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About the Designer

What is hussyJR.®? hussyJR.® is an innovative/ hip/ unique design factory and clothing company if you will? An idea that art can be explored via corporate identity. hussyJR.® is far and beyond your normal run of the mill clothing line, our motto is to live on the fringe...the fringe of life, love and happiness. Who? We are based in LA, if that means anything all, most probably not. A couple of years ago, Forest Wise the filmmaker/artist decided to start hussyJR.® to cross promote and explore other facets of art in the material world. Blurring the lines of what is and what will be, what art is and what commerce is.So the ulterior motive of hussyJR.® was also a way to create an umbrella that in the future could facilitate the creation of feature films and projects free of other peoples crazy agendas. In connection with the clothing line/art extravaganza, hussyJR.® also is creating .a film event that takes the world of fashion and the world of cinema by the horns and shakes them up for the enjoyment of Self and others. hussyJR.®'s main CEO's have been taking cameras from coast to coast /continent to continent in a filmed road-sales-trip/ documentary/mocumentary/unique feature film project that is as fresh and exciting as anything in the hussyJR.® universe And where are the clothes now??? Our oddball tees, hooker hoodies, hip ass jackets, and One-of-a-kind leather bracelets are available to buy online, and at those high end boutiques/stores that know whats what.

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