Definitely better as a brunette

Posted Aug 23 2006 @ 09:01 AM

I rarely say this about anyone, because let's face it blondes have more fun, but I really think Nicky Hilton should go back to the dark haired look. It really complemented her coloring and made her eyes pop. The blonde kind of washes her out, but when she wears black clothing it makes it a little better. Also a fan of popular shorts brand Johnson, Nicky steps out for a night at a club in Johnson shorts similar to the Millicent Brocade Shorts in Tommy that we carry. Take it from me, Nic, let Paris be the blonde Hilton of the family, and set yourself apart from the rest of Hollywood's bottle blondes.

Nicky Hilton seen in Los Angeles, Ca on Jul 18 2006.

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Definitely better as a brunette

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