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Among a vast and never ending sea of blue, former Sacred Blue designer, Frank Mechaly, and former Sacred Blue Sales manager, Shaun Hurley, introduces a denim creation that is simply… The Perfection of the Jean.

Denim guru, Frank Mechaly, redefines the idea of couture “distressed with the introduction of his most recent creation, 575 Denim, a vintage inspired denim line poised to adorn the bodies of jean enthusiasts, fashionistas, rockers and style mavens from LA to New York to Paris and beyond.

Born in Marseille and raised in St. Tropez, native Frenchman, Frank Mechaly, is the founder and designer of 575 DENIM, one of the hottest jean companies in Los Angeles. Mechaly’s “jeanology” stretches back to the age of 15, where he worked a salesman in a vintage store in Marseille. His love for denim was obvious; as he was the first person to organize auctions for vintage jeans in France, and went on to own two vintage stores of his own. Out of his passion came his first denim company in the 90’s, known as Texola, which he then sold and started another denim line, Culture Couture, which he also sold in 2000. Mechaly knew his calling, and followed that all the way to the U.S. founding Sacred Blue, a division of Blue Cult. This gritty and raw line brought him closer to his vintage roots. After two years as the creative force behind one of the most sought after and visible sub brands in the world, Mechaly partnered with southern California native, Shaun Hurley, an executive member of the Sacred Blue sales team, whose talent and vision helped elevate the brand to its current global status.

Hurley was born and raised in Newport Beach, California. He worked his way up through the ranks of the fashion industry as a buyer for Abercrombie & Fitch, and went on to fit model for Levi’s, before landing his sales position with Sacred Blue. Mechaly and Hurley both shared the “beach community” attitude towards life, and decided that’s what the denim world was missing. The partnership has fostered the birth of 575, an artful fusion of classic and cutting edge.

These visionary men have created “The Denim Revolution”! The 575 Denim “home”, is a forty thousand square foot, free standing building in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. The facility warehouses one of the finest, most state of the art production facilities that the denim industry has ever seen. With over 50 sewers, grinding, sanding, tacking and washing, every pair of 575 jeans in manufactured in house, using the finest Italian and Japanese fabrics, to ensure the quality of each jean.

575 Denim is a unique California jean for men and women alike, who share the same laid back Los Angeles lifestyle. The washes vary from “The Beverly Hills”, to “The Farmer”; to “The Frank”…… need we say more? With over a dozen international distributors, 575 Denim is carried in select premium boutiques throughout the world.

Join “The Denim Revolution”!

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