Us' puff sleeved version, the Bubble Dress with Satin Contrast in Black) with a handcuff necklace (like Jessica Elliot's Vermeil Handcuff Choker) and another circular necklace (Maya Brenner Designs' Gemini Necklace with 18" Chain in Gold is similar and also comes in all of the other astrological signs as well- I'm a little biased for Gemini because I am one!), Lindsay looks stylish if a little basic on this October afternoon. While the media saturations with LL is already beginning, it seems that the other Lohan, Dina AKA White Oprah, just got her own reality show on E! Network. Train wreck in the making! Dina says, "There are so many misconceptions about me and my family. I’m setting the record straight.” She continues to say that the show will show "me cultivating careers, going to soccer practice. I’m a big supporter of domestic violence charities, so they’ll show that. Then they’ll show Cody at soccer practice. Ali going to school and in the studio. It’ll encompass everything. You’ll see me having five business meetings in the city." What do you think, will you tune in to watch this mess take place?

Lindsay Broke-han?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 12 2007 in Utah. Lindsay Lohan was seen out and about in Utah on October 12, showing off her newly re-done platinum extensions. Wearing a vibrant blue dress (like Iodice's Tamara Resort Dress in Blue) with gold hoops (check out Rebecca Norman Jewelry's Large Hammered Hoops in Vermeil), a black leather bag, a red bracelet (similar to Accessories and Beyond's Assorted Charms Leather Bracelet in Red) and black flats (Matiko Footwear's Juliette Ballet Flat in Black are similar), Lindsay seemed to be giving the photographers a bit of the evil eye- a warning to stay away? Highly doubtful... Lindsay thrives off of the paparazzi! There are new rumors circulating around Hollywood recently that Linds is close to being broke, having blown $7 million on drugs, booze and rehab. $7 million? Seriously?? According to sources, the hopefully-formerly troubled actress has spent her fortune on wild nights out, hotel stays, pricey handbags, lawyer fees, and all of her time in rehab. The source says that Linds "still thinks nothing of blowing thousands of dollars on a single night of partying. And the amount she has wasted putting cocaine up her nose is disgusting. Even she has lost count. Rehab does not come cheap and Lindsay has spent a fortune on it this year. Her first two stays there sadly proves a complete waste of money for her. And I can’t see this time being any different." The source then goes on to say that the reason she is returning to LA to start work on her new film is to "earn money fast." I don't know if I completely buy this... it's true that Lindsay is returning to LaLa Land to begin filming her new picture, but then is allegedly going to be heading back to Utah to continue outpatient work. What do you think... is Lohan broke?

Dina's still the Mom-ager!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 10 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lindsay Lohan was spotted in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 10, representing her Utah pride by donning a Sundance baseball cap. Wearing straight leg jeans (like James Jeans' Hunter High Rise Straight Leg Jean in Mercury) with a black tank (check out Signorelli's world-changing Omni Tank in Black), gold hoops (similar to Rebecca Norman Jewelry's Large Hammered Hoops in Vermeil), Wayfarers, black flats, a black leather bag (like Aaneta's The Biscuit Bag in Black) and flowing new extensions, it's good to see LiLo actually looking happy in the picture on the left. She spent the day with her new BF Riley Giles (who seriously looks like he needs to go back to his parent's basement) shopping at Nordstrom and eating at the Grill & Market restaurant. Contrary to recent rumors, it seems that Linds did not fire her mom Dina as her manager, as OK! Weekly reported that Lindsay realized that Dina was making bad career choices for Lindsay and wanted to "remove the negative influences from her life." However, Dina's publicist says that "Dina remains Lindsay's manager and, more importantly, her mother." And MOST importantly.. her party buddy!

Lindsay lohan- out!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 02 2007 in Utah. Lindsay Lohan was spotted outside of her rehab treatment facility, Cirque Lodge, in Utah on October 2, flashing her signature peace sign and looking cheerful to say the least. Wearing a sunny yellow dress (like Walter's Square Neck Dress in Yellow) with a sparkly headband, big brown sunglasses (Nour's Kiara Sunglasses in Manner Mania are perfect), flat black leather boots with tights and a couple long necklaces (similar to Jessica Elliot's Art Deco Wing Necklace in Sterling Silver), Lindsay's nod to mod was accomplished effortlessly. While Lindsay has been wearing a lot of all black lately, it's nice to see her incorporate a flash of color into her wardrobe with this bright little ensemble. And plus, they say that yellow is the happiest color around! While we all know that Linds was been in rehab for quite some time, it seems that she has escaped, er, been released from the Utah treatment center a few days ago. Inpatient since August, Lindsay was picked up by her father, the infamous Michael Lohan, and will possibly return for outpatient treatments. Rehab allegedly did La Lohan a world of good, as she was quoted saying that she is "ready to start her life over." I am just curious, if she comes back to Hollywood, will she be able to refuse all of the temptations that lured her into a life of drugs and alcohol before? Hopefully! Even though most Hollywood insiders said that Lindsay's career was dead, done and finished due to her second DUI and that she would be un-insurable in the future, it seems that she was in fact insurable, as she is beginning to film her next project, Dare to Move Me, later this month in Hollywood. Let's just hope that Linds can stay on track... her talent is too bright to go to waste. Work it out, LiLo!

Has Linds been fooling us all?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 30 2007 in Utah. Lindsay Lohan was snapped by the paparazzi in Utah on her way to an AA meeting on September 30, smiling and laughing and looking like she was having an overall good time. Now, I have to ask... is her good mood due to her fresh start free from drugs and alcohol, or is it because she's wasted?? It was revealed today that Lindsay is staying in rehab because she recently failed a drug test, testing positive for cocaine. Linds has been in rehab in Utah, but was allegedly forced to stay longer because of the failed drug test. While I have to admit, she has been looking good and happy lately, I just hope that she's not secretly still drinking and doing drugs and this whole recovery is just an act. A source says that Lindsay has "had a friend sneak vodka in a water bottle into one of the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings she goes to. Everyone wants her to be their friend, so they'll do anything for her. She smells like booze, and the staff do nothing about it. I asked her if she had any intention of being sober and she looked at me like I was crazy. She's still doing whatever she wants." No Lindsay, no!! I hope that this source is full of baloney and not telling the truth, or else Lindsay's crazy train is going full speed ahead. At the very least, Linds has been looking good lately, wearing black skinny jeans (similar to James Jeans' Sam 5 Pocket Skinny Leg Jean in Black) with a black coat (like LaROK's tres chic Motorcycle Coat in Black) over a striped top (check out Zoa's Stripe Sweater Tunic in Black Grey) and holding a funky patterned bag (take a look at Antoinette Lee Designs' Suede Besa Hobo in Black). Come on Linds... we're all pulling for ya!

she's not going anywhere!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 26 2007 in Utah. Perennial rehabber Lindsay Lohan was spotted taking a coffee and smoke break outside of her treatment center in Utah on September 26, and as much as Lindsay cleaning up her act makes me happy, why doesn’t she just quit smoking too! This disgusting and just-as-deadly habit is something that Lindsay really needs to put behind her, in addition to drugs and alcohol. Lindsay still knows how to dress comfortably yet stylish though, as she was seen wearing a grey hoodie (check out Noble Decay's much edgier Ribbed Leggings in Black), Pocahontas-inspired booties and a whip-stitched, pocketed leather bag (E.D.E Studio's Sedona Bag in Black is similar). Contrary to rumors saying that Lindsay was going to be sprung free from rehab as early as this weekend, questionable mom Dina Lohan has of course snatched up the opportunity to make a media statement, and has said that Lindsay leaving rehab was "not true, she's staying in rehab." Another source went on to tell People that "Lindsay is not leaving Cirque Lodge in Utah any time soon. She has a few more weeks to grow and develop, and she is doing great." Like always, I wish Linds the best in her recovery process. But I just want to put this out there- LA misses you!

Lindsay Lohan: man stealer?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 23 2007 in Utah. Lindsay Lohan was spotted outside of her rehab center in Utah on September 23 with a very clear message for the lingering paparazzi: DON'T FOLLOW ME! However, as much as Lindsay wants to make it seem like she just wants a little privacy, you know she thrives off of the photogs' presence. Why else would she throw up the peace sign and give them a pose? That's our Lohan. Wearing big black boots with black leggings (like IISLI's Ribbed Leggings in Black), a wine colored tank (similar to Woo's Lace Rib Cami in Deep Wine), black Wayfarers and a fedora with her statement jacket, I have to say… this outfit is one serious mish-mosh of random items! During her stay in Utah, Lindsay has of course started some serious rumors (remember that one of Linds having sex in a bathroom with another rehabber?), but none so serious as the one that she is having an affair with a married man. The man in question would be Tony Allen, and the man in question's wife would be fuming mad! Stephanie Allen (a British heiress) is specifically naming Lindsay in court papers saying that she is the other woman and that her marriage has been "irretrievably broken". Allegedly, Stephanie found out about Lindsay and Tony's fling from friends who had read about it in gossip magazines! Lindsay has shrugged all of these rumors off, and her publicist released a statement saying that "Lindsay and Tony are friends and that’s all. They are supporting one another through a similar experience. This is a friendship based on trust and mutual support and nothing else.” Do you buy that?

Lindsay's reunion with dad

Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 09 2007 in Utah. Lindsay Lohan was spotted out in Utah near the Cirque Lodge Rehab Center which she is currently undergoing treatment at on September 9, looking rejuvenated and like she's ready to be at the "top" of her game yet again. Wearing a vintage "Top Gun" tee (Paper Denim & Cloth's Branch Tee in Steel Blue is a similar shade to LiLo's) with aviators, straight leg jeans (like James Jeans' Hunter High Rise Straight Leg Jean in Pacific) and flat brown boots, Lindsay looks like she's finally getting the R&R she's needed. Might this have anything to do with Linds' happy reunion with estranged father Michael Lohan? Not if Dina has anything to say about it! However, Lindsay herself called the meeting "amazing", and sources say that "the moment Lindsay saw Michael, she started running and jumped into her father’s arms. Her father hugged her and swung her around. Lindsay was so happy. It was very emotional." Talk about turning on the waterworks. While Michael is usually the second in line (behind Dina, of course) to speak to the media about Lindsay, he has said of their reunion that "I can’t comment on my relationship with my daughter… But it was amazing.” Let's just hope Lindsay can reconnect with her dad in a real way and get back on track to living a healthy lifestyle.

it's like spotting bigfoot!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 20 2007 in Sundance, Utah. Oh, Lindsay… how I've missed you so! The photogs have finally started photographing Lindsay Lohan again, since she's been holed up in rehab for so long and out of the public eye. I swear, Lindsay sightings have been so rare lately that seeing these photos of her are like seeing photos of Bigfoot- they are both elusive creatures! Linds is spotted here at a supermarket with her siblings, going for the whole incognito, "I don’t want to be photographed" look. Wearing an oversized black sweatshirt (like Paper Denim & Cloth's Oversized Zip-Up Sweatshirt in Black) with black leggings (similar to Hudson Jeans' Skinny Leg Knit in Black), brown booties and black shades (like the always classic Nour Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery), Lindsay yakked on her phone and overall did a good job of pretending like the paparazzi weren't there. While photos are popping up of Lindsay riding bikes and going white water rafting and going on hikes, I have to remember… Lindsay is at rehab, not summer camp! While I'm sure that the rest of the people at her treatment center aren't too pleased about all the photogs constantly lingering around, Lindsay sure knows how to add fuel to a flame! She has invited OK! Magazine to document her stay, and has been photographed reading and doing yoga. Can you say photo-op? Another newsworthy Lohan item I came across recently is the fact that LiLo is allegedly working at Smith's supermarket bagging groceries part time as part of her rehabilitation, with her earnings going to charity. Now this I would have to see to believe!

A Lohan update

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 22 2007 in Malibu, Ca. By now, we all know that Lindsay Lohan isn't "back in rehab" like early reports claimed, but is actually holed up at the Chateau Marmont, hoping for her "privacy". Photographed here at the Polaroid Beach House on July 22 (just days before her DUI) posing in a red swimsuit (Letarte Swimwear and 1690 Swimwear make two scorching hot red bikinis perfect for the summer) with her now obviously defunct alcohol monitoring anklet, this might have been Linds' last chance to flash her infamous peace sign for the cameras, as reports are now revealing that Lindsay might be put away for quite a long period of time. Experts are saying that Linds is expected to go to jail for at least 6 months. 6 months!? That makes Paris' 45 days seem like child's play! Also, the three guys that were allegedly with Lindsay in the vehicle when she was arrested are speaking out now to TMZ, giving their account of what happened that night. The three guys were invited to a party Lindsay was at, and when Linds got into the huge fight with her assistant and stormed off, she jumped into their Denali and sped off down PCH. When Lindsay caught up with her assistant, the boys claim Lindsay was saying "I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever the f**k I want." Obviously not! Lindsay's assistant then headed to her mother's house in Santa Monica, where Lindsay "began to chase her at speeds of up to 80 MPH through Santa Monica, blowing multiple red lights." One of the guys then realized that they were heading for the police station, to which Lindsay said "I'm a celebrity. I'm not going to get in trouble." But boy, did she. Linds then flunked the field sobriety test, and the rest as they say is history.

Lindsay arrested for DUI again!!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 22 2007 in Malibu, Ca. As I'm sure you already know by now unless you're living under a rock, Lindsay Lohan was arrested again last night at 2am for DUI and possession of cocaine. I really hate to say this, but Linds has officially killed any chance of recovering her career now. It's strange, because the days before her arrest, Linds seemed happy and healthy while shopping (with her now rumored to be fake alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet) and playing with kids on the beach in Malibu. Seen here on July 21 (just two days before her arrest) at the Polaroid Beach House, Linds was laughing and smiling for the paparazzi (and of course flashing the peace sign), wearing a summery tube dress, like Gold Hawk's shorter version, the Printed Smocked Tunic in Indigo. When arrested, Lindsay's blood alcohol level was between .12 and .13 (way over the .08 legal limit) and when she was searched at the police station, cocaine was found in her pockets. Allegedly, Linds' personal assistant had resigned earlier in the day, and Lindsay was chasing the assistant's mother in her car when she was arrested. Lindsay was released this morning on $25,000 bail and is already said to be back in rehab (shocker). With the release of her new film, I Know Who Killed Me, this Friday, studio execs are either totally mad at Lohan for her newest arrest, or happy with all the publicity it will bring to the film. Either way, Lindsay is most DEFINITELY going to jail- the question is, for how long? I just don't know what to think about her anymore, she is lost and needs some serious healing time to get better. But one thing is for sure- people are saying that her career is over, and while I think that she is definitely not going to be working any time soon, you never know what the (distant) future will hold.

Linds is serious about staying sober

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 16 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Lindsay Lohan is seen here heading to an AA meeting in Los Angeles on July 16, with a sobriety chip on her keychain proving that she is taking her sobriety seriously. Wearing an airy blue tank (Gold Hawk's Cami with Tie in Porceline Blue is similar) with light-wash jeans (like Citizens of Humanity's Ava Straight Leg Jean), sandals and gold hoops, Lindsay didn't seem to mind the paparazzi's presence at her meeting (big shocker). Even though Linds hit up her old haunt Winston's last night, that doesn't mean she had to get drunk in order to have fun. And Linds wants the public to know that just because she is going out and dancing, doesn't mean she is drinking, and she's willing to prove it. Seems that La Lohan is now wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelets that detects if Lindsay takes even the smallest sip of alcohol. Lindsay is wearing this bracelet voluntarily, and hopes that this once and for all proves that she is dedicated to cutting alcohol out of her life. I commend Lindsay on her efforts, and hopes she sticks to her guns on this one.

AA during the day, partying at night

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 05 2007 in Brentwood, Ca. Is Lindsay Lohan really clean and sober since her latest stint in rehab, or is that just what she wants you to think? Linds was all smiles as she was seen leaving an AA meeting in Brentwood on July 5, but in all honesty, you know she's smiling because she loves the attention. Wearing a silk tunic (like Gold Hawk's Monochromatic Tunic in Fossil) with a charm necklace and a leather jacket and boots, Lindsay proved once again that she can turn your everyday AA meeting into a fashion show. While Lindsay has been staying away from the clubs lately (along with a 99.9% pregnant Nicole Richie), it seems that her partying ways are dying hard- Lindsay just can't say no to a Malibu party. I told you recently that Linds was spotted at the same 4th of July bash as Paris Hilton, and now Lindsay decided to get wild at another Malibu shindig the next night, July 5, which was only a few hours after she spent the day in an AA meeting! Now, I'm not saying that she boozed it up, but judging by some of the pictures from the party (take a look at one in particular here), she did seem a little out of control! Who am I kidding, this is the Lohan I know and love.

She's ba-ack

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 30 2007 in Malibu, Ca. Lindsay Lohan made one of her first post-rehab outings on June 30, as she stopped by Planet Blue at Cross Creek in Malibu looking happy and refreshed. It seems like her stay at Promises, and subsequent decision to cancel her largely promoted 21st birthday party at Pure in Las Vegas, did her lots of good, as I haven’t seen Lindsay looking this radiant in a very, very long time. Wearing dark denim shorts (Freedom of Choice’s Victoria Shorts are similar) with a striped tank (like Signorelli’s Striped Tank Top), blue aviators (I’m thinking Marc Jacobs) and a striped long-sleeve tied over her shoulders (very nautical indeed), Lindsay proved she’s still at the top of her game when it comes to shopping sprees in style. While everyone’s talking about how Linds’ lawyers are furious over the fact that her toxicology report from the night of her DUI was leaked (reporting that she had nearly twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system, in addition to cocaine), Lindsay didn’t seem to have a care in the world in Malibu, as she was undoubtedly excited for her birthday (she actually turns the big 2-1 today, July 2). I just hope that she doesn’t start going out to Teddy’s and Winston’s again every night, because these places will definitely bring her right back to her old habits. It seems like for Lindsay it has to be all or nothing, so for Lindsay’s sake, I hope she realizes that when it comes to going out, it has to be nothing.

rehab: round deux

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 27 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. What a Memorial Day weekend this was for young Hollywood! I'm sure that this is most likely old news by now (but hey, I was doing a little celebrating of my own thus I was not able to update :), but Lindsay Lohan was arrested for a DUI late Saturday night/Sunday morning (at 5:30am), keeping in mind that she's not yet 21, then fled the scene of the crash. Earlier in the night, Linds was galavanting around in black skinny jeans with a black tank (like Iodice's Dulce Top), and a big white scarf and leather jacket. Later on, the Beverly Hills Police Department announced that cocaine was found in the vehicle. Well, Lindsay's basically screwed. If Paris is going to jail for driving on a suspended license, Lindsay should basically be packing her bags now! Remember that all of this drama happened after her very recent stint in rehab, followed by that whole caught-on-tape cocaine scandal.. things just aren't looking too good for Miss Lohan! You’d think that after all of this extremely negative press, Lindsay would want to lay low and do some damage control, but noo. She was seen out at Teddy's with "friend" DJ Samantha Ronson looking verrry f'ed up (check it out). I'm like scared Lindsay's going to die! Now it's time for the repercussions to start happening, and Svedka Vodka (the sponsor of her Vegas birthday bash) has pulled out, and I wonder if the party will even happen now at all! Lindsay has, according to In Touch, re-entered rehab (at Promises, the treatment center Britney Spears attended) on her own free will. Wow, rehab twice at 20. Let's just hope Linds can get her life together, because she won't have much of one left if she doesn't.

Well isn't this appropriate (or not!)

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 22 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. You’d think someone who very recently emerged from a publicly-known stint in rehab/attended multiple AA meetings would shy away from letting a vodka company sponsor their 21st birthday bash, but then again.. I am talking about Lindsay Lohan here! It seems that Svedka Vodka has confirmed that they are the official sponsor of Lindsay's birthday party at Pure in July, and allegedly Linds is going to make $400,000 from this deal. Lindsay's rep is playing coy about this whole sponsorship deal (and I wonder why, considering your client is a recovering alcoholic!), saying merely "I am unaware of who is sponsoring Lindsay's birthday, as I am not the one planning it." Thanks for that little nugget, rep! No matter who's sponsoring this shindig, Linds is more than likely gonna get a little tipsy to celebrate the big 2-1! La Lohan is seen here in Hollywood on May 22 running some errands, wearing a long black silk shirt-dress (like LaROK's Feria Tunic) with a black and white fedora hat and knee-high leather boots. Classic Lohan outfit. In other Lindsay news, her momma, Dina Lohan, has denied that she ever called herself "The White Oprah" in the new issue of Us Weekly, even though she totally told the mag last August that she "loves to talk. Lindsay's friends call me 'The White Oprah' because they all come to me with their problems." Nice try Dina!

One of the last pre-DUI sightings

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 21 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Lindsay Lohan left Starbucks on May 21, just days before her now crazily infamous DUI arrest and re-entry back into rehab (but I'll get to all of that in an upcoming entry). This day, however, it seems that some of her fans/supporters were hoping that the ever-present paparazzi would leave the 20 year old starlet alone. These fans yelled at the paparazzi, causing Lindsay to definitely crack a smile. Cute! Wearing a black button-up (similar to Cake Couture’s Boho Lace Blouse) with high-waisted, wide leg black jeans (like Pierce Jeans’ Miami High Waist Jean) and Tom Ford’s Farrah sunglasses, Lindsay definitely looked like she was on her way to a business meeting of some sort, looking semi-professional. The trailer for Lindsay’s new thriller, I Know Who Killed Me, hit the internet a few days ago, and in the film Linds plays a girl who is kidnapped and tortured, and then discovered and suffers from a dual-identity syndrome. Her alter-ego is a stripper, by the way! Oh Lindsay. It will be interesting to see Lindsay play a character in a thriller, it’s definitely the type of role she hasn’t tackled before. I’m eagerly awaiting those reviews!

victory is hers

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 15 2007 in New York, NY. As Lindsay Lohan strolled through the streets of New York on May 15 with new boy-toy Calum Best on her arm, she had a smug little look on her face, almost as if she's telling the world "he's all mine and you can't have him" (which is totally something Lindsay would say, btw). Wearing super skinny black jeans with a Hermes belt, a leather jacket covering up a pink tank (like Holly's Missy Long Tank) and a Prada-esque turban, Lindsay definitely looked ready to hit the clubs (just make sure to be careful in the bathroom stalls, Linds!). Going back to that whole "Lindsay stealing $10g of clothes from that girl" scandal that happened last month, turns out Lindsay's in the clear. Lauren Hastings claimed that Linds stole tons of her clothes and then called her a "fat pig" via text message, and wanted justice. Too bad for Lauren, because the L.A. District Attorney said that "The bottom line is that Lohan can't be shown to have been seen either taking or to have been later in possession of missing items," so turns out that Linds either got away with it or the whole thing was a desperate stab at publicity by Lauren in the first case. Seems to me like the D.A. is wasting his time focusing on Lindsay's rumored stickyfingers and should be spending more time investigating her alleged cocaine abuse. Hello!

Linds gets busy in the bahamas

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 13 2007 in Nassau, Bahamas. As Lindsay Lohan splashed around in the surf on her romantic getaway in the Bahamas on May 13 with new "friend" Calum Best, she proudly displayed her beach-worthy bod in a teeny black bikini (like Maya Swimwear's Sport Halter Bikini). Fresh from releasing her mother's-day tear jerker Georgia Rule, Linds was due for some good old fashioned R&R. Linds and her new man have been enjoying each other's company since arriving in the Bahamas, for a VIP party at Paradise Island's exclusive Atlantis resort. Although Lindsay seems to be quite enamoured, Calum is internationally known to be a playboy, and even his rep doesn't think his romance with LiLo will last! His rep, Dave Read, said that "Calum and Lindsay get on really well together. But this is Calum. We'll have to see." Hmmm.. doesn't sound too hopeful! Well, to be fair, we have to consider Linds' track record too. She never really seems to be the type to settle down!

lindsay lohan drug scandal

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 06 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Wow, what a news week this has been! First Paris is going to jail, and now Lindsay Lohan is involved in a drug scandal- all in less than 48 hours. I, for one, am surprised by this.. not that it's happening now, but that it didn't happen sooner! As Linds was spotted at LAX on May 6 headed for New York, the world was abuzz due to recently surfaced pictures and video of Lindsay, "fresh from rehab, taking part in a marathon cocaine binge." Lindsay wore a comfy travel-friendly outfit of a black tee with the sleeves rolled up, black leggings, an orange scarf and gladiator-style flats (like Davis by Ruthie Davis' Flat Sandals, also available in white), and as Lindsay entered the airport, bystanders were overheard saying that they "hope she did a good job stashing her coke." Due to shocking pictures released earlier this week (take a look here) of Lindsay "and two friends crammed into a club toilet during a wild night on the town," her concerned friend said that she saw Linds "do more than 20 big lines of cocaine. She was still up doing drugs at 11am even though she had started about 8pm the night before." The source went on to say that "Lindsay does not care who sees her do coke. She carries round a water bottle to fool everyone but she fills it with vodka and soda." YIKES! I can say that the friend is probably doing this out of concern, but I'm sure there's a MUCH less public way to go about it. I hope Lindsay's career can survive this, but then again, look what it did for Kate Moss.

prove it, lindsay!

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 03 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Seems little old Lindsay Lohan has been throwing around some mighty big claims lately! Yet again, Linds keeps saying that she is tired of being solely labeled as a wild child party animal, and thinks that her role in the upcoming film "I Know Who Killed Me" as a girl who is tortured and kidnapped will prove once and for all what an amazing actress she really is. Lindsay recently said that "I don't think there has been a role for an actress like this movie was for me in so long. At first I was like, 'I can't do this, I'm getting my legs cut off. I don't want to look like that in scenes, I want to look decent.' But that was just me being young and stupid." Yup! Linds needs to realize that in order to be taken seriously, she has to commit to serious roles and can't keep doing fluff like "Herbie Fully Loaded"! She continued to say that "I have my first sex scene in it, which I always said I wouldn't do. I wanted to do this movie so people can see that I'm a f**king actress and I've been doing it forever and it's about time people see that. It felt so good to really act. I just pray people won't rip me apart for it, and be negative." I have to admit, this does not sound like anything that LiLo has done in the past, so I am anxious to see if she achieves her goal of proving herself as an actress. In the meantime, Linds (as well as Mischa Barton (clad in high-waisted patent leather pants, yikes) and Rachel Zoe) attended Byron Williams' party last night, May 3, launching his new salon. Lindsay wore an embellished mini-dress (Karen Zambos' Nicole Tunic is a similar look) and charm necklace, as well as open-toed ankle boots, which showed off a fresh pedicure. I have to admit, Lindsay's lookin' pretty good.

Doesn't she go big every night?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 30 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Lindsay Lohan was seen leaving Hyde on April 30, which makes me wonder if Hyde is slowly making a comeback? Everyone knows it was the hottest club of last year, but now Paris and Linds have been seen taking the night off from Winston's and Parc and are slowly trickling back to their old haunt. I'm sure the Bolthouse promoters are stoked! Linds was clad in a denim-on-denim ensemble, which usually makes me cringe, but I think her color choice made this situation a little more bearable. In a dark grey denim blazer matched with her dark zippered jeans (7 For All Mankind's Roxy Stretch Zip Jean is super similar to Lindsay's, with a 12 inch zipper at the bottom of each leg), a white hoodie and carrying a black Balenciaga bag, Linds did actually look quite pulled together, unlike her super classy dancing-in-a-bra show at Coachella recently. And while Linds has probably been to more parties, clubs and events than most of us will ever go to in our lifetime, we have to remember that she's not even 21 years old yet! She told Ellen Degeneres on her talk show that she was going to go big for her big 2-1. Linds says how she's "going to milk it because it's a big birthday. I think I'm doing a party in Vegas, which makes sense because I've never been able to go out there." Ummmm… if memory serves me correctly I think I remember seeing pictures of Linds partying in Vegas sometime since she's been going out every night. Whatever, it's her birthday, let her do what she wants. Although it might be cool for her just to do dinner with friends, it's not like clubbing is a special occasion!

A love / hate relationship

Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 29 2007 in Indio, Ca. Lindsay Lohan stopped to pick up a few snacks on her way to the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Ca on April 29, looking casual, yet not too pleased to see the darling paparazzi. Linds was ready for a music festival, in a vintage Iron Maiden concert tee (whether she actually listens to them is another story) with super light wash zippered jeans (Paper Denim & Cloth makes a zippered jean in a light grey/blue wash, as well as a more basic light blue wash jean, both similar to Lindsay's syle), zebra print flats and a silk Prada clutch. While Lindsay definitely enjoyed herself at Coachella this year (pictures of her dancing in a bra only a few people away from Paris Hilton are making their rounds), is reporting that Lindsay can't decide whether or not she loves or hates the everpresent paparazzi. In the new issue of Nylon Magazine, Lindsay first says how she "obviously like [the paparazzi taking her picture]... I wouldn't ever want them to not take my picture ... I'd be worried. I'd be like 'Do people not care for me?'" But then, Linds goes and says that "The thing about the press and why they need to leave me the [bleep] alone for a little bit is because I don’t want that distraction from my work. I want to win an Oscar. I want to be known for more than, like, going out. For being ‘the party girl.’ I hate that.". Um, Linds… if you don't want to be known as a party girl, quick remedy: DON'T GO OUT AS MUCH. You really have no one to blame for your rep besides yourself. I mean, I know it's fun and all and you're young, but as far as an Oscar in your future… let's just say that if you keep dancing in your bra at music festivals with Paris, I don't know…

Lauren fights back

Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 25 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. As Lindsay Lohan stepped her incredibly long and lean legs out of the door of her Mercedes on April 25 while making a McDonalds run with a friend, the paparazzi definitely took notice of her newly toned gams. Although her legs did look like she had a splotchy encounter with a Mystic booth (which stayed until that night when she attended an event with Paris and Nicole), they have definitely toned up in the past few months. Linds wore a Charlotte Ronson jumper perfect for spring ( Karen Zambos and Walter make cute, similar jumpers) with a brown leather and beige belt, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, and a ton of bracelets and necklaces (like this Kuo Ting necklace; we all know Linds is a fan of handcuffs). All the drama surrounding Linds' alleged stealing spree in ex-friend Lauren Hasting's house just won't die. In response to all of the rumors, Lauren posted a response blog on her Myspace. Basically, she confirmed that all the rumors are true. Lauren said how "a lot of people are reading the celebrity gossip Blogs and I'm getting a ton of messages asking me about what's going on with me and "the person" who stole $10,000 worth of my possessions. It's really a bigger deal than any number could represent." She went on to say that "Now here I am at home with a locksmith changing my locks, and a security company installing cameras and I can't help but think about the mess this is. Every time I saw some celebrity accuse another celebrity of "hacking" their Myspace or cell phone and I always shrugged it off as some journalist desperately needing a story." Never underestimate what La Lohan is capable o

Superpowers unite!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 25 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Nicole Richie hosted the Armani Exchange Sunglass Launch last night, April 25, and met up with frenemy pals Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. It was no surprise that La Lohan and Miss Hilton would not strike even one pose together, considering the release of their now infamous vicious Myspace message fight. Seems like the girls found common ground in Nicole, posing and giggling the night away. While Lindsay dazzled in a metallic mini (although she had some mega Mystic legs) and Paris looked ready for a sexy pajama party in a purple silk number, Nicole opted for basic black, in a black dress (probably Armani, considering it was an Armani party; Vanitas makes a similar, and more affordable, version). While all three It Girls have had mucho drama swirling around them this past week, an Us Weekly rumor about Paris seemed to be on everyone's lips. Apparently, Paris went to a Prince concert on April 20 in Vegas, and when Prince spotted the heiress in the audience, he called her onto the stage. Of course, Paris obliged, always ready to strike a pose, but when Prince handed her the mic and told the audience "Let’s see if she can really sing!" Paris got off stage almost immediately, and then split after a few more songs. While Elliot Mintz denies that this ever happened, Us usually has a pretty good track record as far as validity. If I were Paris, I would blast Prince on my upcoming album (that is, if her record label will let her release another album!). Either way, it's always fun to see crazy It Girls collide.

Who has this much drama in their lives?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 18 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Who? I'll tell you who… Lindsay Lohan! Seen heading into her office in Beverly Hills on April 18, Linds was all smiles and peace signs, wearing a sheer black tee layered over what looks like another vintage tee, with skinny grey jeans tucked into black boots and a gold circular necklace. Before this tame little outing, Star Magazine (remember the source before I get into this story) claims that Lindsay is a complete and total thief! The mag says that Linds stole $10,000 worth of clothes from ex-friend (and ex-girlfriend of DJ AM) Lauren Hastings on April15. Apparently, Lindsay went to Lauren's house while Lauren was on a modeling shoot in Texas, and told the housesitter that she was taking back some clothes that Lauren borrowed. Next, Lindsay gathered armfuls of expensive designer clothes, bags and shoes, and bolted. The housesitter friend said she saw "Lindsay leaving with everything, but didn't think that Lindsay would actually lie about the clothes and steal her friend's things! She was under the impression that Lindsay and Lauren were still friends." When Lauren returned the next day, she started flipping out, asking where her clothes were. The next night, Lauren texted Lindsay, demanding that she return the clothes, while Linds was partying at Hyde with Nicole Richie. Soon, a nasty text message spat began, with Nicole joining in for revenge against her ex's ex. Got that? Sources say that "Nicole went off on Lauren by sending her texts, saying Lauren was desperate and a fat b*tch. Then Nicole told Lauren that if she went to the cops, she'd regret it!" I can't handle all this drama.. Lindsay and Nicole have more drama in their lives than a high school freshman!

why do they even have myspaces?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 17 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. With celebrities' private accounts/phones/storage units/emails being hacked into on a regular basis, I have to wonder.. why do they even have Myspaces in the first place? Lindsay Lohan found herself in the middle of another hacking scandal, and is dubbing this event LOHACKED 2007. In the process, Lindsay's personal pictures, Myspace messages, Gmail emails and Blackberry messages were uncovered, including this one (my favorite, a spat between Paris and Lindsay via Myspace messages where they call each other alllllll sorts of catty names… so much drama!). Many innocent bystanders, including Perez Hilton, Paris' publicist Elliot Mintz, and Stavros are all wrapped into the drama too. Can't we all just get along? Maybe now Lindsay will learn… never leave a paper (or virtual) trail! Lindsay did step out at Winston's, however, on April 17, wearing a black minidress (like this Karen Zambos dress), a cardigan, hoop necklace and tights, and carrying her two essentials in life: a water bottle and her Blackberry. Oh, to live the Lohan life.

Linds plays DJ in Japan

Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 13 2007 in Japan. Lindsay Lohan has been making the most out of her trip to Japan, as she is seen here on April 13 hopping into the DJ booth (wearing grey jeans with a grey vest, silver necklace and Charlotte Ronson wristband) with "pal" Samantha Ronson. Why is pal in quotation marks you ask? Allegedly, La Lohan is a little more than "just friends" with Samantha, says a former Hollywood publicist-turned-blogger. This source says that Linds and Sam are involved in a "lesbian relationship", that Lohan is "quite open about sex" and that the source "would love to name all of young Hollywood she has slept with". Puh-lease, don't believe everything you read! These sage words of wisdom can also be applied to Lohan's side, due to how Linds recently reported that she desperately wants to play Stevie Nicks in a biopic about the gypsy-woman's turbulent life and career in the 70's and 80's. Try telling that to Stevie! Knicks recently told Blender magazine that Lindsay basically has no shot in playing the iconic singer. Stevie was quoted as saying "Lindsay Lohan thinks she is going to play me? But what the hell movie does she think she's talking about? There is no book, there is no screenplay, there is no movie without me, because it's never going to be the story of me. Even though a lot has been written about me, the fact is nobody actually has a clue to what my life was really like. So, good luck Lindsay!" Wow, Stevie really tore Linds a new one!

can lindsay fill diana's glass slippers?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Apr 02 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. Lindsay Lohan looked stylish and ready for spring as she stopped off for a Snapple on April 2, rockin' her hot new Deener Sloucher Shorts with a vintage Foreigner tee (like our vintage-inspired tees from The Secession, a favorite designer of Lindsay's), Chloe shades and a Jessica Elliot Handcuff Choker (also available in silver). Running errands all day, La Lohan is used to being relentlessly followed by the paparazzi, which may be one of the reasons why Linds has expressed in playing the iconic Princess Diana in an upcoming, thus far untitled motion picture. Lindsay told In Touch Weekly that it would be "amazing" to play the late Princess, and that "she gave back a lot and was such an amazing woman." It wouldn't be a stretch to envision Linds in the role, at least not for her momma, Dina Lohan. Earlier this month, Dina compared her to Diana in Bazaar, saying that she is scared that something might happen to Lindsay due to how she is constantly chased by the paps. "Diana will happen again," she said, but hopefully not with LiLo!

The feud is back on

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 29 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Ah, the life of a Lohan. Drama drama drama! But hey, at least she's reaping the benefits. Confused? I'll explain in a sec. But first, Lindsay stepped out on March 29 for a night out with Paris Hilton's ex, Stavros Niarchos, at Teddy's and ended up at the Chateau. Adding some biker edge to her girly ensemble by adding a pair of black boots, Linds was eye-catching in a hot pink silk bow dress ( Zoa makes a similar jersey dress) with black leggings and a silver circular pendant (like our Mickey Lynn zodiac necklaces; being a Cancer, Linds is a fan) and staple leather jacket. I'm sure Paris was none too pleased that Lindsay (famous Hilton frenemy) is gallivanting and canoodling (my favorite word!) with good old Stavvie, even though Paris has a new main squeeze in "Desperate Housewives" hunk Josh Henderson. Because of this, TMZ is reporting that Lindsay was gettin' down at new hotspot Parc on Friday night, but when Paris showed up, Lindsay hit the road. Score one for Team Hilton! Oh well, at least Lindsay is scoring a free condo. Yes, you heard me right. A FREE CONDO. When Linds expressed interest in purchasing a condo in New York's new Atelier building, the developers offered Linds the condo for free to make the building trendier. No fair!

Lindsay, the cover girl

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 20 2007 in New York, NY. As Lindsay Lohan strolled out of her New York hotel on March 20 with that "I-know-I'm-hot" attitude she always has (and with good old Voss in hand, to no surprise), she looked chic and super-casual in skinny blue jeans, a black and white vintage-inspired tee, long white hoodie, leather jacket and matching leather hat. My only problem with this ensemble is that hat, which I am definitely not sure about. Don't know if it belongs on Linds, or the cop from the Village People! The cover of La Lohan's GQ Magazine was released this week, and I have to say, she looks hot hot hot! While I am partial to the dark hair, I love the blonde too.. I guess Linds is just one of those girls that can pull off any hair color!

the metamorphosis is almost complete

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 19 2007 in the West Village, NY. As Lindsay Lohan stepped out of her hotel, The Beatrice Inn, in the West Village, she seemed to be in the final phase of her morph into her mother, Dina Lohan! With her newly dyed blonde locks cascading down to her shoulders, a la Dina, LiLo is practically a dead ringer for her momma! Wearing black skinnies with a long light pink top, leather jacket, and dagger necklace, Linds proves that being sober never looked so good. Dina has also gone ahead and told Bazaar, when asked if Lindsay went to rehab because she is an alcoholic, "Noooo! She is just a 20-year-old who had to reel it in. And she's from an addictive personality genetically. And in that world, they give you things like candy. Hurt your ankle? 'Let's give her something'." Huh? I understood the first part of that quote, but what world is D-Lo talking about where they give you candy? I wanna go to that world!

5th Night in a row

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 10 2007 in New York, NY. Last night marked night number five that Lindsay Lohan decided to hit the town in New York, partying at a private shindig on March 15. Earlier in the week however, on March 10, LiLo did some errand running in a pair of black leggings with a destroyed tee, patent leather boots, gold bracelets and the oh-so-hot-right-now Ray-Ban Wayfarers. And now, Page Six is reporting that Linds' post-rehab progess is a little more than questionable, saying how "a stint in rehab evidently didn't put an end to Lindsay Lohan's partying ways. She's been out every night since she hit town last week, hitting the hot spots - and the booze. The newly blond starlet was with Jude Law at The Box both Friday and Saturday nights, where spies said she was "drinking champagne and dancing with four Lindsay look-alikes. She also partied at Stereo last Friday, Butter and Bungalow 8 on Monday, and had plans to hit the Plumm last night with pal Charlotte Ronson." Oh Lindsay, was Wonderland a complete and total waste of time? No way Jose, says Lindsay's rep, stating how "Lindsay's doing fine. She's taking her life day by day." I just hope that's true!

Behaving badly, or focused recovery?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 06 2007 in Beverly Hills, Ca. That is the question every seems to be asking about little miss Lohan lately. Since Lindsay completed her 30 day stay in rehab, she's been seen running errands, shopping, and yes, she's also been going out too. Before going back down Blonde Avenue, Lindsay hit up the Dior store on Rodeo on March 6, wearing Deener's Sloucher Shorts with an embroidered tunic and Lanvin flats. But was she wearing her new dog tags under this super-stylish ensemble? In Touch Weekly is reporting that Lindsay dropped $12g on custom-made platinum and diamond dog tags with the date "01-17-7", which is the day she checked into rehab. The mag says a friend of Lohan's stated how that date symbolized "the first day of the rest of her life." Hearing stories like this just make my heart melt, I love a good "troubled starlet turning her life around" tale.

But, dare I speak too soon? Linds has allegedly continued her diva behavior on the set of "I Know Who Killed Me", by showing up late to the set on February 21, only to say she needed to take a nap the minute she got there. She then stayed in her trailer for 5 hours, threw up, and had to go home. Hmm.. stomach flu, or massive hangover? I hope it's the former!

Givin' the blonde one more try

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 06 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Caught! As hair chameleon Lindsay Lohan tried to make a quick exit from the Neil George Salon last night, March 6, she was caught by the X17Online photographers, much to her chagrin. Linds has decided to brighten up for spring, by dying her dark (almost black) hair to a strawberry blonde shade. She told the paps as she tried to cover her freshly dyed locks that her makeover "wasn't done yet", which means that she'll most likely be much blonder today! According to X17, the process took several hours, as first the dark had to be stripped out of her hair, revealing her natural red, and then the new shade was applied. To top things off, Lindsay, always the humanitarian, bought a few pizzas for the dedicated photographers who were waiting outside of the salon throughout the entire process. See, who says Lindsay doesn't like the paparazzi!

Personally, I am excited to see Lindsay trying her blonde shade out again. Although many disagree with me, I thought blonde flattered her (although I like her dark as well). Fine, I'll admit it.. Lindsay looks amazing with any hair color! Leaving the salon in gray skinny jeans with a blue tee, white bag, black tophat and gray blazer, I can't wait to see this new look upon completion.

and so it begins

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 21 2007 in West Hollywood, Ca. The Lindsay falling off the wagon rumors, that is. After being out of rehab for only a few weeks, there are already claims that Lindsay has started up her wild drinking habits that she worked so hard to break. There are new allegations against La Lohan, claiming that she is not only drinking again, but drinking and driving! Angry mother, Ellen Morrissey, of one fan claims that when she and her 13 year old daughter ran into Linds outside of Teddy's at 2:30am on February 18 and asked for a picture, Lindsay agreed. Then, Linds jumped into her car while "holding a glass of clear liquid with a wedge of lemon in it, and she seemed to slur when she spoke," claims the mad momma. As Lindsay sped away, she almost hit the starstruck twosome! While details are still sketchy, many are wondering if this ever happened in the first place. Lindsay's people will not confirm nor deny the story, but merely say how "Ellen Morrissey should be more concerned about her daughter being up at 2:30am than about Lindsay." I don't know if I believe that Linds has started drinking again so soon after finishing rehab, has Ellen Morrissey never heard of an iced water with lemon? I smell a publicity seeker, and I'm all for defending Lindsay. Linds was also seen leaving a club in West Hollywood on February 21, wearing slightly bootcut faded vintage jeans with a longsleeve burnout tee and a spider hat. Work it Linsay!

wonderland? check!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 11 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. It's official: Lindsay Lohan is officially done with rehab. After spending (a questionable) 30 days at the Wonderland Treatment Center this past month, Lindsay has apparently now conquered her demons and is dead set on living her life drug and alcohol free. After she was released last Friday, anyone want to take a wild guess as to what she did? Head straight home, pop in a movie and rest in bed? Are you kidding! No way, Jose! Of course, Linds put on her partying shoes and headed out for a night at the clubs, hitting up the newest celeb hangout, Winston's, until 4am! The next night, it was off to West Hollywood hotspot Teddy's where she partied until the wee hours of the morning. All the while, her publicist has released the statement that "Lindsay has finished her stay at Wonderland and will continue the program as an outpatient," going to AA meetings and such. Ok, really, enough is enough. Yes, Lindsay went to rehab and is hopefully staying clean, but when she continues to party the way she does night after night, why pretend like she's changed? Let's face it, it must not be easy for her, going out and being surrounded by everything that she's tried to give up.. I just hope she's not eventually lured back into her old bad habits.

She is seen here, however, on February 11, looking radiantly happy while taking a quick Jamba Juice break. Wearing light smoky jeans with a funky vintage tee (for a similar look try The Secession's I-UZI-LA tee, we already know Linds' owns and loves it!) and a gold pendant necklace, Lindsay does the casual look right. I can't wait to see what road this formerly troubled starlet takes next.

rehab? what rehab?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 08 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. There's no better way to prove that you are committed to getting clean and staying healthy then… club-hopping with Paris Hilton!? While fellow rehabbers at the Wonderland Clinic are none too pleased with all the hooplah Lohan is causing (one patient tells TMZ that "Wonderland has become a joke...While I'm trying to save my life, she's trying to save face"), it has been widely speculated that Linds is only going to rehab in the first place to overhaul her out-of-control public image. While I do think she's seeming healthier and happier when she runs errands during the day, the fact that the now-notorious alcoholic was seen out for a late night with none other than frenemy Paris at Les Deux is very interesting. While Lindsay's rehab motives are questionable, just the fact that she is there in the first place is all that really matters. Linds' rep says how "Lindsay is 100 percent not getting special treatment. This isn't the Betty Ford clinic, it's not a lock-down facility. There is personal time [for partying],” but I just hope the still-partying Lohan won't be tempted back into her old ways by going out so much!

On yet another bout of "personal time", Linds was seen shopping at Kaviar and Kind on February 8, wearing ultradark skinnies with a white v-neck tee, beaded necklace, and tons of bracelets. Keep on truckin', LiLo!

Movin' on up

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 07 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. Spotted filming her upcoming thriller "I Know Who Killed Me" on February 7, Lindsay Lohan dressed ultra-casually in a sheer white tank and pink plastic aviators, then did a quick change between pinstripe pants and black buttoned shorts. LiLo has been working hard on her film, but has also left room for some serious playtime. It seems that Linds has also had real estate on the brain this week, as she has purchased screen legend (and ultimate It Girl) Marilyn Monroe's 2 bedroom apartment located at the El Palacio building in Los Angeles. Goodbye Chateau Marmont, Hello Marilyn!

Lindsay has always been fascinated with the tragic and iconic actress, who was similar to Lohan in many ways. Linds has even claimed that she tries to emulate Marilyn, and now, by buying the apartment that Monroe once called home, she is one step closer. Word has it that she'll move into the new pad when she completes treatment at the Wonderland Rehab Center. Let's just hope that she doesn't face the same early demise that Monroe did!

two necessities in life

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 03 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. It overjoys me to say that Lindsay Lohan seems healthier and happier than I've seen her in a really long time. I don't know exactly what it is, it just seems like rehab has done her a world of good. Linds visited Peets Coffee on February 4th and was all smiles. Before that, she made a pit stop at Coffee Bean on February 3rd before attending an AA meeting. She went to the meeting sporting her new favorite shirt, The Secession's I Uzi LA Tee in burnout black (she wore the white and black version of the same tee in late January... CoutureCandy is the exclusive online seller of these tees!), with high waisted blue shorts, white aviators, a heart necklace and slouchy grey boots.

Making constant strides in Wonderland while still shooting her upcoming stripper thriller, I Know Who Killed Me, Lindsay has also allegedly been texting Nicole Richie and Kristin Cavallari's ex, Brody Jenner, from rehab and telling him that she only wants two things... McDonalds and sex. And always the gentleman, when asked to comment Brody said that he doesn't "text and tell". Who knows if Linds got her wish, but considering her rehab center is in LA, it's more than likely that she got these two simple requests!

So much for the anonymous

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 21 2007 in Hollywood, Ca. Looks like Dina Lohan aka White Oprah is milking this for all it's worth! As daughter Lindsay is in rehab for pretty much everything, Dina is making the rounds to pretty much every entertainment news show out there, going off about how the relentless paparazzi should leave Linds alone and that her daughter's problems are always blown way out of proportion by the media. Shouldn't she be with Lindsay, helping her through this, instead of blabbing to the media when she just complained that they should leave her alone? Just saying.

LL left Wonderland on January 21 for a hot second to attend an AA meeting in Hollywood, where an unsurprising media circus ensued. Wearing The Secession's I-UZI-LA shirt with black leggings, white hoops and a Hermes cuff, Linds was swarmed by almost 50 paparazzi. This is insane! I get that Linds is normally under intense media scrutiny, but at a time like this, when she obviously is looking to get healthy, I think the paps should let her have some time to herself, don't you think? I realize that if they weren't there, I wouldn't have had this picture to write this entry on, but it seems like if Lindsay doesn't get the help she needs now, it might be too late.

linds goes to wonderland

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 14 2007 in Las Vegas, NV. The day has come.. Lohan's in rehab! And no, I'm not talking about Las Vegas' Hard Rock club.. LL packed up and headed for the Wonderland Rehab Center in Los Angeles at around 2:30 on January 17. Pictured here earlier in the week on January 14 in Vegas, Linds wore gray blue leggings with a military inspired green blazer and dainty necklace for another late night of partying in Sin City. Linds has finally taken the steps necessary for recovery from her weaknesses: illegal drinking and drugs, given that she is only 20 years old. Linds' rep released a statement in which Lindsay said that "I have made a proactive decision to take care of my personal health, and I appreciate your well wishes and ask that you please respect my privacy at this time."

While Linds is quickly becoming more known for her late night club-hopping ways then her acting abilities, I'm wondering what was the straw that broke the camels back in making Lindsay decide she needed to go to Wonderland. Reports of drug overdoses and passing out after nights of nonstop drinking? Doctors warning her of potential liver damage when she was in the hospital for her "appendectomy" (notice the quotes)? Whatever it was, it's a good thing Linds' has decided to downshift her fast paced life. I mean, the girl was on the town partying the same night she was released from the hospital! If Linds' didnt slow down soon, who's to say what might have happened!

miami or bust!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 03 2007 in Miami, Fl. Something's fishy in Lohanland! On January 2, Lindsay Lohan started to feel under the weather, so naturally, she headed to the hospital! Lohan checked in to have her appendix removed, claiming that her stomach pains resulted from a severe case of appendicitis. Now the cause of her hospitalization has come into question, as skeptics are wondering whether or not her appendicitis is "alleged appendicitis" and if she was really hospitalized for some other mystery reason. The flu? Alcohol poisoning? Although Linds has been quite vocal about her commitment to AA, she has also been seen with quite a few water bottles, and whether or not they are actually filled with water is up for debate. Page Six is claiming that Linds has been fillin' her Fiji with the Goose! Now, only Lindsay knows if this is true.. and I'm all for giving her the benefit of the doubt.

After her bout with "appendicitis" (give or take those quotations), Linds was spotted relaxing around the Delano Hotel pool in Miami, wearing superhot bikini designer Maya's Ruffle Triangle Top Bikini in green, and also be sure to check out the yellow style too, to complete that lemon-lime look. Lohan piled on one silver bracelet on top of another handcuff bracelet, to match the gold handcuffs she bought recently at Fred Segal that hang from her Mercedes' rear view mirror. Side note, check out that metallic Louis bag in front of Linds, it's quickly becoming the flashy bag of the season... Paris has it in both gold and silver!

we get it already, lindsay

Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 16 2006 in hollywood, ca. Ah, the price you pay to be Lindsay Lohan. For her new film, "I Know Who Killed Me", Linds plays an exotic dancer, which translates to how, for the next five weeks, Lindsay is going to be bumpin' and grindin' in stripper workout classes! Linds' rep says how "Lindsay's character is a stripper, and she now realizes that the job isn’t easy. We should give these women credit." Yes, that's the lesson to learn here! In an e-mail Lindsay sent to a friend via Blackberry (just how is it that these email's Lindsay sends always seem to leak onto the internet?!), she tells of all the insane bruising she has had to endure since starting the classes. LiLo says "So . . . 3 hours of pole dancing and bruised. everywhere . . . I mean we’re talkin’ like, UPPER AND INNER THIGH ACTION-bruised . . . like a walking black-and-blue mark. I mean really though, really, I didn’t know it was actually possible to have bruises in such areas of the body." You didn't? I thought if anyone, you would, Linds! Just kidding, but it's good to hear Lindsay is getting in shape, by whatever means necessary. La Lohan was spotted on December 16 at Teddy's wearing blue skinny's, black boots, a brown scarf, and a black leather jacket and sweater. The newly sober Lohan has been very publicly carrying around water bottles as she goes out, and now it seems she's switched to energy drinks! Just as long as the cameras are around...

Publicity crazy, or just plain old crazy?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 07 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. The Lindsay Lohan Descent Into Madness World Tour 2006 is in full swing. After her publicist announced that she is going to start attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (keep in mind she's not even of legal drinking age yet, no biggie), rumors have swirled around the internet regarding other alleged substances Lohan has chosen to make a festive little cocktail out of on her wild partying excursions. In an attempt to do some damage control, which usually only ends up doing more damage in the end, La Lohan sent another incoherent, rambling email (remember the one she penned after Robert Altman's death?) to her friends and lawyers. In the letter, Linds says that “Our society should be educated for the better of our country. Our people... because I have such an impact on our younger generations, as well as generations older than me. Which we all know and can obviously see.” Somebody wake me when she starts making sense!

Crazy Lohan was spotted on December 7 in Hollywood, jumping on the denim jumpsuit bandwagon. Where her Descent Into Madness World Tour will stop next, nobody knows!

Seven days down, a lifetime to go

Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 06 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Finally getting the help she needs, Lindsay Lohan is seen here leaving Los Angeles restaurant Orso on December 6, wearing cute denim shorts with a white tank and black scarf. Earlier in the week, Linds showed up late to a Christmas party at Hyde and told the paps that she just came from an AA meeting. In case you didn't hear, Lindsay revealed recently that she is attending Alcoholics Anonymous and intends to get her life back into ship shape! Remember when she was spotted leaving the Ivy a few weeks ago with that red sobriety chip on her dress, claiming it was a friends? I'm beginning to think that it was little LiLo who has been sober! While she claims that she has been in AA for almost a year, she tells People magazine that it's "no one's business… That's why it's anonymous!" Right, Lindsay, that makes perfect sense. If it's anonymous, why go around telling everyone? Either way, Lindsay says that she "hasn't had a drink in seven days. Or anything. I'm not even legal to, so why would I? I don't drink when I go to clubs. I drink with my friends at home, but there's no need to. I feel better not drinking. It's more fun. I have Red Bull. I didn't feel bad before. I never felt bad. I just wanted to, like, find a balance." Two things from that: 1) I love how she says she hasn't had a drink in seven days, or "anything". Wonder what the anything is? 2) I also love how she says she drinks with her friends at home.. that's the way to do it! Nothing like having friends over and gettin' loose with some wine while watching a little Troop Beverly Hills!

Will ferrell knows his stuff

Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 29 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. I think it's about time for Lindsay Lohan to downshift to the slow lane, don't you? La Lohan has come out today and said that she drinks when she goes out, which is technically against the law because she is only 20. Don't blame Lindsay, blame club bouncers who let her in every night even though they know she's not of age! But there's a difference between having a few social drinks for a night out and getting absolutely wasted, and I think Lindsay has finally realized this distinction. Lohan said that a doctor recently had to come to her hotel room after a night of wild antics, which should be an indicator that she's pushing herself a little too hard. Linds also admitted that the gathering with Paris and Britney the other night was purely a photo-op (duh), that they're not friends, and "You know how it is". Right. Lindsay also had a hissy fit at the GQ Men of the Year dinner, when Jessica Biel arrived with her personal assistant, who also happens to be Lindsay's old personal assistant who quit. Lindsay flipped out and screamed "If she stays, I'm outta here! I can't look at that girl! I can't believe you would allow an assistant in here - she doesn't belong in here!" Seriously, what is Lindsay on? Ok, don't answer that. But honestly, Will Ferrell wins the award for best statement of the night, when after hearing Linds' outburst, he said "Who cares about that freak anymore, anyway?"

Lindsay was spotted the day before at the hair salon, wearing a leather jacket and carrying a white bag. I think what Lindsay needs is a few good night's rest… call up Paris and have a movie night snuggle-athon!

I've stopped trying to figure them out

Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 26 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. Just when I think it's safe to say that the feud between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan has reached a fever pitch, the girls went ahead and pulled a fast one on me! Let's backpedal a little bit, though. We all remember when Lindsay wobbled her way to her car after a long night at Teddy's, calling Paris a, how should I say this, vulgar female body part. Minutes later she was deadpan, saying how Paris was her friend and she loves her. Then, to add injury to insult, Lindsay approached X17's cameramen on November 25 with a story about how Paris hit her with a drink at a party. Lindsay said Paris "hit me last night, apparently, for no reason at my friend's house, and I didn't know she'd be there, and she hit me. She hit me with a drink and poured it all over me, and it hurts and it's not ok. And I'm sorry for everyone that thinks I'm crazy." Coo-coo! We get it, Lindsay hates Paris. End of story. Or so we thought.. the plot thickens! Paparazzi caught kooky new BFF's Paris and Britney Spears getting into Paris' SLR at 5am on November 26, but much to everyone's surprise, Lindsay hopped right in, sharing a seat with Britney and giggled along with the other two! Keep in mind, this is the day after Lindsay's verbal tirade against Paris. As Lindsay got into the car, she now said "Paris never hit me. She's my friend. Everyone lies about everything.. Please stop trying to make us hate each other." Does girl not remember SHE was the one who said this!! Who's to say what the terrible trio did for the remainder of the night, but the Hilton-Lohan WW3 was far from over. The next night, Paris was overheard screaming to Linds at Hyde to "never say you're my friend again!" Later, Paris was overheard yelling from her backyard that "if that Firecrotch comes she's not welcome!" Geez, will these three idiots just chill! I can barely keep up with all this drama, can't we all just get along!

who knew she was so funny?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 12 2006 in Hollywood, Ca. Photographed at Hollywood tattoo parlor Tatoo Mania on November 12 in black leggings, a black military coat with a gray tee and sweatshirt, Lindsay Lohan allegedly got inked for the fifth time (adding to her four existing tats) on the back of her neck, as she was seen excitedly lifting her hair and showing her friends. Although Linds' buds told the paps that she did get another tattoo, Lohan denies the claim, saying "I think I'm pretty positive I didn't get a tattoo.. I think I'd know." Pa-pow! Score one for Lindsay, where has she been hiding that razor sharp wit this whole time?

LiLo got a chance to unleash her smart ass sense of humor again when being interviewed for GQ's December issue, in which she basically made the interviewer feel like a huge idiot.

Tell me about an average day in the life of Lindsay Lohan. It starts out with a 5 a.m. hike through Runyon Canyon to watch the sunrise. Then I go outside, and I try to find the paparazzi. I go down to Robertson Boulevard, try and search for them, find them, and bring them food.

And then what do you do at night? Well, of course, I’m sitting at the computer all night.

Have you ever read anything interesting about yourself on the Internet? No. I wish they’d be clever and make something up for me.

Bam. Lindsay packs a punch!

The video that has everyone talking

Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 05 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Every once in a while a video comes along that tears its way across the internet.. Paris Hilton's sex tape, Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton's rant about Lindsay Lohan (dubbing her the now infamous nickname, to which we all know, referring to the drapes-matching-the-curtains controversy), is it any coincidence that Paris is involved in every one of these videos? I think not my friend, and the newest buzzworthy celebrity video is surely no exception. Leaving Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel on November 8, the Grey Goose obviously had little Lindsay feelin' loose, and as she stumbled her way towards the car, she let her true feelings about "friend" Paris Hilton come bursting out. Laughing away, Lindsay blurted out "Paris Hilton is a C**T". Yowza! This both shocked and delighted the ruthless paprazzis, egging her on and trying to get her to say it again. However, Lindsay looked completely stone faced, and no less than 20 seconds later, says "I never said that. I love Paris Hilton. Paris is my friend". Must have been the happy juice talkin' then, because hate to break it to you Linds, the paps have been taping you the whole time! Honestly, can't these girls make up their mind? One day they are schmoozing it up on the Hyde patio, the next they are calling each other nasty names. My motto is, if you hate someone, let them know and let it die!

Three days before Lindsay's expletive tirade, she was spotted at grocery store Whole Foods picking up some groceries in her Earnest Sewn Harlan Zip Cigarette Jeans in Wiltwyck and a gray tee. Maybe she's buying food for a dinner party that she'll invite Paris to, and then hock a loogie into her split pea soup!

To see the vid for yourself, click here.

A designer Lindsay can really get behind!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 12 2006 in Paris, France. Finally back in the States after a two week stint, uh trip, in Paris, Lindsay Lohan is already up to her usual antics, gallivanting with Greek heirs and nearly causing a terrible car accident. As she peeled out of the Hyde parking lot on October 22, trying to be all sly and escape from the razzi's flashbulbs, she apparently didn't stop to look at the oncoming traffic and an oncoming car had to screech on the brakes to avoid hitting LiLo's Mercedes. While it's common knowledge that Linds can gain access to the most exclusive of clubs, even though she's not 21, what does everyone think she's doing in there, eating milk and cookies? Duh the Grey Goose got the girl feelin' loose, let's start breath-alizing these girls right as they drive away from the club! Has Paris Hilton's DUI debacle taught us nothing here? Either way, Linds is no stranger to fender benders, or benders in general, so all I can say is be careful if you see a Mercedes SLK zooming around the corner of Hyde tonight.

To get Lindsay's funky belt, but please not her so over skull scarf, check out Elegantly Waisted's Ruffle Belt with a pair of Saint Grace's Alex Leggings. Now, slow down Lohan!

is that you morticia?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 09 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Looking very Morticia Adams-esque on October 10, was Lindsay Lohan preparing for Halloween a little early this year, or was she finding ways to express her mourning for her now dead relationship with Harry Morton? Neither of those two, silly! Linds is cashing in on the random but oh-so-hot-right-now trend of dressing on the dark side. What with all the drama little Lohan has gone through lately, it is easy to understand why she has embraced this trend! Her and Jessica Simpson, man.. talk about a bunch of Debbie Downers lately! I mean, I get it.. Linds got the old heave ho from her man and can't escape those party-girl and fightin' with mom rumors, but look on the bright side. She's buddy buddy with Nic and Paris again, which will remove about 99.9% of the drama from her life!

For Linds' black ensemble, start with a killer pair of black wash denim, like our quintessential J Brand 12 Inch Pencil Leg Jeans in Black. J Brand has also started to make 14 and 16 inch jeans as well, which we also carry, so if you want to do the skinny jean trend but don't want to feel like you're wearing denim leggings, those would be perfect for you. Layer on a chic billowy blouse, like Joe's Jeans Puff Sleeve Blouse in Black under a rockin' leather jacket, like our 3J Workshop Artemis Leather Jacket, and you too can be a part of the dark movement. Just be sure not to get too carried away, because as I said, nobody like a Debbie Downer!

This is better than Days of our Lives!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 27 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. What is this world coming to when two hot young millionaires can't even hook up without those two pesky words (publicity stunt) popping up? In the love square that now involves Lindsay Lohan, Harry Morton, Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos (make that a love pentagon if you throw in Stavros' ex MK Olsen), things just keep getting spicier. Harry has told press that he and Lind are taking a "breather" because he is not used to the intense media scrutiny that comes along with dating one of Hollywood's hottest young "it girls". It took him three months of dating to figure this out? Oh ya, what a shocker that when you choose to hook up with L-Lo that there will be cameras following your every move! That calls for my DUH! of the day. And now that Harry has kicked Linds to the curb, she has been boo hoo-ing into the arms of Paris' ex, Stavros, undoubtedly trying to make Harry a little bit jeally (it might have worked, because Linds and Harry were spotted the past two days together eating at photographer infested eatery The Ivy on Robertson). However, the Stav-ster apparently saw right through Lindsay's scheme, calling her desperate and "publicity hungry". Meow! This is getting better by the day!

For Lindsay's casual grunge look, get a vintage rock tee and cut the neck out, and pair with long leggings, like our Saint Grace Alex Leggings in Black that she seems to be fond of, a dainty necklace like the Jewel by Bear Gold Cizi and Charm Drop Necklace and big shades, like our Nour Kiara Sunglasses in Manner Mania. Now, let the backstabbing resume!

The day it all went down

Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 09 2006 in Heathrow Airport, London. On the now infamous day that Lindsay Lohan's big momma orange Birkin was "stolen" from Heathrow Airport, Linds tries to remain cool and collected in front of the photogs, looking just as stylish as always. Going for a monochromatic look that she tends to be a strong supporter of, Lindsay rocks the various shades of gray and black, wearing a funky gray leather jacket, like our Joe's Jeans Leather Jacket. Mix in a vintage rock tee with oversized shades, a metallic bag and black leggings, like our Saint Grace Alex Leggings, and you'll be stylin' in all of Linds' trends du jour.

And they're back!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 02 2006 in Maui, Hawaii. Now that Lindsay Lohan has finished filming her movie Georgia Rule, she has had time to globetrot with her boyfriend, and rumored fiancé, Harry Morton. In Maui on September 2, Lohan appears to have finally gotten back to a healthy weight, and apparently, gone up at least two cup sizes! In a black tie bikini similar to our FrenchFifty Swimwear St. Barths Bikini in Black, Lohan and Morton held hands while strolling down the beach. At least its nice to see Linds wearing something that resembles underwear, as Lindsay has been photographed not once but twice (!) going commando and showing off her goods for the world to see! When you know that you are photographed from thirty different angles no matter where you go, a word to the wise: wear underwear!

Talk about Teeny Weenie!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 23 2006 in Malibu, Ca. This has been the summer of the Lindsay Lohan bikini fashion show, as LiLo has been seen in as many as 12 bikinis in Malibu the past few months. Here, in a black bikini by Morphine Generation, Lindsay is seen on the sundeck of boyfriend Harry Morton's Malibu beach house, finally looking to be at a healthy weight. Apparently, Harry has been a good influence on Linds, as he does not drink or do drugs, and has persuaded Lindsay to ease up on her heavy partying lifestyle. Let's just hope that Linds keeps things going in a positive direction!

Leave it to Lindsay to rock her Johnson's

Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 06 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Always the little fashionista, Lindsay knows that the two hottest shorts of the summer are Siwy's denim cutoffs and Johnson's cuffed short shorts. Here in her Johnson Millicent Shorts in Brown Plaid, Lindsay looks chic, cute and ready for a hot summer day (yet hopefully this time she won't leave the filming of her movie due to "heatstroke"). Pair it with a basic white tank, like our American Vintage Double Strap Cotton Tank in Optic White and throw on some big black aviators, like Lindsay's old reliable Oliver Peoples Commander Sunglasses in Black, and you've got Linds' look. And since she's in a swimsuit 6 out of the 7 days of the week, clothed looks are always great for Ms. Lohan!

There's Paparazzi at the Ivy?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 05 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Constantly saying how much she desperately wants to escape the paparazzi and how they make her feel "scared" and "anxious", Lindsay dines at the little known restaurant where there are never any paparazzi, the Ivy on Robertson. Come on Linds!! Go to some cool hole in the wall that no one has ever heard of if you don't want to be photographed doing something like, say, smoking when everyone knows you have asthma, instead of the most commonly celebrity visited restaurant in Los Angeles. Either way, it's no surprise that Linds loves the limelight, no matter how much she says she doesn't, and she can at least escape some of the flashbulbs in her ultracool Oliver Peoples Commander Sunglasses in Black.

Put Your Stunna Shades On

Lindsay Lohan seen on Aug 01 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Now back to her natural red (is it weird that I miss the blonde, Mystic Lindsay?), LiLo runs errands in yet another super casual yet super stylish outfit. Like there is any alternative, Lindsay rocks her skinny J Brand 12 Inch Pencil Leg Jeans in Ink with a long, flowing tank similar to our Nation Ltd A-Line Spaghetti Racerback in Powder. One finishing touch: the huge aviators. Try the Oliver Peoples Commander Sunglasses in Black. Now, the real question is, where is Linds going? Is she going to shoot her new film, Georgia Rule? Is she going to a club and ditching her filming schedule? Nobody knows!

How Many Zebras Had to Die to Make This Bag?

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 21 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. Always on the go, Lindsay Lohan makes a fashion statement wherever she is. This is one of those looks that seems like it could have been thrown together in 5 minutes, yet you know Rachel Zoe spent all morning picking out each piece! First, start with a super wide and low cut long sleeve tee, like our Three Dots Long Sleeve Scoop Neck, and then pair that with a lace cami and a huge funky bag. Make sure to have a stunning pair of dark wash capris like Lindday does, similar to our Stitch's Seminole Cropped Jeans in Medium Wash, to go with this casual yet chic ensemble. Now, where's that peace sign, Linds?

Nicole and Linds, BFF

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jul 02 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. White is the new black. They both have the same stylist, Rachel Zoe, and the girls look cool, classy and perfect for summer. -Perez

A Stylish Home Companion!

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 23 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. For the most part, Little Miss Lohan hit all high notes with this casual yet going-out appropriate outfit. I'm feeling the knee-length shorts and leopard print flats, but the big sleeves on her leather jacket are kind of baboon-like, not gonna lie. To get Lindsay's red hot look, go with out Heatherette Vintage Denim Shorts, which resemble Linds'. Pair with a light purple sexy top, like our Lotta Stensson Drawstring Disco Top in Lavendar and a long funky necklace like our Castaway Jewelry Brass Leaves, Obsidian Horn & Quartz Hoop Necklace and you're all set. Just make sure to flash the signature Lohan peace sign the minute the paparazzi arrive.

For Linds, it's gray all the way

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 20 2006 in New York, Ny. Oh Linds, what a snide look you have on your face! Although, when you are Lindsay Lohan, you are pretty much entitled to make snide looks. In her favorite wash du jour, Lohan wears the super skinny Sass and Bide tapered leg jeans, similar to our Joe's Jeans Chelsea Jeans in Getz. Although for a while, rumors were circulating that Linds was getting kicked out of the Chateau Marmont, the hotel she calls home, our source tells us that they saw Lindsay at at Chateau yesterday. Seems like Linds is still living the fabulous life she's accustomed to!

Lindsay Lohan in Tag, Rebecca Norman

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 18 2006 in New York, NY. The key to Lindsay's datyime look? The jean shorts and the bangles. Lindsay wears her cuffed denim shorts, like Tag's Button Front Shorts in Karin with Rebecca Norman Wavy Thin Bangles in Vermeil, and pairs these with a white tank and cream sweater, similar to our Pegah Anvarian Twist Front Top in White and Lily McNeal Cashmere Ballet Sweater in Oat. This effortless daytime look can be yours, and remember, it's all in the jeans.

Lindsay Lohan in Mike & Chris

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jun 14 2006 in Brentwood, CA. Flashing her now trademark patriotic peace sign is an everyday occurrence for Lindsay Lohan, a gesture that both demonstrates her seemingly "I-don’t-care" attitude, yet still allowing Miss Lohan to carelessly exude her chic sense of daily style. While running errands in Brentwood on June 14, Linds wore a white Mike & Chris hoodie, similar to their Riley Zip-Up Hoodie with white heels and tons of bracelets. She paired the oh-so-hot-right-now gray wash of Sass and Bide’s skinny jeans with matching Oliver Peoples Commander Aviator Sunglasses in Silver, going for the whole "cloudy day" color scheme. This look is easy to grab from LiLo, all you have to do is find a rockin' gray wash pair of denim, snag a Mike & Chris sleeveless hoodie and go for the incognito look with a pair of aviators and check, you're paparazzi ready.

Lindsay in Da Nang

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 14 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan, swarmed with tons of followers as always, goes shopping with a friend in LA in May, but goes out in comfort in her cotton Da'Nang loungepants, similar to our embroidered version. Word to the wise though, Linds, ditch the scrunchy leather flats... you're not a 5 year old ballerina!

Lindsay Lohan in J Brand

Lindsay Lohan seen on May 09 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsay Lohan is stylin' in a rocker-chic look in her faded J Brand Black skinny jeans.

Lindsay Lohan in Joe's Chelsea Skinny Jean

Lindsay Lohan seen on Mar 07 2006 in Beverly Hills, CA. Lindsay Lohan never lets her style guard down, looking totally together as always here on her morning coffee run. Lohan grabbed a latte in Bevery Hills on March 7th in “all-the-rage” skinny jeans, the Chelsea Skinny Jeans in Fitzgerald by Joe’s, paired with a floral silk top and white blazer, similar to our sophisticated L.A.M.B. Gatsby Blazer in White. While LiLo has been getting attention from the press due to her numerous alleged beaus, she is sure to grab headlines in this chic springtime look. The one must have to complete the outfit? It’s obvi those huge sunglasses, which do not seem to be going out of style any time soon, so if you grab a pair if you haven’t already.

Lindsay Falls in Love with a Socialite

Lindsay Lohan seen on Feb 22 2006 in Los Angeles, Ca. On a break from filming her summer flop Just My Luck, Lindsay Lohan walks around set in her pair of Joe's Socialite Jeans in Love. Linds is a self-confessed Joe's Jeans-aholic, owning over 15 pairs of this designer denim. With a mini dog in tow, it seems as though there is no look that Lohan hasn't tried out. She's done glamourous, she's done rocker, and now she's starting in with a mix of beach babe/hippie chic for the summer. But that’s our LiLo, always the chameleon!

Lindsay in JBrand

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 13 2006 in New York, NY. Lohan keeps warm in a fur-trimmed jacket and her 12 inch J Brand skinny jeans.

Lindsay Lohan in Oliver Peoples

Lindsay Lohan seen on Dec 14 2005 in New York, NY. Lindsay Lohan takes a break from filming her movie "Just My Luck" and steps out in style in her Oliver Peoples Athena Sunglasses. These chic and modern frames are just the right size for mini-fashionistas longing to get a pair of oversized sunglasses that are all the rage right now, much like Lindsay did with her pair of Athena's.

Lindsay Lohan in Joe's Jeans

Lindsay Lohan seen on Nov 12 2005 in New York, NY. Lindsay Lohan wearing Joe's Starlet Jean at MTV's show TRL. Lindsay has long been a fan of Joe's Jeans, and the Starlet seem to be her new favorites.

Lindsay Lohan in Petro Zillia

Lindsay Lohan seen on Oct 01 2005 in Santa Monica Beach. Fun minidresses are a La Lohan specialty, and this flirty flock is perfect for a day at the beach.

Lindsay Lohan in Buddhist Punk

Lindsay Lohan seen on Sep 18 2005 in Beverly Hills, California. Vintage rock tees are all the rage right now, but they can't actually be vintage, ew smelly. Linds has found her style in this rad Rolling Stones Buddhist Punk tee, which will be around for a long time because the Stones will never go out of style.

Lindsay Lohan in Grail

Lindsay Lohan seen on Jan 18 2005 in Hollywood, CA. The Unholy Grail has been a celeb fave ever since they entered the scene. Each of their trademark tees (like this black one Lohan is rockin') come in a variety of colors, but nothing beats the rocker look of basic black. Rock on Linds..

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