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Denver-based jeweler B.B. Becker first began designing jewelry in the 1980ís by reconstructing thrift-shop finds to create jewelry for his wife Josephine. His love of traveling and visiting ancient sites and museums across the globe eventually lead him to an important visit to a Mayan site where he was presented with an opportunity to pursue a career of jewelry making. "I did some research and discovered that rings engraved with phrases of love and adoration were popular beginning in the 15th century. It seemed that style might work with a more contemporary feel," Becker said. He crafted his first piece in September of 2000, a bracelet inscribed with the Serenity Prayer and his engraved jewelry quickly took off. Each piece of jewelry is individually engraved by an engraving process that Becker developed himself (one that remains a trade secret to this day). Because of this process, the engravings feature superior depth, remarkable legibility, and a long lasting imprint. And while the craftsmanship and design of these pieces make for some beautiful accessories, the messages of love, joy, peace, and comfort they provide are perhaps the most beautiful part of these pieces.

Becker continues to gather quotations that offer inspiration, comfort, or wisdom and Josephine writes the quote on a piece of paper that Becker carries around in his pocket. Once he has found inspiration for his quote he creates the design for the piece of jewelry it will lay on. BB Beckerís carefully selected quotations from Gandhi, Voltaire, Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, Bhudda and others, are engraved in his wifeís distinctive handwriting rather than in block letters or a regimented font, giving each design a personal touch that will resonate with anyone who wears them.

To find the inscription closest to your heart, look at the entire collection of BB Becker jewelry or check out our other accessories !

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