Hilary has dignity

Posted Mar 07 2007 @ 05:28 PM

Hilary Duff was seen heading into Nobu in London on March 5, as she is in the UK promoting her new album, Dignity. Wearing ink J Brands with a white cami and cool leather jacket with thumbholes, Hilary is getting more gorgeous as the days progress! Although the title of her album is Dignity, it seems like she's getting a little catty on the title track. " Where's your dignity? I think you lost it in the Hollywood Hills. Can't buy respect but you can pick up that bill," Hil sings, obviously lashing out against Nicole Richie, who is dating her ex-boyfriend Joel Madden. In the track "Gypsy Woman", Hil sings that " She lets you think that you found her first / That's how she works her sick and twisted gypsy curse / Talks with a grin 'cause she's got no shame / Enjoy the fame, bringing down the family name". Hmmm… might that family name be Richie? Just wondering. When asked if these songs are directly about this little love triange, Duff's people say that "Yes, some are. But she has gone through a lot, including a very frightening pair of Russian stalkers." How could I forget that! One thing is for sure, this new album is going to get the US Weekly writers working overtime!

Hilary Duff seen in London, England on Mar 05 2007.

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hilary duff has just lost all her dignity if u asked me by doing that episode of 3 some on gossip girl. she can be a grown up actress but thats just over the topguest on Nov 10 2009 @ 03:57 PM

yep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she sure did ...over the top! not necessary for her career!! in fact she may have lost some fans..like meguest on Jan 05 2010 @ 06:10 PM

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Hilary has dignity

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